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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Had a great time with friends on Friday after work. Everything worked out!
    Rave: Told my office about my new position! It went well and the paperwork is pending. Hoopla!
    Rant: Had a killer migraine all weekened, so I didn’t do anything else.
    Rant: Classes start again today. I was over grad school like, 3 semesters ago, and I still have 3 left, and the logistics of trying to get into these last handful of classes are nightmare-ish. Grad school was a mistake.
    Rave: Three day weekend coming up, thank goodness.

    • Additional Rant: My best friend moved in with her boyfriend last week, there were at least two wedding announcements on facebook this weekend, some of my friends/past dates that became friends here in DC are seeing people so they’re busy/taken, and I just went out to get pizza at DC Slices and they had an engagement announcement posted on the tip jar. And I suddenly became incredibly grumpy.
      I’m pretty sure that no matter how many dates I go on, there’s just something about me that is not conducive to being in a relationship and staying there. I should just stop looking, maybe then something would come along.

      • FridayGirl I feel ya. When I’m grumpy I remind myself about the divorce rate — it gives me a schadenfreude moment but doesn’t hurt anyone.
        <3 Keep your head up.

      • That One Guy

        Did you buy their tatter tots? Munching on crunchy stuff sometimes helps alleviate some stress.

        • I didn’t, just pizza, and it wasn’t very good today.
          BUT I do have some of those japanese fruit-flavored gummy candies so I’ll chew on those.

      • An engagement announcement on a tip jar? Were they really collecting money for the couple? Like for their wedding or something? I’m married and that would annoy the crap out of me!

        • Yup. It would have annoyed me, too, but since I was already in a bad mood from a guy telling me about 5 minutes before that they couldn’t hang out because they’ve started seeing someone, it just made me sad.

      • Im pretty down on relationships right now as evidenced by my sad breakup posts, but I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling down on yourself. I get it. I’m living it. Focusing on you and how you can improve your relationship skills isn’t a bad way to go, but don’t blame yourself for everything wrong in your relationship history and don’t give up on yourself or finding someone you’re a great match with. I’m rooting for you!

        • Thank you! I keep reading your posts and want to say something encouraging, but I think the reality for both of us is that we wake up a lot of mornings and it’ll suck, and then one day we’ll wake up and things will have changed a little for whatever reason and we’ll feel better. That seems to be how life works, and I suppose no amount of over-analyzing is going to change that.
          I’m rooting for you, too!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Lovely time this weekend celebrating Emily and Middle Zelda.
    Rave: All the young Zeldas are back in school today.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: The older Zelda children are very thoughtful. They both wished me happiness separately from the festivities.

    • EckingtonDoodle

      Saw this, thought of you….
      The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses—Master Quest
      Strathmore, September 16
      Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra with conductor Eimear Noone.
      Nostalgic gamers will get a kick out of this richly orchestrated performance featuring 150 blissful minutes of Zelda tunes. Its music went far beyond “bloop” and “bleep,” which is exactly why fans will appreciate melodies from Twilight Princess, A Link to the Past, and more. $45 to $150.

  • Anyone know of any DC tours done in different languages, specifically Polish? This is much more difficult than it should be.

    • Perhaps the Polish embassy may know, or one of the orgs in the PolishWashington.com (which is where I found a church w/mass in Polish)

  • palisades

    Rave: The gas station in this photo. For some reason, their prices are always super low…

  • Rant: Terrible experience with an Uber driver yesterday. I’d go in to more detail, but I’d just get angry again.
    Rave: Uber’s customer service
    Rave: Upcoming 3-day weekend!
    Minor Rant: No plans for said weekend. Could be a good thing though.

    • Just curious: did you use uberX or black car uber?

    • Ally

      Was it a standard Uber or an Uberx or Uber Black? I spring for the Uber Blacks now after too many lost Uber and UberX drivers ended up stranded and asking me for directions on Benning Road 😉 Almost worth the money for the limo license and directional abilities.

      • I’ve had good luck with UberTaxi.

      • What is “standard Uber”? I thought there was UberX, UberTaxi, and Uber Black (Uber Black Car). No?
        (Not an Uber user here… pardon my ignorance.)

        • I’ve noticed a lot of folks now referring to UberX as just “Uber” as if that’s the only option. So maybe that’s now considered “standard”?

      • After the Uber Taxi “arrived” but never actually showed up, I canceled and got an UberX. Long story short, the directions on her GPS did not take us to the location that I needed to go, but instead of acknowledging that, she kept pointing to the screen and screaming at me that she was right. Okay. Navigation systems have their flaws. So I used the exact lat/long coordinates and attempt to navigate from my phone, holding it close to her with the directions loud enough for her to hear. She proceeds to miss turns, keeps yelling at me that she’s been doing this 2 years and that she’s not wrong and that if I insist on navigating then she’ll just pull over and let me drive. The whole experience was a bit surreal (seriously, she kept yelling that she was right and that she’s not new and that this was the worst day of her life…). I end up getting out nowhere near my destination, calling another Uberx which was only marginal better than the first attempts, but at least I got to where I needed to go.
        I sent a strongly worded email to customer service last night and had my money refunded by the time I woke up this morning. Kudos to their customer service.

    • I had a horrible Uber driver the last time I used it. I just moved here and have been relying a lot on uber until my car arrives. The guy started out okay then started blasting really inappropriate and sexually explicit music. I thought to myself, how could he possibly think this is professional?

  • skj84

    Rave: fantastic Birthday weekend!

    Rant: I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Between new job, moving and rehearsals. I start my rehearsals tomorrow, I’m in the process of locking down a room and will probably have to move immediately. I have no time to do anything and I’m getting overwhelmed.

  • Rave: Promotion! Just got the news 10 minutes ago.
    Rant: Lost my wristwatch jogging home from work Friday. Must have popped out of my backpack, because the zippers can open slightly. I feel dumb for not zipping it up in an internal pocket. Was a gift from my brother.
    Rave: But still, promotion!

  • Rant: Missed petworth jazz due to friend’s vet emergency. I’m really sorry Textdoc if you came and looked for me! Dog is ok for now, but he’s old and not doing well.

    Rave: Had lots of time to read and made it halfway through my book club book. Leftovers from planned picnic were shared with neighbors that have a newborn.

    • No worries, Tall E! I actually ended up not going to the Petworth Jazz event — I had another event later that night, and didn’t think I had energy for both.
      Sorry to hear about your friend’s vet emergency, and glad to hear that the dog is OK for now.

  • I’m looking for some movie recommendations. I don’t want to be depressed or horrified. My husband doesn’t like comedy that is insipid or crude. Neither of us like rom-coms much. We both tend to fall asleep during documentaries. We both liked The King’s Speech, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, for example. Help? Thanks!

  • Rant: Trying very hard to move past the breakup, but I feel like I am failing spectacularly. I’m stuck in the horrible loop of trying to understand how my ex went from being happy to unhappy almost overnight when there are just not going to be any answers. Must stop reading old emails and looking at photos of us trying to figure it out.
    Rave: Beautiful weekend and I forced myself to enjoy some of it.
    Wish: Please just let me get through the next few weeks with hopefully some peace of mind at the end.

    • Can I recommend reading some self-care books? Like Brene Brown’s “the gifts of imperfection”? After a breakup, you have to remember, you can only control your own behavior, other people will always have a million different reasons for what they do. Just focus on yourself, making yourself happy, and above all taking care of yourself.

      • Thank you. I have a few self-help books I’m reading including another one recommended by a Popville reader, but I will add this to the list. I found her TED talks very powerful. A lot of these books resonate with me, but then I find it hard to shift into making actual changes based on what I’ve read. I just feel like I’m drowning and I desperately want to shake myself out of this funk. I’m losing patience with myself.

        • Its not really self-help, just a book that helps you put stuff in perspective a bit and be less hard on yourself. I found it a very calming read (and short 120 or so pages)

        • Blithe

          If you’re up for it, I highly, highly recommend The Artist’s Way. The focus of the book is not on relationship issues, but it does help you look at yourself, what you need to flourish and grow, and what kinds of things might be holding you back. and it gives you tasks that might be useful to you as you move past the breakup. Many of the tasks will be things that you’ll enjoy. It could provide a useful structure for getting through the next few weeks — with more peace of mind and even joy.

          • Interesting! I’ll look into this one too.

          • Great recommendation Blithe! The ‘artist date’ might be really helpful – once a week you go on a solo expedition to explore something that interests you, something that sounds fun.

        • That One Guy

          A good physical release may help you. Can you find find a place where you can scream at the top of your lungs?
          DC should have one of those Japanese anger cafe where you can go in smash things.

          • +1! that would be great! There are times when I just want to throw plates against the wall as hard as I can, it’d be wonderful to have a place where one would actually be able to do it!

          • Blithe

            Those are great ideas! I still have very fond memories of the time my Mom sorted out some crockery for us — mostly me — to fling at the floor. It was very cathartic! (We had just seen a cheesy movie with people flinging plates in a Greek Wedding scene.) Screaming, pillow punching, playing kickball — all good!
            That One Guy — if you, or some other entrepreneur, should decide to open an Anger Cafe, I’d definitely sign on as a charter member. This would make a great Kickstarter campaign. (pun not intended, but very much enjoyed.)

          • Ha! Funny. I have walked around the house saying the f word over and over again, but maybe I need to full embrace this idea, drive out to the middle of nowhere and SCREAM!

          • One of the things I loved about the self-defense course I took was yelling, and hitting/kicking the [very well padded] muggers as hard as I could. See DC Impact – classes are schedule for the fall

          • I agree with these release valves- yelling, physical activity, etc.
            One of the best thing I’ve read recently is that difficult emotions are a tunnel, not a cave. You can think about them as normal bodily functions you need to perform, like peeing. The liquid goes through and eventually it’s processed and goes out, just like the emotions through a tunnel.
            That makes my science mind better deal with difficult things.

    • Try not to be too hard on yourself. It’s natural to try to understand what happened, especially if a break-up was unexpected… the fact that you care is a strength, not a weakness. Try to identify something that makes you happy, and go do it. Also, even attending social events (like a meetup) you don’t “feel” like going to can be a boon. You may get into it, you may not, but either way you’re flexing your thinking-about-something-else muscles.

    • Ally

      Hang in there and sorry you’re going through a tough time. I had the worst breakup of my life a couple of years ago and met my now-husband soon thereafter. When you meet the right person, they’ll want to work with you on problems — not throw in the towel.

    • Accountering

      Try to remember that it could be any number of reasons why the ex elected to move on, and it could have had nothing to do with you. Emotions are a tricky thing, and sometimes it’s hard to explain. At the end of the day, as hard as this is, it is better happening now than in 5 or 10 years when you are married or kids are in the picture. Remember to take care of yourself, and at some point you will be ready to date and get back out there. Keep your head up, and get through these few weeks! Hopefully it keeps getting a little bit easier every day!

      • Thank you. You’re totally right, I just have to keep reinforcing these things in my brain until they stick. It’s so easy to get off course and trapped in negative thinking when at the end of the day it really is for the best.

    • The best thing you can do is to stop trying to understand why he changed. You’ll likely never get the answer you want and it only makes things harder if you are dwelling. Its hard and takes a lot of will, but you just have to force yourself not to think about him or the look over the things you shared. Take everything and lock it in a box (literally and metaphorically) and throw away the key!!

      One way to distract yourself is to look into expanding or getting into a new hobby. Not only is focusing on self-improvement great and rewarding, it will give you an outlet for frustrations, open up ways to meet new people, and give you something exciting to look forward to in the future. For example, I joined a new gym after my break up. Going to new classes helped fill the void of empty evenings, plus I got the added benefit of knowing that I was getting fit and improving myself, and doing it for me and not for him!!

      • Thanks! I’m definitely trying and I even signed up for a new class too! It’s just so easy to fall back into bad thought habits.

    • Break-ups suck. Be patient with yourself. It takes time to get past them, and you just have to slog through the tough times until that time passes. In the meantime, doing things to distract yourself from having all that time to think about can help.
      But I get the desire to figure out what happened. You will likely do this, over time, come up with an explanation of what was going on in your relationship that didn’t work. If you are like me, once you get to that point, you will finally get why it wasn’t working, even if you were in denial about that, and come to a point where you realize that it was a good thing the other broke it off, as it never occurred to me to do so. But I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be (I want to be loved), and that wasn’t happening in that relationship, so better it didn’t go one for years more (which is always a good thing, even if there aren’t kids involved – why waste any more of my time?)
      If you aren’t like me, well, then, you’ll put it to rest in your mind at some point however you and your brain do that. If you are at all like me, it may take a year or two. So, yeah, be patient with yourself.

      • You’re right, thank you. I have some ideas already and as Ally said the right person will work through issues not just bail without any discussion. Breakups suck and I just have to suffer through it because it will get better.

  • Rave: Chocolate pudding pie over the weekend with homemade crust – first time my pie crust turned out really good!
    Rave: Chocolate pudding pie leftovers tonight.
    Rant/Rave: Cleaned out my drawers and closet this weekend. Trying to make peace with the fact that I likely won’t be the lowest size in my closet ever again. It’s a process.
    Rant: Slept so poorly I skipped working out this morning. Needed that extra hour plus.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I need to do that with my closet. I keep putting it off and saying I’ll do it when the weather changes.

      • Ally

        I cleaned out mine and mailed the unwanteds into ThreadUp. Then used the loot to buy new and better clothes! Made it much easier and more fun to throw out the old items.

        • Does ThreadUp clean things for you or do you have to send things newly cleaned? A lot of my stuff hasn’t been worn in years so it’s not dirty but it may be a little musty. Being able to donate as is would make a huge difference over whether or not I just dump the bag in one of the donation bins near home.

          • Ally

            They say you’re supposed to clean it, but if it’s generally in good shape, you’re probably okay. They do free shipping to mail your stuff in, then you can select to get the unsold items back or to have them donated to charity. So far, happy with the site.

        • What kind of yield/return do you get on the items they sell?

    • I really want some chocolate pudding pie. …

    • Cleaning closets is humbling. Have had no problem accepting that I will never be 2 sizes smaller again, and got rid of that stuff years ago. And now, have no problem getting rid of suits/work clothing that are 1 size smaller than I’ve been for years, as that stuff is fairly worn and I’d just get more new suits that fit if I need to dress fancy more often at some job.
      But the stuff like jeans and other more casual stuff that is one size smaller, barely worn or never worn (the rapid gain happened before I got around to getting stuff hemmed to fit me), I have trouble with. If my good friend who has similar tastes, but lives far away, is around, I am happy to give that stuff to her, because she is happy to get it, and I like making friends happy.
      Then there’s the stuff that fit me in the not-very-distant past, too tight around the middle due to slight recent increase. These are the humbling ones – I should be able to lose enough to fit into them, right?
      And the worst – the stuff that wasn’t very worn, or not yet even hemmed and worn, that was destroyed by moths that have been plauging me, still, through many years and two moves. I can’t figure out if I don’t kill them all, or am just getting re-mothed in new places. Doesn’t matter much – it just seems so wasteful! I have too may clothes to do what I used to do, pack away all wool an rayon in bags with cedar to prevent this every year, so perhaps this current downsizing my wardrobe will get me back on track to care for stuff better again, as I used to.

      • Rayon is vulnerable to moths too?? Uh-oh… I did not know this.

        • Yep, if I’m remembering correctly. Although processed more than say, wool or silk or cotton, rayon is made from plant cellulose (wood pulp), not petroleum (like polyester, and nylon), so perhaps. So it is considered only semi-synthetic. If not, then maybe it was rayon mixed with silk, which I have had clothes made from, and they do eat, or mixed with linen, which I’ve also had clothes made from, which they can eat. Or maybe it was the sliverfish or carpet beetles I was also infested with in my last place’s closets – the first time I had either. Must be a DC thing – never saw either further north. Unless they were picked up in the moving truck where they lived for a few days en route.

          • So silk and linen are definitely vulnerable to moths, and rayon is possibly vulnerable to moths?
            Silverfish like eating paper (like in books), so if rayon is made from wood pulp, perhaps they’d have a liking for it.

          • Am now reading up on moths on Wikipedia and getting alarmed. I thought that wool blends weren’t vulnerable to moths, but one article I’m reading suggests otherwise.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: 80s night at Nats park was a blast! Never mind that I had to explain the “Would you like to play a game?” reference to the Millennials sitting beside me.
    Rave: Am steadily working my way through all of the X-Files in anticipation of the new season starting in January. It’s like visiting an old friend…time has passed but I’d forgotten how much fun they are.

    • I showed the first few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to a 20-something cousin who wants to get into it, probably ironically. She enjoyed it more than I did, and I LOVED that show. It’s so dated and cheesy now, which is probably exactly what she was looking for. I’m old.

      • If it makes you feel any better, I binge-watched Charmed while working through grad school. Haven’t watched in awhile, but perhaps I’ll pull the disks out again while I’m on maternity leave 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      I don’t know that reference. And buzzfeed says I have the vocabulary of a 17 year old. Am I getting younger?

      • War Games reference. Matthew Broderick initiates global thermonuclear war. Also, Ally Sheedy.

      • Think Matthew Broderick . . .

      • There’s a lot of wisdom in Wargames. For example, “Interesting game. The only way to win is not to play.” Broad application outside tic tac toe.

      • I didn’t know that reference, either, and not because I’m a millennial. But because I was an adult in 1983, and not going to see Matthew Broderick movies.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Really? My parents were adults and they went and saw Matthew Broderick movies. Being an adult doesn’t mean no fun ever again.

        • I’m an adult now, and I’m incapable of changing the channel if Ferris Bueller’s Day Off comes on. I suppose you’d also have turned up your nose at seeing Broderick and Nathan Lane on Broadway in The Producers?

      • I didn’t know that reference. I know I saw “WarGames” (maybe even twice — we had free Cinemax if you adjusted the cable dial just so), but I don’t remember any specific dialogue.

  • mtpgal

    Question: Does anyone know of a nursery that sells seedlings for planting in the fall (garlic, etc.)? I usually go to DeBaggio’s in the spring but they don’t sell platns this late in the year. Thanks!

    • What are you looking for besides garlic?
      Sources for garlic include Territorial Seed, Southern Exposure and a family owned business (Penngate garlic)
      Mail order is going to give you the widest variety, but Benkhe’s or American Plant might have a few varities

      • mtpgal

        Thanks, that’s really helpful! I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for as this is my first attempt at a Fall crop. I figure I’ll try the “head to the nursery and poke around” method for this go around.

        • Here are some things I’ve grown in the fall (from seed) – chard, kale, spinach, lettuce, radishes, snap peas and snow peas. Most grow until the ground freezes which may be December here in the city

        • SouthwestDC

          I’ve been wondering exactly the same thing, MtP Gal. Last year I planted some spinach and lettuce from seed but they didn’t grow at all. I think seedlings are the way to go.
          MPinDC do you have any recommendations for online ordering?

        • Caroline I usually start with Pinetree Garden seeds, small family owned business so they may have sold out of fall seeds (aka spring seeds that are planted in the fall). You may find Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – geared towards mid-Atlantic gardening – a good resource for seeds that will do well here.
          Many of the plants I listed above need cool weather for the seeds to germinate; there are things you can do to encourage germination like cover seeds with a board to keep ground cool (need to check every day to move board when germination begins) or use a floating row cover (to protect seeds from heat.

    • saf

      I think Behnkes has plants year round.

  • Rave: Nice, relaxing weekend – farmer’s market, yoga with kittens (!), catching up with old friends.
    Rant: Didn’t get nearly enough done like laundry, cleaning, meal prep, and then just a ton of stuff to do this week at work. I have to be out of town for at least 5 days next weekend/week and I need to get my shit together before I leave so I don’t come back to a mess and can have some peace of mind.
    Rant: Mondays. They are just the worst.
    Rant: Ragweed.
    Rave: Looking forward to a weekend in Philly catching up with some very dear friends.

    • Yoga with kittens?!? I want to hear more. (And see photos, if possible.)

      • Textdoc, it was wonderful! It was a fundraising class at my studio to benefit WARL and to help all the kittens get adopted! I’ve got some pics, they were hard to take though because the kittens were just all over the place and wouldn’t stay still most of the time! I’ll show you at the next meet-up!

        • I am picturing rambunctious kittens trying to climb up people’s legs while they’re doing yoga poses. 🙂

          • yup! That happened! And then there were a couple of shy kittens who tried to just hide under people doing a bridge post or fish pose!

    • Yoga with kittens sounds awesome! How did I not hear of this, I even volunteer at WARL. What a great idea! And I hear you on the weekends either their great because they’re super productive or great because they’re super fun with social plans. They don’t always seem to be both.

  • Rave – Week-long conference is over and I’m back home!! No more 12+ hour days spent in window-less, overly-air conditioned conference rooms.
    Rant – Enough with this weather already. Looking at this week’s forecast makes me wish I was stuck in a window-less, overly-air conditioned conference room all day.
    Rant – Wedding planning. I have no idea what I’m doing. I keep unintentionally offending my fiance’s family and violating unwritten “etiquette.” How am I supposed to know what to do when I’ve never planned a wedding before!
    Rave – Sauteed a whole bunch of farmer’s market veggies for dinner last night and served it over pasta. Came out surprising delicious!

    • Weird on your wedding planning rant–where is your fiance in all this? Any examples the peanut gallery might be able to help with?

      • He’s clueless like me! He tries to deal with his family but they are overbearing and over the top kind of people. And we’re not. So, cue us stressing out. For example, his sisters are now asking me where we all getting our hair done for the wedding, but I’ve only made appointments for myself, my sister and best friend (my bridal party) and my mom, and made the appointment months ago. Was I supposed to make appointments for his sisters and mom in the “getting ready” events? Oops? I’m an introvert and the idea of spending all day getting ready with a bunch of people around me then all evening at the wedding being the center of attention makes me super stressed out.

        • FWIW, I would not have made appointments for his family if they are not a part of the wedding party. Your fiance needs to have a chat with his family to back off so that you can enjoy your day.

          • +1. What Carolyn Hax always says in situations like these is that the partner/fiance/spouse needs to be the one to communicate with his family, and he needs to stand up for his partner. If he doesn’t, then that spells trouble for future interactions down the road.
            Mtpresident had very sage advice about establishing boundaries.

          • Carolyn Hax is the source or inspiration for my advice too. She is one impressive lady.

          • That’s exactly who I was thinking of! And it is solid advice too. Having previously dealt with the in-laws from hell, I only WISH my ex had taken Hax’s advice and dealt with his parents instead of leaving it to me. Alas, one of the many reasons I am no longer a Mrs.

        • That’s a tough one–can totally see the idea behind only getting appointments together for the bridal party/your mom, but can also see where they’d feel left out. The personality disconnect doesn’t help, of course–since if they were more laid back, they wouldn’t push. (They shouldn’t push regardless, but that doesn’t mean they won’t.) Does the salon have any available appointments later in the day, or perhaps have someone else to recommend so that your future in-laws have something put together as well?
          FWIW, to the extent you can, you’ll want to work on establishing boundaries and laying the groundwork for relationships that can hopefully be lovely and functioning, but that give you some space. While weddings can be an amped up time for everyone, it’s unlikely that their personalities & ways of dealing with things will change over time and could therefore cause issues with holidays, kids (if you have them), etc unless you lay a foundation for boundaries early on. I’m sorry, though, it sounds very tough.

    • Re: wedding planning–unless the parties complaining have some skin in the game (i.e. are forking over considerable sums to pay for said wedding), their criticisms are best met with a smile and then swift dismissal. If they’re footing the bill, that’s another story. I always feel thankful that I had it easy. My wife’s father, who paid for our wedding, had only one demand: a particular type of beer at the reception! That was a “yes sir!” type of request.

  • Rave: Great weekend with friends old and new. Good Nationals game yesterday.
    Rave: Lost 7 lbs in the last month, it feels great!
    Rant: Just trying to get through this work week. Sigh, do not want.

  • Wrote a long rant about how my sister verbally lashed out at me this weekend and the site crashed while it was posting. Guess that’s the universe’s way of telling me to get over it.

    So…Rave! Off to SF for a few days. Any recommendations for things I must do and eat? I’ve done Alcatraz and seen the redwoods.

    • Are you the person who recently moved in with her (?) sister? Or a different person.

    • I love little signs like that! It’s like when I type an angry text, get distracted, and then forget to send. Thank you universe.

    • Eat all the things. It’s not a trip to SF for me without going to the Ferry Building, particularly on a farmers market day. Tuesday is the least busiest, Thursday more so and Saturday is just amazing. Inside the Ferry Building, Slanted Door and the more casual Out the Door, Cowgirl Creamery, ice cream from Humphrey Slocombe.

      • +1 to the Ferry building — it’s a great way to sample a lot of the best things from the city in one central place. You might also enjoy walking around Valencia St. in the Mission, which has great restaurants, shopping and people watching.

        • And while you’re at the Ferry Building, go to Recchiuti and get their homemade s’mores bites. And I highly recommend the Slanted Door – if you like scallops, get them.

    • Thanks all! No, Textdoc, I didn’t move in with my sister. I had recently told her I was stressed looking to just confide and her response was to rant about every decision in my life that she disagreed with to date. Nonetheless, I’m taking a few days off to unplug from her and everything else and enjoy the perfect weather and awesome food. Yay!!

    • I was just in SF over the weekend, the weather was perfect! As in rainy and foggy in the morning that cleared into a beautiful day. Not sure if you run, but I always suggest a run through ft.mason out to the GGB. Ferry building and farmers market always a great ideas too.

  • Ally

    Rave: Blue Angels fly-over yesterday evening. We managed to get reservations at Skydome Lounge (I know…bad food… but great view) and watch them go over!
    Rave: We now have 2 babysitters on retainer who our little one loves. It’s nice to come home to a happy baby.

    • palisades

      Ugh. I know you acknowledged the bad food, but good god. This should be a PSA to everyone here, don’t waste your time going. They clearly are using the view as a crutch because the food was awful.

      • Ally

        That’s absolutely true. That being said, awesome view and they have drinks. So, good for a novelty thing to do once — or, in our case, to get a good view of a flyover.

  • Rave: Watching “The Wiz” at Carter Barron on Saturday. That was a great way to spend a warm summer evening. And it was free.

  • Rant: I moved!
    Rave: I moved!

    Great not to be in the same house at my ex anymore (recent break-up after 5 years together), but still feeling like I’m watching someone else’s life in a movie. Am waiting for the emotional hammer to drop, but for now, am feeling better than I have in a long time.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Micro-manager is making me hate work and life in general.
    Rave: There is a very, very slim chance I will get a job in a different area and not have to work under MM anymore.
    Rant: very very slim chance, and I don’t even think I want the job besides it getting me away from MM and AO.
    Rave: Helping my mom redo her bathroom, so much fun to look at tile and paint and hardware!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: a lot of work done over the weekend on the condo renovation. But
    Rant: there’s still a lot to do
    Rant: Feeling like Pigpen from the Peanuts all weekend.
    Rave: Photo trip this coming long weekend
    Rave: Even more condo work this weekend, but I can see that it’s going to look great.

    • Pablo Raw

      Rave: I have mentioned to some of you about how I don’t see myself taking care of a live creature in my place (pet or plant); once my renovation is done, I’m planning to have some real plants living with me. So there’s that.

      • Pets are SO much easier to care for than plants. Well, easier to keep alive. Because they bug you when they need something, whereas plants just die quietly. So if having things die on your watch will bother you, get a cat instead of a plant.

        • Pablo Raw

          Interesting and good to know. But somehow I feel like there’s more responsibility on having a pet than a plant. And now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t have a cat since I’m planning to use my place also for photography and there are some allergic people.

          • How about a parrot? Everyone likes to visit a place that has a resident parrot. And I don’t think there are any parrot allergies.

          • Birds stay alive a LONG time (decades), so not a decision to make lightly. Not that it is with any animal, but from what I understand, especially birds/parrots.

          • +1 to what mtpresident said. I REALLY wanted a parrot for a year or so, but the time commitment is quite intense so I bowed out. African grey parrots can live 40+ years! Parrots can also be super noisy and have many of the good and bad personality attributes of human toddlers. Cockatiels and other smaller birds could make really nice companions, though.

          • I was mostly kidding. Parrots are a ton of work.
            But I did have a cockatiel when I was a kid, and he was my best buddy. I would recommend a cockatiel (hand reared by a breeder, not from a pet store) to pretty much anyone. Lovely social birds, and I’d swear he had a sense of humor.

          • Pablo Raw

            Wow, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that plants is what I need. After all, we have the same quiet personality.

      • If you’re thinking about getting entry-level (so to speak) houseplants, I’d recommend philodendron (I can even give you a cutting or two) and peace lilies (spathiphyllym). The former requires very little water. The latter gives you obvious signals when it needs to be watered (it droops dramatically) and recovers quickly once you water it.
        For what it’s worth, most of the common houseplants are toxic to cats. After I got a cat, I moved practically all of my plants to my office.

        • Pablo Raw

          This is really helpful! Thanks textdoc! I’ll definitely take your offer when I’m ready.

        • Love peace lillies! They also help filter yucky things out of the air, though I don’t remember what. My wife selected each of my three office plants for their abilities to remove toxins from the air before I got pregnant with my now-two-year-old. 🙂

        • I managed to kill my peace lily from over watering and not letting it drain properly 🙁 My pothos plants are still going strong after 7 years, I think are the same family as the philodendron. But pothos are toxic to cats. Spider plants and snake plants are good too.

          • golden pothos is another that made the cut for my office window 🙂
            As for the overwatering–I basically water mine twice per week so that the plate/bottom of the pot has water sitting in it to gradually be soaked up by the plant, and that seems to work well. There have been a couple of occasions when it hasn’t been watered for over a week and it’s come back to life from its sad, droopy state each time.

          • Oh my gosh! Thanks for this thread, you all have reminded me that I need to water my snake plant! I keep it at the top of a bookcase that my cats can’t reach, but because it’s out of the way (and doesn’t remind me, like my cats, that it needs nourishment!) I always forget about it!

        • anonymouse_dianne

          Michael’s just had a big sale on fake plants. I bought a ton and they look cool. Savannah thinks they’re real and tries to eat them.

        • I just noticed a typo in my earlier posting — that should be spathiphyllUM, not spathiphyllYm.

        • Blithe

          textdoc — I love the phrase “entry-level houseplants”! 🙂 As someone who made a slow, gingerly transition to making a commitment to sharing my house with plants, I have a suggestion. What worked for me was initially getting plants that could survive in water. So, instead of guessing about things like how much water they needed on what kind of schedule, all I had to do was keep the water levels reasonably consistent. While most of those plants later got moved to pots, they survived and thrived quite happily in containers of water for months/years. This worked especially well when I had a hectic schedule: since all I had to do was to top off the water every week or so for happy houseplants.

  • belated rave: seeing jeslett & her DOG on a walk on Friday. what a handsome guy! hopefully he wasn’t too overwhelmed by freya trying to lick him.

    • I love this! (Hi Rachel, Freya, Jeslett and DOG!)

    • Is freya a 3 month old puppy? (wondering because I met a little freya this weekend)

    • Good seeing you too and meeting Freya! She’s a sweetheart and was very nice to put up with DOG bro hugging her.
      Luckily we saw you before our intense stand off over an abandoned barbie doll. Sorry kid on 11th St, I’m remiss in not teaching my dog “leave it” yet and your barbie’s head is in my trashcan at home….where DOG finally gave it up.

      • I learned a really easy way to teach “leave it” in puppy preschool. It’s the only command Gary gets it right every time. LMK if you want to know it!

  • Rant: The dehumanizing of crime victims, as seen in the report of the assault in a taxi over the weekend. “Adult female.” Adult female what? Fruit fly? Red panda? We have a word for adult female humans. It is “woman.” Why are people so resistant to using words that have humanity inherent in them? Another one is “individual” instead of “person.”

    • Emmaleigh504

      Crime alert speak drives me bonkers. I think they want to make smart and precise, but it comes off as weird and dehumanizing and sometimes less precise.

    • binpetworth

      Agreed, though they have seemed to stop using the “made good his escape” phrase that used to proliferate on the 4D listserv…so there’s incremental progress.

    • I was taught in a college anthropology class to never refer to animals/primates as men and women (they are male/female) – so it bugs the crap out of me when newspapers call people “females” or “males”, since these are really adjectives. I think people just don’t know that that is not proper terminology. I wish this was taught more broadly.

    • At least they’re reporting it at all? When I was sexually assaulted by a cab driver a decade ago it didn’t make the news. I’m just happy the police/media/community are finally starting to express concern over these incidents.

    • Use of “female” to describe adult humans bugs me in the language, too. And it isn’t just in crime speak.
      Female is an adjective, not a noun!

  • Rant: cats that eat anything and everything they can get their mouths to, occasionally requiring a visit to the veterinary ER. I swear, my orange tiger-stripe buddy is like a dog that can jump on the table. Though in his defense, this time the toxic object had fallen to the floor.
    Rave: inducing vomiting was successful & sufficient and we didn’t need to a 48-hour admission with IV fluids and regular checking of kidney function this time.
    Rave: otherwise good weekend
    Rave: Made two new recipes over the weekend and both are delicious! (chicken curry & a pasta with pomodoro sauce) YUM!

    • My orange tiger cat also likes to eat inappropriate things, usually ones that aren’t food. His favorites are ponytail holders and rubber bands, although he also enjoys a nice snack of plastic now and then (preferably the shrink wrap kind that cases of bottled water come in). Fortunately, he’s also excellent at vomiting so we generally don’t have to go to the vet. Glad your kitty is ok!

      • Oh man–we can’t leave rubber bands or ribbon ANYWHERE or he’ll eat them up. And, fortunately, thus far also puke them up. In this case, it was a bit of raisin toast which can cause kidney failure but wouldn’t automatically trigger a vomit-response w/o medication to induce it. Never a dull moment with those orange tiger kitties!

        • You have a daughter, yes? In a couple years, when she starts doing kid craft stuff like rainbow loom, you will lose your mind. Think one million tiny colored rubber bands scattered throughout your house. Pray for the trend to end before she gets there.

          • Oh, ugh. I can only imagine. She’s got a serious tomboy streak going thus far, but who knows where she’ll be on the craft stuff. We will need to have very strict rules about anything involving rubber bands, embroidery floss (those string bracelets/necklaces were HUGE when I was a kid; don’t know if they still are), etc.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I had throw out two pairs of crocs cause savannah ate them. Google cat ate my crocs.

    • One of my cats really likes paper (no huge issue with this but I wish she would stop eating her scratching post), and my other cat loves all my roasted vegetables and even got a hold of some of my husbands pancake with syrup. My cat looked so satisfied after that. Luckily no vet visits yet!

      • My orange tiger-stripe loves pancakes too–and cake in general! He definitely helped himself to part of a birthday cake that was cooling a few years ago (chocolate-pistachio marble). Fortunately, I had already started making a second one because the first one didn’t come out of the pan well enough and was misshapen. My dark tortie is more normal in her human food preferences–will seek out cheese (licking the cheese grater if she gets the chance!) and eggs, but not too much else.

        • ha, oh cats. honestly the day that he swatted his little paw at my husband’s (like fiber and protein rich) pancake, I’ve never seen a more happy look on his face. Butter and syrup and all, I told my husband I couldn’t believe he was so careless we know that cat is like a trash can, will try all foods.

  • Rave: Excited about growing more garlic; the place I’m ordering from has 30+ varities for fall planting.
    Rave: NYT tomato sandwich recipe from Aug 26th – extra delicious with a beautiful grafted Brandywine tomato
    Gin and Gardening gathering on Sept 13th? Fall planting, extending the growing season, rants and revels from around the table (it’s not just about gardening). And you don’t have to like gin, or gardening 🙂

  • Rave: Guy at party over the weekend who showed me the F@%& Your Couch video. I had no idea Ricky James was so funny.
    Rant: Girls at same party was showing people the Virginia reporter killer’s video. WTF? Is this even legal? How is it any different than snuff film?

  • The “My Little Bistro” in Takoma, DC by the Takoma Metro stop closed with little or no fanfare. Signs proclaim the space will become “TACOma Yucatán Chicken” (emphasis theirs). Some chicken tacos would be awesome.

  • Rave: The z-pack has made a huge difference. I’m no longer a disgusting, coughing mess.
    Rant: I’m still nauseous and exhausted all the time. I’m able to do the most basic functions of my job without a problem, but am worried that my company thinks I’m a huge slacker since I’m not doing much beyond my basic job functions. My bosses know I’m pregnant, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to explain how cruddy I feel without it sounding like an excuse for not stepping up more.
    Rant: Starting to worry a lot about maternity leave and related financial stuff.

    • Accountering

      I wonder if one e-mail (outside of a submission or question, so completely independent of anything else) to your direct supervisor(s) going into a bit more detail explaining the situation may be useful. Not certain how your bosses are, but perhaps just spilling the beans may be helpful?

      • I’m thinking about the best way to handle that. All of my supervisors know I’m pregnant with twins. I think the tricky part is trying to explain what this means in a practical sense what I don’t even know. Like, I know I’m generally going to me more exhausted and nauseous and generally less of a go-getter than usual. But I’m not sure how to relay that to them in without it sounding like they just can’t count on me.

        • Are you especially close/friendly with any of them? A conversation with a single approachable/understanding ear would probably do the trick. But I know it can be a fine line to walk.

          • They are all wonderful and very easy to talk to. But there is a certain baseline of expectations that I’m worried I won’t be able to meet if I continue to have unexpected issues pop up.

          • If that’s the case (that they’re all wonderful and very easy to talk to), I wonder if a phone call to have a chat in advance of potential issues would be in order. Conversation>email for this sort of thing, and hopefully being proactive about your concerns would be well received?

        • Blithe

          This is slightly off topic, but I learned that Family Medical Leave doesn’t have to be used all at once — it can be used to support a reduced schedule , such as working fewer hours to take a family member to regular appointments. fka Shawess, I don’t know how this might apply to a pregnancy, but this could be worth looking into for the future.
          If I were in your situation, I’d assume that unexpected issues WILL come up. I’d also assume that it’s possible that your supervisors may not know this without having a direct conversation about it. I would probably say something along the lines of “My doctor has advised me that high risk, twin pregnancies can be very unpredictable, so while I’m committed to meeting my deliverables, I’d like to discuss how to handle it in the event of unexpected, urgent, health issues”. That emphasizes your willingness to do what needs to be done — but also the genuine lack of predictability of your pregnancy.
          Also somewhat off topic, but : Are they still Adorable Avocados? Miraculous Mangos? Dancing Daikon?

          • 🙂 Actually, the -first- conversation I had with my supervisors about my pregnancy basically went on this script. Maybe I’m overthinking it. Everyone seems very understanding. I just hate feeling like a “slacker,” which is how I feel basically any time I’m not 100% reliable. I -think- this will all work out okay as long as I volunteer for extra things when I feel physically capable of doing them.

            The babes are still avocados this week (the small wrinkly ones). And another milestone is that this week is that I definitely look pregnant now, not just like I overdid it with the ice cream.

          • This sounds like a solid approach.

          • If it makes you feel any better, I felt like a worse slacker when I came back & was sleep deprived! But ideally, your managers/supervisors look at the sum total of what you bring to the table and not just “what have you done for me lately”.

    • If they are like most people I’ve worked with, they know that pregnancy can be hard, especially with twins, and expect you won’t be the same at work as you were. If like those I’ve worked with, they expect you to not get anything much done, so if you manage to keep showing up and getting the basic stuff done, they should be very happy.

      • I really hope so. I think the senior management agreed to let me work from home in SF on the idea that I would be helping expand my company’s presence here. But I’m not sure I’m the best face of the company at this moment, given how sick I’ve been, and I’m a bit reluctant to put myself (physically) out there when I’m so visibly exhausted and sick. I’m not really worried about my own supervisors, but I am worried about the leaders one or two steps removed from them.

      • As your energy level and your wellbeing improve, you’ll be able to do more work-related activities. But no need to push yourself to get out there before you’re ready.
        Are your little haas avacados still entertaining you with regular dance parties?

        • 🙂 The dance parties are quickly turning into make-mama’s insides-hurt parties. But I don’t mind as long as they keep moving!

  • Rave: I feel like I fit at least 2 weekends in my weekend. I brewed my pumpkin beer (please be good!!!!), went dancing at New Vegas, hung with my dog, went to a swing dance event and got majorly inspired, cleaned and reorganized, and introduced my dog to the nieces.
    Rant: I love this dance event that was here this passed weekend and I’m beyond lucky that it’s always in Arlington, but every time I go I have an existential crisis about my place in the dance scene. It brings out this insecurity that I don’t have about anything else in my life.
    Rave: but now I get to watch all the videos of amazing dancing while I try not to fall asleep at my desk.
    Rave: Four day week and four day weekend!

    • Accountering

      I call dibs on a pumpkin beer?! 🙂

    • Pablo Raw

      I should have some of that beer too, for my education. Friends don’t let friends be beer illiterate.

      • Accountering and Pablo- we’ll see how it comes out. I’ve had my solo operation up and running for almost a year and sadly I’m still not super happy with it yet. Nothing has gone as horribly as the first pumpkin beer, but I’ll have to wait and see if this is ready for broader sharing. I’ll know more in 6 weeks.

    • That One Guy

      How did your BIL react to DOG?

      • Good question! He’s not crazy into the dog, but he did pet him and I think he likes him. He got to see the dog being really well behaved around his kids and another toddler who just wandered up to his face (that was a scary second for me, but DOG was unfazed).
        DOG is very friendly, but not incredibly outgoing towards people, so he didn’t garner as much as interest from BIL or the nieces as the dog at the park who was willing and excited to be loved/abused by small children. DOG is not going to flop over for a belly rub. Not happening.

        • That sounds like a win, considering that BIL previously thought that Rottweilers were dangerous dogs and you were worried he that he might not let your nieces even meet DOG.

    • oh golly I want to try that beer!

  • Rant: Worst night of sleep ever, but I’m not sleepy. That’s good, I think.
    Rave: Getting a white house tour.
    Rave: Getting really good at picking up random activities like the above.
    Rant: No cleaning done this week.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Had an incredibly fun/productive weekend!
    Rave2: Fantasy football draft at my place on Friday was a blast. Biking with Andie from Dupont to Navy Yard on Saturday was awesome – love going through downtown and the mall when it is EMPTY! We crossed the mall on 4th, and were turning onto Independence, and looked backwards, and saw no cars all the way past DOL. Pretty crazy!
    Rave3: Got our change of addresses done at DMV!
    Rant: The window I went up too was one of the rudest/surliest DC govt employees I have ever met. I had fixed the name on my “lease” with Andie that I was using to prove residency, and she practically yelled at me that they wont take altered documents. I am incredibly polite to people who are helping me in situations like this, and her attitude was completely uncalled for. After waiting for 2 hours to get to see her, she pushed the button to request another customer almost simultaneously as she was yelling at me.
    Rave4: The woman helping Andie was AMAZING! She was able to print a new first page of the DC lease, Andie and I signed it, and I got a new DL and parking sticker in just under a couple of minutes. I couldn’t have been more thankful, and I am going to e-mail the DMV director to make sure she gets recognized.
    Rant2: One of my “buddies” from VA got a parking ticket at the draft. Then proceeded to berate me over text because I had told him that parking was easy at my house. Then sent me a VENMO request to pay his ticket. Upon letting him know that I wasn’t going to pay his ticket and he has to read the signs (parked on the resident only side) he went with F*#& you Accountering, and some other choice words. When I told him my initial text was that he should park directly in front of my house in RI (no RPP) he told me I am piece of S$(#.
    Rant3: Not completely unexpected from this guy. He is pretty low on the friend list, but very much so reassessing. I certainly don’t have time/energy/tolerance for that kind of nonsense in my life. Rest of the guys that were still at the house were all certainly laughing at how ridiculous he was being.

    • I can’t even imagine the parking ticket response. Wow. Just wow. And had the chutzpah to send you a bill for the ticket? When he couldn’t be bothered to read the signs. Again, wow.

      • +1 to everything she said.

      • Accountering

        Totally agree on all accounts. He had the gall to say that he called me when he arrived (missed call) and that I ignored him (my phone is on silent 100% of the time, but I check it obsessively) so no, I didn’t ignore it. So ridiculous I agree. This coming from a guy who has a professional job, and owns a condo out in Springfield far from the metro, necessitating his driving or Ubering into the city. Such a ridiculous overreaction – this from a guy who complains about not being invited to stuff. Perhaps some introspection would help!

    • HaileUnlikely

      Re Rant 2: Approximately how old is this guy?

    • Whoa. That guy was way out of line.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Niece when she says, “oh, no uncle (ray)”
    Rave: Reading something that resonates and helps put things in perspective. Yes, in the end no one makes it out alive so shouldn’t focus so much energy on the small things.
    Rant: It’s almost September.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sad my nieces and nephew are too old to call me Mily (Emily with a silent E) anymore. And alll the other cute things they said. Now it’s just teenspeak, which is fun in a different way. But I miss “chute chichen” 🙁

  • SouthwestDC

    Rave: Got into the Global Language Network class I signed up for!
    Rant: Coworker told me I “look exhausted all the time”.

  • justinbc

    Rave: I know it’s somewhat meaningless, but the “Zestimate” on our primary house has gone up $70K since the beginning of the year, and almost $100K on one of our rental properties. Considering they have no idea the amount of work and actual equity we’ve put into both of them, and that it’s based mostly on neighborhood and comps, that’s a pretty awesome sign for when we go to refinance next year when we’re ready for the full kitchen makeover.
    Rave: Got a great student loan refi rate under 2%. They’re almost totally paid off now anyway (finally), but still nice to save on interest where I can and with no costs to me.
    Rant: Bathroom crew ran out of tile for the shower niches last week and had to wait 5 days for literally 1 sheet of tile to arrive to finish the job this week. Ugh. Shower door and vanity going in today (hopefully) and then they’ll be done and out of my way!

    • Not to usurp your rave, but a related home renovation rave/suggestion: Not sure what it’s called, but my wife went to a flooring and tile auction at the Howard County Fairground this past weekend, and we got some great deals – Brazilian cherry hardwoods, decking, and tile. It’s a hassle- they sell large lots, so we only bid on things that we wanted and our contractor could use or resell, and they only take cash, which is a little nerve-wracking, and there’s always the chance you can come away empty-handed, but well worth it given the savings. If your contractor is amenable and the timing works out, something to consider – apparently, it’s a quarterly event.

      • justinbc

        I’ve heard about those types of auctions, I think there’s one in Baltimore too, sounds like you can get some real steals as long as you know the real value of the stuff you’re bidding on.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Open house in my building on Saturday. Nice apartment, smaller than mine (mine is 1 BR w/Den this is one BR). No price on the handout. Go on line at http://www.UnionRow205W.com They are asking $50 k more than what I paid and no parking! It’s crazy. Good article in today’s Post about gentrification of Shaw.

  • Rant: I feel like I’m absolutely terrible at my job. I spent over two hours last night prepping for today and I still feel like I’m winging it.
    Revel: teaching is one of those jobs where you find out you’re capable of so much more than you ever thought. But getting to that point sucks.

    • I’m sure you’re not terrible at your job. I, for one, could never teach in a school in the U.S. I think I’d be eaten alive. Keep your head up!

    • I could never teach anyone but very small children or very motivated adults (post-college, or never-went-to-collge adults, unless they were a bunch of really smart, motivated college students.) It sounds to me, from my friends who have done it, like a really tough job. Any ages in-between would be very emotionally challenging to me. So give yourself credit for hanging in there with it.

  • Rant: Was really cranky this morning on the walk to the Metro, looking at all of the litter, overgrowth, and illegal signs.
    Rave: Actually felt better at the office…
    Rant: … until I checked my e-mail and saw some ridiculous pushback from a D.C. government agency regarding something I’d complained about last week. Now I am hopping mad.
    Rant: There’s a possibility of rain later today. Usually I keep a spare umbrella in my desk, but I must’ve taken that umbrella home with me at some point… and never brought it back.

    • justinbc

      Litter really pisses me off too. It’s one of the laziest possible human actions.

      • Accountering

        We live right next to the 711 at 7th and RI. Despite having a trash can at both 7th and RI, and 8th and RI, and a trash can in our yard that sits right at the fence line (easy reaching distance from the sidewalk) we still get a healthy amount of 711 trash littered on our street. Fun stuff!

      • this could be my rant every day, it’s everywhere, drives me mad! However I was in SF this past weekend (used to live there) and it’s sad to see the decline of that city even with the flush of money as of late. There was trash all over, so shocking!

    • Bah, I feel you today. Last week was just … odd… too. I hope something nice happens for you this afternoon, textdoc!

    • Our lawn is the gathering place for Reese’s PB Cup wrappers and empty chip bags. What’s sad about that, is that we are a main route to both a high school and middle school. It breaks my heart every morning on the bus to see kids eating candy and chips for breakfast.

      • Accountering

        Especially because DC gives out free breakfast to every kid. Well, any school with over 40% free or reduced lunch qualifying kids, so every DC school except for a few.

  • palisades

    Rave/Rant: Felt nice and rested this morning. Got ready and on the road and there was ZERO traffic. I was extremely confused but enjoyed it. Didn’t realize until I pulled into work that I was an hour late. Oops.

  • Rant: bad skin day! breaking out on my forehead due to my sweaty summer bike helmet. need to wipe it down after every use now. i am prone to breakouts but not on my forehead, so this is stressing me out. 🙁
    Rant: in a major funk. been working out and hanging with friends new and old but still feel like something is wrong/missing. i feel like i’m on autopilot. one of my best friends thinks my comfort and stability is good, but i dislike this feeling of cruising through life. i am in my 20s, and i wanna shake it up a bit. is this “normal”?

    • I’m with you. Whenever I’m NOT in stressed position, either moving or trying to get my new home organized, or dealing with long hours and steep learning curve at work, or some such thing taking a lot of my attention, I get that bored, cruising feeling. It is built into some personalities. Some people like that, others get bored. Clearly normal for YOU.
      I felt that way in my 20s. I cured mine by going to professional school at 30, challenging myself to learn new stuff, getting into a lot of educational debt, and having to work too long hours for years thereafter. I don’t necessarily recommend that route. Now, much later, I often wish I’d have just kept my 40 hour a week kinda-boring but well-paying job, and taken up serious study of music (again) or art or acting or some such thing on the side as my project that involved me in my spare time that I enjoyed and that challenged me. Would have saved myself the stress and debt and lousy professional life. And maybe had the time and money to have kids before it was too late.

    • “i am in my 20s, and i wanna shake it up a bit. is this “normal”?” It’s totally normal. Have you ever lived abroad for any length of time? If not, maybe now would be a good time to try it? There’s nothing to throw you out of autopilot like trying to navigate a new language and culture. After I did that for three years, all I wanted was a bit of autopilot for a while!

      • Good suggestion!

      • +1 to this. For awhile I was moving around every year or so (but always had a built-in social network whether through school or work, etc.), and now that I’ve been in DC for two years, I’m bored. Even with grad school and work I’m bored because I’ve been doing the same thing. So I’d say this is pretty normal. And I agree about going abroad, if it’s feasible. I would go abroad again tomorrow if I could.

        • See also: Your 30s.

        • Typical 30s thought process:
          “Job? Check. Relationship? Check. House? Check. So… what now?”
          And that is where babies come from.

          • It sounds a bit presumptuous — perhaps even smug — to imply that it’s a “typical” 30s situation to have a job you’re happy with, a relationship you’re happy with (or a relationship, period), and a house you’re happy with (or a house/condo, period).

          • Or your 30s could be: “Laid off? Check. Divorce? Check. Stay in the city or leave for the burbs? House? You mean my rental? Oh, and babies? Got those, still trying to figure that out.”

          • SouthwestDC

            It’s true! My partner and I know we don’t want kids, so what’s next? I don’t think it bothers her as much, but I always need some kind of goal to work towards.

          • Not all babies 🙂

          • Please forgive the smug and presumptuous observation of what I see all around me. I just don’t know any single, directionless, assetless 30-somethings. That’s what your 20s were for. Which was the point of the comment. Do it now, in your 20s, whatever *it* is.

      • Thanks for all the advice. I have a lot to think about especially since I am six months in working at the dream job that college-age me would have killed to have, but now that I have it, I’m still unsatisfied. Maybe this isn’t the right path for me, and the fact that it might not be is frightening. My anxiety has been at an all time high as a result of all this introspection. Definitely have a lot of “What am I doing with my life?” dilemmas despite working for an amazing advocacy org. Leaving DC is a possibility but I will truly miss all the amazing friends I have made here that I am certain I would not have made elsewhere. DC is special to me, and I’ve always thought I would stay here until the end of time but maybe it’ll be see ya later instead of goodbye forever.

        • I’m in the SAME exact situation! People tell me all the time I should be so happy doing what I’m doing and then I just feel kind of guilty that I’m not.
          Don’t be too hard on yourself. But definitely don’t miss out on other opportunities or feel like you need to stay just because this is what you *thought* was right for you originally.

          • “definitely don’t miss out on other opportunities or feel like you need to stay just because this is what you *thought* was right for you originally.” +1,000. I think that previously imagined dream jobs can be a huge trap. I had multiple dream jobs after college and they were never as good as I imagined they would be. I’m so much happier now, doing nothing I would have ever considered doing then.

        • yeah I hate to say this re:age, but even in my 30s I’m wondering when I’ll stop feeling unsatisfied. And I’ve done the job coach, switching jobs, switching cities thing. And I don’t believe a baby would fix anything for me. Good luck!

          • I don’t think it’s an age thing either. I think it’s a good thing to crave more from life, but then, I don’t want to constantly uproot myself either. I like DC a lot, but maybe it’s my professional/personal life that needs to change. I also think a good deal of traveling is needed. Having grown up halfway across the world on an island, I would like to travel to all the world’s big cities. No exotic island paradise for me since that’s what I ran away from.

          • Babies do 1 of 2 things, in my experience observing friends. They definitely keep you busy for the nest 18 years.
            Either they, are so busy now, that just having a job that they can get paid at and still leave in time to do the kid work, they stop focusing on getting job satisfaction and just are happy to have one.
            Or, they are busy, but still job dissatisfied, only now they can’t think about leaving or changing careers, because they would take a pay hit, and they need that money, and the time flexibility their current job allows them, for the kids, so they still have a lot of job dissatisfaction, only now they feel more trapped, and they can’t even deal with the job woes by going out after work for distraction, because, kids.
            It comes down to how much you are able to see the good things about the job and ignore the bad, how bad your job truly is, and how much you still hope to accomplish something you want to accomplish in your work life after you have kids. People are different.

          • NotABot, it may be the professional/personal life thing. As someone who has moved and lived in many cities my feelings always come with me. So maybe try to sort the other stuff out instead of uprooting just yet. But I will say I do plan to live internationally in the next few years so maybe that’s keeping me going? I do travel often and think it helps!

        • Have you thought about Peace Corps, or AmeriCorps? Doing something very different for a year (AmeriCorp) or two (PC) could help recalibrate your goals/direction/etc.

          • +1 to these suggestions. Also, depending on what you do, you could potentially apply for a Fulbright. I know a bunch of people who did Fulbrights after working for advocacy organizations of various kinds.

  • Rave: Two interviews last week! Maybe there’s light at the end of this very long tunnel!
    Rave: Felt so good, I made a whole bunch of pesto for the first time in what seems like decades – so good!
    Rave: Felt I could take a break from the job search, so went to see the Yasuo Kuniyoshi exhibit that was closing yesterday at the Smithsonian American Art Museum – so glad I got to see it!
    Rant: It’s a no-rant day!

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Day 1 of trying new things finds me eating salmon kabob from the Safron food truck. It’s tasty. I’m glad I did try this because it helps debunk my bias towards fish from food trucks.

    • Blithe

      What kinds of new things are you trying? Just food — or everything?

      • That One Guy

        I’m not limiting myself, so whatever comes to mind or if something interesting experience presents itself I’ll give it a try. Do you have a suggestion?

        • Blithe

          No suggestions — beyond yet another plug for The Artist’s Way as a vehicle for unexpected transformations. 🙂 I was just curious. I’ve been trying to explore DC — which is VERY different from the DC that I grew up in. I’ve also been trying to listen to live music at least once a month, alongside trying new-to-me restaurants. I was actually hoping to crib from YOUR list!

          • That One Guy

            I like the idea of listening to live music. I’m totally stealing that from you.
            David Sedaris is going to be at the Lisner auditorium (at GW) in October so consider this my quid pro quo. I find him very entertaining.

        • Ooohhh I can think of a few: tubing, trapeze, scuba diving, hiking somewhere you haven’t been, visiting a new city/state, biking somewhere new, Roosevelt Island, a new race/obstacle course/activity (I want to run across the Bay Bridge, but it’ll have to wait until next year!), mastering a skill that you’ve let go or always wanted to tackle, walking/biking/public transiting somewhere instead of driving, taking a train somewhere instead of flying, making a new recipe/cocktail/meal/dessert/food anything. Another fun one is collecting “no’s”…meaning asking for things that you think people will say “no” to and see how many times people really say yes. A persons number, a booth instead of a table, an emailed photo that someone took, small things that would bring you some small joy. Good luck!

          • That One Guy

            I like the collection of nos. It sounds like a fun thing. I’ll keep that in the back of my mind.

  • Safeway in petworth is having problems with electricity on refridgerated items. They are still selling open.

  • Rave: Great weekend! It was a good balance of fun and productive.
    Rave: Exterior front of the house is being painted today. YAY!
    Rave: Super busy but super productive day at work so far.
    Rave: Red Toque leftovers

  • Late Rant: Coworker is watching something on Youtube and laughing hysterically and stomping her feet. It is beyond unprofessional, but all the “bosses” are away, so yeah. I like this person but (despite what my jaunts to and from PoPville might indicate) I’m trying to get some work done and I’m finding it very hard to concentrate!

    • Reminds me of a sort of unrelated rant–hate it when people listen to music so loudly on metro that I can still hear it. Can only imagine the state of their hearing! So annoying 🙁
      Something similar in an office environment is much worse, though. You have my sympathies!

      • Thanks! things have calmed down now. But I totally agree with your rant about people who play their music so loud that they may as well not even wear headphones! I feel like I’m being assaulted by their music, and I feel like they KNOW other riders feel that way and are doing it expressly for that purpose!

    • I’m sorry LBP, but all I can do is laugh!!! If it makes you feel any better, I am currently in headphones because of three – yes THREE – different Pandora stations on the go.

  • Rave: Another lovely weekend back home with the family celebrating good things. I’m so in love with my two little nephews. They are the joy of our lives.
    Rant: Sooooooooo tired because of the 48 hr travel turnaround. Cannot even remotely function or contribute productively.
    Rave: Had an awesome interview “back home” last week and the director wants to speak with my current director regarding my capabilities (ie, a reference check.) It’s going to become very evident very quickly to my current director that I wasn’t kidding when I said I was hoping to leave by the end of the year.
    Rant: Scare sh–less about moving, leaving my current job, etc.

  • Rant: just checked the weather for Majorca for next week when we’ll be there on our vacation – cold and rainy. Typically still 90 degrees and sunny this time of the year.

    Rave: i guess we can concentrate on the “cultural” and “eating” part of vacation…and still way better than being in Seattle. :)))

  • Rant: Saw a really bad fight at the National Zoo after a man used a racial slur. Haven’t seen anything in the news about it.

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