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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: no more Panda Cam at work.
    Rant: I lost $50k in the stock market yesterday
    Rave: I am alive

  • anonymouse_dianne

    &pizza at 13th and U closed for renovations Aug 25-27. Doesn’t seem like enough time to do anything major – any ideas?

    • Was there a smaller DOH failed inspection notice dwarfed by the giant sign promising “renovations?”

    • Yeah, it’ll probably be here at some point: http://doh.dc.gov/newsroom/advisories
      Looks like the McDonald’s was closed last week (?) because of a sewage backup. Maybe something similar happened with &pizza.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        With all the construction going on across at the Rite Aid and then further down near McD’s I’d imagine business’s will have fits with rats and sewage. &pizza has totally blocked off the windows with signage which I found curious.

  • Rave: Good first date yesterday evening, thank you all for the suggestions! We actually ended up going somewhere else but I’m keeping a running list of places for next time! Still not sure how I feel about kissing on the first date, but that happened, so yeah.
    Unknown: Still waiting on new job logistics…
    Rave: Have plans with friends later this week and this weekend. Huzzah!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think kissing on the first date is a case by case thing. Sometimes one wants to, sometimes not. Just go with the flow.

      • +1. This time it worked out well, I think! Either way, it usually takes me a couple dates to make a decision whether I like them or not.

      • I agree, but prefer to kiss. I’ve never gone on a second date with someone I didn’t kiss on the first. I couldn’t imagine going out with an awful (octopus in your face) kisser again.

  • question: I just found out the reason my coworker has been out for about a week is because her father had a very sudden/unexpected and serious medical issue and is not expected to live more than a few more days. we aren’t really friends outside of work and have only been working together about 9 months, but our division is really small (7 people) and she is probably the person I am closest with – we go to coffee together once or twice per week. however, we have never texted/emailed outside of work and I heard about her father through another coworker. I feel terrible for her and want to let her know that I am thinking about her but I also don’t know her well enough to know if she would find it intrusive/inappropriate to contact her outside of work related context. should I text her?

    • I’d go ahead and reach out but let her know no response is needed, just that you’re thinking of her and sending support.

    • Personally, I wouldn’t text, but I would offer my support upon her return to work.

    • My stepdad passed away in June and I am still amazed at the outpouring of love I received from some unexpected people and places. I would say reach out (with the understanding that she may be too overwhelmed to reply for a while).

    • I think it’s ok to send a text to let her know you are thinking of her. You don’t have to get into the details if that feels too awkward. If it were me on the receiving end, I’d find it a touching gesture during a difficult moment.

    • When my sibling died, I got a range of responses at work. A few of the people I work most closely with texted me, a few work friends emailed, and a bunch of people gave their condolences when I returned to work. I think that any of those would be appropriate with a close work friend. But If you’re worried about crossing boundaries, you could always just send it to her work email.

      • Accountering

        I think this is the move to send to work email.

        • this is a great idea… unfortunately we don’t have work issued phones and you have to actually take your laptop home in order to log on to the network/check email. (think underfunded government agency with ancient technology infrastructure and lots of security restrictions.) so she wouldn’t receive a work email until she’s actually back inside the office at which point I’d rather just talk to her in person.
          but anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who commented. I ended up texting her on your recommendations.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I lost my father in 2000, brother in 2001, and uncle by suicide in 2002. Best thing for me was cards that said “thinking of you.” Be careful if you don’t know her religious bent (I am not religious – Unitarian) as some cards go overboard. I suppose for 2015 version, texting thinking of you would be equivalent.

  • look up the Emeril brisket recipe, it’s delicious! If you prefer something more traditional, can follow similar instructions but use beef broth on its own and put carrots, onion, celery, etc in the pan with the brisket. Enjoy!

  • Rave: trip to visit father in law was far easier and less stressful than anticipated! My wife may now be on board with staying in a hotel or air bnb for parts of future visits, which should be helpful.
    Rant : schlepping up to North Bethesda for a conference my first three days back.
    Rant: between hot flashes and an overly sensitive nose, particularly to body fragrances, this plenary session is rather uncomfortable. At least it’s almost over and hopefully next session is more comfortable!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have a very sensitive nose, too. I keep getting hit in the face with walls of body stench. DC has a lot of stink.

      • This is me all the time. I can smell stuff that no one else can. People stink!

        • The perfumes, colognes, etc are the worst. Regular bo doesn’t bother me as much for some reason.
          And accountering, yikes. I don’t think I could pull that off! But I’m spoiled by a shorter commute and definitely consider that whenever I consider looking for a new job.

          • Cologne plus bo is the worst but regular bo is still bad. I should be desensitized by now (rolling around with sweaty dudes), but I’m not at all

          • Emmaleigh504

            I keep running into the wall of bo, dirty laundry, and cheap fragrance.

          • What’s with the unwashed clothes? First, this is why I require w/d in unit, and I don’t have a ton of clothes. I’ve worked 100hrs in a week and still did laundry. I don’t get it!

          • Blithe

            What seem to be “unwashed” clothing might not be. Some fabrics — polyesters and possibly rayon — seem to pick up and hold onto odors more than natural fibers such as cotton. I’d also guess that people might be more likely to wear items made from dry-clean only fabrics multiple times compared to washable ones. And then there are those who think that febreze is enough. It’s not.

      • This morning was really stinky. Hot garbage, marinated in rain, dumped into trucks… My neighborhood is usually the least smelly part of my walk to work, but today, I was glad to get out of there.
        Agreed that perfumes and such are a curse. I like a little spritz as much as the next woman. But the person who dispenses a goose-egg sized blob of scented lotion and smears it all over herself (neck, shoulders, arms, knees) on the bus, or in a conference room… she needs a talking to.

        • Emmaleigh504

          she or he, for whatever reason only the men in my office over scent. I think I’m the only woman who uses it.

    • Accountering

      I feel you on your rant. North Bethesda is the suck. I come up here every day for work. Your related rave should be that it is only for three days. I have been doing this for three years 🙁

  • Rave: I slept so well last night!

    Rave: I found a recipe this morning for zucchini tater tots. So I’ll be trying that when I get home tonight.

    Rave: Just started using MyFitnessPal (I know, I’m super late to the party) and it’s kind of cool! I’m hoping that I start seeing positive results soon. 🙂

    • What does fit pal do?

      • It’s an app that I use to track my meals and exercise – it syncs up with my FitBit and I put my weight loss goals in, and it tells me how many calories I need to eat each day in order to “sensibly” lose the weight I want. It also prods me when I haven’t logged in my meals. So everything I eat or drink, I enter into the app, and it calculates it for me. And it keeps me honest!

        • I am going to start using a similar app but the goals are too sensible even at active or very active. I like that I can scan my food into it.

          • The downside of these apps is that it can be tricky and time consuming to enter your homemade food. It almost encourages you to eat packaged food, because of the ease of scanning. That’s where I always fail with these things, not knowing how to calculate the calories of my lentil salad or whatever.

          • I may ditch it for that very reason, but I’m giving it a shot. I try to measure so that helps, a scale could help also. You can scan the lentils and estimate how much is in each serving or measure it out by the cup. Being a little off probably won’t kill your plan.

          • SouthwestDC

            I don’t think the homemade food is that hard to enter, especially if it doesn’t have a lot of ingredients and you get several meals out of a recipe. The recipe importer is helpful for online recipes.
            I think MFP would be a huge pain if you’re eating out a lot. Unless it’s a chain you really have no way of accurately entering what you’re eating at a restaurant. It’s also tricky with mixed drinks where you’re not sure how much liquor is going into them.

    • ooh share the recipe please?

  • RANT: So tired of seeing the term “victim blaming” used whenever someone has an opinion or question in regards to a crime posted on here.
    RAVE: The rain last night- just what my grass needed.
    RAVE: Looking forward to the next two weeks of vacation spanned across different sets of friends and locations.

    • Agree with your first rant. There is often really blatent victim blaming (“Oh, well it’s her fault for wearing a skirt on a date”) and noting that people need to have SOME level of awareness to protect themselves in a city. But that’s just my opinion. And I’m sure everyone with an opinion on this issue, no matter what it is, will probably get skewered by someone here.

    • skj84

      Could you clarify your first rant? Honestly while some situations could be avoided, the only blame in most situations should go to the perpetrator only. Most victim blaming makes me really uncomfortable, it’s trying to find a way to defend shitty behavior.

      • Someone will ask what happened…backstory if you will, then ppl will yell victim blaming.

      • I think it stemmed from the Uber Driver story yesterday where justinbc asked who reported the crime and whether the victim may have gotten into the wrong car (i.e. was looking for an uber but got into the wrong car). But I viewed this as a legitimate question given the police description (“may have been an uber”), rather than blaming the victim for ACTUALLY getting into the wrong car.
        I do agree with your statement about defending shitty behavior!

        • It’s come up in many stories here.
          The issue there was perhaps the word drunkenly as that sounds a bit blamey, but overall, I think it was a legit inquiry.

        • justinbc

          Yes. I was inquiring as to why the report from MPD was so vague, and offered several potential speculations 1) someone else reported it, 2) the person was unclear on what type of transport they used, 3) maybe they were too drunk to remember. Of course someone got upset because we’re all perfect little snowflakes so the insinuation that alcohol was possibly involved was intolerable and must have been advocating that the woman deserved what she got. Never mind that reason #3 is pretty much the only time I ever use a cab, or that that inference is practically absurd, as anonymous below points out (“I’ll just say that I don’t think anyone that reads this blog- is OK with any crime committed against another person.”) It’s a grossly overused, reductive term at this point and pretty much indicates exactly the type of conversation you can expect to have with that poster.

      • I’ll just say that I don’t think anyone that reads this blog- is OK with any crime committed against another person. As a matter of fact -I have never seen a comment that remotely suggest that what the perpetrator did was OK. Situational awareness does not equal victim blaming.

        • Yes, situational awareness is important, but the people who want to give crime avoidance 101 lectures on every crime post get a bit old for me. Every city resident has heard the same speech from well-meaning relatives at least 100 times. And it bugs especially when it is presented to women and rape victims like it’s some amazing new idea they’d never considered.

          • Well said, blahblahblah. I find the “crime avoidance 101” to be really tiresome, too.

          • Emmaleigh504

            well said.

          • It is pretty tiresome, I don’t disagree. But I’ve also met a few people (both men and women) who really truly haven’t considered certain things and I’m amazed that nothing bad ever happened to them. (And I do actually know at least one person who got into someone’s car who wasn’t their Uber driver… and they weren’t drunk…)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I usually don’t read those threads b/c it quickly becomes an argument about whether “victim blaming” is happening or not. It just goes around and around.

    • Blithe

      I agree with you about being tired of seeing the term “victim blaming” and would add “PC” to my list of abhorrent phrases. IMO, such phrases often seem to be thrown out to shut down discussion rather than to add to it in any meaningful way.

  • Rave: Walked 3 miles Friday, 2 miles Sunday and 2 miles yesterday. Trying to walk everyday this week to get started on losing this excess weight. Need to lose at least 30lbs. Want to lose 50lbs.
    Rant: Used cheese popcorn to assuage my depression yesterday. Need to stop doing that.
    Rant: Did not get enough sleep last night so I couldn’t walk this morning. I’ll have to walk this evening.
    Rant: My stomach and back fat jiggles every time I exercise.
    Rave: Made appointment with weight loss clinic at GW
    Rant: Appointment is in November.

    • Accountering

      Congrats on all your raves! The first step is the hardest, but you will get there! Are you using a fit bit or anything? I would recommend both a fit bit, and an app like Mapmyrun (works for walking too) to keep track of your steps, and your progress. It may be helpful as another measuring stick, for once you have lost 10 pounds or whatever, clothes fitting better, that you can go back and look at your walks and see that you also improved your mile time from 20 minutes to 18 minutes or whatever. Good luck!!!

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 to activity device thingie and apps. I like the Shine better than the FitBit. Mostly b/c it’s prettier. I have linked to My Fitness Pal, so it does most of the calorie math for me.

        • I bought the fitbit one because I didn’t want to wear a bracelet. It fits in my pocket, or clips onto my clothing (waist ususally). And it can take a trip through the washing machine and come out still fully functioning.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Same with Shine. You can clip it anywhere and it’s water proof. It’s good for triathletes b/c it tracks swimming and biking. I’m not a triathlete, I just like the pretty 🙂 Mine is coke red.

      • Thanks. I’m not using anything except for my walking DVD and sneakers. I’ve tried to use the Nike app on my old Iphone but couldn’t get it to work. Don’t want to be a pain but is fit bit an app?

        • Bracelet that can sync to apps, track sleep, etc.

        • FitBit is -also- an app that can work without a bracelet if you have an iPhone 6. The phone itself works like the bracelet and the app counts steps, calculates calories in/out, and has other features. It works with the Health app and can sync up with a lot of other apps.

        • Accountering

          If you can swing it financially, I would advise spending some money on it. Your health is important! Make sure you have nice walking shoes (perhaps go to a running shoe store and get fitted?) and get some nice headphones to listen to music while you walk. Fit
          I bought bluetooth headphones on Amazon (Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones – Green) and even at $85, they are well worth it! If you are going to be working hard, treat yourself well! You can find work-out remixes on Itunes store for like $10 for 50 songs. I use those when I run but would work for walking too. Songs play through the mapmyrun app, and it tracks everything for you.

    • Calorie counting via myfitnesspal helped me lose about 20 pounds in about 9 months last year (along with biking and walking to work 3+days a week in the summer and fall).

      Just my unsolicited 2 cents of advice.

      • I just started using MyFitnessPal and I have a Fitbit. I love that it helped you!

      • SouthwestDC

        And on the flip side: I was a diehard MFP user for a couple years, then decided maybe I was getting too obsessed with it and took a break. Half a year later I stepped on a scale and realized I’d gained 10 pounds (not an insignificant amount on a 5’2″ woman).
        So I went back to logging with a deficit and have lost 3 pounds since April. Once I get back down to a good weight I think I’ll stick with 1200 cals/day but not log on the weekends. That seems to work well for maintaining weight and is easier than logging every single day.

    • you got this! Take it one day at a time, there will be hiccups, but keep going!

    • Congrats on your raves! Here is my unsolicited advice (I lost 20 lbs last fall/winter and have kept it off for six months and counting). MyFitnessPal is great. I did not use a FitBit and didn’t feel that I needed one, but I have heard good things. If you don’t have a food scale with you all the time, try to overestimate your calories and underestimate your exercise by 10%. If you’re constantly hungry, adjust your food intake up and/or your weekly weight loss goal down (I tried setting it to lose 2lbs/week but found that I was too hungry, so I ended up at losing 1lb/week and was much happier that way). Finally, I think the 80/20 rule is important for sustained weight loss and weight loss maintenance–eat healthy 80% of the time, and what you want (in moderation) the other 20%. That will keep you sane and you’ll probably find, as I did, that you feel better eating healthier foods. Good luck!

      • Yep, I concur with your advice. Overestimate calories, underestimate exercise.

      • +1 This is all good advice. In my experience, tracking my food intake and watching calories was a lot more effective in helping me lose weight than just working out was. Even when I am being careful, the amount of calories I am taking in vs. what I think I am taking in are two different things.

  • Rave: DC schools started this week.
    Rave: cooler weather soon.
    Rant: two vacant houses on my block, one, which was a crack house until recently, almost certainly infested with vermin.

  • Rave: Just accepted the job offer, woot! Slightly terrifying since it’s a short-term project but I know it’s the right move for me right now.
    Rant: Have been waking up simultaneously ravenous and nauseated a lot these past few weeks. I want to eat all the things but all I can stomach are saltine crackers and water. Hoping getting out of this toxic work environment will take care of this.

  • skj84

    Rave: potluck at work next week. There is going to be a dip contest. That I must win. Any god recipies PoPville?

    Rant: still dealing with serious anxiety over the next week.

    • Buffalo chicken dip? It used to be a staple at my old office’s potlucks and everyone loved it, but it may also be a little too mainstream for a contest…

      • Buffalo chicken dip wins every contest in my book. Especially if you use small chunks of fried chicken instead of just the usual shredded chicken…mmmmmmm.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have a good spinach dip: 2 boxes of chopped frozen spinach thawed, 1 packet of Italian dressing mix, 1 teaspoon mayo, and a bunch of sour cream. Mix it all together. Add sour cream until it’s creamy. I also add some cayenne pepper for kick and some canned artichokes. It’s particularly good with melba toast, but any cracker will do.

    • Mug of Glop

      I like to make sweet chipotle sour cream dip. Well, I don’t like to make it, because then I eat it all immediately, but it’s pretty good! Anyway, recipe as follows, for about half a thing of sour cream (8-ish ounces). Multiply for larger servings.
      Put sour cream in bowl.
      Get canned chipotle peppers in adobo. Mince two peppers and add them along with some adobo sauce from can (to desired spiciness).
      Add spicy deli mustard to desired vinegariness (usually a tbsp-ish).
      Add honey (for thicker dip) or maple syrup (for thinner dip) to desired sweetness (usually a tbsp-ish).
      I think that’s it?
      Eats best with Trader Joe’s ruffled potato chips with sea salt, but can be eaten with any chips with no loss of function.
      Greek yogurt can be substituted for sour cream for better healthiness at cost of creaminess.
      Sriracha can be substituted for chipotles for optimal laziness at cost of taste.

    • What about a sweet type dip, since most people will prob go the savory route? I haven’t tried this but this blog is my go-to for good dessert recipes! http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2012/10/30/cinnamon-toffee-cheesecake-dip-for-apples/

    • This sounds overly simple, but I promise it’s good! If you want to up the ante, use fresh corn: 2 cans of black beans, 2 cans of shoe peg corn, 1 container of feta cheese, 1/3 cup sugar, 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/3 cup veg oil, 1 small bunch of thinly sliced green onion

    • My 1970s Bridge Party dip is always a winner.
      1 can artichoke hearts, roughly chopped (2 cans if you want!)
      1 brick cream cheese, softened
      1 clove garlic, smashed
      1 blob mayo
      Several shakes of worcestershire sauce
      A handful of parmesan (not the powdered kind, even though that’s definitely what mom used in the 70s)

      Mix, heat til bubbly, serve with pita chips or triscuits. Nostalgia!

  • Question: if offered positions in Seattle and San Francisco, which would you choose? SF pay is $10K higher, but when factoring in a) no income tax in WA state b) lower cost of living, Seattle comes out a little ahead financially speaking. Jobs are very similar, and in same organization.

    • I’d pick Seattle. I think you’ll get more bang for your buck without having to get a broker to find housing (I haven’t heard about it in Seattle, at least).

    • I’d choose San Francisco but only because I’m from Northern California and I prefer the weather in SF (even the fog) to Seattle.

    • Seattle. Taxes and COL is insane in NorCal. Financially, you will be way ahead in Seattle.
      That said, the weather sucks in Seattle.

    • You should compare the cost of living index, but I’m almost certain the extra $10k in SF doesn’t begin to cover the delta, even before considering state income tax.

      • Accountering

        I would pick Seattle in this circumstance, hands down. You should be making like $30k more for SF.

      • Seattle hands down. I LOVE San Fran, but an extra $10k there is nothing. The rent is insane and some friends just moved out of the city b/c it’s too much. I disagree that the weather sucks in Seattle too…yes it rains and can be overcast, but the next minute the sun can come out.

    • It takes a certain personality to deal with only about 40 days of sunshine per year. The weather in Seattle really does suck. Think on it.

      • +1. I have friends who live in Seattle and love it. But there are a lot of people who have trouble dealing with that much rain. WTHBS, I also agree with the posters who point out the out of control COL in SF. /not helpful

      • Many more than 40 days of sunshine in the Northwest. I once spent Labor Day through Election Day in Seattle and had only two days of rain, and lived and entire summer in Oregon that was quite dry and dusty. Seattle native friends and Mr. Google confirm this. (Even Olympic National Park only averages an inch or so of rain a month during the summer). It does kind of rain for six months straight, though.
        On the other hand, San Francisco is no sun-blessed Eden with the weather (in my experience) often bearing out the old Mark Twain quote: “the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.”

        • Irving Streete is right about SF weather … more or less. For the last month, it’s generally been in the 60s/low 70s most days with mornings being overcast and afternoons sunny and bright. It gets a bit chilly in the early mornings and evenings but a sweater is always sufficient. There is almost no rain and little humidity to speak of. There have been a few odd days in the 80s, but they seem to be highly unusual. Apparently the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, etc), it’s 5-10 degrees warmer there on average. And there are a lot of microclimates here, so some neighborhoods are known for being particularly sunny, foggy, etc.

          • SouthwestDC

            People always rave about West coast weather, but I think it’s pretty awful. I spent part of a summer in San Diego a few years ago, and we had the 60s/low 70s temps too. Not hot enough to be a true summer, IMO.

          • Yeah, for better or worse, I think the weather is basically the same here year round. After living in number of places with blazing hot summers and freezing cold winters, I’m happy to have nice, moderate weather almost every day. But I think it will be weird to not have proper seasons, too.

        • I lived there 19 years and distinctly remember August and maybe an extra week or two were nice. You are delusional if you think Seattle is a sunny paradise.

    • I don’t know Seattle well enough to offer a side-by-side comparison,. That said, several people told us before we moved to SF that it’s “paradise … if you can afford it,” and I’ve found that to be entirely true. SF is wonderful but crazy, crazy expensive. I say move here if you can make it work financially, but do a very serious analysis of the financials involved before making a decision. Look up housing costs, for example, to get a sense of what you could afford in both places and think about whether those costs would otherwise negatively impact your quality of life. It’s been a big adjustment for us. It’s worth it, I think, but an adjustment no less.

      • By the way, Curbed SF is a really good resource on the housing market here. THe “Curbed Comparisons” is a good resource for finding out what you can get at a given price. sf.curbed.com/tags/curbed-comparisons

      • And this: priceonomics.com/the-san-francisco-rent-explosion-part-iii/

    • Is diversity a concern? Because Seattle’s overwhelmingly white. I have an Indian friend who lived there for about a decade and experienced a lot of discrimination. On the plus side it’s very gay friendly.

      • Seattle is great, but just remember “the big one” is coming… Don’t want to be there for the earthquake/ tsunami!

        • Isn’t that a potential issue for SF too? Or would SF get the earthquake but be mostly shielded from the tsunami because it’s hilly?

    • How is this even a question? Didn’t you read The Article??
      (But seriously, I would not move to the Pacific NW.)

  • palisades

    Rave: The kid that tripped and put a hole into the $1.5 million painting in Taiwan. One of the funniest/cringiest videos ever.

  • Accountering

    Very important meeting today at 2:00pm in reference to Fridays comments. A little nervous, but mostly just excited! Should have an update later this week is my guess.

  • Rave: Beautiful day! The rain last night really helped cool things down, and it looks like the weather for the rest of the week is only going to get better.
    Rant: Not enough sleep – for some stupid reason I decided to make a roast chicken, which didn’t get in the oven til shortly after 8 and wasn’t eaten until 9:30. Ugh! I hate eating that late unless I’m planning on being up for a lot longer and have time to let it digest. Oh well. The plus side is a bunch of yummy leftovers and a carcass for making my homemade chicken stock! Winter is coming, after all.

    • Allison

      Haha, I made the exact same chicken mistake a week ago. Start dinner at 7:00pm — “wait, you mean it needs an hour and a half!?!” Now I remember why I buy split, bone-in chicken breasts. They cook in 45 mins.

    • That One Guy

      Winter is coming. Sounds so ominous in comparison to today’s weather. Haha

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Special project at work is making me slightly crazy.
    Rant: This 1 curl will not stay where it belongs.
    Rant: Robert Osborne’s slurred speech. I fear he had a stroke.
    Rave: blackberry and rose tea blend.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: There’s a time in the life of a man when you have to accept the inevitable. The question is, should I go for the same thing again knowing that the fate may be the same? Why do I get so attached?! I miss you LAMY Scribble 3.15 mm; I miss you.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I need to stay away from all news sources for the next week.
    Rant: And I’d be happy if all the election stuff went away, too. TOO SOON.
    Rave: Great response to the new program I had a hand in developing.
    Rant: That means this fall is going to be even busier that I’d expected.

  • Rave: applied for a temporary assignment in London with work. Would be 6 month rotation with a very prestigious institution and I’d have all expenses covered (rent, COL adjustment, etc). Huge resume booster and my bank account would be in a great place.
    Rave: The potential applicant pool is tiny – available to only people from my division and this position really wouldn’t work for people who have kids in school – so my odds are pretty high.
    Rant: just moved in with GF and she already rolled eyes when I told her about it, LOL. Still, I am trying to convince her to telecommute and we could sublet our place for very good money. Come on, honey!!! 😀

    • Awesome … and jeeeez, really? I can understand why the lady is not amused 🙂

    • Does she have the option to telecommute? If so, I’d jump at the opportunity. Once in a lifetime experience to live in London and it’s only 6 months. However, if it would mean a 6 month long distance relationship I wouldn’t be too excited.

      • Unclear if TC is an option right now. She will broach the topic, if/when I get the offer. Lots of people 100% telecommute at her organization, but they do so domestically. There may be some issues with data sensitivity, if she’s telecommuting internationally. She’s sort of a rockstar at her employer (young and moved up quickly into management), so I can see them being flexible in an effort to keep her happy and employed with them. People who can manage tech projects are expensive and hard to find!

    • Envious of the London possibility. I love that city!

      • SouthwestDC

        I’m envious of the opportunity to do a rotation in any international city! Whenever we get work like that it’s always for someplace that’s very cold and very very boring.

  • Hey EU/EU Members, your decision to not make a decision on the refugee crisis is a decision. By choosing to not come up with a cohesive plan, you are guilty of (a) the awful conditions affecting both legitimate war refugees and economic migrants, (b) allowing your borders to be overrun, and (c) forcing your peoples to take on an ever-growing burden that is likely not sustainable in the long run.
    Rant: Greatly annoyed with Germany right now. At this point, since they, Sweden and Austria, seem to be taking in the bulk of the migrants and deliberately ignoring the EU asylum rules, they deserve to be flooded. If their people strike back in ugly ways, the leadership should be held culpable for violating the social contract. Just leave the UK and the others out of it.

  • Not really a rant, but it’s kind of sad that the lovely yellow Victorian house on 13th in Columbia Heights started to come down today.

  • Rave: my Dapper Old Gentleman did a great job at the vet this morning. He didn’t jump at any of the other dogs, though he eventually noticed a fake dog sculpture and did his best to protect me from intimating, foot high behemoth.
    Rant: ran into a friend there who’s cat isn’t doing well :-/
    Rave: day off.
    Rave: good date last night. It sounds like there will be a second, I hope so.
    Rave: off to lunch with the niece nuggets.

  • Rant: I slept like crap last night and woke up to a lovely bout of dry heaving. C’mon second trimester!
    Rave: Busy, busy work at week, but I am managing to be very productive.
    Rave: Partner returns from two weeks of travel tomorrow. I am ready to give up the middle of the bed.

  • “Destaff” = fire?

  • Rave: Caught up on sleep this morning.
    Rant: Orientation, constant social interaction, and being “on” at all times is exhausting.
    Rave: People are very nice and friendly. Already have found quite a few people on the same level in terms of both going out (minimal) and exercising.
    Rave: My uncle is proposing soon and I picked out the ring. I hope she likes it!
    Thing that happened: Went to an open football practice and sat on the field. Pretty cool experience for this not-into-football-at-all lady. That is one intense coach!

    • I Dont Get It

      This sentence was initially disturbing to read: My uncle is proposing soon and I picked out the ring.
      Not a fan of Michigan but I’m sure the home football games are a lot of fun!

      • Ha! He’s currently overseas and can’t get on most websites so I was charged with picking/purchasing the ring for his girlfriend.
        The practice was pretty intense. I can’t even imagine what a real game day will be like.

  • Additional (late) rant: New co-worker who everyone else in my office seems to love, but who talks REALLY loud on the phone and then badmouths whoever she was talking to out loud to herself when she hangs up. Ugh.

  • emvee

    Rant: I have to send the dog over to my folks’ place in Virginia for a few weeks. SO is finishing his dissertation and I need to pull quite a few late nights in the next month, so off goes the pooch to shed some pounds at Grandma’s Fat Camp.
    Rave: That my folks live close enough and are willing to take in my dog.
    Question: I offered to bring them dinner as a thank you for watching the dog and now I’m kicking myself for it because, ugh, time commitment to make food AND transport it AND have the meal. The parents are not down with going out to eat, so that’s not an option. Ideally, I’d love to make something casserole-ish and freeze it until Dog Drop Off Day. Any favorites?

    • Baked ziti? I make it with a couple of bell peppers chopped up and mixed in.

    • Lasagna, or tater tot casserole. 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      funeral potatoes and a (store bought) salad.
      I’ve noticed that “bake” has taken the place of casserole in places like pinterest. Keep that in mind if you Google for recipes.

    • My go-to is enchiladas, but they can be a bit time consuming if you make each step from scratch. Also love lasagna.

      • Save a lot of time by making it like a lasagna (in layers) instead of rolling enchiladas individually.

    • SouthwestDC

      Lots of desserts are freezable too. I just made and froze batch of blackberry hand pies that reheat very well. Coincidentally, the berries were from my parents’ blackberry bush which I raided the last time they dogsat for me 😉

    • emvee

      Excellent suggestions! I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy a couple years back so I haven’t done anything pasta-ish in some time, but I think the GF pasta I’ve found could hold up to a baked ziti (not sure I’d trust GF lasagna).

      • I’ve done both gluten-free with great success. Tinkyada lasagna noodles from Whole Foods are great– just be careful not to break them while draining. I’ve used a lot of brands for baked ziti and all have held up fine.

      • SouthwestDC

        I have plans to make a GF lasagna this week (someone requested one a while ago, then changed their mind after I’d already bought the noodles). I have my doubts too, but will let you know how it turns out.

        • At first I read this post by itself (was scrolling up rather than down) and was reading it as “I have plans to make a girlfriend lasagna this week.”

    • Broccoli, rice, chickpea casserole. Freezes well and is delicious.

  • Rave: In a good mood!
    Rave: Got a lot of cleaning/tidying accomplished in time for friend/houseguest’s arrival last night.
    Rant: There’s still clutter.
    Rave: … but I did get rid of some things, rearrange/consolidate other things, and vacuum under things before putting them back.
    Rave: My cat adores my houseguest, and I get a kick out of watching them together.
    Rave: Rain last night gave my outdoor plants a good watering!
    Rave: Had the bright idea of using chopsticks (and my chopsticks skillz) to get some out-of-reach lint that had made it through my dryer’s lint screen. Was inordinately pleased about this.

    • Love all of these raves!

      • Thanks, fka Shawess!
        Additional rave: The thumb that I accidentally jammed a thorn into on Sunday hurts only a little bit today — it was still rather painful yesterday.

    • Blithe

      Yay on your Raves! I love your comment about being “inordinately pleased”! I felt that way when I tried using tweezers for the same issue — and did NOT drop the tweezers! :-).

      • Yeah — part of the dryer cavity was deeper than the chopsticks, and I was worried I was going to drop a chopstick and have to go purchase tongs or something to get it out!

        • SouthwestDC

          When my washer stopped doing the spin cycle I figured out that the lid wasn’t hitting the button to signal it was closed, so I was using a chopstick to hold it down until I rigged up something better. Chopsticks have many uses 🙂

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Senior Citizen dogs! Lucy now won’t go down the stairs and Lizzy has problems going up! This morning neither would eat nor drink anything so I had to go nuclear and give them cat food.
    Rave: WDS is having some long overdue dental surgery at Whitman-Walker today so
    Rant: He set up on the mantel an alter which consisted of a long wooden staff, various pieces of jewelry, a cross, a scarf and what appears to be a blue kewpie doll.
    Rave: He is going to a friend’s house for a week to convalesce. Who needs a week to recover from dental surgery???

  • rave: just got news that they’re starting work on my building two weeks earlier than they thought they’d be able to! hooray for modernized plumbing and HVAC systems
    rant: residents who are pitching disproportionate fits over the short-term inconvenience of work being done in their units for long-term convenience of 21st century utilities.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Such sloppy work on my part. I shouldn’t have screwed that up. Angry at myself because I remember having looking at things and them not adding up and having to fix.

  • Rant: Parking tickets
    Rant: Being an adult
    Rave: This too shall pass (it’ll be expensive, but it’ll pass)
    Rave/Rant: My boss is working, but remotely. It turns out our senior leadership reallllyyyy likes to discuss things with the person that is physically here…even if that’s not the best person to discuss things with.
    Rave: I’m handling it relatively well.
    Rave: Feeling wayyyy better now than I was when I left the house this morning. (See parking ticket rant above!)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your Rave/Rant is my life every Monday and Friday except it’s not senior staff, it’s regular staff.

  • i fought against the baseball give away, but city council was persuaded that D.C. loves baseball, i just came back to D.C. and observed the baseball crowds, mostly suburban and white, i asked some of the Black crowd if they were from D.C. most said no and of those that were from D.C. half said they had free tickets.
    I know this was a not a scientific study but it is exactly what i testified would happen. and now they want to build a soccer stadium for D.C. resident, i guess the not so subtle hint is that they do not foresee many Black folks being in D.C. for very long. and they told me back in the 1970 “THE PLAN” WAS A PARANOID DELUSION.

    • “now they want to build a soccer stadium for D.C. resident, i guess the not so subtle hint is that they do not foresee many Black folks being in D.C. for very long.” That assumes that the D.C. government actually cares who patronizes these stadiums. I don’t think they do — they’re just happy to do sweetheart deals with corporations.

    • DC government cares about revenue. They will build the stadium because: 1.) pols want campaign contributions from corporations and developers who will stand to benefit, 2.) much of the soccer fan base is actually white and Hispanic residents of MD and VA who will spend money in the District (sales tax revenue!), 3.) the stadium will create some local jobs (more tax revenue), 4.) other events (concerts) at the stadium will also bring in money (even more tax revenue), and 5.) the stadium increases the value of nearby housing (increased property tax revenue!).
      The stadium has nothing to do with race. The only color seen by DC pols – most of whom are African-American – is GREEN.

  • Rant: Hard choices. Would a 37.5% pay cut be worth it to move to a place where the cost of living is maybe (at max) 20% lower? It feels a little terrifying to cut my salary almost in half nearly ten years in….

    • Is the pay cut due to COL or would you be downgrading in your position? Where does your happiness factor in on the matter?

    • SouthwestDC

      Places with a lower cost of living usually have a much lower quality of life too. And if you’ve gotten away with not owning a car here, that’s an expense you’d probably have to factor in. I wouldn’t do it.

    • Nope. You’ll be hard pressed to make up the difference in your lifetime. What if you need to move to a higher COL location in 10 or 15 years? You’ll be negotiating from a lower base. Not worth it.
      Even if lower COL, at a minimum your goal is to make a lateral move and keep the same salary. That’s not negotiable.

      • And even though the cost of living is high here, you’re gaining a lot in equity if you own a home or are able to buy one in the future.

  • Rant: lost $4k in my 401k in the last 3 days. It’s not back up from yesterday, but down another $1k. 🙁
    Rant: interview opportunity rescinded because they forgot about me and wouldn’t respond to me checking in.
    Revel: can rant about it here and go to the beach for the rest of the week to drown my sorrows in sun and sand.

    additional revel: my first RRRR! (That’s random reader rant and/or revel).

  • phl2dc

    RANT: When a business tells you that outside seating is for customers only, YOU GET UP AND LEAVE. There is no debating whether you should go, where you should go, etc. You pack your shit and GTFO.

  • Rave: School starting!! The older ones are super happy to be back, and the youngest can’t wait to start later this week.
    Rave: Turned our morning errands into adventure time and explored a little bit of Brookland with my Brightwood boy. He was pretty shocked that we were in DC all day apparently.
    Rave: Really enjoying my time off and having the opportunity to bake (two batches of muffins last night and a cake today) and make yummy food for dinner. Sorta makes me wish for the housewife life, but I also know that would last all of two days before I was stir crazy!

  • Rant: Dentist referred me to periodontist for possible scaling/planing. Hurts my teeth just to think about this, and I’m expecting my wallet to hurt as well
    Rant: Looking at my bathroom skylight I see dead bugs (camel crickets?) but also live bugs crawling around. Where did they come from (they weren’t there on Friday) and why are they dying in my skylight?
    Rave: Burst cherry tomatoes with pasta – delicious, and a great way to use some of the giant bowl of sungold tomatoes on my counter (NYT recipe)

  • SouthwestDC

    Rave: Potentially interesting restaurant (Uyghur cuisine) coming to my work neighborhood.

    • That One Guy

      That sounds interesting.
      As an aside, I sometimes wonder if a foreign cuisine is authentically presented when it’s available here in the U.S. Unless you’re already familiar who would know to call shenanigans.

      • True. The good thing about DC is that there always is someone who has lived in whatever obscure part of the world and can hold the restaurateur to their claims of authenticity.

      • SouthwestDC

        At least when tourists ask for a restaurant recommendation I can do more than shrug and say that the fajitas at Freddie’s are decent (if they’re willing to cross Route 1).

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