Brooklyn Winery to open DC location in Fall 2017 – District Winery

385 Water Street, SE

From a press release:

“In the latest of a recent flurry of retailer leasing activity at The Yards, Forest City, the project’s master developer has announced today that Brooklyn Winery, the popular urban winery based in that New York City borough, has signed a lease for exclusive use of a new building to be developed at the north edge of Yards Park at the corner of Water and Fourth Streets SE.
To be aptly named District Winery, it will be the first urban winery within the District of Columbia and will feature the most popular components of its sister winery in Brooklyn— namely, a full-service restaurant and wine tasting area, a private events space with an open-air terrace and, of course, an impressive collection of wines, crafted and aged onsite.

District Winery will occupy 16,000 SF as the sole tenant of a new pavilion building to be developed by Forest City just east of the existing Lumber Shed, which is home to several restaurants itself including Osteria Morini, Agua 301, Due South and Ice Cream Jubilee. The new building has been designed with a striking façade of alternating wood and glass to complement both the Lumber Shed and the surrounding Yards Park. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2016 with opening projected for fall 2017.

Brooklyn Winery has become a very popular venue for weddings and other family events and private parties, as well as a distinctive space for business events. With a sleek new building complemented by natural waterfront beauty, District Winery is poised to take that popularity to a new level in DC.”


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  • Still a little peeved about them opening up on green space. I realize this is not part of yards park, but it is nice to have some open space especially during the summer concert/movie series. They should have developed on the surface parking lot nearby.

    Good bye Friday concert series, it was fun while it lasted.

  • This sucks. A one use building, for special events, etc..

    I doubt many local/and community based groups will get to have events there.

  • What a bummer! I love this little green space 🙁

  • This is pretty cool – I especially like that they’re building a space just for this purpose. Should make it much more interesting than all the mixed use stuff that goes up where the retail/restaurant is an afterthought. Also, development of this lot has been in the plans from the beginning, so while it was nice that it was temporarily used as green space, it’s hard to complain when those initial plans finally do come to fruition. Let’s hope the winery is better than the other NY transplants that set up shop down here.

    • Anonomnom

      I definitely enjoy the green space, but I also knew they were going to develop it from day 1. I like that this will at least bring a new sort of business (i.e. a winery) into the DC area, rather than just a string of fast-casual dining places. I’m not knocking Nandos, but I like that we are getting a variety here.

  • I guess I’m the only one who’s not a fan of the green space. I love the landscaped portions of the Yards Park, but something about a swath of lawn depresses me. This location is perfect for a wedding venue!

  • To all the people who complain that they’re developing on a “green space”, please remember that these very types of complaints are why many developers choose to just leave undeveloped land as a parking lot for five or ten years before they do something to it – because nobody complains when somebody builds on a parking lot, and it’s just easier than listening to people bellyache that they are “taking away” something they never had to offer to start with.

    I, for one, am thrilled that the owner allowed the space to be used as an unfenced public lawn space while they were waiting to develop it. So I don’t see it as “losing” a green space – I see it as having gained one for many years that otherwise we never would have had to miss in the first place.

  • Booooooooo. I quess a nice green space with a nice view was just too good to last.

    • Not sure the exact value, but I’m pretty sure if you have the $20-$40 million the lot is worth developed, they’ll happily sell it to you and you can keep it a lawn for all eternity if you like.

  • Plenty of green space east of the river. Hop on your bike and come on over.

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