GDoN “all the bells and whistles” edition

This house is located at 3013 20th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“$10,000 CLOSING CREDIT TO BUYER!! This beauty offers open floor plan with separate formal living space in addition to family room on main level, skylights, ample natural lighting, granite counter tops, fireplace and spacious kitchen for the family gatherings! Graciously completed with all the bells and whistles sitting atop a hill giving spectacular views with rear paved driveway!”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $649,000.

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  • This house is clearly in Langdon. Real estate agents be neighborhood-jacking.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Lots to like. I’d rather be further from RI Ave (don’t care which direction, just prefer not to be that close to that traffic speed/noise/pollution/craziness). Stated square footage per Redfin is 1372, but I can’t believe it’s not more than this and suspect this is actually larger (no I’m not including the basement either). My house is 1240 sq ft and this is way more than 132 sq ft larger than mine. If even half a block further from RI Ave, this would be an insanely amazing deal. Right there, tough call. In any event, one can do a whole lot worse than this for that amount of money.

    • The Redfin numbers are old. It’s definitely bigger – saw it during an open house. We told the agent she should update Zillow, but she said “oh no one uses those sites anyways”.

      • The sq. ft. number in listing comes from the city tax databases. If this was recently expanded, it likely won’t show up there yet until re-assessed for tax purposes.

        • True, but, as I explained to the agent, on Zillow, you can “claim” the house as the owner and update the information manually.

          • And this would also up the zestimate and similar automated estimates, but that’s not really a priority of real estate agents, whose entire livelihood is predicated on those being inaccurate.

      • Yeah, I also told her the bathroom count was wrong on the description, and she told me she’d update it (but hasn’t).

    • The house is up on a wall, so it’s a bit removed from the street noise, etc. It really depends on whether the buyer is interested in living near moderate density developments once things start getting built, or whether they prefer to stay secluded. I’m firmly in the former camp, and don’t like it when zoning is used to force the preference of the latter, but to each his own.

      • I don’t think it’s so much a density issue as it is a street noise issue. Rhode Island Avenue is a wide, loud street to be that close to, and the house that’s in between this one and RIA doesn’t seem to have any substantial trees to help buffet the noise.

        • That building is actually a union office and conference hall, though it does seem like it was a house at some point. It seems likely that the plot will be a building someday rather than a SFH, but who knows.
          If you dislike noise/activity, you’d prob be more annoyed about the 7-Eleven across the street from this house, which has a small parking lot and plenty of people hanging out in front 24/7.

          • I agree.

            I live in a roughly analogous home south of Rhode Island on 24th St. I literally hear birds chirping to wake me up in the morning. I brag about how quiet it is out here compared to other places I’ve lived in the city (e.g., Eckington). I think the biggest concern here is just annoyance with the 7-11.

          • Huge plus-side, though; Big Gulps, hotdogs, and ice cream anytime, day or night, 24/7.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Agreed with textdoc. I’d be especially concerned about noise from large trucks and buses, as RI Ave is heavily used by lots of both, and they tend to be loud. One could be 7-8 houses north or south and still be plenty “near” to the coming development on Rhode Island Avenue. I presently have 9 houses between my house and Georgia Avenue, and I vastly prefer being where I am vs. having a house right on the corner with Georgia.

        • My house is directly on RIA. Yeah, there’s some noise sometimes, I guess. It’s never occurred to me to care.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Whatever floats your boat then. I lived ~50 feet from Missouri Avenue for 10 years. The noise was too much for me. Would not do again unless I lose my hearing first.

          • Yeah, my wife is sensitive to noise and our bedroom faces the street, so she uses a whitenoise machine at night (which she used when we lived somewhere much quieter anyway). Otherwise, no impact. Probably has a lot to do with the construction of the house as well? There’s definitely a lot of noise once you open the door or window that you don’t hear when things are shut.
            Admittedly, people who like or can tolerate a lot of activity outside, but also want a SFH, are probably a rare cross-section. Still think this house is a good deal, but I’m biased.

  • Saw this during an open house. Two bedrooms on the first floor and two on the top. I like that they don’t try to claim the basement is a bedroom. The back yard is just dirt and will need serious landscaping.

  • the kitchen needs an island so bad

    • You’re right, but that’d ruin the openness of things. Adding an island could seriously bottleneck the whole floor from the way it is now. That said, counterspace is relatively bad in this house.

    • I always prefer they leave out the island. That way, the buyer can install one, use one on wheels so they can move it out of they way when they want to, or use a table instead, and can add some style to the very generic kitchens developers do with their choice, whatever it is, or leave the space open.

  • The listing does say Woodridge (below the text), and this is definitely Langdon – but I can’t tell if that’s the agent’s input, or an automatic listing database determination (like much of DC comes up “Old City 1” in the MRIS database.

    This does seem bigger – I’m guessing they expanded out the back, the part of the room past the ceiling beam, and also the back bedroom above that perhaps – hard to tell from the photos.

    Yes, I don’t think listings should be able to call ugly basement bedrooms “bedrooms,” and appreciate it when the agents don’t try. Here, with four other bedrooms, there’s less temptation to.

    • justinbc

      Are you talking about this post on PoPville? Because that’s tagged as Woodridge, and that is entered by the webmaster, not the real estate agent. If you look at the actual linked listing it clearly says Langdon as one of the tags.

    • They newly added most (if not all) of the second floor, which contributed to the additional square footage.
      Re: bedroom. The basement is a bedroom if it has a door, closet, and an egress window. If they could’ve made that work in this house, they would’ve. That said, the house has two super-small room on the main floor that are unconvincing as bedrooms despite meeting the bare minimum, so I wouldn’t praise them on the room count. Basement is a decent size but still has a lot of old finishes on it, so I’d almost rather they’d updated it sufficiently to call it a bedroom.

  • This is about a 4 minute walk from Nido on RI Ave., which would probably lead me to gain 10lbs.

  • Is that a half-wall of _fake_ exposed brick?

  • Those kitchen cabinets are making me angry. No symmetry anywhere, but not enough asymmetry to look artistic. Just kind of crammed in. And poorly installed. Growl.

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