Today’s Rental is a studio for $1400 in SW Waterfront


This rental is located at 765 Delaware Avenue, Southwest. The listing says:

“Lwr Lvl Renovated Efficiency w/ Sep Kitchen & Assigned Parking in Highly Desired SW DC Feature Fantastic Light through Double Wide Sliding Glass Doors, Beautiful Renovated BA & Lrg Walk-In Closet. New HVAC. To Apply, Online appl. 1) $50/pp/p18+ yrs 2) 1st mo rent. Cert. funds only; approx qualifying GAI = 40 x rent. Blks to Metro/Grocery/Movies/Water. Pool Pass has fee.”

You can see many more photos of the toilet and more here.

This studio is going for $1,400/Mo.

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  • I Dont Get It

    Ugh! That vessel sink!

    • Haha, I came here to say that IDGI is not going to like this! But you beat me to it.

    • They are the worst sinks ever. It is impossible to use one without splashing water all over the room.

      • How did I never have that experience in 3 years? I didn’t notice any more splashing than you’d expect with other sinks.

        • I’m guessing these are people who think the faucet must be either off or on-full-blast. Probably the same people who seem to think that a door must be slammed in order to close it.

      • and when they start leaking they are impossible to fix!

    • In powder room vessel sinks aren’t as much of a problem because they just aren’t used the same way a full bathroom would be but the design of the one on he photo is even more stupid and practical than most. The top isn’t even some water impermeable surface and a few face splashes of water are going to run the top of that thing PDQ.

    • Anonomnom

      Alright… I actually don’t get the vessel sink hate. Are they my favorite? No, by no means. But I’ve never encountered an issue with over-splashing or anything with the ones I’ve used at friend’s and neighbor’s homes. Yet there are always blasted on here… There have to be some bad experiences?

    • Selecting a listing with a lead photo that prominently features a vessel sink is obvious trolling.

  • That toilet isn’t worth paying $1,400 to live in a tiny basement in a not that awesome part of town

  • There are studios for that price in Dupont Circle. Pass.

  • That’s a mighty fine looking toilet.

  • All someone would need to do in order to really raise rents in this neighborhood would be to open a hipster-ish dive bar or a restaurant featuring some obscure ethnic cuisine on one of these back streets. Because it worked for Columbia Heights, and despite that neighborhood being a hot, hot mess, this same unit would rent for $3-400 more up there.

    • The lack of anything “trendy” in SW is more a symptom than a cause; between the uninviting urban-renewal era condo/coop buildings to the suburban-feeling row homes there really isn’t anywhere to establish a fashionably dingy bar or “obscure ethnic” restaurant. Best end game for the area is probably something resembling Navy Yard rather than CH/Shaw/Petworth, and the new Waterfront construction is getting it there sooner rather than later.

  • i personally think any listing that has SIX pictures of the toilet should get a nomination for Best Listing Ever

  • I would also not be a fan of having my bed right next to sliding glass doors. I’d feel kind of exposed, and I take it they don’t have bars or anything.

  • When they say a Delaware Ave address is “blocks” from a movie theater, do they mean 18 blocks? LOL

  • You can get a one bedroom in a nicer part of Southwest for that price. Next.

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