UPDATE: Owner Found! Do You Know Weezie’s Owner?


A reader writes:

“Found this adorable black Lab wandering on 39th St NW in Glover Park. Tried calling owner but no luck. Named Weezie. kgleventhal(at)gmail.com”

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  • May involved a little sleuthing on your part, but I would also call all the DC vets and give them the dog’s name & description to see if they have additional contact info.

    Also call the shelter and let them know where & when you found her.

  • Also see if a local vet office will scan her for a micro chip.

  • Weezie is my dog’s twin! When I saw the picture I had to check and make sure he was still in the house. Hope she finds her home soon – thank you for being a good Samaritan!

  • In that neck of the woods, I wonder of Weezie goes to Friendship Animal Hospital. They could also scan her for a chip. You could do some additional sleuthing and reverse lookup the phone number to try to get the owners name and see if you can get their work info.

  • I found the owner’s Georgetown email and passed this post along.

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