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  • thats a shame, i thought that building was kinda cute.

  • Demolition by neglect.

    Thanks, Warrenton Group, for your unpaid vacant building taxes over the past many years and your crummy stewardship of this corner.

    Enjoy all of your insider benefits and cushy DC development contracts.

  • I’ve been wondering for a while how thy would deal with the roof of this building, which was completely caving in, I think from rot. It’s too bad they couldn’t or didn’t try to selvage it. It was cool looking, even if it was completely falling apart.

    • By the way, the developer’s plans are here: warrentongroup.com/project-detail/1547-7th-street-nw/

      • I REALLY hope they’re able to find matching brick. Seems like it would be difficult to preserve what’s there now and make it look like the plans you linked above. I think the previous plans assumed the building wouldn’t crumble into itself.

        • Not really sure how this happened, but I’m guessing nobody’s going to find matching brick and this is going to be taken down entirely instead of rebuilt as had been planned.

        • All of the original bricks are stacked in a pile inside the building.

  • Pretty sure this was an unintentional demo — they had a bunch of rubble outside the fence on the 7th St side one morning a few weeks ago.

    I’m also kinda amazed that they’ve been allowed to create as much dust as they have without having the proper wall coverage. Most masonry contractors cover the whole wall with a curtain to reduce dust when they do this kind of work…

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