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New Grant Circle traffic lines

“Noticed that Grant Circle traffic lines were painted on Tuesday 9/22/15, presumably as part of traffic-calming measures. The two traffic lanes were significantly narrowed and the parking lanes drastically expanded (these are now two-cars wide….weird).

So far, haven’t noticed any traffic-calming actually resulting from the new lines, but i am hopeful that there will be more physical changes to this dangerous circle.

Anyone have thoughts on this?”

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  • This on my walk to work and I’ve been watching the traffic struggle with these. The lines, as painted, imply that at the southbound New Hampshire exit, the outer lane must exit and that a driver in the inner lane can also exit (turning across the inner lane). That seems…insane.

    Also, at least two mornings this week I saw drivers using the parking lane as a third travel lane.

  • Grant Circle really should not have two lanes. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen someone exiting the circle from the inner lane rather than the outer lane.

  • I stood and watched the cars on the south bound side for about 10 minutes and I would say maybe 2-3 cars actually paid any attention to the markings. Apparently no one in DC knows that you aren’t supposed to change lanes when it is a solid line. Almost every single car used the parking lane as the turn lane and moved out of the outside lane to do so even though it is a solid white line. One guy just drove straight down the middle of both lanes right over the line.

    I cross Grant Circle every single day and I don’t see how painting lines is going to do any traffic calming. Hopefully, this will lead to implementing the larger plan.

  • General Grant Circle

    I have almost been hit a few times in the morning by some woman in an SUV. These lines have not made her more attentive I noticed as she almost ran me over this morning while I was in the middle of the cross walk!

  • Blithe

    If the traffic at the circle is usually light, I can see that having only one lane leading to the circle and one lane leading away from the circle would simplify things. by making driver behavior more predictable. This would likely work best if the circle itself only had one lane. In general, when it comes to traffic, I’m in favor of reducing the opportunity for drivers to have to make decisions. This solution could become a quagmire with heavy traffic and/or impatient drivers though.

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