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  • Soooooo..adults and vehicles permitted?

  • phl2dc


  • MGMT is only a so-so band. Didn’t think they were from the area.

  • I don’t have a problem with this, although if they really want it enforced they should just build a fence.

  • Maybe there are some dangerous chemicals sprayed on the grass?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ve lived in a few places that had keep off the grass signs b/c of chemicals. They are usually from the company that treats the yard. And not usually so specific. I hate that my place sprays chemicals, a picnic might be fun. 🙁

  • I live in this building. The sign is HORRIBLE! Its the doings of our Condo Board President who also happens to be the ANC3 Commissioner. He is a mean spirited child hating man who you can see at around 3pm when kids get off school, he will yell at them to get off the grass. Obviously a man that has too much time on his hands. Seeing this on popville made me laugh today. Thanks for posting.

    • Not saying I support the guy, but I’m curious as to why there are kids on the grass. Do they live in the building?

      • The building is on Connecticut Ave close to the Metro and zoo. A very high traffic area for families specifically. There is a ledge separating the grass from the sidewalk that many kids find joy in walking on like a balance beam. Totally harmless to the grass and far enough away from the condos flower beds. The board president basically hates that kids step near the grass and has sent out letter complaining and telling residents that if they see kids walking on the grass to tell them to stop. Anything that makes a child smile like balancing on the ledge makes him frown. He’s a pretty miserable person.

    • justinbc

      I think we’ve all got exactly the right amount of time on our hands as we should have.

  • My neighbor in park view is an insane man who thinks his sidewalk adjoining grass is private property (it isn’t, its the cities I’ve checked), so I derive great pleasure in making him freak out every time I walk my dog and he pees on the grass.

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