Friday Question of the Day – Favorite Streaming Only Shows?

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I felt like a fun one day. Especially I’m getting sucked into Longmire (I know it was on A&E first but I always watched through netflix) – what is your favorite streaming only show? I also thought Narcos was pretty damn good. Any others I need to watch?

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  • Favorite: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle)

    Favorite that no one seems to have heard of: Other Space (Yahoo! Screen)

  • I dont know if this qualifies but i love Portlandia

  • I’m not sure these count, but these are (mostly) British TV shows on Netflix and Hulu that don’t air on networks here:

    Happy Valley, The Fall, The Bridge (the original Swedish/Danish version), Peaky Blinders, The Wrong Mans, Moone Boy (this may have been on PBS)

    • I thought Bloodline was a huge waste of time and not very good despite some good performances. It’s easy to get sucked into so don’t start it if you’re as susceptible to episodic cliffhangers as I am.

      • Good acting and good mood and air of mystery at the beginning. Cliff hangers kept dragging me into another episode.
        But at the end of the day…it just wasn’t very good. The plot just became a ridiculous mess. Definitely don’t need another season, which doesn’t even make sense given the nature of the show. I really hate shows that start of promising and then fizzle. I always end up wasting the most amount of time on these, and am so annoyed when they end up disappointing.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh yes! Happy Valley is awesome! So is the Fall!! Ack and Peaky Blinders! I forgot so many good ones!

      • Happy Valley and The Fall were both so, so good and soooooo incredibly unnerving! *shudder* LOVED The Wrong Mans, James Corden can do no wrong in my book! (also, if you love Brit comedy and haven’t seen “Gavin & Stacey,” do yourself a favor and watch it now!)

        • Though I don’t think it’s streaming only, Broadchurch is awesome if you like Happy Valley and The Fall. Great crime drama, well acted, gorgeously shot setting.

      • Happy Valley is excellent – but really brutal.

  • Bojack Horseman on Netflix! Delightfully dark romp on Netflix about raunchy anthropomorphic animals and human counterparts set in Hollywood. An aging Hollywood star is at the show’s corrupt core.

  • Loved Longmire, and was pleasantly surprised to see it continue on Netflix. I hope it’s back for a 5th season, but I don’t know where they go from here.

  • burritosinstereo

    I think Netflix has some licensing agreement with the BBC that gives them exclusive streaming rights for some shows – I HIGHLY recommend Happy Valley (you may need a day or two to decompress if youre ~emotional~ like me) and I just finished The Honourable Woman, which was just fantastic. Maggie Gyllenhaal (I know I butchered that) nailed the English accent and was an absolute revelation. I always knew she was GOOD, but had no idea she had that level of talent.

  • I am so excited about this post! Can’t wait to see answers.

    Mine are (and you see why I’m excited bc it’s like I just fell out of 2013. I need new shows!)
    – transparent (Amazon)
    – OITNB and the first two seasons of House of Cards (Netflix)
    Honorable mention: unbreakable kimmie (Netflix) – but you have to hang in there for a few episodes before it sticks.

    I watch a lot of HBO GO, but I guess that doesn’t count.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m looking forward to Palasades post. He’s got good taste.

      • palisades

        Ha! Honestly I’m not a huge fan of Netflix originals. OITNB and HoC got old pretty fast for me. Bloodline was meh. I am excited to watch Narcos though.
        I don’t have cable though, so everything is streaming for me. Currently halfway through Show Me a Hero, which is a super dense HBO show about politics/race in Yonkers in the 80s. True Detective made me want to blow my brains out.
        My list of shows everyone needs to watch: Rectify, The Americans, Fargo, The Wire, Honourable Woman, Peaky Blinders, Mr. Robot, The Knick, early Dexter, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Band of Brothers.

    • kimmy schmidt is actually one of the funniest ridiculous things I’ve watched in a long time. I love it, cant’ wait for more.

    • That’s funny what you said about Kimmy Schmidt. I actually liked the first episodes better. Too each their own! Liked it better when it was more about the premise than *everybody* being a complete loon. Still, definitely will tune back in for another season.

  • I thought Sense8 was absolutely awesome, can’t wait for it to come back!

    • Agree on Sense8. Finished last week and am still thinking about it! Also, High Maintenance that was on Vimeo, but now moving to HBO at some point. And all the standards, OITNB, Kimmy Schmidt, Transparent. Really enjoyed Catastrophe on Amazon too!

  • justinbc

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. What services offer them? (I would imagine Netflix, but are there others?)

    • Besides Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Crackle are among the biggest in terms of creating original, streaming-only content

  • I know it’s not originally online only, but I’m looking forward to re-watching every season of The X-Files on Netflix, now that they’ve been remastered in HD!

    • I just started this a month ago, and I’m already almonst done with Season 3! I never watched it the first time, so everything is new to me!

  • Emmaleigh504

    omg Longmire! lovelovelove and since I’m shallow, I can’t decide who I want to bang more, Walt or Branch. I’ve been rewatching it from the beginning and it is still so good.
    Also like Dancing on the Edge (Jazz band in England in the 30s), OITNB b/c ever one has such a compelling stories except Piper and Alex, and Sens8 (give it 3 episodes, it’s a slow burn).

  • Peaky Blinders! I also, as most folks mentioned, love the British shows. I loved Broadchurch and The Fall.

    • +1000 on Broadchurch. The first season was riveting. I watched the majority of it in one weekend. Can’t wait for season 2 to be added.

      • We kicked ourselves because by the time we started watching Broadchurch season 1 on Netflix, season 2 was already almost wrapping up on BBC America. If we’d known how good it was, I would have recorded it on the DVR. Naturally, the first episodes were no longer available on demand. I seriously considered just buying season 2 from Amazon, but realized how silly it would be to spend even more $$$.

      • Any chance you know when they’ll add season 2?

  • sense8. so so good!

  • the honorable woman

  • Catastrophe on Amazon Prime is hilarious! Watch it!

  • I Dont Get It

    The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

  • OITNB hands down. Followed by House of Cards. I liked but didn’t love Kimmy Schmidt. I keep meaning to check out Sense8, just really haven’t had the time or energy to commit to a new show.

    • Sense8 is one of the best things the Wachowskis have ever made, including the original Matrix. The concept and story is one of the most original I’ve ever seen, and the global on-location cinematography is extraordinary. Each episode is so intense that I found it hard to binge watch, which was actually a good thing! Well worth your time to check out.

  • -Now, MINDY!!!! LOVE.
    -Kimmy Schmidt
    -Difficult People
    -1 and 2 seasons of House of Cards. 3 is just unnecessary.
    -My husband and parents loved Daredevil
    -I also really enjoyed Grace and Frankie.
    -Loved Honorable Woman. I know a few people who hated it, but once you’re in….you’re IN. It’s crazy good, in my opinion.

  • Rectify is amazing and thought provoking. Originally on sundance (I think) it now streams on Netflix. Also, I highly recommend Ms. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries for silly popcorn feminist tv viewing on Netflix.

  • I forgot, it’s BBC but on Netflix – Luther. I could watch it on mute for Idis Elba. But it’s a great show

  • Black Mirror. It was originally on the UK Channel 4 but only available in the US by streaming. Now there are rumors that it’s fully moving to Netflix. The Christmas special with Jon Hamm is amazing.

  • Rectify is amazing- originally on sundance, but streaming on Netflix. Ms. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is fun popcorn feminist tv on netflix.

  • So many of my favorites have already been mentioned, so I’ll add a few I love but haven’t seen others list yet:
    -Lillihammer – half in Norwegian, half in English. It’s odd but I just ended up loving it!
    -Rita – about an off-kilter teacher in Copenhagen, I think. In Danish.
    -Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (airs in Australia, but streams on Netflix) – a fun romp!
    Already mentioned, but deserve another vote:
    -The Wrong Mans (on Hulu)
    – Longmire
    -Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    -The Fall
    I’ll probably think of more later and tack them on!

  • Bloodline (Netflix Original) was so so good! Definitely recommend it and can’t wait for the next season to be released.

  • I think it’s a BBC Canada show so perhaps airs someplace else, but Amazon has Orphan Black. First 2 seasons were amazing. 3 gets a little silly but I’m still going to watch if it continues.

  • binpetworth

    Les Revenants (The Returned). Keep hearing about a season 2, but haven’t seen anything surface Stateside yet.

  • MVT

    So this isn’t technically streaming but since i don’t even know what channel the CW is on…. Supernatural is very addicting and worth a watch.

  • Narcos on Netfilx. Don’t know how accurate it is, but it is a great show about Pablo Escobar’s rise to power.

    • +1! Really enjoying Narcos. In addition to the story, the dialogue is in a mix of Spanish and English, which is cool, and the music is great.

      • +1 Just posted the same thing. Though the yellow subtitles often got washed out against pale backgrounds. The small things, I know.

        • We’re enjoying Narcos as well. Wagner Mora, the Brazilian who plays Escobar, really nails the part. The “Goodfellas”-style narration is great too.

  • Grace and Frankie! Literally laugh-out-loud funny. Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, and Sam Waterston — Waterston and Sheen are longtime law partners who divorce their wives to become life partners. Hilarious, heartwarming and a delight.

    OP – can you ask people to say a few words about the shows?

  • Just finished Narcos on Netflix. That was a very good show. Luther may be my all-time favorite streaming show. Not Streaming – Mr. Robot was the show of the year imho.

    Off topic slightly, I’ve been LISTENING to a ton of “How Did This Get Made”, my favorite podcast these past few months.

  • Peaky Blinders
    House of Cards
    Foyle’s War

  • Egad

    My kid is a huge fan of Dinotrux on Netflix. 🙂 .

  • Jazz and Fly fishing, it follows a Finnish jazz band who happen to also be fly fishing enthusiasts around the world.

  • Some favorites: Alpha House (Amazon), Bojack Horseman (Netflix), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), House of Cards (Netflix)

    Looking forward to Man in the High Castle (Amazon) and Master of None (Netflix)

  • Rake, the original Australian version. Absolutely hysterical show with dysfunctional, yet extremely likable characters. Much better than the American version. The first two of three seasons stream on Netflix. (I think it did air on some cable channel at one point.)

  • I just watched Catastrophe on Amazon and thought it was pretty cute and funny. Only wish they did a few more eps. Can’t wait for more Transparent and of course OINTB.

  • Alpha House on amazon is fantastic. I’m only partway through the 2nd season, but the episode with the Ann Coulter look-alike senator attempting to open-carry in the Capitol was non-stop LOL.

  • I need to check out “Happy Valley” and “Broadchurch.” Does Netflix have those on DVD as well? (I don’t currently have any kind of streaming subscription, and my broadband is not so great for video streaming anyway.)

  • Crossing Lines on Netflix; it reminds me of MI-5, one of my fav Brit shows.

  • Damages. Glenn Close again is evil. So what if the plot is a little far fetched and season 3 can be ignored.

  • My favorites are Daredevil and Sense8. I really liked Kimmy Schmidt. Has no one else mentioned Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp???? Did no one else like it? I thought the first couple of episodes were a little meh, but it really started to pick up around episode 3 or 4. Any fan of the movie would easily love the show.

  • How has no one mentioned Wentworth? It’s unbelievably good.
    It’s on Netflix. Can’t wait for the next season.

  • Not sure which are currently available/streaming – but:
    Trailer Park Boys, The Mighty Boosh, Firefly, Justified, MI-5, Deadwood, Farscape

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