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  • My understanding is a protest has already been filed with abra. This ANC is topped only by 5d in the level of nonsense. I don’t see them getting a liscense anytime soon unless the rest of the neighborhood shows some real support. And without that they’re dead in the water financially I would guess.

    • I can’t figure out why anyone would oppose this. Do you know what the reasoning for the protest is?

      • Not sure, but I thinks the doc is available from abra? I haven’t seen it but am almost certain a protest was filed.

      • The ANC isn’t involved in the protest – a group of 5 or more residents/property owners filed a protest with ABRA. A few (most?) of the protesters are likely the immediate neighbors.

    • Bryce Pardo seems to be spearheading the protest – for what I don’t know.

    • A group of folks living in or owning the townhouses that share the back alley with the proposed theater filed the protest with ABRA. It’s the first step necessary to get a settlement agreement, what they used to call a voluntary agreement, that would ensure the theater doesn’t devolve into a bar and that the back alley doesn’t become full of trash, illegal parking, and noisy congregations. Most of the protestants are, I believe, actually in favor of the theater, but just want something in writing to ensure the back alley doesn’t get crazy.

      • Cool, that makes sense.

      • I live in one of the townhouses on 16th that backs up into the alley. Even though I don’t have a car, there are constant parking issues, towing, etc. with my neighbors in this tiny alley. This is going to be really interesting if it amounts to anything.

  • Am I the only one who is kinda confused as to what exactly this place is going to be? My guess was an art house theater/bar… but after reading all the articles I really have no idea.

    • Anonomnom

      You are definitely not the only one. I have absolutely no idea what this place actually is after reading everything as well.

    • I don’t think you’re the only one … I’d be surprised if the owners knew either. I think they may have just used the Kickstarter as a sort of “on-the-job” Business School 101 class.

    • Yea the inclusion of “Assisted living, nursing and apartment facility with a café room serving cocktails, beer and wine to dining residents” really confuses me.

      • That was a misprint. The application is for a movie theater with an occupancy under 99 and an on-site, Class-C (can sell liquor and beer) tavern license.

  • Could someone refresh me on the history behind the “Suns” name in Mount Pleasant besides it being on older building that once had “fine fruits and vegetables” from what I remember.

    • They had originally tried to sign a lease at the old Suns Market spot (currently the new Subway next to Bestworld) but the landlord pulled out and decided to lease to the Subway instead. I understand that Pop’s Seabar had also vied for that spot, but the landlord opted to lease to a chain instead.

  • I wonder if the Suns people have worked out the licensing issues associated with public performance of motion pictures. Exhibiting a motion picture to the public, whether on DVD, film or some other physical or digital format, requires a public performance license from the copyright owner.

    I hope they’ve considered this to avoid being sued for copyright infringement. The Motion Picture Association of America is just a couple miles down 16th Street, after all.

    • I bet their business plan to open a cinema doesn’t contemplate copyright issues at all and they were hoping to fly under the radar with a sneaky name that will avoid the notice of the royalty police.

    • I think their plan is to show old movies and tv shows, and lots of obscure/cult classics, which won’t be as costly. They’re not looking to distribute Mission Impossible 8 or Jurassic Park 6 on opening weekend.

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