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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: Baby pandas!
    Revel: My classroom is looking pretty good. I dont’ think I’ll have to be here until 5 tonight!
    Rant: I don’t feel prepared for the babies to come in tomorrow – I’m pretty anxious that getting my classroom together has sucked up all my time.
    Rant: Creepy pervy guys on dating sites.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Vacation was great, if too short. I would spend the whole summer in western Mass if I could.
    Rant: While we were away, TWO of my credit cards (one of which I haven’t used since June) had fraudulent activity. That was fun to deal with.
    Rant: Work is going to be a crazy busy mess for the next 3 months, at least. Is it too soon for another vacation?

  • Revel: The new office wants me, and they’re trying to figure out the how-to-move-with-the-wrong-position-title debacle. Fingers AND toes crossed today.
    Rant: Despite my best attempts, no dates this weekend again. It’s feast or famine, I guess.
    Rave: Loving my new apartment/neighborhood.
    Rant: I’ve been realizing I have a self-confidence problem when I’m living in this city. It was never a problem in college, or over the summer on my fellowship. But lately I find myself having to stop the negative self-talk tape in my head. Ugh.

    • emvee

      DC can be a hard city to live in if you have any self-deprecating tendencies, which I absolutely do. There are so many people doing so many impressive things and everyone seems to be a go-getter. I make a point of trying to attend events where people’s jobs won’t be a topic of conversation because it’s easier for me to get down on myself in those situations. And I love my job, too! It’s just hard sometimes when you’re like “Well geez, I didn’t feed 200 families this week,” or “What bill did I help pass?”

      • +100. I work with so many brilliant, Ivy League educated people who are doing work of national and international importance. It is a hit to the ego to compare yourself to people like that, and DC is full of them.

        • Also remember that a lot of people inflate their lives. I had a friend whose husband basically opened mail for a Senator. Sometimes he even got to send a form letter back. But if anyone asked (or, hell, if they didn’t), he’d make it sound like he was a vital member of the Senator’s policy team. He’d even call and get reservations to restaurants by dropping the Senator’s name. So you really never know what is going on in a person’s life. Best not to measure yourself by what you think others are doing/feeling/getting/earning/etc.

          • Actually, it’s for this reason that I tend to truly not care when someone’s bragging about their work. I’ve found that the ones talking about it the most tend to be those doing the least, so if someone’s talking up their influence I assume they’re delivering coffee all day. The really cool people are the ones who don’t discuss it much until you ask.

      • this +1000. I am a total idealist and perfectionist, and while those are often strengths, living in DC has often turned those into serious mental health blocks–I’m constantly beating myself up for what I could have done differently or better and comparing my successes to other peoples’ (titles, salaries, degrees, networks, etc). I recognize this is MY problem, not necessarily DC’s at large, but it’s one of the big reasons I’m looking forward to moving to another city, to get a little perspective.

      • At this point, most of my friends are noticeably more successful than I am, either in terms of income or career — one has been invited to brunch at George Soros’s and advises him on politics, one hosts picnics for the Supreme Court Justice she helped get confirmed, a lot of them seem to make a great deal of money. My girlfriend is founder and CEO of firm that has a hand in a huge percentage of Democratic/progressive campaigns, ballot initiatives etc. and the New York Times calls her for on the record comments every now and again. Her last boyfriend was a surgeon, she’s been my boss at least twice over the years and she speaks at conferences where millionaires hit on her (probably not as many as I fear, but…). But good people don’t play status games. Even in Washington many — maybe even most — people, once you get to know them are happy to judge you as a friend or a colleague based on you and not your resume. You’ll find them.
        (Throwing a decent dinner party every now and then helps, too) 🙂 I think there’s too little “fun for fun” in this town.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s probably just me, but I like to hear about people’s jobs, so sometimes I ask the job question. It’s out of genuine curiosity not judgement. Work is a big part of people’s lives, so knowing what people do gives me a more rounded view of them. Unless the person is a lawyer. I do not want to hear about lawyering. 😉

        • Agreed. I don’t ask to determine status, I ask to determine interests. In my small hometown, people tend to stick with the job they got right out of school, and they leave their work behind at 5pm. In DC, people move around more, tailoring their careers to their personal interests, and there’s more congruency between work and personal lives.

        • Lawyering seems very boring.

      • Thank you, emvee! It’s true about feeling like everyone is a go-getter. I feel like I used to be, but now all I would like is to finish my Master’s relatively unscathed, and still be able to go home at 5 so I have the chance to date and meet new friends. I’ve been here 2 years and am seriously lacking in the “social” department. It’s like a Maslow’s heirarchy of needs issue for me… (At the same time, then my brain says, “well, if you’re not a go-getter no one will want to hang out with you!” its a catch 22..)

        • I felt that way for a while. My college friends are Ivy League go getters, and they’re my bffs but I feel like I’ve changed a lot since my college days. I met some new friends through meetup and through dating (yup!) and they’re more diverse and don’t make me feel bad about not being “typical DC” transplant here to network and climb the work ladder. Just gotta get out there and meet people who challenge what you think is “normal.”

    • I’m happy they want you, good luck!

      • I also have a bad negative self talk problem and I’ve been reading a book called Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff and it’s really great. There’s actually a whole chapter on self-esteem which reviews literature and talks about how positive self-esteem isn’t correlated to positive outcomes, but self-compassion is.
        I find this stuff fascinating, though I recognize I might be alone in that. But, if you’re looking for ways to overcome your negative self-talk I recommend it.

        • That sounds like a great book, thanks for the recommendation! I too, have a lot of negative-self-talk tendencies, and it’s definitely worse here (even worse than when I lived in NYC, for some reason) I love my job, I generally think I’m a pretty cool person, but can easily fall into a self-loathing slump.

        • jeslett, thank you for this recommendation!! I’m going to look for it today.

        • Just added to my amazon cart, thanks jeslett!

        • Pablo Raw

          Maybe we should have an Unofficial negative self talk meet up, in which we commiserate about our existence. Just an idea. Maybe a bad one. Oh well.

        • Question about books like this? How you found it has actually helped you change your thinking and behavior? I find books like this resonate with me when I read them, but don’t change anything.

          • I agree with you to an extent. I buy all of my non fiction in paperback, rather than Kindle, so I can turn the pages down and highlight important parts. I know I can do that on my Kindle, but I’m more apt to go back to a paper book.
            This book also has exercises and an accompanying website with tests and podcast-type lessons, so there’s a lot of additional ways to work on this.
            In the end I think if the strategy is a good one for you, you can use it and make a habit out of it. If it doesn’t mesh with your outlook on life then it probably won’t stick. I also reread books and sections of book that I have found helpful.
            I took the test to measure my self-compassion when I started the book and I plan to take it again when I finish. It’ll be interesting to see if I’ve changed.

          • Pablo Raw

            A long time ago I discovered “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. At the time, I thought it was the most wonderful book ever written and in fairness, it helped me through some difficult times. Later in life I realized that I was completely detached of reality. It’s hard to explain.

    • Good news on the new office wanting you to work with them!

  • Rant: Bike chain broke yesterday
    Rave-ish: I was only two miles from home, and mostly uphill of it, so getting the bike home wasn’t too bad.

  • Rant: ugh. Significant work uncertainty. No idea what is happening with my position. If I stay, go, or get moved. And every time I try to think about what I want to do next I come up with a big ol’ blank.

  • Rant/rave: I pretty sure I was almost catfished, and that’s why I Google before I meet.
    Rave: The chuckle from trying to explain catfishing to older people. The question always comes out to what do they get out of it.
    Rant: Original planned date has been mia; hasn’t even gotten on the site. Um, if you’re too busy to check your messages, why are you trying to date?
    Rave: Good weekend anyway.
    Rant: The stock market!

    • i also wonder what people stand to gain from catfishing. do people get some weird satisfaction pretending to be someone else? any catfishers in popville want to chime in??

  • I’d give up for now– girl obviously doesn’t care– but get the neighbor’s contact info for next trip. It’s generally a good idea to have it since you’re the most likely person to notice a house-related problem. I’ve had consistently good luck communicating directly with neighbors (owners, anyway; renters somewhat less.)

    • This is an answer to textdoc’s question below.

    • Thanks. (I asked PoP to delete my original posts so I could start over from scratch, BTW, which is why your reply is appearing as a post unto itself.)
      I live between two group houses; the dog-owner is a renter. I’ll follow up with her when she comes back in town and ask for her contact information for next time.

      • Not that group-house-inhabitants are necessarily bad, but it’s such a crapshoot, with the turnover and the multiple people to encourage/ reinforce bad behavior. There are two on my end of the block. One is good (friendly and responsible and responsive,) one is bad (late night drunk-screaming insipid gossip on the porch, and they laugh at requests to take it inside.)
        Anyway, I’d proceed as if the chihuahua owner is reasonable and responsible. But with no expectations of the rando watching the dog this week.

        • Yeah. The chihuahua’s owner has actually been in the group house for several years, amidst a steady turnover of housemates. Although she can be irresponsible in other ways, she’s pretty responsible with regard to her dog. I could be wrong, but my gut feeling is that if she knew this friend/relative wasn’t picking up after her dog, she would be annoyed.

  • emvee

    Rave: A beautiful weekend with great visitors in town and perfect weather.
    Rant: I live near where the shots were fired in LeDroit Park yesterday afternoon and was actually walking my dog right at the park when they went off. Why was there no communication about what happened? What the hell is the point of DC Alerts if not to text me when there are shots a block or two from my house? Until POP posted something this morning (Thanks POP!), nothing was communicated. I’m not even pissed about the shooting because, at the rate things are going in DC this summer, it would inevitably make it up to LeDroit Park. I’m pissed that I’m connected to a variety of methods of communication (DC Alerts, Twitter, DC Reddit) and found no mention of it.
    Rave: Apparently no one was hurt and two handguns were recovered. Again, thanks to POP for the information.

  • Rant: Anyone know why Yellow Line trains have been crawling between L’Enfant and Pentagon for the past week or so? It’s been taking at least twice as long in either direction with no advisory.
    Rave: Finally tried Beefsteak on Saturday. Delicious, can’t wait for more to open! Hard to describe to others that’s it’s really not a salad place but something else entirely.
    Rave: X-rays were clean on my left tibia, frustrating stress fracture seems to be healing. Lots of training lost and worse, a few pounds gained, but fingers crossed will still be able to run Marine Corps at least to finish.

    • SouthwestDC

      Yes, I’ve noticed that too. But going over the river is my favorite part, so I don’t really mind. 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        gah! I hate when they stop on the river (this morning and friday). I do like going over the river at normal speed or faster.
        Have y’all noticed that yellow line slows way down between the airport and Braddock road in the Fall? Apparently, that’s b/c so many leaves get on the tracks and make it “slippery”. Now everyone can freak out over leaves on metro tracks with me 🙂

        • SouthwestDC

          I kind of have a bridge phobia, but for some reason being stuck on the metro bridge doesn’t bother me.
          I get off at Crystal City so I don’t have to worry about the leaves

  • Rant/query: Person taking care of next-dog neighbor’s dog in neighbor’s absence let the dog poop in my treebox (as I was heading back into my house) and didn’t pick up the dog’s poop. An hour later, I asked her to and she said she’d “take care of it,” but the poop was still there this morning. Should I bother trying any other tactic (plastic bag on doorknob with note?), or just give up?
    Rant: Accidentally stabbed my thumb with a thorn yesterday while doing some vigilante weeding. Still hurts.

  • Rave: good hair weekend – Dermatologist confirmed no pattern baldness or scarring, so the thinning hair is mostly likely a temporary glitch, a result of an intense period of stress back several months ago, but he’s going to check labwork just to be sure. And I got a haircut Saturday and was happy to have the stylist reassure me that there are a lot of baby hairs growing in and very very few hairs coming out in her hands. So, yay I think – just have to be patient!
    Rant: Ragweed. yup, it’s out and about now, no doubt. It is trying to kill me already.
    Rave: Coming up with some fun plans throughout the week to celebrate my b-day!
    Rave: TWIN pandas?! too cute!

    • Allison

      A relative of mine had significant hair loss after a period of intense stress. Her doctor prescribed a really high dose of vitamin D and she said it helped.

      • Interesting! I will look into this! I’ve also heard anecdotal evidence about prenatal vitamins and hair growth, but there seems to be no evidence-based studies that confirm this.

        • People confuse taking prenatal vitamins with being pregnant, as far as the benefits for hair. You stop shedding hair (and skin) during pregnancy. Thicker hair! Also skin tags, ew.

          • Yes, that was pretty much what all the studies I read said, so I didn’t go waste any money on prenatal vitamins.

          • wait, what? skin tags, that’s really a pregnancy thing? wow, I’d never heard of that. LBP good luck with the hair! As someone with very thin hair I understand the concern

    • A friend of mine lost hair as a side effect of having mono. I hope that’s not the case for you, but if it helps…it was temporary for her and once her she was back to normal she also stopped losing hair.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Weird: A Bunch (25-30) of people came into my alley yesterday and commenced photographing blank walls and trash cans. They all had name tags and real cameras. A class? a tour? At one pint they all got really excited and rushed over to take pictures of a blank wall. I couldn’t if people were posing in front of it, but I do know that it’s a favorite wall for drunks to piss on.
    Rant: I was too lazy to go downstairs and talk to the flash of photographers to find out what was going on.
    Rave: Adler’s Christmas catalog!

  • Rave: Panda twins! Hooray!

    Rave: I had such a great time in NYC, I stayed an extra night, and came to work straight from the train station this morning.

    Rant: I am so, so, so tired. (But it was so, so, so worth it)

    Rant: One of my attys is leaving the firm. Right before a trial.

  • Bear

    Rave: Got lots of wedding decisions made over the weekend, including the exact location where we’ll do the ceremony in the park. It is going to be so beautiful! There’s still so much more to do, but we’re getting there and I’m not feeling quite as overwhelmed about everything.
    Rant: My dress is too small. When I ordered it, the sales woman recommended one size, but when the seamstress measured me she recommended the next size down. It’s really tight in the bodice and they will only be able to take about 1/2 an inch out because of the trim on the dress. Also, the dress is shorter than I expected and I can only wear 1.5 inch heels. Which is fine, I don’t want my feet to kill me all day, except I can’t find any that I like!
    Rave: I have a good enough head on my shoulders to realize that none of this really matters. The dress zips and I’ll just wear flip flops if I have to. It’s not like anyone is going to see much of my shoes anyway, right?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: My car almost got towed. I saw the temporary No Parking signs and thought I parked outside the zone but didn’t notice that the signs extended down the black. Fortunately a neighbor was walking by and rang my doorbell.
    Rant: The vet said Lucy is almost 100% blind. WDS said he is training her to accept him as her service human.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: last minute day trip to Rehoboth Beach on Saturday.
    Rant: learning the hard way that hot sand can burn feet.
    Catching up with friend and realizing that our discussion overlapped with the posts here from Friday regarding dating and such.
    Question: Do winters in a city really suck unless you’re dating someone?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I always get sunburned feet at the beach; the beach is not friendly. 🙂

    • My personal view is that winters in DC kind of suck as a general rule, but I’m a bit of a scrooge and the lack of daylight affects my mood, so don’t listen to me!

    • Hmm, I guess it depends on your definition of “suck”. I definitely go into hibernation mode in the winter (even though winter in DC isn’t *that* bad but I am less inclined to be out and about bouncing from place to place when it’s 20* and I’m bundled up). I view it as a time to catch up on reading, movies, binge watch shows, etc…all the things I neglect when the weather is beautiful and I prefer to be outside. But admittedly, those things would be much more enjoyable with some hot coco and a hot date.

    • I always think of winter as a time to cook and eat rich stews and gooey cheese, washed back with warming red wines. Time out hang out in small warm bars or see movies and listen to music without feeling bad for being indoors. Time for long talks with good friends who aren’t scattered to the winds or lying on a beach in, living rooms illuminated only by candlelight and the glow that good Scotch puts in one’s cheeks.
      Generally, by March I want to kill myself, but I can make it through the worst of it with a little shift of focus and habits.

    • I love winter. I get out so much more because I HATE being hot and can wear layers against the cold. And there are fewer tourists, so you actually get to enjoy DC without the annoyance of people who have never seen an escalator, metro train, museum, etc, and have no idea how to act when encountering those things. The Museums are wonderful because they’re not packed, restaurants have delicious fall foods, and even the monuments look pretty cool in the fall/winter low light.

      • Exactly. I love winter in DC. The tourists/MD/VA folks stay home when the weather is bad, so the city is filled with people who actually live here. Walking around the city in the snow is the best, so pretty. And if you don’t drive, then snow on the roads is a non-issue. Sure, you have to shovel your sidewalk, but compared to suburbanites, our individual portions of sidewalk/driveway are so much less, so you have plenty of time to make a snowman before you get too cold. The only annoying thing about winter in DC IMHO is reading facebook posts from people in warm climates saying “hope you’re enjoying your snow east coasters! It’s 70 degrees here and sunny!” when YES I AM ENJOYING MY SNOW Thank you very much.

    • Winter in the city sucks if you dislike winter, but it’s great if you like winter. Everything sucks if you’re dating the wrong person, everything is awesome if you’re dating the right person. You can add them together to determine your overall happiness/suckiness, but I don’t think dating and winter are interconnected.

    • My feelings about winter aren’t really dependent on my dating status. My baseline mood and my motivation to do things is just so much higher in the summer. I am more OK with winter now that I’ve invested in good cold weather gear. But overall I just find it so much less pleasant to have to remember to bring so many accessories all the time and to always be either cold or sweaty and overheated because I’m wearing too many layers.

  • Rant: Tough, emotionally exhausting weekend due to many different factors.
    Rave: Friend is doing moderately better but still having a tough time. Managed to get some laughs from her and also managed to spend time with her and our other close childhood friend and actually talk/argue/cry/laugh/yell about what has happened.
    Rant: Exhausted. So much to do and so many worries.
    Rave: FIVE days til we’re off to Brazil for 3.5 weeks – first week vacation, following weeks insane amounts of work.

  • Question: how hard is it for a car-less person to go to the Mark Center in Northern Virginia? I’m coming from Eastern Market. Is this going to be a major (but, thankfully temporary) pain in the rear? Any advice is appreciated.

    • That One Guy

      You can take a bus from Pentagon. If I recall correctly it’s the 7A.

      • I’d also check the trip planner on Wmata. there may be a better bus from King Street (I think it is one of the Alexandria city buses). It may be a difference of stops on Metro vs. stops on bus. But it has been a few years, so I’d double check. It also may depend on if you work normal hours. When I lived in Alexandria and worked fairly normal government hours, it was no problem doing metro/bus. But once I started working late, the buses ran much less frequently and some routes stopped entirely after about 8 and made it really hard. But Mark Center is a fairly large work hub, so I’d check wmata for the bus schedules.

        • The DASH AT2 bus from King St works fine, too, but if you’re coming from the north, the WMATA 7M from the Pentagon is much faster.

      • Kind of a pain, but it’s doable. You metro to the Pentagon then catch the 7M to the Mark Center. The only thing is the 7M only comes every 15 minutes so if you JUST miss it you’re standing there for 15 minutes.

    • Easy during the work week. Take the Yellow line, Blue line or 16X to the Pentagon. The 7M (bus bay U6) is essentially a shuttle service that runs direct between the Pentagon and Mark Center all day, every 10-15 min depending on direction and time of day. If you’re a federal employee, just flash your CAC/PIV and you ride at no cost.

    • SouthwestDC

      My girlfriend does this exact commute and always drives. Her office is not exactly at the Mark Center, though.

    • I used to work at Mark Center up until 2008, so this may be out of date, but back then they ran a shuttle from the Pentagon City metro every 15 minutes or so during rush hour.

      • Totally changed since “The” Mark Center (essentially, a Pentagon annex) opened a few years back (the big building along 395 just SW of the Seminary Rd exit). Still an awful location for non-drivers, but the frequent shuttle service does a lot to help.

  • Rave: SO has told most everyone at the office so shortly we can speak openly about him moving on to an awesome new position.
    Rant: Apartment shopping in NYC – that shit is rough.
    Rave: Found two apartments we like and put in apps on those. We’re good candidates for them but now we wait…
    Rant: One is just around the corner from the federal agent shooting in NYC and we were there 10 minute before it all went down.
    Rant: SO and I disagree on which one we prefer plus it’s so hard to know what our lifestyle will be like up there.
    Rave: Coming home to DC (and twin panda cubs!).

  • skj84

    Rave: I may have an offer on a room.

    Rant: the whole process is so draining. I looked at 5 rooms to rent this weekend. I only liked two.

    Rant: Aunt does not understand why I’m so stressed right now. She thinks I seek out anxiety

    Rave: My birthday is on Saturday!

  • Rant: Red line on the weekends. So slooow.
    Rave: Went for my first annual eye exam in uh… about four years. Oops. Eyes haven’t gotten any worse at least, and apparently if I wear glasses I have 20/15 vision. Supervision!! I rarely wear glasses since I am just slightly nearsighted, but a friend helped me pick out a new pair anyway because I have no sense of style for them. Also I have a really small face, so it’s hard to find glasses that don’t look huge on me…
    Rave: Used a Living Social deal for the above, which I was a bit wary of but it actually was really great.
    Rant: I think my work email automatically deletes e-mails with certain words in the subject, like “hi” or “hello” etc. Hoping I haven’t missed too many legitimate e-mails because of that, since I do go to networking events a fair bit for work.

    • glad you had a deal, I’m always amazed at how much lenses and then the frames cost. Seeing the doctor is the cheap part! I got lasik a few years ago, best decision ever (sorry husband).

      • Accountering

        Woohoo for Lasik!

        • life changing. night vision isn’t amazing, but not having to haul around contacts and glasses all the time? worth it.

        • This reminds me that I need to look into LASIK/PRK. If I do end up deciding to go for it, I’ll need to open a Health Savings Account or whatever so that I can use pretax dollars for the cost.

          • do it.

          • Accountering

            Agreed. Do it. Fund your FSA with the max for 2016, and have the surgery in January or February. The can put you on a 2 year payment plan, so you pay $2500 in Jan/Feb, and then use your 2017 FSA to pay the balance in Jan 2017.

          • haha thank you accountering for being way more helpful than just my initial do it.

      • Agreed, it’s crazy – last time I went, I still paid about $300 after insurance. This time, the deal was $60 for a free eye exam plus $300 towards glasses – I only had to pay $30 on top of that. $90 for an eye exam and glasses is pretty good!

  • Rave: the colors in that picture. Gorgeous.
    Rave: great weekend visiting my friend outside Chicago.
    Rave: my dog remembered me and was excited when I picked him up.
    Rant: he’s a doofus and barked at me because he wanted to see me, but I was in the bedroom and the floor between the living room and bedroom is lava.
    Rave: taking the day off tomorrow to go to the vet and have lunch with my niece during her first week of school, most of which is half days.
    Rant: it’s the day I wear the jumpsuit to work that I have to pee every hour for no apparent reason.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your dog is adorable!

    • This whole post made me smile! 🙂

    • Awwww, Otis and his fear of those scary and dangerous uncarpeted floors. Could you ask his foster family if they noticed similar behavior?

      • Her foster says he was scared of her floors too. But it sounds like she has more carpeted areas than I do.
        When I dropped him off at the dog sitter’s I was so annoyed because he just went and explored her whole place, which is all hardwood. But I brought his rug, because who doesn’t bring a rug with them to the dog sitter, and apparently he flip-flopped the next day and whimpered because he didn’t want to leave the rug.
        He also jumped up on her bed, though he’s never shown interested in any of my furniture, at least the furniture in the land locked areas. But he realized he had made a grave mistake when he went to get off her bed.

        • *His foster. He pees about 85 times per walk, you’d think I would have this down by now.

        • This reminds me that I need to look into LASIK/PRK. If I do end up deciding to go for it, I’ll need to open a Health Savings Account or whatever so that I can use pretax dollars for the cost.

        • Doggone it (er, no pun intended) — I apparently double-posted about LASIK, and I managed to post one of the double posts in the wrong place.
          What I meant to say here was that I loved the description of “landlocked areas” in the apartment. 🙂

        • I have an image of Otis stranded on the bed, surrounded by landless territory and wondering how he would make it back to the safety of his home country (Rug). He managed to make it home – brave Otis!

    • I saw you walking Otis on Thursday evening! I was on the bus going north on New Hampshire Avenue.

    • talk to me about this jumpsuit, I’m so interested in them but they seem like a hard item to pull off…and it’s like the romper and the whole having to go to the bathroom thing.

      • I had just assumed that I couldn’t pull it off because I’m all torso with teeny tiny corgi legs. I figured it was going to be wedgie city, but when I tried this one on it looked like it was made for me. Which I think means it wasn’t made for very many people.
        But, I’m wearing a Loft jumpsuit from last summer. It’s black, sleeveless, with some flat pleat detailing at the center on top. It has an elastic waist and belt loops and a self tie. The legs are wide and the whole thing is a light crepe fabric. So, it’s definitely office appropriate, I usually wear it with heels and a cropped sweater.
        But it is such a pain in the butt to go to the bathroom. I have to take off my sweater, untie it, unbutton the center back button, unzip it, then redo the whole thing, then make sure my necklace is outside. But I deal with it because I think it looks awesome. It’s also great for looking nice in a pinch because you just need the one thing, no outfit choosing, and it’s different than your normal dresses.
        ^way too much jumpsuit info right there

        • I forgot the advice part, if you’re interested in one just go try some on. I’m sure they all have pretty different proportions.

          • you’ve done good work here, very informative, love all the jumpsuit info! Ultimately I’m sad to hear the advice is: go try them on, haha. I hate shopping, I just want someone to say here, this, buy this and it will look good 🙂 But yours sounds cute and I’m glad you love it!

          • Does it have spagetti straps? There’s one on sale at Loft that looks like what you’ve described

          • Or just hold out ’til fall. I see that overalls are coming back and those are more adjustable.

          • Mine doesn’t have spaghetti straps, it’s what I would call “sleeveless,” wide tank top like, basically out to where a sleeve would attach if there was one.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Shadesofpale, the Enabler says don’t buy it. The getting 1/2 naked to use the bathroom gets annoying real fast.
            Also don’t buy Bean boots 😉

        • Emmaleigh504

          oh god, overalls? wtf is fashion doing going back to these bad trends. I do not approve. 🙁

          • Confession: I’ve been sort of binge-watching old episodes of Friends — it’s a perfect tonic for hellacious morning sickness / bronchial plague — and I’m weirdly obsessed with the clothes on that show. They’re sort of awful, especially in the early seasons. Like way too many mom jeans and grunge-inspired plaids. But some of the awfulness is really appealing. Like when Phoebe was carrying triplets, she rocked overalls and somehow managed to make them look oddly appealing.

          • Pablo Raw

            That’s how the fashion industry keep us buying stuff; from bell bottoms to skinny; from low waist to grandpa jeans; etc.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Shawess, that’s how I feel about watching old episodes of 90210, only Dylan did NOT make overalls look appealing. Ugh and Kelly’s outfit when she and Dylan told Brenda they were together…Though in that scene Brenda looked awesome in her leather vest and jeans. (ugh vests no no no don’t comeback!)
            Pablo, why can’t fashion make us buy different pretty stuff? I need to give Fashion a talking to.

          • “why can’t fashion make us buy different pretty stuff?” That’s why we have Taylor Swift, Emilie!

          • Emmaleigh504

            So true! Someone should put her in charge of fashion. Actually, if we could get Swifty, the Oson twins, Anna Wintour, and Serena Williams together to decide fashion, the world would be a prettier place.

          • I could get behind that list. I’d probably add Rihanna to keep things interesting but can only imagine your horror at that suggestion.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Rihanna can join the club if renounces rompers and jumsuits. 🙂

  • jim_ed

    Rave: A great weekend catching up with old friends at a surprise birthday party Friday and our fantasy draft on Sunday, despite having to venture far into the suburbs for both.
    Rant: DCPS screwed the pooch somehow on the timing of installation of mobile classrooms at the school across the street, which meant they were still working on them last night, running a band saw and hammering AT TWO IN THE GODDAMN MORNING. I understand they needed to be finished by the time school started this morning, but seriously, you had all summer long to do this, waited until the last possible moment, and then kept us up with all night construction.

    • palisades

      Feeling any better about the Nats? I told you Werth could only get better!! Taylor continues to impress. Most importantly, Rendon seems to be finally seeing the ball. Zimmermann and Storen are scaring the hell out of me though.

      • jim_ed

        Eh, maybe marginally better, but not by much, Milwaukee and Colorado are two of the worst teams in the league, and truthfully they should have swept at least one of those series. They need to take at least 2 of 3 from a slightly better San Diego team for me to start believing they have an actual shot. But it is nice to see some signs of life from Rendon and the continued better hitting from Desmond.

  • Rant: A house on my block has been shot at 3 times in the last four months, and they aren’t renters so there is nothing we can do. Its so frustrating because it seems like it is not going to be fixed any time soon. This and the increase in crime in the city is frustrating me a ton.

  • Rant: I hope to move to NYC but am finding the long-distance job hunt difficult. Anyone have tips on job searching from afar? Should I use my local DC address or a friend’s NYC address on my resume?

    • Use the NYC address.

    • If you currently have a job and it is in DC, then I don’t see any upside in using a NY address. They’ll know you don’t live there from the fact that you work in DC. I would put in your cover letter that you hope to move to NY by (a time) or because (why) or if you have some connection to NY, just so they know you’re not a looky-loo.

    • Hiring manager says just address it in your cover letter. In the kind of hiring I do it’s almost the norm for someone to relocate for the job. But I do expect to see in the letter that a candidate is willing and able to move if selected.

  • Rant: 401k balance. Thanks, China.
    Raveish: Economic uncertainty means interest rates *should* stay low until it’s time to convert construction loan to permanent loan.
    Rave: Roof is up!
    Rave: Wife’s business trip = father-daughter day tomorrow! Hello, Adventure Park!

    • Super Rave: Co-worker’s son picked up for full scholarship at ODU – three years of college paid for, which will let him get a Masters in addition to a B.A.! He want to a small school for a year, transferred to ODU and walked on, worked his behind off, and it all paid off. So proud of him, and so happy for her

    • Accountering

      So annoyed! I wish I had some free capital to put in the market! Apple was in the 90s, Ford in the 12s, and even Amazon dropped back to $450. Would have LOVED to be buying this morning.
      Don’t worry about the 401K, all this means is your contributions buy more shares in the near term. We will get back up shortly, and you will have more shares at the old price.

      • Yup. I’m pissed that I was in grad school during the Crisis. My coworkers who were here at the time making 60K/year as research analysts bought so much at the bottom of the market. Many of them were dumping 15% of their paycheck into their thrift plan. Crazy gains – 31 year olds with easily 300-400K in their federal thrift nowadays.

        • Wow, that would have been nice.

        • I Dont Get It

          I know Accountering and Anonymous are right but it’s still tough to watch your 401K balances suddenly decline. I had just rebalanced my 401K last week and got rid of a dog of a fund that I should have gotten rid of months ago so I was looking forward to seeing improving returns this month. On the plus side if I had not gotten rid of that fund, the carnage would have been worse!

      • Yup. It’d be a lot more of a rant if I were nearing retirement. Sadly, not the case. On the plus side, I have been shockingly delinquent in plowing a chunk of funds into my daughter’s 529 – now (or even waiting a week or two) seems like a good time! I’m not delusional enough to think I could effectively time the market, but I’m also happy to take advantage of these circumstances.

        • Accountering

          You can’t time the market, but knowing that the market is down a significant percentage, you can buy now, assuming that at some point it will return to where it was.

      • I had some cash sitting all lazy in money market and just put it to work. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Rant: was walking in Noma yesterday morning and saw a dude with a switchblade. He was walking and flipping it open and closed.
    Rave: once safely away, called 911 and they were very receptive (not always the case in my limited experience).
    Rant: is there something else i should have done?
    Rant: I feel like I’m constantly watching my back in DC these days…

    • Accountering

      This happened to me as well. Called 911 when I was a safe distance, but realized I was a horrible witness. I didn’t have anything (clothes, hair, shirt color) just that it was two young kids with a knife. What you can do is be a good witness (thats my plan moving forward) and give identifying characteristics to the 911 dispatcher. Then let the police do their job 🙂

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: Being socially awkward. It must be hard to believe for people here who know me, but I am. It’s frustrating some times.
    Rave: I’m trying!

  • rant: having issues with my sister. we just moved in together and today i accidentally spilled mouthwash in the bathroom and some got on her new rug. I wrote her a note (since i was on my way out the door) and told her I was sorry and was willing to buy her a new one if need be. or wash the rug. I was willing. Instead, she comes down. she ended up waking up just before I left. she saw the note and was all “OMG, WTF. you need to be more careful next time!!” and I was just hurt that she reacted that way. so she angrily gets the rug and is sighing in annoyance on her way to the washing machine. i told her how that made me feel and she said maybe we shouldnt live together then.

    rave: the new baby pandas are so cute!!
    Rant: slammed my knee into a door on accident. hurts so bad now

    • Wow – your sister’s reaction seems extreme for something very fixable with a quick spin in the washing machine. Was her response surprising, or typical?

      • Yeah — makes me wonder if she’s seething about something else (or even something related), and it came out as a disproportionate response to the mouthwash-on-rug incident.

        • Or maybe she is not a morning person and might have handled this more calmly after she woke up/had coffee/wasn’t running around to get ready for work?

          • Even if all that is true, her response was that of someone who has some kind of underlying issue. People who are only jerks in the morning before they’ve had their coffee or whatever are still jerks.

          • @ Krampus: I don’t recall saying I was excusing the overreaction. I was just joining in the speculation about why her reaction was so extreme.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Help me understand this: was the spill entirely within the bathroom, i.e., this was a rug that was in a bathroom? Expecting a rug in a bathroom to stay spotless is just plain silly.
      More seriously now – did the two of you just rent or buy a place together, or did you just move into what has been “her” place for a while? It shouldn’t matter, but it might.

      • Good question on whether the OP moved into her sister’s place or they found a place together. If the former, perhaps the sister is still thinking of it as “her” space and having trouble adjusting to sharing it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      The new baby pandas are cute?! I think they are kind of obscene!

  • Rave: Great birthday weekend, the happy birthday pie (peach blueberry with oatmeal crumb topping) was extra delicious
    Rave: Garden haul – big bowls of cherry tomatoes, lots of other tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. New harvest this year – blue potatoes and pears from our old and untended (but soon to be revitalized) orchard.
    Rave: Rant-less Monday

  • Rant/Question: Any idea what was going on at the O Street Giant around 5:30 yesterday (Sunday) evening? As I walked into the store there were several police cars, and a police officer seemed to be keeping one guy from crossing 8th Street, another guy on the other side of 8th yelling profanities at him, one guy walking down the middle of the street saying “go ahead, call the police, I don’t give a f*ck,” a line of young men standing on O Street watching. It was a very tense scene – the stress was palpable. (As an aside, inside it was like some surreal switch into a different land, with lots of shiny happy people debating wine and cheese choices.) When I came out about 30 minutes later the police were still there, but the crowd seemed to have dispersed.

    • If no one here can answer — and I think that’s fairly likely — I’d recommend emailing 3D commander Kishter, jacob.kishter[at]dc.gov. He tends to respond quickly to questions like this.

  • Rave: I am slowly starting to have more energy. I cleaned the house this weekend, put away maternity clothes, and did some organizing. It was so nice to wake up to a clean apartment this am.
    Rant: I have hit the wall and lost steam, and it is only 11:30. This is a busy work week, and I really need to get a lot done.

  • Rant: Still sick with this interminable head cold. The stronger medicine my doctor prescribed, which was supposed to make me drowsy, managed to keep my up almost the whole night instead.
    Rave: My taste for healthy food is coming back at long last and I managed to have two delicious, nutritious meals yesterday and enjoy them both. Also having an incredible skyr-peach-granola parfait right now that is rocking my world.
    Rave: Got a ton of unpacking done this weekend, mostly due to my husband’s efforts.
    Rave: I really like this city!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: The main part of my job has an empty inbox. No work!
    Rant: spoke too soon, work came in just as I was typing.

  • Rave/Rant: I did a trial 5K yesterday to test how my speed work is progressing. Finished in 33:36 – I crapped out the last mile which was mostly uphill. I am kind of bummed that the time wasn’t even a PR for me, and I still have a lot of training if I am going to make my 30 min PR in Oct. But, it was great getting out there running so all was not lost.
    Rant: Working.

  • goaldigger

    Rant-Monday, ugh!
    Rave-last night 2nd night in a few days that I saw a colony of bats swarming outside my window around 8 pm (I overlook Adams Mill hill towards the zoo). They flew around in a circle for about 10 min and then moved on. Never noticed before, not sure where they are hanging out (like 100 of them). Very cool!

  • Rave: had fun time with low match and all his friends on our weekend adventure trip! made friends with his friends. hanging with some of them tonight.
    Rant: jealousy. stop it.
    Rave: second date in the works with a nice guy.
    Rant: might actually be over online dating after getting a slew of messages this weekend from lackluster folks. have not been compelled to message anyone on my own too. summer bummer. venus get out of retrograde already.

    • Again I’m going to be that guy.. Why are you trying to be friends with “low match” again and to make his friends your friends? It sounds like this can only end badly for you in one way or another. I want it all to well for you but cant help but think that you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration.

      • Emmaleigh504


      • we get along really well as friends and we communicate openly to make sure we can do this. his friends are amazing people. why not be friends independently with people who just happen to also be friends with someone you once date? i would hate to have to miss out on a great friendship because of something silly like someone used to date someone so we shouldn’t be friends. must add the part about me being v non traditional and really open to a lot of relationships and experiences. why not try and if it doesn’t work then at least i tried.

        • Accountering

          Because based on what you have gone through so far with this dude, I think most of us would say it very likely will not work. So you are “trying’ and all you are going to very likely get is heartache.

        • I think I should be really clear that I’m not trying to tell you that you should do things in a conventional way for its own sake — I totally get wanting to try to do things differently (and better) than other people. But I am worried about your well being here and think that the impulse to do things in an unconventional way can come at the expense of taking care of yourself.
          When it comes down to it, low match’s friends were his friends first, and if things go south with you two, those friends will evaporate. And given the ups and downs you have already described here, I am not sure that any amount of trying or work is going to maintain the relationship with low match. Eventually it just gets exhausting. Maybe there is a world where the scenario ends differently, but I don’t really see that happening. I think that if you really want happy, healthy relationships (of all kinds) the energy you’re spending on this could be better directed.

  • Rant: One step forward, two steps back here in heartbreak city.
    Rant: The brain’s ability to believe two completely conflicting ideas at once. You cannot talk someone into wanting you, but maybe if I tell him [X] we’ll get back together.
    Rant: I’m tired of filling my days with distractions.
    Rave: Good weather, good friends.

    • I always found it helpful to put myself in their shoes. Are there people that you’ve dated in the past that no matter what they said or how much they liked you, it was never going to work? It’s really hard, but imagine yourself as that person to your ex. (Hopefully it’s not torture, and instead is a way that you haven’t been looking at it that helps you cope more quickly with the new reality.) In the meantime you’re doing the right thing by distracting yourself and surrounding yourself with friends. I hope it gets easier for you very soon!

  • Rant – Hotel conference rooms. Why are they always kept at Arctic temperatures? Packing for this meeting required digging in the back of closet for my winter sweaters and cardiagns. Also why are there never any windows in here? And why does cell phone service always suck?
    Rant – Stuck in a hotel conference room all week. 🙁
    Rave – My dog gets more awesome every day. This past month she has really come out of her shell. I love seeing her playful and goofy side come through as she gets less stressed and worried. She so freeakin’ adorable.

  • Rave: Free same day delivery with Amazon Prime.
    Rant: Had it sent to the wrong address (default was my old address) doh!
    Rant: Need that ish today!

  • That One Guy

    Last question from me today:

    What are your thoughts of going into a store and eating something before you pay (like opening a bag of chips and eating them or drinking a soda). Is this okay or unacceptable?

    • phl2dc

      I don’t do that because technically it’s not mine until I pay for it. Even if I am in line to pay it, I’ll wait until everything’s rung up… Plus you never know when you have to drop everything and leave before it’s your turn.

    • I see people do this a lot and have always thought it was a really weird thing to do.

    • I lean toward thinking it’s unacceptable, but have to admit that there have been many, many times lately that I’ve wanted to skirt the rules a bit. Like when I’m SUPER thirsty and am waiting in line with a cold drink in hand. To be honest, I’m probably going to start using the pregnancy card for that when my bump is bigger.

    • unacceptable.

      • with the single exception of a diabetic who is about to have a sugar crash unless s/he eats STAT!

        • HaileUnlikely

          Good point. And diabetics on the verge of a blood sugar crash aren’t always immediately identifiable by visual inspection…

    • I’d say not ok – you haven’t paid for it yet

    • I generally avoid it, and of course would never eat something that gets weighed to determine its price. But there have been exceptions. Cranky/ hungry kid might get a cracker, cranky/ dehydrated ma might get a bottled drink from the coolers before checkout. It’s for everyone’s benefit, really.

      • emvee

        Yeah I don’t tend to judge parents that do this in the store (I saw plenty of it during my stint as a Harris Teeter cashier in college). A fully functional adult on their own though… c’mon you can wait two minutes.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I might occasionally open a bottled drink while in line waiting to pay, especially at the Georgia & Piney Branch Safeway when management is blatantly monetizing customers’ time by only having 2 or 3 registers open and lines are stretched all the way to the back of the store. I never do this while still shopping, though. Regarding “haven’t paid for it yet” and “might have to drop everything and leave before paying” – true as far as it goes, but how does this differ from eating in a restaurant? I recognize that the norms regarding the extent of access that a customer has to the product in relation to the timing of payment differ between a supermarket and a restaurant, but “haven’t paid for it yet” and “might have to leave immediately” theoretically apply equally to both.

    • It’s funny what people feel strongly about. As I said above, this isn’t one of my capital-T Things. (I have other Things.)
      My mother has many, many Things. I think “Unacceptable!” is her favorite word. So many rules in her little world. But I remember being at the grocery store with her once when she saw the half-and-half cartons with the screwtop spout, rather than the kind you had to sort of tear open then re-fold to close. Her face lit up; she opened up the carton, added some to her coffee, rescrewed it, and continued on her way. (With the opened milk in the cart to purchase, of course.) This, after a childhood of lectures on why I wasn’t allowed to have a graham cracker or two while she shopped. (Technically not yours til we pay for it, etc etc.)

    • Done it with drinks.. Usually pre or post gym. I have always paid. I don’t see the issue.

    • jim_ed

      I think its fine to do so within reason, probably more with drinks than food simply because of the messy factor of eating. I don’t see a problem with opening a drink from the cooler up front while grocery shopping so long as you pay for it. In fact, plenty of yuppy grocery stores are putting cupholders on their carts so you can have a handcrafted artisanal locavore beer while shopping for fair trade truffles these days, so why not crack open a diet coke while perusing meatloaf mix at Safeway?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m indifferent.
      When I was a kid my mom would give us bananas to eat while in the store. I used to play octopus with the peel. At our grocer store they had a producer person who could weigh your produce and put a price on it (like how the deli prices food). She would get the price then give us a banana so we din’t do whatever it is little kids do. Mostly I just remember the playing octopus.

  • Late RAVE: I suddenly have a date tonight! Any suggestions for a mid-priced place near U Street with good food AND beer selection for a first date? I know there are a million places… that’s the problem.

    • Btw, we’ll probably just miss happy hour at most places… so if someone knows a happy hour that goes past 7, that’d be great.

      • emvee

        1905’s happy hour goes until 7:30 if you’re willing to venture a little further towards Shaw. Tonight also seems like it’ll be a beautiful night for a rooftop and theirs is lovely.

        • +1. 1905 is great and the roof is an awesome date spot. I can’t speak to their beer selection, but the food is excellent.

      • Churchkey might be out of your budget, but otherwise fits the bill. Maybe check Blackjack and see how late their specials run? Or for less of a bar atmosphere, you could go sit at the bar at Matchbox…splitting a pizza wouldn’t be too expensive (you can pick half and half on larges) and they usually have decent beer/drinks.

    • Accountering

      Desperadoes for Burgers and PBR!

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