FIT360DC coming to former Laundromat in Mount Pleasant

3058 Mount Pleasant St, NW

Update on yesterday’s news about the 24 hour laundromat moving in Mt. P. Thanks to a reader for passing on this email:

“First, the bad news…the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood will have one less laundromat. Now for the good news…
FIT360DC has a new home in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood,
just 3 blocks away!

That’s right, FIT360DC, celebrating it’s 2-Year Anniversary in October, will be moving to it’s new home this Fall, to 3058 Mt. Pleasant St NW, neighbors with EachPeach and Flying Fish. Our buildout of the former laundromat begins this week, with more space and equipment to better serve our regular members and visitors. Our mission remains as always to provide the Mt. Pleasant/DC area with the best in high-level functional training, accommodating athletes of all ages and abilities, supporting a 360 degree approach to fitness for sport, recreation and everyday life. Our service features will continue to include:

24/7 Membership Access
Small Group Strength Training Classes
Personal Training
Nutritional Counseling
And, Coming Soon…BOXING!!!”

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  • I think a basic, no frills gym like this will do very well there, and I wish them luck. It is hard to tell, but it seems like the “bad news” line is sarcastic, which is obnoxious. That laundromat is often packed, and many people rely on such places to do laundry. No need to demean what is really an essential neighborhood service in your introduction to the neighborhood. I could be completely misreading it, but it rubbed me the wrong way.

  • I believe there is more than one laundromat in Mnt P. So yes, people do need them but how many do you need on your commercial strip? I wonder how mattress stores Tenleytown and Columbia Heights needs as well and everybody sleeps…

    • Both are almost always busy, so I would guess there is actually demand for more than one. There are a lot of renters in the area in older buildings and houses, a lot of them probably lack washer/dryer. Mt. P also has three dry cleaners that appear to have enough customers to stay in business.

  • This made my day/week/month! Let’s get swole…as a neighborhood!

  • Per the email, this gym has been open for a couple of years and is currently located at the north end of Mt Pleasant, in the Argyle condo building. It’s a great gym, small with a good focus. I recommend you check it out. About the laundromat comment, I understand the reaction of the PPs, but the owner is a good guy and I think he was maybe joking about the common complaint (often seen on PoPville) that Mt Pleasant Street has 5 laundromats, 10 hairdressers, and so on…. I would interpret it light-heartedly. As for the 3 drycleaners, I wonder if there really is enough business for all to be profitable, although I wish them all the best. Anyway, back on topic, can’t wait for the opening in the new location!

    • Agreed–I’ve taken a few classes at the current location and the owner (who leads most of the classes offered there) doesn’t strike me as a snarky guy. I’m guessing he meant it light-heartedly, or even literally, that it is unfortunate to have one less laundromat. Btw, there’s a membership level where you can just drop in and use the gym on your own, but if the extra kick in the pants of classes/ training is your thing, IMO the owner is a great trainer–he can give a tough and varied workout and he is good at pushing clients without being jerky or intimidating about it (which is a pet peeve of mine with trainers).

  • He tried to move into the Heller’s space last fall but they bailed during negotiations, decided they wanted to stay in food service.

    Brian’s a great trainer, definitely check out the place when if he does any introductory/new client offers once they open up in October.

    (And the 24 hour laundry that’s there isn’t disappearing, just moving down the block, according to the signs they’ve got posted out front!)

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