“During rush hours, Orange and Silver line trains will run every 8 minutes, rather than every 6 minutes, to reduce the number of trains in service at any one time”

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“Metro today announced a temporary service change to help ease delays and “stop and go” train rides for Orange, Blue and Silver line customers whose trips have been impacted by operating restrictions following Monday’s transformer fire outside Stadium-Armory Station.

During rush hours, Orange and Silver line trains will run every 8 minutes, rather than every 6 minutes, to reduce the number of trains in service at any one time. The move is intended to create more time and distance between trains and prevent them from bunching up in the area of Stadium-Armory, where operating restrictions are in place due to lower electrical capacity.

The fire knocked offline a 9-megawatt power substation that converts commercial power to 750 volts of D/C electricity that is used to run trains via the third rail.

Metro is currently “feeding” power to the area of Stadium-Armory from smaller substations farther away and that are already at their output capacity. To avoid overloading the system, Metro must reduce train speeds and limit the number of trains passing through the Stadium-Armory area to one train at a time on each track. This, in turn, has caused stop-and-go travel conditions for many riders, especially during rush hours this week.

Metro plans to increase the number of 8-car trains on the Orange and Silver lines during this time by using cars made available by the reduced number of trains in service.

Metro’s power and engineering departments are working to rebuild the damaged power substation and replace equipment on an expedited basis – a process that will take months. Metro will provide updates on the repair process as additional information is known.”

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  • Like how they stuck “a process that will take months” at the end. Sorry for all you daily metro riders.

  • west_egg

    “Metro plans to increase the number of 8-car trains”
    They should run *exclusively* 8-car trains for the duration of this “temporary service change.” The fact that the power substation was allowed to get to this point is a whole ‘nother matter — how many others are waiting to blow up? Metro is in shambles.

    • Metro does not have enough power available to run all 8 car trains.

      • That’s not clear. We know they don’t have enough power to run all eight car trains at the usual frequency. Since there are now fewer trains, the total number of cars might still be OK even if they’re all eight car trains. All this might not work, of course, in the problematic area.

  • And this is on TOP of the ninety or so safety issues that TSA recently told Metro it has to correct, an agency that still hasn’t recovered from the 2009 incident. I would like to think this is just the result of Metro’s suckiness but it is also symptomatic of a complete disregard for infrastructure upkeep in this country. Metro is going to be a nightmare for years to come and the best we can hope for is to not have a repeat of the January 2015 or August 2009 incidents. And that will drive even more people onto the overcrowded roads and the crumbling freeways, tunnels and bridges. John Boehner was right, man, we should all just say screw this, I’m quitting and heading home.

    • Unfortunately in this country it typically takes a massive disaster for a philosophical change to happen. I certainly do not envy Metro in the sense they have to deal with 4 different sources of funding that are always changing politically (well, minus DC).
      And look at NYC. The tunnels under the Hudson need to be replaced for trains and they can’t get agree on the funding to start (it’s a lengthy project).

  • But it’s okay, because they’re reducing fares to make up for the inconvenience to daily riders.
    BWAHAHAHHAHAAHAA! Oh, man. Comedy gold. I kill me.

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