“Stabbing Robbery by Guys on Moped” at 16th and Independence Ave, SE


A reader sends around 10:45am:

“Stabbing robbery @ 16&Independence SE by guys on moped. Blood all over sidewalk front of my bldg”

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  • I hope the victim is okay!

    Nice to see that the little safety walk and meeting with cops yesterday made a big impact. Still no police in our neighborhood! They respond quickly, but you never see them patrolling.

    • Everything is in the eye of the beholder, but I totally agree. I just moved from this part of the Hill, where I lived for 5 years, and never once did I see a police foot patrol in the neighborhood. I now live a couple of blocks north of Lincoln Park in NE–only a mile away!– and in the past 10 days I have THRICE seen cops patrolling on foot. The SE part of Hill East is inexplicably neglected.

      • I was a foot patrol in that area in 2012 and a regular at 15th and Independence during the day and part of the evening shift. If you didn’t see me, you probably work too much.

  • DCPD twitter says this was a gun. Regardless, this kind of stuff is happening way to often. And this time at 1030am!?!?

  • I know one of the witnesses to the robbery and he said the ambulance took at least 20 minutes to respond. Pathetic.

    • If that’s true, it confirms what I’ve been thinking all along here- you’re ultimately on your own in this city. Twenty minutes, if accurate, is absolutely unacceptable and borderline criminal when you have people’s lives on the line.

  • Ugh.. just got done reading about the man tased and robbed in shaw

  • that whole block is terrible. i’m sure the dudes who hang in the alley slinging drugs and playing dice all day had nothing to do with it.

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