Urban Wildlife–Snapping Turtle in Columbia Heights


A reader submits:

“My husband found this juvenile common snapping turtle under the steps of our house leading to the basement on Friday. We’re in the middle on Columbia Heights so there isn’t water anywhere nearby–we have no idea how he/she made it to our front yard. After some research by me and some fascinated viewed by the kids, we took a trip to Rock Creek near Pierce Mill to give it a new home. It settled into the water immediately and seemed very relieved.”


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  • Be careful! Those things are no joke; don’t lose a toe or a finger!

  • Snapping turtles are vicious and evil. They will eat anything they can catch, and kill stuff for apparent entertainment. They tear up the plant life around their habitat, resulting in slippery slimy banks and fouled water. The will probably vote for Trump.

  • This is ripe for a photo caption contest – vicious snapping turtle, christmas tree base, kid wearing a crown.

  • I grew up in the country, they migrate to new water sources at different times of the year. Most likely an instinct that allowed their populations to increase, I am pretty sure it is 100% carnivorous so I don’t think it will eat any of those leaves. Take it back to Rock Creek, from which it likely walked up from. The Potomac or the Anacastia would work, they are aquatic.

  • justinbc

    Shame on these irresponsible parents for allowing their children so close to a deadly animal. I am furious about this!

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