Car-BQ Season Comes Early this Year?


A reader sends a shot of the carnage above:

“No clue what happened (accidental, deliberate)? Happened in Woodley Park, on 28th between Woodley and Cathedral. Pretty intense… I live on this block and didn’t hear any fire trucks last night. Hopefully no one was hurt, when I walked by at 7:30 am there wasn’t really anyone around.”

Also this morning there was a car fire that temporarily closed 14th Street at P in Logan Circle.

Ed. Note: Car-BQ season usually hits in the late winter months. I’m just kidding – car-bq season is of course year round!

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  • Anonomnom

    Hmm…. My car is parked on this street… Hopefully far enough away from this one! 0.o

  • Sucks for the owner–that car is a 2015 MY Chrysler 200, so they’ve probably had it less than 12 months!

  • Damn, I haven’t seen any good car-BQs so far this year.

  • Ugh, this is horrible. My car was set on fire in that exact area (on Cathedral near Woodley Rd) several years ago. Same timing too, I got to my car around 7:30am to find the Arson Investigator just about to pull away – he gave me his card and that was all the DCPD and FD did for me.

    • Same here. My car was set on fire in my driveway and all I got was a card and questions like “do you have any enemies?”

  • If someone is deliberately setting cars on fire, that’s just shameful.

  • I live 2 houses down from this. There was definitely a fire/police response last night — within about 5 minutes of calling, around 11p. No one was hurt, but the arson investigator looked around our driveway and alley for evidence. He told me that the car had been reported stolen/carjacked earlier in the day, and that it was ditched and torched last night. That seems strange, though, since the car was neatly parallel parked on the street — doesn’t seem like something you would do after stealing a car and just before torching it.

    • Torching it covers up any evidence left behind if it was used in a crime.

    • Thanks for the info, neighbor. That’s pretty scary but I am glad to hear no one was injured. You’d think whoever did this would choose a more secluded place to burn a car…

  • Clearly arson. The engine compartment is untouched by fire, when most car fires start under the hood and then burn the passenger compartment. This was intentional.

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