Today’s Rental is an efficiency for $1400 in Capitol Hill

1252 E Street Northeast

This rental is located at 1252 E Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“This efficiency will feel just like a 1 bedroom apartment. Nice and spacious with separate space for bedroom, living room and kitchen. Rent includes internet and water. Apartment includes full sized washer/dryer and nice backyard to entertain. Walking distance to all the hot spots on H St. and Capitol Hill. Available Sept. 1st.”


You can see more photos here.

This efficiency is going for $1,400/Mo.

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  • Seems about $200 too high, IMHO.

    • I was going to say you’re crazy…but that kitchen is pretty grim. Still, if you want to live by yourself in this neighborhood for under $1500 you don’t have a lot of options.

      • I live in an apartment similar to this for under a grand including utilities and a parking space. it’s still possible.

        • But you’re in a different neighborhood. Living in that neighborhood at that price point was the reasoning.

          • 16th and D so not that far off. Rentals are just as unreasonable over here as they are in Cap Hill.

          • 13th & F NE here, also in the sub $1000 crowd for a full-floor basement apartment. I have an actual kitchen and a walk through closet (to the bathroom) with a washer and dryer. I’ve been there since before everything started opening on H though.

    • There’s a one bedroom with an actual kitchen for rent in a building facing MD ave between 12 and 11 for $95 more.

  • Seems slightly overpriced for (what looks like) a basement studio at this location. I’d expect about $100 less.

  • That looks like a terrible deal. Not close to a metro, and that space is laid out very oddly. Hardly a useable kitchen. I have a basement studio for 1200 in CH that looks way nicer than this. I just don’t get the H st area.

    • Yeah, my building has 3-4 studios available next month that are cheaper than this place. Might not be as big, but they have better kitchens, aren’t in a basement, and are around an 8 minute walk to the CH metro station (plus half a block from a 16th st bus stop).

  • This seems overpriced to me. And I don’t buy that it “will feel just like a one-bedroom apartment” — it looks like the bed space is basically in the same area as the living room space. The kitchen appears to be really lacking in cabinet space.

  • palisades

    Why is every rental on here overpriced

    • I’d speculate that the rentals that are market-priced or underpriced go quickly enough on Craigslist, etc. that the owners (or real estate agents) feel no need to list them here.

  • I live close to 16 and D and there is a WORLD of difference between 16 and D and this rental. 16 and D is still pretty rough.

  • Moved out of a 3 bedroom place 6 blocks west of here a couple of months ago. My whole place was only a bit over $3k. I’m not sure how I will be able to afford anything if/when I move back to DC.

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