About those police officers collecting signatures for the Mayor’s end the homeless campaign – not kosher at all – Commander being investigated


Thanks to a reader for sending an update to yesterday’s post “Is the Mayor directing police officers to gather signatures for a petition?” – from NBC Washington:

“Seventh District Commander Vendette Parker gave officers in her district, which covers most of Southeast D.C. east of the Anacostia River, a quota to get at least five signed pledges each from residents while on patrol, Assistant Chief Diane Groomes confirmed.”

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  • Thanks to the PoPville reader for the update on this — glad to know that this signature-gathering is being nipped in the bud and that the commander is being investigated.

  • jim_ed

    Wow, Vendette Parker took over 7th District like literally less than a week ago. Maybe with that promotion she was looking for a way to get instantly retired at her new pay grade? When I saw this yesterday, I thought to myself “They must be off-duty, as you’d have to be some kind of moron to think that requiring on-duty police officers shill for the Mayor would be legal let alone acceptable” but yet here we are. Shameful.

  • What? This is ridiculous. In the middle of one of the most violent periods in DC in recent memory and we have patrol officers getting signatures for a mayoral initiative? Just as I was starting to have a little more faith in the police to actually do their jobs… Seems there have been more arrests lately, but when I hear stuff like this it’s no wonder we have issues.

  • The question is what did the mayor and chief know and when did they know it? I doubt Parker took it upon herself to gather signatures.

  • DC1

    Investigators need to get to the source which is Bowser, of course. Favors for promotions… that has been her motto, DCPS is a prime example.

  • The brewing scandal finally made me click the link and read the petition. Not to my surprise, there’s literally nothing there that would actually address the root causes of homelessness. No access to expanded mental health services, no educational or job training opportunities, no child care services. Just a vague promise of expanded shelter availability and “housing and supports”.

    If you ask me, anybody living in a temporary government shelter is still homeless.

    • This has nothing to do with homelessness. It’s called patronage. Building a bunch of useless shelters can generate a lot of campaign donations from contractors.

    • west_egg

      AFAICT, Bowser’s entire governing strategy can be summarized thusly:
      “Not to my surprise, there’s literally nothing there that would actually address the root causes of _____. No access to [thing residents have been clamoring for], no [basic, essential service], no [actual commitment]. Just a vague promise of [something that sounds good] and ‘[platitude]’.”

  • Can someone explain why this petition even exists? Does the Council have to approve this plan? Is the Mayor trying to show support of the public?

  • Wow, Bowser can’t even do corruption well.

  • I’m so sick of shit like this that nothing ever happens from. Streetcar, WMATA, police force, public schools, all a total laughing stock for one of the wealthiest cities in the world. We have this ingrained desire as a city to keep “the same” kind of politicians every cycle and people wonder why nothing changes. Wells or even Catania offered a chance for something different and didn’t even get close to breaking the barrier in this city. I’ve lost hope for the future here.

  • This wasn’t just 7th district, I got asked by a cop in the 3rd District at Morgan’s seafood on Georgia Ave to sign this, and there were more cops walking Geogia Ave asking others as well.

    • I was wondering about this! It’d be really great if people could call NBC Washington (along with whoever the appropriate authorities are for this issue) and insist they expand the investigation. This is all real fishy.

    • Interesting. So maybe all the commanders were doing this and so far Cmdr. Parker is the only one to have been busted for it?
      If Lanier turns out to have been behind it, would that be enough to force her out?

  • I got asked by 4th district officers the week before the commander moved to 7th. Patrol car just pulled over while working in my neighborhood.

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