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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave (hopefully): Job I really want started calling my references…I hope that means they’ll make me an offer today!
    Rave: should be a beautiful weekend
    Rave: Fall is coming soon
    Rave: first time raving on PoPville!

  • Rave: Today is looking up. After some rest yesterday evening, it’s Friday (PHEW!) and so I don’t think anyone can drag me down too much.
    Rave: Will hang out with a friend from my summer program this weekend now that we’re both back in DC! Hooray!
    Rant: Really wanted to go on some dates before school started, but haven’t even gotten close to setting one up. Tinder matches un-match me or we awkwardly just don’t talk/respond to messages, OkCupid people message me but are weird… Oh well.

    • I heard Tinder is full of flakes. I’ve encountered some flakes on OKC too. Online dating probs.

      • Yup. It’s too bad people look at you funny if you try to talk to them in person first these days. Hah.

    • Girl, I feel ya on that last rant! Rant: I barely even get any matches on Tinder and I know I’m an attractive 29 year old woman! (Plus, I’m funny, intelligent, fun, work out, have a good job, etc. etc.) What the heck, men of DC!

      • They’re all gay… btw-Have any gay friends you could introduced me to? It’s no easier for me(gay). The first part of my comment is a joke people. The 2nd part no so much.

        • Sorry dude, literally everyone I know (straight or gay) is in a relationship. :/

        • Get me some attractive, normal lesbians, and I can take care of normal, attractive gay men.

          • Im not sure what you mean by normal.

          • Normal I.e. Not weird
            Not still in the closet
            Doesn’t have green hair
            Has a job that isn’t dealing drugs
            Doesn’t have a house full of cats (what is it with lesbians and cats)
            Enjoys going outside from time to time
            Just a regular person who is open to a relationship if the right person comes along

          • How many cats constitutes “a house full of cats”?

          • Depends on the size of the place, but I’ve seen more than 4 pets on many occasions.

          • SouthwestDC

            I think you’re being way too picky Anon Spock!

          • There are A LOTTTT of lesbians still in the closet. Have you tried any of the more “professional” events like Lesbians Who Tech?

          • Caroline, you’re funny!

          • SouthwestDC

            Seriously though– my ex had one of those dealbreakers, and it was a crappy relationship that went on much longer than it should have, but I wouldn’t have met my fiancé if it wasn’t for her. I think you’re more likely to meet someone normal if you embrace the crazies. 🙂

          • I understand Anon Spock’s frustration, though. I’m fairly picky, too — but that’s because even though I’m picky I still come across some just… not very nice people!

          • I haven’t yet, but I’m planning on it next month. A friend is going, so it should be fun.
            I have either had a conflict of the event was far away from my areas like tech or science.

          • No crazies just weird women. Each thing I listed came from someone I met except drug dealing, but I’ve met women without jobs which is just as bad. Kissing frogs is part of dating.

          • Maybe you need to cross the last one off your list before you meet Mrs. Right. It’s like a scavenger hunt, or Lesbian Bingo.

          • You’re probably right. Lesbian bingo it is.

          • SouthwestDC

            You’ve probably met drug dealers; they just showed up to the date in a suit with a laptop bag and pretended they had a legit job (happened to me).

          • Maybe I’m lucky that I meet people who are so easy to find online. I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t who they claimed to be…still weird, but (mostly) honest.

        • I’d argue is it a tad easier. Lots of gay spaces/events in dc, guys of all types, etc. You have lots of quantity, at least.

      • That One Guy

        I don’t want to be the spokesperson for single guys without dating profiles, but they do exist in the real world.

        • how does one connect with these guys, though? I prefer in-person interactions to begin with, but I have yet to be somewhere or do something where there are a bunch of single, straight, non-douchey guys who will actually TALK to you / interact with you without being creepy.

          • Sounds like you need some new places. Sidenote: I have no idea where nice single straight men hangout.

          • Emmaleigh504

            There was a HH on Wed with 4, FOUR! men who may or may not be single and may or may not be into dating women. On the other hand, there were about 22 women who may or may be not single and into dating. I tried.

          • I agree with LittleBluePenguin, and hahaha at Emilie’s comment.

          • Yeah, I mean, HH was fun and it was so nice to be meeting That One Guy in person! But I’m socially inept and always feel suuuper awkward trying to suss out whether a person is straight or gay, single or not single, so I just hang out and talk with people and nothing changes. That’s the one advantage, I think, of online dating – you know (well, you’re told, which may not be true) that a person is single, straight, and looking.

          • Pablo Raw

            LOL @The Enabler; proof that I’m still the same naivestest person ever! I didn’t know the HH was some kind of variation of speed dating or something! Now I understand the “Red” theme!!

          • If someone is gay or involved, they’ll tell you. Trust me straight women take much greater offense than gay men ever would. I honestly need to get better about the out and about hellos if I like someone.

          • Unfortunately, if someone is gay, they don’t always tell you. See your comment above about people in the closet. I am SO a magnet for those guys. Seriously, we’re in our 30s – be yourself. Or at least stop dating women to pretend you aren’t who you are!

          • Ah I’m sorry. My thought was they’d just say they’re involved or something even if they don’t say they’re gay in public.
            My closet was more they say they’re gay but don’t want to act like a couple in public. So maybe they’re more in the doorway.

          • “Act like a couple” = PDA?

          • Accountering

            I can pile onto this one. Andie and I actually met at one of the POPVille HHs, and have been dating for 15 months and living together for 8.

          • that was my first question on Wednesday, out of curiosity, how many guys come to these PoP HHs. Lots of ladies. So where to meet the guys? Join a sports team, (lots of options), take up a hobby that requires socializing, or look for other meet up groups you like. I don’t have the right answer, my husband and I met at a bar and what was supposed to be a one time thing 9 years later here we are.

          • Act like a couple= pda, going to events together, meeting family/friends, etc

          • “I have yet to be somewhere or do something where there are a bunch of single, straight, non-douchey guys who will actually TALK to you / interact with you without being creepy.”
            It is so sad that the bar is so low. If I were 15 years younger and single, I feel like I (not remotely a ladies man) would be in constant demand. I am terrified for when my daughter gets to dating age.

        • “In the doorway” – it would be funny, if it weren’t so painful.

        • I second ‘That One Guy,’ we do exist. New reader to the site, would be fun to check out a HH soon.

        • Hey That One Guy! Where do you “offline” guys hang out? I participate in a couple of different activities of things that interest me (gym, social sports league) but most of the guys are taken, and out of the ones that aren’t, most are friend-zoned or not interested in relationships…

    • That One Guy

      Can you share examples of the weird messages for our entertainment?

      • Well, last night I got a message asking if I liked guys who smell like coconuts. I just deleted it. But it could be a lot worse… I figured the creepy message would come if I responded.
        In other news, I messaged a guy on tinder this morning who’s profile says he has a good read on people (which I’ve been told I do, too) but he asked what my read on him was. Super legit question but I don’t know the answer! Help. (Sorry if you’re reading this, tinder fellow!)

    • topscallop

      Don’t sweat it, honey, have one of mine… lately I feel like I’ve been going on dates like it’s a second job. Lots of nice enough first dates with no chemistry or interest enough on either side to warrant a second date. (mixed in with all the weird/creepy messages I just ignore). Maybe it’s time for me to hibernate for a while 🙂

      • Same for hibernation. Also my friend reminded me that venus is in retrograde until Sept 6, so it’s not a good time to start relationships. If you’re into that stuff.

  • Rave: started planning my trip to Denmark. Any tips? Where to stay (affordable preferred – I’m OK with hostels, with the understanding that I’ll be that weird 40 year old with the teens/20s). What to do in Copenhagen. Anywhere to go other than Copenhagen? I have a bit more than 2 weeks, but I am likely flying through Iceland (any tips for there) and then dipping down to visit a friend elsewhere in Europe for a few days.

      • I know. I actually thought about it, but Denmark was chosen for its relative proximity to my other friend I need to visit to make the most of my limited vacation. Next time, and I’ll expect a full report with recommendations 🙂

    • I really enjoyed Legoland!

    • The Louisiana Museum (I think an hour or so outside Copenhagen) is very cool.
      I stayed in a budget hotel in Copenhagen that had a private room but a shared bathroom/shower down the hall. Will see if I can find its name.
      For Iceland, definitely go to the Blue Lagoon.
      Will see if I can find the details on the various places I went to in Copenhagen and what I thought of them.

    • For Iceland, how long will you be there? We did a quick 2-day stopover and it was great
      If you can, rent a car and drive along the Ring Road, particularly the south side if you’ve just got a day. There’s some really cool waterfalls right off the road, and a cool hike above one of them (Skogafoss; at least it seemed really awesome, we didn’t find it ourselves until it was too late to go much further than 1km). If you want to do the touristy thing, in one day you can hit Thingvellir, Geysir, Gulfoss, and then swing over to the Ring Road for Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss (with a quick walk around the trail up top), and then dinner in Vik before heading back to Reykjavik. We weren’t overly impressed with Thingvellir and Geysir, but Gulfoss was cool. If we could do it over we’d probably skip the first part and just do Seljalandsfoss, the hike above Skogafoss, and Vik. Maybe add a hike around the Hengill geothermal area. Driving was very easy.
      Reykjavik is a nice town, but very small so you don’t need to allocate a lot of time there. After landing we got breakfast at the Grey Cat (I think that’s what it’s called?), wandered around the waterfront to the Harpa, Hallgrimskirkja, etc. It was early on a Sunday morning, so the streets were pretty empty. Later on got lobster soup at the Sea Baron (Saegreifinn), wandered over to the City Hall/pond area, sampled local beers at Micro Bar (really good), and saw the settlement exhibition at the Reykjavik City Museum, which was pretty cool. Can’t remember the other places we went to, but naturally bar-hopped for a while. I thought all of these were worth going to (and would go back if I can).
      The people are super nice, everyone speaks English, and you absolutely don’t need cash so don’t bother pulling any out. We stayed at the Reykjavik Downtown Hostel, which was nice. They gave us good recommendations and helped book the rental car for us.

  • Rave (tentative): Is the 90-degree heat over?
    Rave: Someone I have wanted to meet for awhile is coming to town.
    Rant: I have to clean my house. I hate cleaning.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Links that were requested a few days ago.
    Swedish Raincoat: http://stutterheim.com/usa/ <3
    Satchels: http://www.rhodesianofedinburgh.com/ (have 2 and love)
    Love The Enabler

  • Rant: emergency dental surgery yesterday
    Rant: wiped out my savings. Why is dental insurance so bad?
    Rave-ish: at least I have dental insurance.
    Rant: wisdom teeth have to come out
    Rant: it was the perfect cap (pun unintended) on a craptastic week
    Rave: it’s Friday. that’s all I got right now.

    • Emmaleigh504

      yikes! I hope you aren’t in too much pain. get well soon!

    • That One Guy

      Never understood why dental and vision insurance sucks so much especially when you have to be able to eat and see in order to function at a basic level.
      Have a speedy recovery.

      • SouthwestDC

        I’d much rather have excellent dental and vision insurance and crappy medical. 100% of my health-related expenses are dental and vision.

        • Not sure if you’re serious, and not to pile on you specifically, but this is a fundamental misunderstanding of how insurance is supposed to work. The reason dental and vision insurance is crappy or exorbitantly priced is because it usually covers only routine procedures, which doesn’t make for an actuarial picture that lends itself to extensive and/or reasonably priced coverage. Shorter version, insurance is best suited for and should be used to guard against catastrophic injury/loss, and not for routine exams or other procedures.

          • SouthwestDC

            That makes sense. Still, it seems like by discouraging people from getting routine procedures done they’d be setting themselves up for some more expensive catastrophic events later on.

          • That One Guy

            By your definition you are pointing to the problem: that what we call insurance isn’t insurance but rather a discount pricing membership scheme.

          • Dental and Vision Insurance suck everywhere! The worst I ever had was a dental/vision reimbursement plan, which, literally was a membership discount program. I believe that under ACA, insurance has to cover two cleanings and one x-ray per year as preventative, as well as one eye exam. Keep in mind too that as far as eyes go, there is a fine line between medical insurance and vision insurance. Anything that can be done by an Optometrist is vision plan, but anything done by an Opthamologist should be covered by health insurance. Also, if a dental procedure can be proved to be medically necessary, it may be covered by health insurance.

          • “By your definition you are pointing to the problem: that what we call insurance isn’t insurance but rather a discount pricing membership scheme.”
            That is generally true for dental and vision insurance. Partially true for medical coverage, but not completely – there’s catastrophic coverage built into every insurance plan, and that creates more actuarial wiggle room.
            “Still, it seems like by discouraging people from getting routine procedures done they’d be setting themselves up for some more expensive catastrophic events later on.”
            That’s true – but your vision and dental coverage most likely either don’t cover those catastrophic situations or the benefit caps are so low that it doesn’t make a difference anyway.

    • Does your medical insurance (not dental) cover emergency/necessary surgery? I don’t have full dental coverage (just cleanings) but they paid for my wisdom teeth to come out. It was a hassle since they tried to argue that the surgeon I found via their website isn’t in-network, but eventually i got all my money back.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: after a crappy start yesterday, I was really productive and got a ton of work done.
    Rave? Now I’m just chillin waiting for IT to come see what’s wrong with my computer so they can give me a new one.
    Rave: stayed up way too late looking for a book to document my canning. Not just numbers of jars and dates, but what I threw in on a whim. Need to documant this stuff!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: more fun plans cancelled
    Rave: I have to keep my eyes on the prize
    Rave: Excited about camping in Shenandoah for Labor day weekend and trying Milky Way photos again

  • skj84

    Rave: enjoying new job! I’m learning a lot,

    Rant: no time to post! I miss you guys!

  • Blithe

    Rave: I’m not going to post in the FQOTD, but I realize that every day I’ve witnessed heroism — from people who are brave enough to get out of bed and do their best to do what they need to do.
    Rave: Despite warnings of flash floods, I didn’t get rained on yesterday. The concert was wonderful. Yay Millennium Stage — and the people who fund the programs!

    • +1 for Millenium Stage! We saw Brother Ali there not long ago and it was fantastic. The variety of performances and everything being free is incredible.

  • Rant: the whole immigration crisis in Europe. Apparently, a lot of EU countries are refusing to take on the asylum seekers and (let’s be real) economic migrants, so Germany and the Scandinavian countries are left holding the bag and apparently just taking it. It doesn’t help that the Germans are somewhat being forced into their “welcoming culture” due to 70 years of guilt over atrocities they are still trying to atone for. The UK said no thanks; Spain, Italy, etc are not doing it either. Good luck, Germans. There are finite resources- are you willing to import the entire Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa into your country, because that’s the way it’s looking if you don’t start coming up with a plan.
    Rant: the migrants are the sore losers here, as well. Yes, they end up with some pretty nice things (free health care, free housing, and a stipend that is usually more than what some of the pensioners get in the UK and Germany), but the chaos they are walking into is all thanks to an EU who can’t make up its mind and passes the buck. The plan is to not have a plan, which is why this is such a debacle and human rights mess. It pains me to see the children, but it angers me to know it is because the EU is just passively sitting around, as localities fight to protect their own borders and fight for order.
    Rave: The weekend!

    • That One Guy

      I don’t know how applicable this is, but i feel like Europe and the nations therein need to examine how it/they define community and really examine their values.

    • Well stated. Was talking with a couple of folks from Switzerland last week and it’s so interesting how many of these immigration issues are so universal and how reluctant many of the more developed countries (US included) are to deal with the influx of people arriving at the their borders. In the EU the problems seem to be compounded by the limited opportunities there are for these people to find work without citizenship and the rising tension from citizens who see them benefit from the social services paid for by taxes they cannot contribute to since they are unable to work.

      • Agree. I’m stumped on why these countries are allowing unfettered access, but still making it painful and nasty. You’ve got tear gas from the Macedonians yesterday; an overstretched Greece trying to deal with massive crowding/dirty camps; and an overloaded Germany, who is expecting 800,000 people for this year- Germany is not a big country, even though it is an economic powerhouse for Europe. There are limits. Despite propaganda efforts and media censoring, these European governments (and EU) know polling shows the people are getting stretched and they’re really sick of this. However, the people continue to pour over the borders, relatively unchecked. When does it stop? It would be great to make the world a better place, but trying to move entire countries and cultures into Europe is not the answer- it’s not going to work.

  • Rave: I woke up this morning without nausea. I feel like *me* again. Let’s see how long this lasts.
    Rave: Spinach mango smoothie and peanut butter toast for breakfast. Also, I was out of milk so ICE CREAM in my morning coffee. I am winning all the things today.
    Rant: Momentary freak out: as in, if I don’t feel like death, is something going wrong with the spawn? Pregnancy hormones have only heightened my neurotic tendencies.
    Rave: Friday!

  • Rave: It’s a beautiful Friday!
    Rant: Fall allergies already? What the hell?! My nose goes from completely stuffed up to suddenly running like a faucet in .3 seconds. Gotta stock up on pocket tissue packs.
    Rave: Derm appointment this afternoon. Hoping for a good checkup and a solution to a few troubles.
    Rave: My one kitty likes to eat breakfast with me every morning – this morning she hopped up on the chair back and sat behind my head while I ate. What a weirdo! But she helped start my day on a good, slightly bizarre, foot!

  • petty rant: hearing a woman use the word “like” at least once in every sentence while on the 16th st bus this morning
    Rave: It has been months (if not longer) since I’ve overheard someone talking that way
    Rave/rant: that’s one sign I haven’t been in my 20s for awhile now…

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: I saw Dr. Dan! For fellow PoPville peeps that were fans of Dr. Dan Teich at City Paws, I ran into him outside the Eastern Market Metro. I let him know that people were missing him and he let me know that he started his own practice: http://districtvet.com/.
    Revel: Had a wonderful emergency appointment with Dr. Antkowiak at Atlas Vet yesterday for one of my dogs. We bonded over Central and Western NY sports and food.
    Revel: No Parking signs posted. Move is imminent.
    Rant: Came back from walking dogs this morning to find an obviously stolen backpack dumped in our front bushes. Filled with small kids’ swim gear, clothes, & diapers. People suck.
    Revel: My “gift” to my neighborhood is painting the fire call box near my house. Hit it with some glossy red spray paint today. Now I’m covered in it because it’s windy, but the call box is looking pretty spiffy.

  • Rant: Douche bag ex. It’s a good thing that I long ago realized that a promise from him means absolutely nothing, but it still pisses me off every time he backs out of something.
    Rave: It’s Friday! It’s gorgeous out!
    Rave: Gospel co-worker did not come in today so I have a reprieve from JAY-SUS this morning. The new job is going great, I feel like I am getting a good grasp on the systems and am already seeing opportunities for future process improvement projects that I can get stuck into.
    Revel: Vacation next week!! Lots of quality time with my littlest one and hopefully getting stuck into some much need house project at home.

  • It’s too soon for pregnancy symptoms. Much too soon. But I can’t stop making the connection between fatigue and some weird digestive stuff and more fatigue and early morning insomnia and a sudden stabbing sensation way down low a couple days ago… Can’t go from conception to implantation in three days, can you? No, much too soon.

    • I had insanely early pregnancy symptoms with each pregnancy, but I also had absolutely every symptom possible with pregnancy. implantation does usually occur around 3 days after conception, but the symptom you would have from this would be spotting. It’s highly unlikely you would have any other symptoms at this point, they show up like a week to two weeks from conception. If you are actively trying, it’s not unusual to feel like you have symptoms of pregnancy.

    • I also had some -super- early symptoms and am positive I felt implantation too (I thought it was weird at the time that I was felt it two distinct times and almost wrote it off completely). It’s definitely too early to assume you are pregnant, but it’s totally possible that you just know your body well.
      But I also agree with Anonamom when she says “If you are actively trying, it’s not unusual to feel like you have symptoms of pregnancy.” I thouht I was pregnant every month, basically! Good luck with the wait to take a test!

      • Last time, I never suspected I might be pregnant until the more normal five/six week mark. And we were “trying” as much then as we are now. (which is to say, no ART, no charting or OPKs or anything, but not doing anything to prevent it either.)
        Now, though, every little thing reminds of me last time. It’s silly. Unless it’s not. (Yesterday and today have not been my most productive days at work.)

        • Realistically you just have to wait to take the test. But if you are pregnant, it will be cool to be able to look back and see that you were able to notice it so early, right?

          • My husband and I actually discussed trying a test already, but decided against, because we know it’s silly to expect a result at this point.
            Looking back is fun! Makes me wish I was a diarist, sometimes.
            Gotta say, though, it freaks me out that you felt the two implantations. Because I felt it twice, too, and I am not a capable enough parent to deal with twins! When does the zygote split? How many days post fertilization?

          • FWIW, I found the First Response Early Result “6 days sooner” test to be a godsend. I don’t know how many dpo you are, but that test is super sensitive.
            As for the splitting of the zygote, it can happen any time from day 1 to day 15, I think. But that’s just for identical twins. Fraternal twins don’t split (unless we’re talking about higher order multiples like triplets, etc).

          • I don’t know how many dpo I am either… I just got my IUD removed, so I haven’t had a noticeable cycle in a few years. I don’t know when to expect a period, to know when I’ve missed it. It’s likely that all the weirdness is just the return of the cycle.
            But a few more days of this, and I’ll look into that First Response test, thanks for the rec!

          • FWIW, I got pregnant with my daughter immediately after having my first IUD removed. Never even had a cycle. When they say “immediate return to fertility” they are not joking!!

  • Rant: Back pain!!
    Rave: I hear the weather is supposed to be nice all day today!
    Rant?Rave?: I had been hearing the phrase “adult coloring books” for a while, including in PoPville comments, and only just found out that it isn’t a euphemism for “pornographic coloring book”. Man, had I been misinterpreting some discussions on here!

    • LOL on the final Rant/Rave!

    • Seriously, there’s got to be a better name for this than “adult coloring book” because it sounds exactly like a euphemism! Can’t we just call it a coloring book? Why do we have to specify the age range?

      • “Coloring book for adults”? “Coloring book for grownups”?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I don’t get the age range either, some of the ones I’ve seen were things I would like to color as a kid. They are just coloring books. fin

        • I think of adult coloring books as coloring books that are unsuitable for crayons.
          i.e. the more detailed ones. Not that an older kid with markers or colored pencils couldn’t tackle them.

        • Coloring books for people with advanced fine-motor skills.

          • Emmaleigh504

            so still a coloring book.
            When I was a kid I remember many a babysitter sitting next to me coloring. It always made me happy when grown up colored with me.

          • I would like to plus 1 this however looking at what I’ve been coloring I’m not sure I have advanced fine-motor skills.

    • No you’re not the only one who thought that about adult coloring books! I was too scared to google them on my work computer when I first saw the term.

    • Haha – remembering the recommendation for someone to take adult coloring books to their mom in the hospital

    • It does sound suggestive

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I actually went on Amazon and searched. And I bought two! One is street scenes of Paris. I would love to go to Paris!

  • Rave: An Evening with Bugs last night, a Casey Trees program (see “Bug of the Week” for cool videos and such)
    Rave: Two hummingbirds, some very gold goldfinches and a blue jay hanging out in my back yard
    Rave: Today’s my birthday 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: my know it all awful offie doesn’t know how to close popups within a page if the X isn’t there. This brings me so much joy.

  • Rant: At the HH the other night, I realized that other PoPvillagers remember way more details of my life than I do/can theirs.
    Rant: I’m at work today, despite it not being a work day just so I can get my classroom together and damn is it looking good.
    Revel: Went to Wolf Trap to see Eve 6, Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, and Better than Ezra. The latter two were amaaaaaazing.
    Rant: I actually paid money to see Uncle Kracker.

    • oh wow! I have to be honest, that sounds awesome, especially to 15 year old me!

      • It was – I don’t know enough Eve 6 or Uncle Kracker songs to have gotten toooo into them (but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dance my butt off to All Summer Long), but Sugar Ray and Better Than Ezra played all their popular songs and it was an awesome show.

    • I can’t believe I missed that. I last saw Eve 6 in 2003 and they were so great! It would have been such a great throwback…Sugar Ray too.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: doctor’s appointment at 2:00 pm which I’m fasting for. My stomach growling is going to scare people in the office.
    Rave: friend being down to traveling to Cuba. Need to plans trip.

    • Envious at the prospect of a trip to Cuba!

    • I want to go to Cuba!! Oh man I really want to go. Instead my friends want to go somewhere like the Bahamas, I don’t think we have exactly the same vacation in mind.

    • That One Guy

      Continued rant: Still haven’t eaten…but now at least have food in hand. Hopefully it makes it into my mouth. Stupid work.
      And the plabotomist jabbed my are like crazy. Most painful blood draw in memory.

  • Rave: had two first dates this week. only one with a second date in the works though i would have liked to have two.
    Rant: going on a fun day trip with low match and his friends this weekend. looks like we’re really friends now!
    Rant: as many here have mentioned, online dating has been blah. dearth of good prospects. time to take a break until Fall.
    Rave: weather! it’s gonna be a fun weekend!

  • Rave: My family is visiting and having a wonderful time
    Rave: I foster my first rescue dog Saturday!
    Rave: Have an interview for a fed position I am really interested in!
    Rant/Question?: Another person in my office is also interviewing a few hours before me on the same day. She’s been very vocal about it to the office, but haven’t because I feel like I don’t have anything to say yet. The more she keeps involving me the more I feel like I’m somehow lying to her. Our boss is a little worried about how to replace her if she goes, and told me what an excellent job I am doing, which also makes me feel bad…Should I feel bad? Do I need to say something before I even know if it’s going anywhere? The email we both received states our interview involves a panel and a writing sample to follow. This morning the colleague received an email with an additional writing sample that needs to be done prior to the interview. I haven’t received anything like this. Is that a bad sign?

    • Accountering

      You should not feel bad. You should always look out for #1 (yourself) when it comes to work. Perhaps it is a bit different, but my current firm just had a couple of lay-offs (despite still being quite profitable) yet still talks about how we are “family.” Gag.

      • +1. And no need to say anything to your boss until you’ve received a job offer and decided to accept it (or if you’ve received an offer and want to use it to negotiate better pay or whatever at your current job).
        Your colleague ought to be keeping her interviewing details under wraps, IMO.

  • Rave: Visiting family member finally left yesterday. I have my space back to myself!!
    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rant: Crazier-than-usual dream last night. Feeling a bit groggy today.
    Rave: Resisted the siren song of fast-food breakfast.
    Rant: Resisted the siren song of fast-food breakfast. 🙁 I have to say I enjoy an egg-and-cheese sandwich more than I enjoy yogurt.

    • Glad your VFM left, and earlier than originally scheduled

      • +1 YAY! Hope the goodbyes went okay too!

      • VFM wasn’t really _scheduled_ to leave so late… his departure wasn’t really scheduled at all, but had to be by a certain time for visa reasons.
        Next time I need to be a LOT better about establishing boundaries — namely, firm start/end times for visits. And I’ll have minimal or no expectations of any help on the house-project-scheduling front.

    • Blithe

      Glad you have your space back!!!! Maybe you could celebrate by having an egg-and-cheese sandwich?

      • Hahaha! Are you trying to be the Food Enabler? 😉

        • Blithe

          Nope! Not by a long shot. I just think in general that if there are small things that make you/ us happy/bring you joy that you/we should reach for them. I think Emmaleigh’s probably got shoes covered. Maybe I can be the Book Enabler!

          • Blithe

            If no one else is up for it, I’ll also be the Guitar Enabler. I’ll put my bid in for purchasing decadent cosmetics enabler, but I’m sure that there are folks out there who are MUCH more qualified for this position.

          • I’ll gladly take on the Food Enabler job! I also love egg sandwiches, all kinds, so yeah do it.
            Blithe, I’m up for the Decadent Cosmetics Enabler job too! I just hit Platinum at Ulta again for next year…about halfway through this year. All the makeups!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I specialize in shoes, clothes (if they look good on you), jewelry (all the jewelry), & furniture. But I can enable pretty much anything 🙂

        • I’ll be the food enabler! Get the egg and cheese!

          • SouthwestDC

            I just had TWO donuts and it was the best decision I’ve made all week, diet be damned! Friday’s a good excuse to do something like this.

          • Fortunately (or unfortunately), breakfast hours are over at the fast-food places. 😉
            I’ve been enabling myself a little too enthusiastically in the egg-and-cheese sandwich department for a while. With my visiting family member’s departure, I feel like I have a new lease on life, so I’m trying to start today with some things I’ve been putting off for a while.

  • Accountering

    Couldn’t be more excited for some professional prospects. Good things happening in my camp right now! Hoping to have some things finalized and able to share by later next week!

  • Dilemma: Get two seats a third of the way back in the balcony for Lucinda Williams at Lisner or grab two likely-to-go-unclaimed handicapped accessible seats on the floor. I feel unclean just for considering this, but tickets have been on sale for a while….

  • Rave/rant: I used to dislike rompers with a passion but lately I’ve been seeing lots of people rocking their rompers and they’re super cute! Now I’m wanting a romper except that I’m short. Is it possible for short people to pull off wearing rompers without looking like some strange-looking small child? Sigh…

    • SouthwestDC

      The blogger at Extra Petite was rocking one recently and it looked pretty good: http://www.extrapetite.com/2015/07/chicago-weekend-urban-outfitters-motel.html
      I think it’s essential that you glam it up with heels and jewelry, and maybe a jacket. Wendy’s Lookbook has some good examples of how to style it: http://www.wendyslookbook.com/?s=romper
      That said, I’ve never had luck with rompers. They always make my butt look huge!

    • no, don’t do it. They look so cute until…you have to go to the bathroom. I don’t know how people do it. Especially if you’re going out to a bar or public restroom and other people are waiting and you have to take the whole thing off. Or try other methods which aren’t successful. I think they’re so cute, but I firmly believe that people only wear them for photos and don’t actually wear them out anywhere.

      • Emmaleigh504

        This is exactly right! Romper are fine until you have to pee, then you realize the Devil made them.

      • They should have crotch snaps like baby onesies!

      • Hahahah oh good to know! As cute as those look in Caroline’s links, this may be one trend I admire from afar…

        • I think they’re worth the inconvenience if you want a streamlined look without the annoyance of trying to keep a shirt tucked in. Of course, a dress is even better. I guess there’s really no reason to wear a romper when you can just wear a dress.

    • i’m short and i love rompers. have to wear them with heels!

  • Rave: Leaving work in 15 minutes to go pick up a friend from the airport who’s visiting me this weekend! Plans include POV for drinks tonight, then dinner at Old Ebbitt, and then out in Adams Morgan. Tomorrow we have reservations for La Tasca’s sangria brunch, and may go out in Old Town Alexandria tomorrow evening to see a band I like. She’s from the Midwest so I’m trying to pick very DC things to do (she’s done all the usual touristy stuff).
    Rant: This means that I’m going to be exhausted by Monday.
    Rave: Fear the Walking Dead starts Sunday!!!!!!!

  • Rant: Had a complete meltdown last night about work stress. Complete with ugly crying and an ice cream binge.
    Rave: Second interview went well. They told me to take the weekend to think about it and they’d email me on Monday to see where I’m at. This is super sad, but it feels really weird to talk to someone about a work project and actually feel like they think I’m competent and an equal.
    Rave: Walls are painted and they look great! Now to decide on the bedroom… Apparently I really hate a lot of colors.
    Rave: Fancy-ish dinner tonight with bf and the parents for my dad’s birthday. And a super fun house party with friends I haven’t seen in a while tomorrow!

  • Revel: Uber driver who took all of my groceries all the way into my elevator! You rock sir! That was too many groceries for this (pregnant) lady to handle.
    Rant: nothing. It’s so gorgeous out.

  • Help! I need to find a dress for my brother’s wedding. It needs to be a pretty unique shade of green, so I’m having trouble. I’m not a big online shopper and I need more websites to check out! Right now I’m checking Asos, Lulus, and Ann Taylor a lot. Anyone have good online shopping recommendations?

    • nordstrom? shopbop (can ship through amazon prime if you have it)? anthroplogie (they’ve been having lots of sales this year)?

    • Blithe

      Could you say a bit more about what you’re looking for? And maybe even post a swatch with the color? And maybe price range if that’s an issue. You might want to talk with a personal shopper at Nordstrom’s or Saks for recommendations.

    • What shade of green? If all else fails you could try dying a white one. Should be a lot of white dresses on sale this time of year.

    • Go on shopstyle! They aggregate a bunch of online shopping websites and their filters are pretty good.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Light in the Box! they have tons of colors and fabrics and styles. I have ordered a dress from there, and it was actually better quality than I expected.
      I’ve found a vague reproduction of the Oscar de la Renta kaftan at Light in the Box. You can find anything!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Zappos has clothes, not just shoes, and it lets you pick out all the details for your search.

  • Rave: I ate pizza for breakfast with fresh peach slices on top. With teechino! Also got some skyr and fancy cheese and crackers for later. And protein bars.
    Rave, I think: My congestion + coughing seems to be morphing into runny nose + sneezing, Progress?
    Rave: The weekend is so, so close. I’m imagining doing all of the things I need to do. Or at least enough to get out of this rut of feeling like a total deadbeat. My main goal for the weekend is to get all of the packing boxes out of my hallway and living room. This is a totally achievable goal.

    • Accountering

      Sounds like you are rocking it 🙂
      Have you looked into hiring an organizer to help unpack? They are worth their weight in gold, or you know, the $30 or $40/hour they charge 🙂

      • We’ve talked about it a LOT, but I actually love organizing and would prefer to do it myself if I have the energy. I can visualize almost perfectly the work I need to do and it’s only about 2-3 hours of actual labor that I would really enjoy if I weren’t an exhausted coughing mess 🙂 If I can’t muster the energy this weekend, though, I might just call a professional. It’s getting ridiculous at this point to have so many boxes in the hallway.

    • Can I come over for breakfast? Not pregnant, but that sounds delicious 🙂 and wait! people can be paid to organize stuff? I need to make this my job, I love to organize!

  • Rant: Arrived at the corner just in time to see the [64] bus fly by…
    Rave: Weekend weather is looking great, outdoor bbq & pool time imminent
    Rave: This video link tracking bears in AK is awesome & addicting: http://explore.org/live-cams/player/brown-bear-salmon-cam-lower-river
    Rave: Have a chance to tack on 3-7 days for a side trip to Zanzibar after working in Kenya in Nov.

  • Rave: Day off from work, and the sun is shining!
    Rant: Working the breakfast shift early tomorrow morning
    Rant: Why is it so hard to find another job? Working in a restaurant sucks.

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