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  • Bad Saint is fantastic. Beautiful decor, excellent food, super awesome staff.

  • I walked by during the soft open and it smelt excellent. I’m really looking forward to checking out the food soon.

  • We went to the soft opening – it was great! The food was awesome, service was great and I loved the inside. I really appreciate that they didn’t do the exposed brick, industrial look that every other restaurant in DC does these days. They actually put some thought and creativity in the design.

    I had never had Filipino food before but I thought it was all very good.

    The space is super tiny but they made it work.

  • I went last night with a few people and everything was delicious. The space is small but beautiful, the staff is friendly, and, again, the food was absolutely phenomenal. We’re looking forward to going back a few more times so we can try everything!

  • Oh man, great to hear they’re finally open.

    Of course, they’re closed today.

  • We live nearby and can’t wait to try it! we were actually going to go tonight but good thing i checked and saw it was closed.

    anyone know what will be next door to the left in the red building?

  • tterrag

    I look forward to going.

    What about Sunday hours?

    • I asked Nick the same question when I ran into him. Sunday is 5:30-10. He forgot that on the website and will be updating it.

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