Streetcar Woes Vol. 1,082


Streetcars may not be carrying passengers (yet?) but its saga remains hilarious. Ed. Note: Living in the District we often encounter scenarios where we can either laugh or cry – your choice. Thanks to a reader for sending the photo above last night:

“They’re destroying this trolley stop at H and 5th. Not sure what that means but it didn’t look good.”

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  • I assume this is related to the already reported issues with streetcars scraping against the stops.

  • They’ve been tearing out all the stops for about that last 10 days. ABC7 ran a story yesterday that said it’s because the platforms are too high and the doors scrape when they open them. Traffic on H Street has been a wreck these last two weeks because the work shuts down the adjacent lane.

  • Forget the streetcars, nobody is going to ride them on H Street to the food/bar establishment they are visiting, there is nothing else on H that is worth it. Take the funding we keep pushing into this streetcar “dumpster fire” and hire more COPS!!!!

    • More cops, as if DC doesn’t have one of the world’s highest rates of cops per capita? No.

      Streetcar expansion plans need to be scrapped and Dean-Facchia, the design-build team needs to be sued.

      • Law enforcement not mpd. The numbers are skewed by numerous agencies you can’t call when your house is broken into. Also population is increasing.
        Mpd is suffering with manpower from retirees to the low pay lowering recruitment numbers. That streetcar is a money pit, and the money should definitely be put to better use.

  • It’s #6 on the 33-item punchlist of problems they’re knocking out relatively fast:
    “Investigate why streetcar doors scrape at stations, and fix the problem.” (
    It’d be great if the streetcar was built well in the first place, but the fact that they’re knocking these things out (including something that requires this much construction) makes me somewhat optimistic.

    • west_egg

      I’d love to know whose fault this is (DDOT for submitting the wrong measurements? Contractor didn’t build according to spec?) and who is paying to correct it (LOLOL JK, I’m sure it’s DC’s taxpayers).

  • WOW, this has surpassed comical straight to downright embarrassing! I like @Hill Resident’s idea of funneling the money to police and scrapping this whole debacle!

  • Are they going to tear up the tracks and run them down the middle of the street as well?

  • That is not the only problem with these streetcars. Wait until the House District Committee wakes up and finds that the DC Government is in violation of a Federal Law that forbids the erection of electrification over the streets, avenues and alleys within the City of Washington that was enacted by the 50th Congress. To understand this law you must know the difference between the City of Washington and the Territory of the District of Columbia.

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