Walmart opening in Fort Totten Square this Fall

5601 3rd Street, NE

@lowbraudc updates us on the Walmart coming to Ward 5 in Fort Totten.

“The @Walmart @FTSQAPTS is coming along. Fall is expected opening, hiring now. Installing shelving from the look of things”

Walmart’s website says:

“Address: 300 Riggs Road NE and South Dakota Avenue NE, Washington, D.C. 20011 (Store #3035)
Offerings: Grocery and general merchandise

Fort Totten Square Development

Owner / Developer: The JBG Companies/Lowe Enterprises
430,000 square feet mixed-use residential-retail development, with 345 apartment units and 130,000 square feet of retail

Project Status

The Fort Totten Walmart will be opening in Fall 2015”

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  • can’t wait to see who the other anchor retailers will be. i’ve heard Subway, Five Guys and Wing Stop are committed but that Carolina Kitchen pulled out. I think that leaves two rather large holes (unless they’ve been filled). At this point I’d be ecstatic with a Starbucks and a Chipotle but will realistically settle for a Dunkins and anything fast-casual.

  • jim_ed

    Hopefully this relieves some of the pressure on the Brightwood Walmart, which is a complete zoo at all hours of the day at this point.

  • Anything fast-casual would be fantastic … specifically Chipotle. Ok, I just want a Chipotle near me.

  • I have to say, this is one instance where the end result looks better than the architectural rendering (based on the photo comparisons above). Those blue tiles are quite pleasing to my eye. Have never been to an urban Walmart – how do they compare with the suburban ones?

    • Urban Walmarts don’t have garden centers or auto zones. Less emphasis on clothing and more emphasis on groceries and domestics.

  • Just in time. My laundry basket’s falling to bits. Need a new one!

  • This Wal*Mart is technically in Ward 4 (although it’s right on the border with Ward 5.)

  • Can we get some Thai delivery in the area yet, please?

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