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  • I inquired about that today and those in the know (folks at flying fish) said that a new gym was opening there. They also thought that the condo may be stalled. Maybe due to local push back. I sure hope that is not the case. Anyone have an update on the condo? If that falls through can we at least start a campaign to clean up the garage? A paint job and a nice sign isn’t to match to ask for, is it? A retro neon sign would be awesome.

  • FIt360 is expanding there 🙂 / Higher Ground fitness

  • It’s fine the way it is. It’s a garage. It’s not a throwback diner. DC is going to soon become a veneer. All sizzle, no steak.

    • So does that suggest that they shouldn’t maintain their facilities? You can repair cars and have maintained storefront.

    • yes, it’s use at one point in time should forever dictate its use in the future. is that the sign of a thriving city with sizzle and steak?

    • It’s already about 96% there.

    • “DC is going to soon become a veneer. All sizzle, no steak.” What does this even mean? The city is more vibrant than it’s been in decades, even if there are less dive bars and more yoga and small plates places. Just because you may not like the changes doesn’t make them bad, judgey mcjudgerson.

  • Isn’t there already a laundromat at 3215 Mt. P?

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