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  • I really hope the citizen made some improvements because I enjoy the bar’s drinks, beer, and ambience but really don’t like the food apart from the happy hour tacos and the shrimp roll that’s no longer on the menu. I’ll give it a try soon.

  • Somehow I failed to notice the hushpuppies until now, even though I can see from archive.org that they were on the May 2015 version of the menu (the most recent that archive.org has):
    Maybe it’s the addition of honey butter that got me to take notice.

  • they got rid of the hushpuppies???? nooooooooo
    also loved the falafel, damn

    • They didn’t get rid of the hushpuppies — they just moved them (from the “Start” section to the “Snacks” section).

  • jim_ed

    Am I reading this right that $14 for fried chicken only gets you a single thigh? That can’t be right.

    • That is correct. I was there last night. It was delicious, but. I also ordered the cauliflower. My first thought when I got it was, “That can’t be right.” It’s a small plate, and the plate is about 1/3 full of cauliflower. It’s literally about a quarter of a cauliflower at the very most. For $10.

      Which is a shame, because I love everything else about Petworth Citizen. I was there during happy hour, and food for three people and two HH-priced drinks each was exactly $120 after tax and tip. Which serves as more evidence that it’s impossible to grab a decent sit-down meal with a drink or two for less than $40 per person in DC, even when you get the specials.

      Obviously you can eat cheaper and divey ethnic establishments, which is where I do most of my eating, but sometimes I want something slightly nicer with some drinks. And that means spending $40 a head.

      • Check out the Hitching Post, best fried chicken in town and Kojo Nnamdi at the bar.

      • When i saw the menu I wondered about the cauliflower. Its the same price or more than the appetizers that contain meat and fancy cheese… for roasted cauliflower.

    • Egad

      I’ve gotten the fried chicken twice and both times it was raw in the middle. I really hope they have figured out how to fry chicken by now.

    • I got the chicken there last week and there were two (delicious) pieces of chicken.

  • I love the drinks and vibe at Petworth Citizen, but the food has really fallen off in the past 6-9 months or so. I hope this refocusing of the menu helps because other than the food, it is one of my favorite spots in the city.

  • They needed to revamp the menu, food has consistently been underwhelming and not really priced well

    • Yeah I agree. I don’t even bother anymore and live right around the corner. The Falafel was decent but not what I want to eat that often. It’s never been that great of a restaurant in my opinion and most certainly over priced. Not as badly as Crane and Turtle but still too much for the portions. I’ll be happy when the rest of the competition slated to arrive soon gets there.

  • I would agree with several posters here…love the vibe, drinks, and atmosphere at Petworth Citizen, but it is the menu that keeps us from being regulars. I was hoping that the new menu would bring some new life to it, but I don’t see it. It seems like greens continue to be hard to come by at Petworth Citizen –they really need to add a green thing on the menu – a salad, a side of green beans, some vegetables, please!

  • I can’t bring myself to eat octopi. They’re too intelligent and playful – it’s like eating a baby. I’ll eat squid though: they’re vicious and primordially stupid.

  • Let’s be honest. The food has never been that great here. Drink? Solid. Atmosphere? Solid. But the food? Eh. I’ll give it another shot with a new menu, but it’s going to take some convincing to get my wife there. These ITMS don’t sound so complicated so why the struggle? They better step it up with three new food options opening along Upshur soon.

  • Have always found the burger to be a solid choice, but lack of variety outside that keeps me from going their regularly for dinner, despite it being the closest thing. Agree that some greener options (priced right) are needed.

    • binpetworth

      I pretty much always get the chorizo burger and it never disappoints me.

      • Yes, the chorizo burger is one of my favorite burgers in DC.

        I’m also a fan of the wings, but it looks like I’m the only one here so far on this threat. It’s a nice alternative to the usual buffalo wing, and the chicken has always tasted good.

  • I was going to post something like “great new additions, can’t wait to try that manchego mac & cheese” but then I read all the comments and felt like I’d be “that person” all off on my own.

    We live in the neighborhood and go weekly on average (sometimes a couple times a week) for food and drinks and dessert, as it’s a place where a mixed veggie/omnivore family leave satisfied. I _love_ the Happy Hour pork bun sliders, and there was a time this summer when I had that pork chop & yucca more than once per week… I love the hushpuppies. I’ve had the chicken and it was tasty but I like the pork better. I also had the octopus earlier this week and it was really good but I do admit to wanting another tentacle for my $15.

    The only thing — the ONLY thing (maybe we’ve just been super lucky for 2 years) — that made us go “Hmmmm” was the plate of roasted cauliflower. It was a third of a plate of mushy cauliflower with nary a hint of brown butter. Sad, sad, sad replacement for any of the seasonal salads that they’ve had in recent memory (the asparagus one, for instance, super tasty).

  • Petworth Citizen needs a kids menu.

  • Why do they refuse to offer a basic salad? I love their burger and the vibe, but I’ll never eat there because there’s nothing for my GF. I get the idea that it’s better for a restaurant to focus on a few things and do it well, but in any group of diners there’s always that one person who just wants a salad.

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