7:15pm, 100 Block of K St, NE “without provocation, he was punched in the face” bicycle then stolen

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From MPD:

“Robbery F/V; 100 block of K Street, NE 7:16 PM. First Police District Officer Zhang Cruiser 1021 reports that the complainant, an adult male, was riding his 8 speed Linus bicycle, blue in color, in the 100 block of K Street, NE when, without provocation, he was punched in the face by S-1. This punch caused our victim to fall from his bike to the pavement causing scrapes to both his arms. The suspect got on the victims bike and peddled away from the scene and made good his escape. The victim refused medical treatment on the scene.

The suspect was described as a Black male, 6’2” in height, med to large build, wearing red shorts and a white shirt.”

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  • so tired of this bullshit – fu*#ing thugs

    • FYI: You censored your profanity, but forgot to on your racist term.

      • Criminals are thugs, what’s your problem with that? You’re part of the problem.

      • No. Stop it. Just stop it.
        This is the textbook example of a thug: “a violent person” “A criminal”.
        I am so sick of people not being honest about the reality of things, and being PC with trash like this. If you choose to associate the comment with racial bias, then that is YOUR problem, not the individual leaving the comment.
        You absolutely better believe that this person was indeed a thug based on his actions alone.

      • are you kidding me? what word, exactly, is racist? you need to read the Atlantic’s article on micro-aggressions, mate…

        • I would argue, that you, friend, are the racist – immediately equating the word “thug” with black, male, criminal.

          connection never entered my mind: thug = criminal (of any race, creed, sex, political affiliation, etc.).

          as you were, mate

          • I prefer the all encompassing term “scumbags”. And yes, this applies to black, white, latinos, whoever.

          • HaileUnlikely

            A friend who is a retired police officer prefers the term “hooligan.” I’m not sure whether it has ever been used with specific racial connotations, but to me it conjures up an image of drunken Irishmen misbehaving.

      • You forgot to censor out your endorsement of violence and criminality.

      • Paa-leez! Thugs are punk ass violent people and if this “thug” happens to be black then so be it. Cut the crap trying to make it racist.

      • Calling someone a thug for dressing in a certain way and having black skin is racist. Calling someone a thug for punching someone in the face and stealing their property is accurate.

      • orderedchaos

        Shut up, Anonymous troll. A thug is defined by action, not color—the piece of sh*t who stole the bike is a thug.

      • shut up anonymous. this dude was a THUG who through violent force robbed someone. wtf is wrong with people getting SO testy over something that is just stating a fact.
        according to Mirriam-Webster:
        Full Definition of THUG : a brutal ruffian or assassin
        Examples of THUG
        He was beaten and robbed by street thugs.

        on a side note, is it safe to bike anywhere now?? 🙁 I bike here regularly on the painted in and sectioned off bike path, and I know it’s light at this time.

      • I’m pretty sure anonymous views thug as racist because the term started as a reference to an invented class of people to justify British colonial rule in India.

        • The idea that the Thuggee cult was a British invention is one that’s been circulated in recent years… but that interpretation has been questioned. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thuggee#21st_century_revisionist_views .

          • Considering that entry is flagged as “This article has multiple issues” on Wikipedia, I suggest you dig a little deeper.

          • The article as a whole is flagged as having multiple issues — citations needed, copyediting needed, quotations too lengthy — but there are no “citations needed” marked in the particular section I referred to.

          • The evidence the Wikipedia page has against the idea that the Thuggee cult is a British invention is the 2005 Mike Dash book. In that book, Dash unequivocally states that it is a British invention. So, as I said before, dig a little deeper. If you are limiting yourself to what you can find on the internet, try starting here: http://savageminds.org/2007/12/22/thuggee/

        • I don’t think anyone in this country thinks thug is racist because of that reason.

        • The problem with the section you posted is that it is wrong. “Dash rejects scepticism about the existence of a secret network of groups.” That is incorrect. In his book, Dash concludes that there is absolutely no evidence that Thugs were anything other than especially unpleasant and ruthless robbers and were not a religious cult. In general, you shouldn’t rely on Wikipedia for your only source of information. You should be especially wary of the information contained in articles that have been flagged.

  • Did the gunpoint mugging of a few students standing outside of a packed house party in Tenleytown get any mention on here? Not that we need more proof that the people robbing others are not worried about being caught or whether there are witnesses….

    • That mugging, due to its location and the demographic of the victims, got a ton of coverage in the Post. Meanwhile, the same thing happens almost every single day in my neighborhood with no mention…

      • are you kidding me? what word, exactly, is racist? you need to read the Atlantic’s article on micro-aggressions, mate…

      • You’re right–there has been an absolutely incredible spike in robberies in Hill East/H Street, but I rarely see it covered in the media. There were around 5 robberies within two blocks of my house in the last week between Lincoln Park and H St. 5!! Mostly in broad daylight!!

  • I rode by there yesterday evening and saw a bunch of cops talking to a couple of guys on the corner of 1st and K NE. I then saw a bike lying on its side unattended on the 100 block of K St NE under the bridge. I’m pretty sure the bike was white (not blue as described above), but perhaps that’s the bike that the attacker was riding before he stole the victim’s bike? And if by chance it was turned into the police maybe they can fingerprint it for evidence?

    It actually occurred to me that the two scenes might be connected, but I rationalized that a thief wouldn’t have dropped the bike half a block away, or that the cops/victim would at least have looked for it since it was so close. I know the internet community is going to crap all over me for not having followed my gut and circled back to the cops in the moment to report the bike, but I figured it was worth posting in case this information can be of any use to the victim.

    • Call the police and give them this info. The content of this thread came from MPD; there’s no guarantee that the victim is going to see the thread or your comment.
      Not sure if any fingerprints are still going to be there after it’s rained, though.

    • Accountering

      I both give no weight to the intelligence of small time theifs in this town, nor would I be certain that a police canvass after a robbery like this would include looking under a bridge. I agree, call it in.

    • I biked through around 8:30 and saw the same scene as you. When I went by, though, there was a policeman standing next to the seemingly abandoned bike on the sidewalk–so they know about it.

      • The white bike was the one that was left behind by the perp, it was secured and then processed at the request of the detectives.

  • I laugh every time I read “made good his escape.” Does Dudley Do-Right write their reports?

  • I don’t think there is much provocation when it comes to a robbery.

  • i wonder if it’s the same dude who was punching random people in the face around that area a few weeks ago.

  • Pathetic thugs. This is why there should be either harsher sentencing for violent crime or mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime in this town. These freaking low-life thugs need to be taken off the streets and put in prison where they need to stay for much longer.

  • So a lot of times when I’m riding my bike around this city, as I ride by little kids (maybe 8-12 years old) or are stopped by them, they’ll ask me if they can have my bike. The one I’m currently riding. Does this happen to anyone else? I wonder if as they get older, these kids realize that very few people will just willingly hand over their bikes on the spot in response to a request, but that they’ll also hardly fight back if you show them a knife or just punch them in the face as they go by.

    • I get a lot of “Can I ride your bike” by kids (sometimes on smaller bikes at the time). My usual response is to wheeze out something like “not today” (I live at the top of a large hill, there’s a lot of wheezing).

    • I’ve had this happen numerous times in 30 years living in DC, it’s a veiled threat so be careful. 12 year olds are big enough to knock you off the bike., and yes, when they hit 14-15 years old they probably will start pushing people off their bikes and stealing them, or pulling a knife or gun. DC is still dangerous, gentrified or not.

      • This is a milder version of the trigger to the Bernard Goetz incident – thugs . . . er, excuse me, would be robbers showed sharpened screwdrivers and asked for money. (Note: I’m not suggesting you start blasting away when an 8 yo asks for your bike.) Yes, it’s a veiled threat, and likely will become not so veiled as they age.

      • So all this time, these kids have been threatening me? I had no idea, they were like 10 years old. At least this explanation makes sense (and would lower my opinion of humanity a bit, if it could get any lower). Maybe I’ll put some pepper spray on my bike keychain, in case I need to take on some bold 6th graders. Or maybe I’ll just never interact with people in this city again, since they seem terrible.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Sort of like when kids ask if they can use your phone. Depending on my surroundings, sometimes I accommodate by telling them I’ll dial the number and put it on speaker while I hold it, if the kid in question is alone and does not look like he would be able to give me a fight. Last time I did this, the kid had me dial his mother and asked her to pick him up because he had lost his SmarTrip – seemed to actually be legit unless the adult woman who answered was not really his mom and/or his mom was in on it.

      • No one has ever asked to use my phone. But seeing how I’ve always told my kids to “find a parent” if they need help, I like your solution of dialing and holding it yourself, instead of saying no.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Interesting – I’ve had kids ask to use my phone at least 10 times; I figured it was pretty common. In that last instance described above, I was walking back from the Takoma metro, and I saw the kid ask probably 5 or so other people who all refused without stopping before he asked me. While I recognized that there was some possibility that I might end up without my phone, I didn’t want to give him further reason to believe that all of the white adults moving into the neigborhood are @ssholes and that he is either invisible to them or a threat to them.

          • What I want to know is how useful are stolen phones? Don’t you have to go thru a lot to reset them? And if they are reported as stolen, won’t the phone company deactivate them?

          • HaileUnlikely

            I do not know, but regardless, I would not count on a 14- or 15-year-old having thought it through that far. And hell, one might be able to unload it for a few dollars and let it’s non-functioning be somebody else’s problem.

          • Wow, HaileUnlikely — you must be super approachable! I often get told I look like I’m still 15 but no kid has ever asked me for help (then again, I’ve never been threatened either, knock on wood).

          • I’ve never had a *kid* ask me to use my phone, but I have had several adults, mostly while riding the bus. Granted, I carry an old Android (double whammy to any street value), so I’m not terribly worried about it going missing, but they’ve all legitimately needed to make a call (usually letting whoever it is they’re en route to know they’re en route) and I’ve always gotten it back with thanks. Then again, on the bus within earshot of a driver who can make the doors not open if I yell out that someone won’t give my phone back is a lot more controlled environment than an open street scenario.
            I like the compromise of holding onto it if it raises your hackles. Pay phones basically don’t exist any more, and that kid’s only decent option was to ask strangers for assistance. Considering that he’d probably have better luck with random people on the street than a Metro station manager or some business (either I think would tell the kid to get lost rather than let him use a phone), I’m glad you helped him out.

    • Happens to me here, happened to me in Central America. Bienvendios al tercer mundo, compay.

  • suspect, blk male. This is helpful, let’s repeat it for every single crime in this city lately.

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