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  • Definitely not street legal but changes of getting caught/getting a ticket are slim. There are places online where you can make your own custom euro tags – I used to have one on my car for years.

  • Definitely not since its not an issued plate. Not sure why they went Euro since they have a Japanese car.

    But to perspective, I run a euro plate up front as well. No chance of getting ticketed while moving because DC police have better things to go after. However, whenever I park, I put my DC tag up on the dash just in case a meter maid wants to give me trouble.

    • justinbc

      I’m just curious, why go through that headache just to have an illegal license plate of all things?

      • Just one of those things that make the car unique I guess. I used to have NY plates in DC and ran the Europlate. Always had it on because a NY violation wouldn’t necessarily be ticketed here. But when I switched over tags I just kept the Euro one on because I never got around to removing it. I park in a garage so no meter maids to bother me there and I rarely park on the street since I’m driving to a parking lot or park in a garage at the establishment.

        I know I should get around to removing it but alas….

  • DC1

    not legal, not a replacement for the proper one, not europe, not pretty…


    most parking enforcement officers will ticket your for that in a heartbeat.

  • I had one of these with my DC tag # on it as well, and got a ticket for no front plate while parking in Georgetown. So no, not legal, and yes, you can get a ticket. Though I had it for 4 years before getting the ticket.

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