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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Closing today! Pretty quick, kept me on track even though my insurance gave us the run around to make changes, and convenient to work.
    Rave: Talenti gelato to celebrate.
    Rant: Thoroughly enjoyed having the house to myself but alas it ends tonight, I think.
    Rant: New downstairs neighbor doesn’t seem terribly friendly or pleasant. Aww well!
    Rave/rant: Speed dating was pretty terrible, but I made friends out if it. Hopefully we’ll paint the town red soon.

    • Where did you do the speed dating?

      • Through professionals in the city. They have lots of different straight events (I think you’re straight anyway). After going to this twice, I can say it’s mostly a miss on what lesbian may show up. Someone asked me to take her traffic case once I said I was a lawyer, for example.

  • Rave: It looks like job is working out. They asked when I want to transfer! But I’m still waiting for official HR notification.
    Rant: Supposed to meet friends for happy hour this evening. Going a little crazy. I suggested meeting today and recommended several (i.e. 5-6) different places that have good happy hours and cheap food near various metro stops. But one person *insists* on staying in Foggy Bottom, which really doesn’t have many options for good food and drink. It’s like, guys, there is literally an ENTIRE CITY filled with more delicious food and drinks for cheap, and the person has no specified reason for staying here other than that he’ll already be here during the day. I don’t want to go to my own proposed happy hour anymore.
    Rant: Migraine making me cranky.
    Rave: Today is Friday. Today will be a great day. I won’t let anything else bother me.

    • Why are you letting 1 person control something that you’re planning? Where does he live? Maybe you can work that angle. I’d pick a place, and let that be that.

    • If you’re organizing the HH, you choose the venue. Consider other’s preferences but you get to pick πŸ™‚

      • This is a good point!

        • Thanks, yeah. That’s what I thought too but I think this person (however smart and funny) doesn’t have very great social ettiquite because he sort of highjacked it and the other people just went along with his suggestion. I think I’ve found a compromise in West End that is similarly priced but looks infinitely better, so there’s hope this will work itself out!

      • That’s right. Organizers can choose the place, and people can choose to attend, or not. πŸ™‚

    • Isn’t Burger Tap Shake in Foggy Bottom? I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard good things about it.

      • It is but I don’t think they have normal happy hour, just late-night deals. So that was out. I wanted to go to Circa but then I realized that there’s no food specials at the foggy bottom one, just in Dupont.

      • That One Guy

        District Commons would be a better fit for HH in terms of drink and food options rather than BTS. Seating at both places can be problematic. Both are worth a try.

    • That One Guy

      Foggy Bottom person must really like their comfort zone.
      +1 to what’s already been said about you deciding venue.

      • Seems strange to me someone wouldn’t be more comfortable near their home (I assume he doesn’t live there based on what she said).

        • Yeah, he works in Foggy Bottom, but lives a few stops out in VA. But we have someone from MD coming down, so it wasn’t really fair to make that person go out to VA, either.

          • OK this makes more sense – he wants to stick near the Orange/Blue so he doesn’t have to transfer. Then again, he’s probably not thinking about someone coming from MD will need to take a few Metro lines to get in.
            There’s a ton of stuff around Farragut West Metro, so maybe suggest something near there. Vapianos on 19th does happy hour drink specials and the food is generally cheap, good quality, and filling.

    • For Foggy Bottom HH: Circle Bistro, 21M lounge, (the bar at the St. Gregory) and Look do good HHs. Ris also does a good one, but theirs ends early. I’ve also heard good things about A Bar, but I have not been yet.

    • Boo on the migraine–try having a cup of very strongly brewed black tea. Works like a charm in my (and my family’s) experience. There’s something about the tea beyond the caffeine that helps more than soda/coffee would. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Perhaps not what you’re looking for, but check out 51st State. (Maybe I just like it because of the NY sports fans hook.)

    • Update: I won!!! We agreed on a place that isn’t the crappy place he suggested and isn’t any of my original picks either. He did say something along the lines of “why are we changing this again?” but then agreed, so I resisted the urge to tell him he was the one who rejected my first FIVE different suggestions.

  • Rave: WONDERFUL day off yesterday! Totally disconnected from the interwebs and spent time sleeping in, met up with Anonamom for a catch-up lunch, (hopefully) productive dr. appointment, got a mani/pedi at Nail Saloon, then met up with friends in my apartment building to drink wine, eat cheese, and just hang out on the rooftop deck. An all-around, capital-R “Rave” day!
    Rant: Headache. Maaaay have had a bit too much prosecco. Wishing these fluorescent lights would go away right now.
    Rant/Rave: Did my good deed for the day by preventing what I’m 99.99% certain would have been a dog-snatching otherwise. Tiny dog tied up outside the CVS at 14th and Irving (owner had popped into the store for something quick) was being circled by a guy who was high and/or crazy who kept looking to see if anyone was coming, analyzing how the dog was tied up and how fast he could undo the lead, etc. Alarm bells were going off like crazy, and not just with me – a co-worker who was at the corner as well got between the dog and the man, stared him down til he backed away a bit, then went inside to find the owner while I stood next to the dog, keeping him as physically far away from the crazy guy as possible. Crazy guy thought about it for a minute or so, then hopped one of the Hospital Center shuttles and left. So rave in that I feel like I did my good deed for the day, rant that there are scary people who want to steal animals. I don’t know what every dog owner’s policy is on leaving your dog tied up to pop into a store, but I would generally – and heartily – discourage it.

  • Random: Just found out that my old roommate is expecting her first child in March. Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon — babies everywhere these days!
    Rant: This has been such a busy week at work. I am so very tired and in need of a vacation.
    Rave: It is Friday. I pushed a major project out the door last night and today should be relatively quiet, which means time to catch up on email and plan for next week.
    Rave: This weather!

    • I’ll admit it – I had to use Google to discover what an 80s era terrorist group had to do with new births. Learn something new every day.

    • That really does seem to happen with babies. Within a span of about four months in early 2014, six of my girlfriends announced they were pregnant. I chalked some part of it up to the fact that we’re all about the same age and all had similar philosophies about waiting until this age to have kids.

  • Rant: Has this week been hard and weird for other folks? My coworkers and I have been not feeling it this week.
    Rave: The weekend – kayaking Shenandoah, friends, BEERS.

    • On your rant, yes! I’ve been in a bad mood, and so have my co-workers. Everyone is cranky. I’m telling myself that it’s friday so I can break that cycle! Have a great weekend!

    • YES! But I chalked it up to having been across the country for 10 days, then going straight to a 3-day conference and having way too much work to catch up on. And the email–oh, the email. My inbox is such a mess.

    • That One Guy

      This week in a word: ugh.

    • YES! I am so over this week.

    • Same here. I’ve been really unmotivated at work and not sleeping well at all.

    • yup! I want to punch all the faces this week.

      • I will join you in the punching.

      • To clarify: just in my head. I still smiled at the dude in the elevator who, for no clear reason, immediately made me feel a random sense of annoyance for doing absolutely nothing. I’m hoping a good night of sleep will fix this! Having a stupid sore back for about a month now is definitely not helping.

  • Rant: People who go to Cardozo track and just gather/hang out in the running lanes. Please step on to the grass and get out of the lanes.

    • I KNOW! this makes me so mad, I run/jog with a few friends there and there are these running groups who are rude when running past (pushing us all into one lane, or not even giving us a lane) and they also just hang out when theyre done with their 3 laps or so


  • Rant: Pedestrians who lead off the curb. You’re not stealing second, you’re crossing the street. And it often puts you smack in the middle of the bike lane. We pedestrians can’t get our knickers twisted about cyclists on the sidewalks if we walk in bike lanes. So stay on the sidewalk, please. You look like an idiot and you disrupt the flow when you stand four feet out.

    • I’ve seen lots of people almost get hit by buses being so far out. So scary!

    • +1,000 yes, why do people do this?! Reminds me of seeing a biker/pedestrian collision a few years back: pedestrian waiting to cross 15th street at P, standing out the bike lane. Biker comes up northbound with the green light and needs to slam the breaks before lightly colliding with the guy. It was nighttime and rainy, so I can understand the delayed stopping. No one hurt, but argument ensued. If people want cyclists off the sidewalk, don’t make bike lanes sidewalks, they’re not!!

      • I think a lot of it is that some pedestrians get nervous/annoyed when other pedestrians wait closely behind them at the corner. So they feel the need to move into the street to create separation between themselves and the other pedestrians. This is a uniquely American mindset, where we expect this large bubble of physical privacy & space around us at all times when in public.

    • I witnessed a bus lay on the horn at a pedestrian leading off the curb yesterday. This was after the bus driver honked twice with taps to say coming through and the pedestrian didn’t move. Oy vey.

    • While I wholeheartedly agree that pedestrians should not stand in bike lanes or stand four feet from the curb in waiting to cross the street, something to consider is that under current DC law the car does not have to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk until he has a foot on the crosswalk (at least I thought i read that somewhere). Some cars or buses won’t respect the per trying to cross unless his or her foot is in it.

      • I was thinking the same thing.
        Some cars won’t yield to a pedestrian with a foot in the crosswalk either, but it gives the ped more of a fighting chance of actually being yielded to.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Agreed at unsignalized intersections, but I see lots of pedestrians do this downtown at signalized intersections, which I find generally unhelpful, silly, and dangerous.

          • Yes, I was referring to intersections that have a light. At unsignaled intersections, you pretty much have to step out into the bike lane. But in that case, bikes have to stop for you just like the cars do, so no foul.

      • They’re not ready to cross yet. At most intersections you get at least 30 sec, so you could stand back until it’s time. You also have a right to finish if you start in the right.
        Even if they were ready, don’t be oblivious or so far out that people can’t complete their light cycle. You can be one foot off and not impede traffic.

        • I think I Rex was talking about crosswalks that are not at lights.
          For the ones that ARE at lights, stepping down from the curb early makes no sense.

    • Blithe

      I date the “pedestrians who lead off the curb” practice to the change to right turn on red for cars. A long, long time ago, cars would stop and pedestrians would cross. With right turn on red many cars never even pause, let alone stop, regardless of the red light, so many pedestrians started stepping out into the street as — and often before — the light changes in order to to stake their claim on being in the crosswalk. I think the addition of bike lanes has added to the complications that pedestrians can face trying to cross the street at many corners. As a pedestrian, I’d love to repeal right turn on red.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Interesting, hadn’t made that connection. The quality of the “studies” that led to the widespread implementation of right turn on red in the United States makes me cringe. I work in a related field, and it makes all of look incompetent when research like that gets published. (Nothing nefarious, just plain ol’ incompetence.)

  • Rant: Kiddo had a pretty big melt down/ anxiety attack at school drop off this morning. I have no clue what triggered it, but her teacher found me afterward and said that she had been pretty firm with her yesterday so perhaps this was the cause? Teacher said she would take a different approach today, so hopefully her day gets better.
    Rave: Its been a long, but great week overall.

    • Aw! Hope the kiddo is in better spirits soon and is able to form a lovely relationship with the teacher – kudos to the teach for recognizing she may need to take a different approach. And yes, lunch yesterday was so nice! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • That’s so hard, but also glad to hear the teacher is being proactive and responsive. Transitions are tough!

  • Rant: About a month ago some items were taken from my checked luggage on a United flight. I filed a complaint, and they finally responded– with a boilerplate statement about what TSA allows in carry-on bags. It’s like no one even read my request. Has anyone had an experience like this? When I try to call they just direct me to the online complaint form.

    • Are you on Twitter? I hate that the world works this way, but I bet you’d be more of a response if you tweeted at Twitter instead. Public image/public relations almost always get a faster response than complaints submitted through formal channels. It sucks that the world works that way, but it might be more effective.

      • I actually set up a twitter account just for that purpose. The first tweet got no response, so a week later I second a second tweet which also was ignored. Guess they noticed I don’t have an followers so it’s not worth their time.

        • Hah, I set up a Twitter account for the sole purpose of tweeting to DCRA about overgrown yards on my block — they weren’t responding to my e-mails.

          • Every once in a while I set up a Twitter account for something like that, and a few weeks later it gets hacked and I delete it.

    • My husband and I had a horrible experience on United a couple years ago. We ended up sending a several page letter with multiple attachments, including the complaint form, to every relevant United email address we could find through googling, up to and including the CEO. Although the ensuing process was lengthy, it actually worked.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Unofficial PoPville Karaoke Night. Date: September 9 at Wok’n Roll (Chinatown).
    Rant: Fruit flies came back but
    Rave: Forget vinegar, etc. All I’m doing is keeping the sink covered with the plastic stopper. They are dying of thirst. I know it’s cruel but this is not a game, only one of us is going to survive and it’s gonna be me….
    Rave: Apartment remodeling continues tomorrow, lots to do but
    Rant: not looking forward to dust everywhere.

  • Rant: Feeling achy this morning on my way into work. Need to take it easy this weekend.
    Rave: Feeling better & can sit most of the day.
    Rave: Kiddo is much more herself the last 24 hours. Fingers crossed it continues.
    Rave: The benefits of having my parents nearby begins! They’ll hang out with kiddo when her daycare is closed for teacher training next Friday.

  • Rave: there was a paperwork mix up with DOG’s rabies vaccine, but WHS was nice enough to let me come in and have him vaccinated for free. The woman who did his intake and evaluation when he was surrendered was there. I thanked her and told her how well he’s doing. She was happy to see him.
    Rant/Rave: I caved and bought three runners to build a land bridge through my condo to the bedroom. I’m pretty sure the dog was barking at *me* the other night at 11pm because god forbid he cross the wood floors to come find me. Now I understand the feeling of your once spacious and impeccably decorated place feeling small when you get a new family member. All the rugs make it feel so crowded. But he did sleep in my room last night, which was nice, though he did wake me up a few times.
    Rant: writing annual goals is the worst.
    Rave: it’s a gorgeous day to be working outside.
    Rave-ish: I might be brave enough to wear my crop top outside of my house tonight.

    • I love your DOG stories! I feel like I’m watching the movie of him barking, bereft and abandoned far away from you with the cold, cruel wood floor standing between him and his ultimate goal of your bed!

    • I’m glad you made a path for him! I’m sure he’ll settle down once he’s used to sleeping in your room. I’m enjoying the DOG updates too.

      • I hope so. My far off hope is to someday get rid of the runners, they are hideous. It’s killing me a little to make all these changes, I’m really particular about my space and its design. I hope DOG knows this is a true sign of love.
        But thank you Costco for providing not only $10 runners with grippy backings, but also endless entertainment. Last night there were two women shopping in their onesies, only buying booze, and one of the onesies was a Pikachu onesie.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You should totally write a book about DOG coming to live with you.

    • Haha I totally relate. We’re renting our apartment and when we got our dog we put down some old rugs we had leftover from a previous move so the dog wouldn’t scratch or slide all over the floors. Now we have a nice new apartment with old mismatched, clashing rugs everywhere. One day we’ll get new ones, but until then, sigh.

    • hammers

      maybe DOG is just playing a long game of “the floor is lava” with you πŸ™‚

    • DOG would like to apologize to the child on 11th St who lost their small, Barbie type doll. He hasn’t finished learning “leave it” yet and he picked up your doll. After a tense stand off, a couple tries at bribery, fruitless attempts to pry the damsel from the jaws of defeat, and a lot of stern yelling, only the body was recovered. Not the head.
      It’s in my trash can, only given up upon returning home, covered in dog slobber :-/
      DOG also says it was nice to meet you Rachel! Luckily before the walk of doll-head shame.

  • Any updates on yesterday’s “gun battle” in Michigan Park? A cursory google didn’t bring anything up.

    • Would also love to know more about this…especially as a Michigan Park/Brookland resident. The headline was pretty alarming. Our nanny said she heard the shots from Turkey Thicket playground. Very scary.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Commander Manlapaz of 4D posted a message on MPD-4D listserv indicating that two vehicles were shooting at each other while driving at an unspecified location, one of them was found in the grassy area at end of Eastern & Galloway (i.e., either on the Catholic church offices’ property or else in Fort Circle Park) and other vehicle got away. One victim was found at a local hospital a short time later, no indication of whether that victim was a participant in the shootout or a bystander.

  • Rave: First day of pre-K for my daughter today. She was nervous before going in but did great walking in with her class. Her dad and I waited till she was in before tearing up. Sunrise/sunset.
    Rave: Going to pick her up at the end of the day for ice cream – nice first day of school treat/tradition to start.

  • Rant: can’t get a card game organized to save my life–too many responsible, child-rearing, suburb-livin’ friends these days.

    • I feel you. We used to have a semi-regular trivia night thing, but it fell apart due to summer vacations and other family stuff and no one has shown much interest in reviving it. Maybe in a few more weeks…

  • Rave, especially in light of the thread the other day about people not stepping up when they see someone in distress: Walking from Yards Park to my car parked on a side street in SE, I heard shouting from around the corner of a cross street. There was a young couple having a shouting match on the sidewalk; it was mostly just shouting, but at one point he did grab her arm. I noticed a woman standing on her stoop keeping an eye on what was happening, and I stood by (about a half-block away) with my phone at the ready in case things escalated. Within moments of my arrival, a guy walked down the sidewalk with his dog and spoke to the couple; the young man reacted very angrily, but the girl used the opportunity to walk rapidly away. The young man continued to yell at the guy, but the guy remained pretty calm and the situation de-escalated pretty quickly. I give that guy a lot of credit; I would have used my phone but I don’t think I could put myself in harm’s way like that.

  • Recommendation: I know a few ppl live or lived in studios. Looking for any places with good qualify reasonably priced furniture. Ikea is on the radar, but maybe there are others especially good for smaller spaces.

  • Rant: A filling came out or was loose about two days ago so I went to the Dentist yesterday thinking I would just get a replacement filling. Lo and behold, the dentist tells me I need a crown and he was giving me a temp one w/a permanent one in two weeks. The procedure was fine, the pain after the anesthesia wore off was terrible. Stupidly went back to work, couldn’t drink anything b/c it kept coming out and I can only open my mouth half way when eating. Feeling a lot better after multiple naps and motrin, but wasn’t a good day yesterday.

    Rave: Going to a wedding tonight, leaving at around 1. Told my fiance since I’m not eating right maybe she could chew my food and then serve it to me (only kidding). In all seriousness, since our wedding is on a Friday next year, this will be a really good trial run to see how everything goes. Looking forward to it.

  • Rant: Had a terrible, terrible nightmare last night.
    Rave: Woke up to find my cat sleeping at the foot of my bed. She slept there all the time for the first six months I had her, but for the past two and a half years she’s been spurning my bed in favor of various chairs.
    Rave: Had a nice time at Petworth Citizen last night with friend/houseguest (who went back to our hometown this morning). It turned out it was the night of the “Playback the Tape” VHS screening event, so we stuck around for that too.
    Rave: Very cute to see my cat looking totally blissed out in friend/houseguest’s lap afterward.
    Minor rant: I think my cat likes friend/houseguest better than she likes me!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: one of those days where I can’t multitask. Couldn’t walk and hold a cup of coffee without it splashing around on my hands.

  • Rant: Too many migraines this week!
    Rant2: Kitty needs a tooth pulled and a dental cleaning. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to be spending a lot at the vet for a while.
    Rave: Good outdoor plans for the weekend, grilling and petworth jazz (finally remembered it’s at the end of the month), and some pool time, all with dear friends I don’t see enough.

    • Ahh, good reminder on the Petworth Jazz event! I saw it in a Petworth Yahoogroup e-mail the other day but had already forgotten about it.
      For anyone else who’s curious: It’s Sat. 8/29 on the lawn at the Petworth Rec Center at 8th and Taylor St NW, and is free.
      3:30-5:30 PM: Friends of Petworth Park End of Summer Popsicle Party. Arrive early and enjoy some free popsicles!
      5:30 PM: Kids Show featuring BABA RAS D
      6:30 PM: Butcher Brown (two 45 min sets)
      DJ SETS by Richard Unown Patterson, catch him before he leaves for a world tour in a week with Oddisee and Good Compny!

  • Rave: Forced myself out of the house last night after a looooong day at work to see Selma near MLK Memorial. That was powerful.
    Rave: Fell deeper in love with this beautiful city…
    Rant: In time to start splitting my time between NYC and DC.
    Rant: Heading out on a long work trip and I’m still on hold for a lot of books on Overdrive!! Return your books people, pretty please!
    Rave: Vacation before work starting tomorrow night – Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls, Rio with friends, any tips?!

    • For Rio or Sao Paulo, drinks at one of the Fasano hotels (or both!). Another fun, touristy (but cool) restaurant/bar in Rio is Palaphita Kitch on Lagoa. It’s a really pretty setting that’s great for people watching. Also in Rio, I recommend generally avoiding Copacabana — it’s pretty run down and filled with people trying to steal from tourists. The northwest side of Ipanema and Leblon are a lot nicer for walking, beach, etc.

    • SouthwestDC

      I hear ya on the Overdrive rant! Even with regular library books, I can never get the timing right and always have a bunch come in after I’ve left for my trip.

      • SouthwestDC

        Also, if you can get a hold of it, I’m currently reading Dancing with the Devil in the City of God and it would be perfect for your trip!

    • Additional Rant: Bought tickets to go to Buena Vista Social club tonight…but with all the craziness we thought the concert was tonight. Alas it’s tomorrow night, while we’re on a plane. ARGH. I can’t seem to do anything right.

    • I’ve never figured out how to return a kindle booked borrowed via overdrive. Once I’ve downloaded it, the “return” option disappears. Tips? I frequently finish books within a day or two of borrowing them, but then they hang out on my device. I’d like to be a better library citizen. (But I don’t usually read bestsellers and other in-demand books, so I’m probably not to blame in your case.)

      • I’ve never used a Kindle* but it seems like you can only return stuff through the web browser version. One of many issues I have with that software.
        *Speaking of Kindles though, I recently found one and it doesn’t appear to be registered. Is there any way I can get it back to the owner?

      • I’m to blame sometime too since that return button in overdrive disappears. What I’ve done that works is heading to “Manage my Kindle Device” in Amazon and clicking on the book and saying “return” from that. That checks it out of amazon and then out of my overdrive account.

      • you don’t have to do anything to return a kindle overdrive e-book.
        amazon takes if off your kindle automatically.
        very efficient corporation.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Doc changed my medication and said it would help me sleep better. I slept so well last night!
    Rant: Still not a morning person and awful offie has been chattering nonstop since I got here.
    Rant: She decided to school me on hurricanes and then perfume.
    Rave: I didn’t kill her when she decided to school me on hurricanes and then perfume.

  • Rave: I have exercised everyday this week starting Sunday. I’m trying to make exercising a habit so that I can lose this extra 30lbs I’m carrying around.
    Rant: Worried about going to see boss today about report that I am having trouble with. I don’t want to seem incompetent but he gave me such vague instructions, I’m not sure what direction to take.
    rave: got another report finished and off of my desk this morning.
    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rant: woke up with a sinus headache this morning.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Celebrated our four year wedding anniversary last night with our daughter at the Nationals Game. We’ve come a long way from getting drunk in the $5 outfield seats at RFK.
    Rave: Baby made it through 8 innings like a champ, continued her charm offensive on everyone she meets.
    Rant: Day 5 of construction past 1 am on the mobile classrooms at the school across the street. At this point I’m mystified at to what the hell they could still be doing – it doesn’t take 5 days to frame and roof a covered walkway. Are they getting hand drawn frescoes in the roof or something?

    • palisades

      Congrats! Picked a great game to go to. Did you manage to snag the calendars? We got to the stadium almost 45 min before the game started and they were already gone.

      • jim_ed

        Nope! I was at the game Tuesday and all the Gnomes were gone by 6pm as well. I feel like Nats fans fetishize the free giveaways more than any other city. I don’t think I’ve gotten a single one all year. A Rendon Gnome woulda been cool, but I’m not showing up 3 hours early for one.

        • From a business standpoint, must be great for food and bev sales. Thousands showing up hours early to score some swag then have all that time to kill.

    • I saw construction late last night and thought the same thing! Happy anniversary, though!

    • Accountering

      Lets not rave too much about the long way from getting drunk in the $5 outfield seats! You and I are similar age, and the only thing that is keeping me from getting drunk in the $5 outfield seats at Nats tonight is a fantasy football draft πŸ™‚

  • Rave: I got some much needed rest last night. And a cat who was very snuggly even though all she wanted to do was play.

    Rave: I found it adorable and hilarious when my aunt called to tell me that she and my uncle were watching something about online dating and all the scary things that go on with it, and how worried they are that I will be raped/killed/drugged by everyone I date, now. I promised her I was very careful. And also it’s just sweet that they are concerned. They’re really some of my favorite relatives.

    Rave: Going to dinner and a movie with friends tonight. I’m very happy about it.

    Rave: This weekend will be a bit busy, but it will be a good weekend. I have things to look forward to.

    Rant: Still so, so angry with The Boy. And tempted to write to the Girl, but probably, that won’t do anything, and I am trying to be the bigger person here but SO ANGRY. And a bit scared that I will now paint new relationships with the ex-brush — how do I not do that?

    • Write the girl to say what? You’re assuming she knew of you, and that they were actually together at that time with spurious evidence. I’m sure you cared for him, maybe you loved him, but it wasn’t meant to be.

      You’re worried about new relationships before you’ve gotten over this one. Problem #1. If you can’t give someone new a fair shot, then you’re probably not ready to date.

    • Pablo Raw

      You need to think about that a little bit more; analyze the consequences and possible scenarios of what could happen if you write to her. If after that you are convinced something good will came out of that, go ahead.

      • Nothing good will come of it, I’m sure. I’m just ranting. Still a bit rattled. Chances are low that I’ll actually write to her, because what’s the point, really? I’m rid of a lying, manipulative, cheating narcissist. So I think I ultimately win.

        • Accountering

          I agree that you win here. Better to know now than later. I speak from personal experience with my ex as well. Good riddance! You will certainly be better for it. Onward and upward!

      • Big NOPE. Do not write her. There are too many unknowns. I’ve been in this situation (although not for long) where I found out she and her ex weren’t actually broken up. It’s been like four years and they’re still together and crazy as ever.

    • I don’t think any good would come of writing to the Girl, so I recommend NOT doing it.
      Might it help if you drafted an e-mail/letter but never actually sent it? Just to get your thoughts out?

      • Yes, that probably is very helpful, and something I might do tomorrow. I’m just not used to anger, it’s not an emotion I tend to have, I guess.

      • I would write a letter, on paper. To him, to her, to the universe. Write down absolutely everything in your heart that is causing you to ache about this breakup. Get it all out, don’t hold back. Then burn it. Let go. Forgive. Move on. Forgive him for being a dick and just let it go. Forgiveness is so much more about you than him, and he never even needs to know, but you are holding on to that hurt and that is caging you.

        • + this is good advice. Writing can be very theraputic

        • Accountering

          The positive with a letter you are writing that will never get sent is you can write out all those words that aren’t appropriate in polite discourse, and that could be quite cathartic.

    • Mind your own business. Seriously. Keep your nose out of it.
      No good will come of it. They will tell other people – perhaps mutual friends or professional contacts – about your “crazy” behavior. That’s not a reputation you want.

  • My wife has a doctor’s appointment in Tampa next weekend– would it be crazy to go there with tropical storm Erika lurking around? We haven’t booked out flights yet but I’m also worried about priced going up.

    • From what I understand its suppose to pass most of Florida by Tuesday-Wednesday.

    • Understandable… especially since the Governor has already declared a state of emergency.
      I’m originally from South Florida and I’ve dealt with quite a number of storms throughout my life. If the appointment is next weekend, personally I would buy the tickets. The storm should be gone by Tuesday. The only concern is that it is projected to be more of a water storm rather than a wind storm (honestly, I prefer wind storms – quicker recovery). There will be a chance of flooding but there would be several days for it to clear up. Just check the airline’s cancellation policy or look into travel insurance. I would be wary of buying the tickets through a third party as that often leaves you with limited/no cancellation options.

      • It’s not until the 8th but we were going to take advantage of the long weekend and make a vacation out of it. Seems like it’s not going to be a great time to be on the beach, though.

        • It should be fine by then. It’s typically hot and dry after a tropical system leaves the area.

    • Tampa also doesn’t really get hit with hurricanes so much as it gets the flooding and rains after the hurricane makes landfall south of it. By next weekend it should be fine. There may be a little bit of flooding in certain areas (St Pete especially).

  • Rave: befriended two of low match’s friends. one lives across the street from me and she invited me to dinner and drinks last night. it was fun! both are ladies and we all live near each other. making friends as an adult is not as difficult as i thought it would be.
    Rant: low match and i are not on good terms right now. it’s my fault. decided to take time apart (at least a month) from trying to hangout as friends. this was to be expected.
    Rave: second date tonight!
    Rave: weekend weather!

  • Rant: Dealing with major anxiety. I just want today to be over already.
    Rave: Brunch tomorrow with friends.
    Rant: Need to clean house to host brunch tomorrow with friends.

  • Rant: Proximity to the start of school has made my normally self-confident daughter into a neurotic mess. She’s very friend-focused and outgoing, which will mean she’s going to be FINE at the new school, but ironically those same traits are making her very nervous. (“What if I don’t make ANY friends ?”)
    Rave – had the school open house this morning. Met her teacher, who has a great reputation, she knows some girls in the class – all good (so far). Hopefully this will allay some anxiety this week (fingers crossed).
    Rave: @TheTweetOfGod. How did I not know about this? Comedy gold.

    • I hope your daughter gets over her anxiety quickly! As someone who moved 9 times before the age of 18, I absolutely empathize with the almost-first-day-of-school-jitters — but it always ended up being a blast and I’m sure it’ll be the same for your daughter from the way you describe her! πŸ™‚

  • @anon. from yesterday with the unexpected pregnancy–if you’re out there, hope you’re hanging in there and able to process your thoughts and feelings a bit better. I’ve been thinking about you.

  • Rave: DMV inspection at 11:30 on a Friday morning = no lines, drive right up to the inspection lane.
    Rave: Car passed (whew)
    Rant: Relying on “I think it’s this way” to get home was reliable up until I found myself on 395. Woops, recalibrate the route home
    Rave: Lovely day to drive along the GW Pkwy and Rock Creek Pkwy

    • palisades

      GW Parkway is the best. I’m lucky enough to drive on it for my commute (going against traffic) and it’s such a refreshing trip.

      • Wow, that must be the only major roadway where there’s an “against traffic” option.
        I’m starting to think there must be more people travel on 395 south to VA than on 395 north to DC.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Got the appraisal that we need to close out the 203K loan, stop paying $700! a month in PMI, and move onward and upward with a conventional 30-year mortgage at 4.375. Great news!
    Rant: Professional hopefulness from last Thursday all came up empty. 0/2, and the one I really wanted fell through last night. Back to square 1, but at least I have a job, a wonderful girlfriend and dog, wonderful house, health, all that good stuff. Life goes on, and life is good, but definitely bummed out about this one.
    Rave2: Having friends over for our yearly fantasy football draft this year. If prior years experience is any indication, it is less draft, and more an opportunity to drink beers with my buddies, and yell at/mock endlessly whoever makes the mistake of drafting a kicker/defense WAYYY too early.

    • Awesome! $700/month for PMI is not bad, but there are much better things (like, anything) to spend that money on πŸ™‚ Plus getting through the hideous refi process is reason enough to celebrate.

      • Accountering

        We caculated it, at $700/month (that doesn’t fall off anymore) that is over $250,000 over the life of the loan. The fact that PMI on a tiny rowhouse = the cost of the average american house is a problem πŸ™

        • I was against borrowing money from my partner’s mom for the downpayment (we only had about 15% saved up) but when I realized the alternative was paying an extra $1000/month for the PMI I quickly changed my mind. πŸ™‚

      • Congrats! That’s awesome and holy cow $700 PMI is a lot!!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: finding my center is proving difficult today. Working through lunch is not helping things either…hangry hangry.

  • Late day raves:
    System is down so paid to do nothing.
    I got the job (pending background which should be ok)!

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