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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Yesterday evening was terrible. My university cancelled a required course I was enrolled in this fall, and the only alternate course doesn’t end until 11pm at night on a Tuesday…
    Rant: … and then I found out I might not be able to take the position I’m interviewing for today because of government HR red tape…
    Rant: … and then I got a nasty email from my subletter when I told them I was only returning half their security deposit because they totally left the place a mess. (This isn’t surprising but it was still mean.)
    Rant: … and I missed the happy hour because I was trying to deal with all this stuff.
    Rant: No raves today.

    • I can’t believe that your subletter yelled at you. Did they honestly think they were getting the whole security deposit back when they left the place like that?

      • They pulled the “It’s not about the money but your house was terrible!” thing. Which is a lie. I’m actually pretty OCD about keeping my house clean, and people who know me can speak to this. He also openly admitted that they didn’t take before and after pictures — which I did! I am not even responding… They literally threw an adult version of a temper tantrum.

        • You are being the bigger person by letting it go. I would be very tempted to say “well the pictures I have say otherwise”…but of course that would probably invoke another response from them. Sorry you had to go through that!

          • Yeah, I was tempted for about 30 seconds then I decided I didn’t need another thing to deal with. Thank you for the sympathy. It makes me feel like I’m not just crazy!

        • Yeah, I had a similar response from a roommate who left our apartment a pigsty…after weeks of having her crap all over the place during the whole moving process. Her defense was, “well, that’s how I found it.” Ummm, pretty sure there wasn’t honey spilled all over your cupboards, trash all over your room, and Skittles stuck to your carpet. Some people are completely unaware of how disgusting they are.

    • Oh man, that sucks FridayGirl! I was hoping you’d show at HH, sorry you couldn’t come because of all that crap! There’s always next time! And hey, we’re close to the weekend now, so that’s something, right? Good luck with your interview, hopefully the red tape can be cleared, and hope you’ll have something to rave about come tomorrow

      • Thank you, LittleBluePenguin! I appreciate it. We are close to the weekend and I am oh-so-happy about that. (And who knows whether this interview will turn into a job in a few months or a year if it doesn’t this time around. I let them know the situation with HR but they still want to meet with me, so that’s good.)

    • One last rant because today is like this and I can’t help it: Office just took away last remaining piece of my old portfolio and gave it to new-person-in-the-office. I now am in charge of three things that I have never worked on before and have no academic experience with either. I should look at this as a challenge, but instead it’s kind of making me want to cry/barf.
      Apologies for all the rants/complaints today. I just want it to be over! Tomorrow is a new day….

      • Sorry to hear this, and other rants. Can you leave early today? Or take a longer lunch and get something extra delicious?

        • Thanks, MPinDC. I am thinking of leaving early today — I have tons of sick leave and I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to be doing here.

        • You should definitely head out early! You can go to the cat cafe or go visit the newly preggers panda…

          • I second the cat cafe plan!

          • I don’t think you can visit Mei Xiang any more, unless she happens to go outside — they closed the indoor portion of the panda habitat to visitors, so that Mei won’t be disturbed as she finishes up with her pregnancy (or pseudopregnancy).
            But you can still see Tian Tian and Bao Bao, as long as they’re outdoors.

  • Rave: It’s my Friday
    Neither Rave nor Rant: Apparently someone in MPD made a FB page for “Crime Light Tower” and it’s totally making fun of it.
    Rant: Bowser. They had a community meeting in SE last night and she didn’t show. She wasn’t “invited” but umm you’re the mayor, SHOW UP ON YOUR OWN ACCORD. She finally did show up toward the end. I never liked her, but I was hoping she’d prove me wrong. She seems like a complete moron and I feel like DC is melting down because of it.

    • Serious question – what kind of “community meeting” was this that it should immediately shoot to the top of the mayor’s priority list as a “can’t miss” event, regardless of what else she might have had on her agenda?

      • The community meeting on crime after the fight between the 12 and 17 year old in which the 17 year old went into the 12 year old’s apartment in Congress Heights and killed his 31 year old mom. This happened on the same day within hours of the kid being shot and killed in front of the church in SE. Lanier was there along with other DC government officials and it was at 7:30pm at night…can’t imagine her agenda having a ton of events at that time.

  • Rant/Rave: I put nail caps on my dog’s nails to try and protect the hardwood. She haaates them (and me) and I felt horrible, and then felt even worse for laughing at her weird walk and pitiful expression.
    Rave: Second interview tomorrow. In a good headspace because it sounds like a fantastic/interesting opportunity so I obviously want it, but it’s short-term so if they don’t offer I think I’ll feel okay about that too since I at least have a steady income/benefits right now.
    Rave: There will be paint on the walls when I get home from work today!
    Rant: Sad I missed HH last night.

  • Rave: DBGB tonight. I would go there just for the bread and butter they have.
    rant: anxiety nightmares
    rave: binge watching the 100.
    rant: caught up, now what

    • We went to DBGB this week! It was really good.

      • Did you do the RW menu? Any recs? I’ve literally only gone to DBGB for the bar menu, so I’ve never tried their dinner stuff.

        • I got the Tandoori carrot salad and the steak, which was nice. My friend liked her fluke crudo and salmon dish. My favorite was the blueberry tart for dessert with mascarpone ice cream. My friend got the chocolate peanut butter gateaux, which was tasty and surprisingly light. The Frenchie also looked really good.

    • That show always surprises me with how much I enjoy it. The acting is terrible, it’s so easy to know exactly what’s going to happen next and call it…but it’s SO GOOD. WHY.

  • Rant: The new niche columnists in the Post. I am the first to acknowledge that — especially as they try to expand their appeal beyond the aging Luddite (like me) demographic — there is room in the paper for the Concerned Black Woman, Sensitive Single Middle Aged Lady and the Earnest Gay Man (I am trying to get a column as the Aging Urban Pioneer, which I would like to co-write with I Don’t Get It, though he’d probably steal all the thunder). But do they have to be soooooooooo boooooooring? I mean, at least Courtland Milloy and Paula Dvorak bring a little personality to the paper.
    Rave: Having enough money where you can sometimes resolve a dilemma just by throwing money at it.
    Rave: Having dilemmas like “do we take the train from Prague to Dresden and then rent a car to go to the castle/hotel and then drop it at the airport in Berlin, or do we just pick up the car in Prague and pay the exorbitant dropoff fee?”

    • Any time Petula Dvorak is listed as even a somewhat positive, I have to be concerned. Are you feeling ok Irving?

    • Not to rain on your rant … but if they’re niche columnists then they’re not attempting to have mainstream appeal so they probably would be boring to anyone who doesn’t fit the targeted audience lol. And I’m guessing “aging urban pioneer” is code for older white guy because I’m pretty sure DC was inhabited by people when you got here and if that’s the case, then the rest of the paper is geared toward your demo so don’t feel too put out.

      Btdubs, the name is Petula. Not Paula πŸ™‚

      • But I love good niche columnists — I find other people’s world’s and lives interesting, even fascinating and I like good writing. I just think that the columns running now tackle obvious subjects, reaching obvious conclusions, through language that is uninspiring. You don’t have to ignore your primary audience to be interesting enough to drag in a few stragglers — but these guys come off as utterly generic.
        As for the rest of the paper being targeted to my demo (because it covers politics and the weather and those are only for old white guys?) I’m not feeling left out or anything. The plea for column inches was tongue in cheek and we — and the women and men who love us — are the last remaining loyal newspaper-reading demo. But a little Style Section action would be fun to read and there’s room.
        Petula — love to hate her. And least I can finish a column without nodding off.

        • Sometimes I feel like the youngest Post subscriber in DC. I grew up reading the paper, and had high hopes that my children would at least enjoy the Mini Pages… however, my paper goes unopened straight into the recycling bin and I keep the subscription for the online access only.

          • I like to have something to read on the metro and when I read it at breakfast, I don;t have to worry about getting yogurt or orange juice on my keyboard. Also, I hate reading the comics online.

          • I still read the hard copy because I like having a snapshot in time of the news. Things get pushed off the home page so fast that I would miss lots of articles, and others never make it there to begin with. Sure, I could hunt through the site and find it all, but I find it easier just to thumb through the paper once a day and then keep current by checking the web page occasionally throughout the day. But I am old.
            I have considered cancelling my Post subscription because the quality keeps dropping.

    • My college roommate’s father always says, “Thank goodness for the problems you can solve by throwing money at them.” I agree, and would add the corollary, “Give thanks if that’s an option.”
      And, I agree with Anonamom – you have to wonder how bad it’s gotten if Petula Dvorak is one of the more readable columnists.

    • jim_ed

      Are you referring to the unhinged from reality garbage that keeps getting published under the ‘PostEverything’ brand? Because if so, then I fully agree. Half the stuff there wouldn’t pass muster at thoughtcatalog, let alone a paper of record like the Post. That whole section needs to be taken out back and shot, preferably into the sun via catapult.

    • I Dont Get It

      Sorry buster, you’re on your own. I don’t have time to write Concerned Black Woman AND Aging Urban Pioneer!

    • saf

      Concerned Black Woman – not new. Don’t you remember Donna Britt?

  • Rave: The first few months of unemployment were great, mostly because of severance.
    Rant: Now I’m over it. I feel like I can’t spend much, so what do I do with all this free time that is driving me crazy? And why can’t I just get a job already?!?

    • anonymouse_dianne

      When I lost my job in 2008 I started volunteering at Washington Animal Rescue League twice a week during the day. I walked dogs in the morning and fluffed cats in the afternoon. It saved my sanity. I was out of work for 7 months. I highly recommend volunteering.

      • Or get a service job out of your field like dog walking or something so you can make money while you continue to look. Working is a great way to stave off boredom & money.

        • To that end…try posting up on something like TaskRabbit?
          It’s not nearly the same, but during the government shutdown a few years ago I kept myself busy cleaning out my (then new) apartment, re-painting the walls, selling things on CraigsList, and getting into baking and other culinary things I never really had time for. I’m the type to always keep my pantry stocked, so I decided to see what I could come up with using all (or almost all) things I already had instead of buying more food. All winter I had tons of homemade pizza because of all the dough balls I made and froze.
          Volunteering also sounds like a great idea. That was also on my list, which I didn’t get to.

      • I’ve done the volunteer orientation at Food and Friends to start doing food deliveries, but they are dragging their feet on the background check. Maybe I will have to find somewhere to volunteer in the meantime.

        I have done some temp work and a few beach trips and things like that, but I am so used to going 1,000 miles and hour that having spare time makes me lose focus! But I do need to work on baking bread. Maybe that is what I will do all day tomorrow!

      • Oh, and I have hauled off a ton of stuff to goodwill, deep cleaned every room in the house (maybe one more closet to go) and even went so far as to polish my pots and pans! I wish I could convince myself to work out more…

    • Blithe

      Do you have a hobby that requires practicing? A book that you’ve put off writing? A stack of books that you’ve always wanted to read? A sketchpad and a pencil? A desire to finally master making yeast bread? Or beer? Or puff pastry? I don’t know about you, but I’ve often had major projects and interests that I’ve mentally saved “for retirement” because it seemed like I would never have enough free time to pursue them. Do you have anything like that that you could dust off and enjoy? If not, there are probably loads of volunteer activities in DC that would give you a bit of structure, something to do, and that might even lead to an unexpected job opportunity.

    • The stir craziness is a bit hard to deal with. When I was unemployed, I spent a lot of time at the library, went to a lot of museums, and all of the fun free summer stuff I don’t have much time for when I’m employed. After about a month of sleeping in and not getting much accomplished, I tried to keep a regular routine that included getting up at a decent hour, getting out of the house a lot and applying to at least a few jobs per day.

  • RANT: When I got home yesterday I had caught two more mice(on the same glue trap)
    RANT: I could not stomach moving the oven out to see what’s going on back there. Will attempt today.
    RAVE: I set a new trap and didn’t catch any. Could it be I caught all of them? 5 to be exact?
    RANT: Im constantly being alert and keep looking over to the area for any possible siting’s.

    • How does a glue trap work? Is that where the mice get their feet stuck, panic, but can’t free themselves, and then die after not having access to food and water?
      On a side note, my parents’ cat seems to be very effective at killing their mice pretty quickly.

      • Yes that’s how it works. Unfortunately the ones I’ve caught didn’t die by time I got to them which made it even more terrifying.

        • That’s very troubling- for the mice. Have you considered getting a cat? I’m just wondering if there are other, more humane ways to do this…

          • For the mice? I’m sorry but I won’t agree with you on this. I hate those things, they creep me out, they are just nasty little things. My home is white glove clean and this has completely shaken up things around the house. I have a dog who is not a fan of cats, so I don’t think that will work. I just hope this is a one time thing. I just need to get the courage to pull out the oven and see what’s going on and fix it.

          • Ally

            Agree. Not a compassionate way to take care of this. But I recognize that I’m in the minority on this issue. I grew up with pet mice who were very nice animals, so I have a soft spot. For me, my mice problem went away when I started compulsively cleaning the kitchen and putting my easily-accessible food in airtight storage containers. (and sorry if this is coming off as holier-than-though…truly not intended).

          • Ally, I don’t think it is “holier than thou” to be concerned about this kind of thing. I just don’t like the idea of any creatures suffering pain, especially prolonged pain, if it can be avoided. Mice freak me out, but I don’t want to be the one responsible for making them suffer. There’s gotta be another way.

          • Glue traps are my least preferred method. If you’re not willing to finish the job, this just seems cruel. (I say this as someone that has finished the job four times, twice by burying the whole trap in the show for a quick freeze, and twice by having to crush the damn thing with something heavy…which was just terrible, for us both). The worst part is that the last one got caught on a trap that I didn’t know was behind the fridge, and I was only alerted because of squeaking. Just awful

          • Drowning is a no mess finisher. It sucked, but it was quick. Bucket, dunk it, wait for bubbles to stop, and dispose.

        • Rat Zapper – Rat Zapper – Rat Zapper! Get one. Painless, effective, humane and no clean up.

      • You don’t wait for them to starve to death – that could take a while. Usually it’s up to you to finish the job. Glue traps are great, but you have to be comfortable with what their use entails.

        • That’s why snap traps are ultimately more humane – probably the most humane option short of some sort of trap that would allow for “catch-and-release,” which may just allow the little buggars to come right back in….

          • Get a rat zapper…its humane and they go down a little tunnel so you can just shake it out into the trash. In the winter our rat zapper is a godsend. Unfortunately we can’t block their entrances because our house was “renovated” so poorly. Until we have the money to redo everything…rat zapper it is.

        • Agree that snap traps are preferable because the mouse is killed immediately, and the covered snap traps better than non-covered.
          With the non-covered ones, a mouse can get just a leg caught in the trap…

          • Bear

            The mouse is not killed immediately all the time. I once walked into the kitchen to see a half alive mouse dragging the trap behind it across the floor. It was disgusting.

          • That would be horrifying. I thought the covered snap traps would prevent that from happening….

        • They’re not “great”, they’re animal torture devices that should be outlawed.

      • Don’t care that you hate the things, to deliberately starve an animal to death is excessively and extremely cruel. Not only that, but the animals will chew their legs off to try and escape. It’s a horrible way to kill anything and you’re horrible for not putting them out of their misery.

  • Rave: Meeting many awesome people at the unofficial PoP HH last night! I can’t wait for the next one.

    Rave: My date from Monday night is getting it right. The day after our date, he texted me in the morning to say that he had a great time. Then last night, he called me and reiterated that he had a great time, and asked when he could see me again, maybe this weekend? I told him I was out of town, so we’ll get together when I get back. That’s pretty cool.

    Rave: But I’m still going to keep the dates I have scheduled, because you just never know.

    Rant: OKCupid is, unsurprisingly, starting to get really creepy. But I’m absolutely setting boundaries and blocking people immediately who are disgusting or ridiculous.

    Rave: But I’m going to NYC tomorrow!!! Yay!!!

  • Rave: New job is awesome! I have never worked in such a chill environment. I am absolutely loving wearing jeans every day, though I am having trouble getting used to people wearing flip flops. 12 years in health care will do that to you (all the toes!).
    Rant: YouTube co-worker at the last job has been replaced by Gospel co-worker in new job. It’s great that you love Jesus and all, but I’d really rather not listen to praise music for eight hours a day.
    Rave: They actually encourage the use of headphones here. Music and podcasts all day to drown out Jay-sus!
    Rant: Missing my friends at my old work, missing DC (been at the BF’s house the last week and a half). But really not happy to hear about the increasingly close to my house gun violence.
    Rave: Back to DC on Sunday. First week of school next week and a week of vacation for me – Hooray!

    • Yay! Happy to hear you’re loving things there! Holy crap it’s a mess here! Sorry about your Gospel music co-worker, but heck, podcasts should help!

      • Yikes!! I had a text to call Fearless Leader on Monday, but have yet to connect. I called yesterday afternoon and was told everything’s going great! And FL won’t be back until next month…. hope it wasn’t anything urgent!

        • no no, it’s more the old timers who are freaking out because they actually have to do work, and are constantly coming over to my cube to paw through former Cubby Buddy’s files….Getting on my nerves!

    • Sorry, but who still thinks it is ok to play music in their cube so that others can hear it (even when you’re playing it “softly”?) I just don’t get people who are either (a) that oblivious, or (b) rude and inconsiderate. If I wanted to play Bach all day, I would never assume my coworkers would be fine with that. You shouldn’t have to wear headphones to accommodate your music-loving colleague.

      • I agree – but given the work I do, the head phones actually help me to concentrate so it’s not so bad. But you’re absolutely right, I shouldn’t *have* to wear them. I’m not trying to rock the boat considering it’s my third day, so for now I’ll just deal with it.

        • I completely get that, Anonamom. I was in your exact position when I began my job a few years ago. My dad said to sit tight for one year, since you should never complain about these things until you’re a known quantity (well-liked, established, etc). The guy, who was playing this really annoying and awful R&B (uck- gag me with a spoon!), ultimately was transferred elsewhere. I’m sensitive to noise, and I’m really sensitive to hearing bad music. haha! Good luck. Glad to hear your headphones work and aren’t a major interference.

        • Glad the headphones work for you, but agreed that you shouldn’t have to. It’s not okay for them to be infringing on the communal air space! I wonder if any of your other coworkers have considered saying something to this person, or if they just gave up and got headphones too?

  • Rave: The encouraging comments from my rant 2 days ago were much appreciated. In case the good folks of Popville have more advice on what neighborhoods I should consider, or any leads on open places, here’s my scenario:
    Upper-20s female looking for studio/1BR in decent neighborhood, off-street parking huge plus but street parking that isn’t too competitive would be fine too. I’m extremely sensitive to fragrances so I need a w/d in my unit instead of sharing it with neighbors. I work in downtown DC (near White House) and have parking at the office so I don’t want the drive to be terrible but metro/bus lines aren’t huge factors. I’m also currently jetting down I95-S quite often to help my mom out (my stepdad passed away in June, he was military so I’m the only family here) so I’m trying not to go too farth north in DC. I live in Capitol Hill East now and have enjoyed it but I’m concerned about the crime, especially now that I’ll be on my own (splitting with boyfriend of 5 years).

      • I second this. It’s suburban, safe, quiet, but still walkable to shops and restaurants. Plus it’s close to the all highways for an easy commute. There’s lots of nice apartment buildings by the metro.

    • Maybe Foggy Bottom? That would be a super short drive to work and you wouldn’t be that far from hopping over the 50/66 bridge to the GW parkway to 395 South.

    • Glover Park? Or Crystal City, or Rosslyn?

    • Maybe Kennedy Row? It’s in Hill East, is new construction, and has parking for $135/month. I don’t know if they have rental incentives, but maybe you could get a month or two free? Also, post a CL Housing Wanted ad with exactly what you want. When I am renting something out, I always start there first, because it’s easier to send an email to 10 people then screen 40 applications.

    • Have you tried the Capitol Hill list serve? I see these kinds of posts all the time, and it seems like people on there like to rent to people who have a connection to the neighborhood, seem friendly, versus trying to deal with Craigslist. I know there was a for rent sign for a one bedroom on D street across from Tortilla Coast. Not sure what they’re asking, but it’s a block from the metro and definitely in a safe (for DC) area. Parking also isn’t too bad around here. I’ll check to see if it’s still up.

    • jim_ed

      I’d take a hard look at the buildings down by Nats Park in the Navy Yard. All are new, so have in-unit W/D, and its super easy to jump on 95 from there. Also a very safe area.

      • Definitely second this neck of the woods, the only downside is that there’s no zoned parking, so you’re pretty much forced to pay the 150-200/month for garage parking. I’m guessing that for a one bedroom, prices are probably starting around $1800?

        • I lived in the Onyx for a year…can’t say whether they have these concessions now, but we had a 1 bedroom + den for $1825 a year and TWO free parking spots and free storage for the whole year. Considering I was splitting the rent with my fiancee it was an insane deal and I LOVED living there. Great staff and building.

      • I second this! I love living there.

    • Thanks everyone! I’m looking into all suggestions that were made – I didn’t even know there was a Hill East-specific listserv but I am now a member.

      • If you like off-color humor go back and search for posts by Timmy Shins. That guy is a mess! I only skim the digest emails (especially since I’m not living there anymore) but if I see something from him it’s bound to be good.

  • Rave: Super fun time at HH meeting Emilie, SinSA, Stephanie, anonanon, TallE, That One Guy, MPinDC, and whole bunch more, as well as meeting back up with other PoPvillians like textdoc, Pablo, topscallop, and jeslett! Good times! And thanks for introducing me to the Moscow Mule, what a fabulous drink and perfect for hot gross days!
    Rant: Holy cow this humidity will be the death of me. I can’t breathe!
    Rave? Seeing the dermatologist tomorrow, maybe we can figure out why my hair is falling out?
    Rave: seeing pictures of people’s pets at HH!

  • Rave: Attack rabbit!! Hee.
    Rave: Great time at happy hour last night!
    Rant: Was planning on going to the outdoor movie screening of Guardians of the Galaxy with friends, but looking like it’ll be rained out. This weather makes me so sleepy too.
    Rave: Rasika yesterday was delicious, and they had really generous portions – got most of my curry leftovers for lunch today!

    • That One Guy

      You inceptionized me. I am craving ramen and exited to see Sakuramen sells buns. I would ask if you want to grab lunch there but sadly you have plans already.

      • I think they only do lunch on Friday and weekends, as well! You should definitely go check it out. Their buns are pretty good too (although a bit overpriced).

  • Rave: I had a lovely time at HH last night, meeting new people, catching up with those I’ve met, and not being judged for lasting only 30 seconds before whipping out photos of my new dog.
    Rave: I finally sold my awesome old bike that just didn’t fit me well. The guy who bought it said my ad was f*ing hilarious and I take that as the highest Craig’s List compliment.
    Rave: today is my Friday.
    Rant: still so tired.

    • Pablo Raw

      Someone should organize the unofficial pet friendly PoPville pic-nic at some dog park.

    • Late rant: my flight for tonight got canceled so I’m on the 6:20 am flight tomorrow out of BWI. My boarding time is 5:35 am πŸ™
      Rave-ish: at least they gave me tons of warning and I don’t have to rush tonight.
      Rant: I am going to be exhausted tomorrow.

  • Looking for some advice (I think I’ll file this one under “Revel” because i’m excited about it!)… I’m a recent (2012) college grad with a B.A. in Poli Sci, and after a couple years at various DC office jobs I’m looking to become a nurse. Ideally, I would like to stay in the DC area. I’ve been researching local universities that offer accelerated programs to get a B.S.N. (bachelor’s in Nursing) for people who have already earned undergrad degrees in something else, and I know there are many other pathways towards becoming an RN that I don’t know much about. Does anyone have experience or advice to share? Thanks!

    • Do you live in DC, Maryland, or Virginia? I believe Mason or JMU offers an accelerated program for such career changes that is quite highly regarded (can’t remember which). There are also RN programs at pretty much every community college in the area, however, these programs are quite competitive and you will be judged for entry based on the same academic criteria as everyone else and your BA won’t mean much. A community college program will allow you to graduate with an Associates in Nursing and will qualify you to take your RN exam. Also, most community college programs give entry preference to county residents and frequently have waiting lists. Employment wise, if you plan on working in a hospital in DC, I would strongly suggest you go for your BSN. If, however, you want to work in the community, at a nursing home or skilled nursing facility, then the Associate’s pathway is just fine, and you can always go continue on an RN to BSN bridge program.

    • check out Georgetown, they have a pretty good (accelerated BSN program) and I believe have tuition remission if you agree to work for them for a few years…have a few friends that have done it and they had a fairly good experience….good luck!

      • Georgetown University Hospital is now MedStarGUH – so don’t count on tuition remission any more. Most tuition remission arrangements are for existing employees who are going on to further education (I know this is the case with Hopkins hospitals). This is an excellent opportunity for any healthcare professional, however, it may not be open to plotkin at this point. There is also the option of going to work for a healthcare facility while going to school and allowing your employer to pay for all or part of your education, but your options will be limited for the time being. Pretty much all hospitals offer some sort of tuition reimbursement/remission program. Also, many area hospitals have arrangements with universities to provide reduced tuition rates for employees. MedStar, for example, has an arrangement with Drexel for in-state rate for their on-line programs.

    • A few of my friends did Marymount’s accelerated program, and spoke very highly of it. It’s in Arlington!

    • Congrats on making the choice! I was in your shoes about 8 months ago, and am now waiting on my final admissions decisions from about 5 different programs to start in the spring. One thing that has been frustrating throughout this process has been being a DC resident. I didn’t think much about it when I moved here a few years ago because going back to school for nursing wasn’t in my plans, but I’ve been pretty frustrated by the lack of instate tuition options for DC residents, both for the prerequisite courses you’ll need to apply and for nursing programs themselves.

      If you have the time, I’d really recommend moving into VA or MD if you don’t live there already – your options will be much more affordable! For example – UDC’s course offerings are pretty paltry, so it actually ended up being cheaper for me to take my prereqs online at Johns Hopkins than at a nearby community college (their schedule offerings were also much more convenient for those with full time jobs, too).

      GWU has a great ABSN program, and given you want to stay in the area, I’d look into their W2 Scholarship Program with Washington Hospital Center. If you’re selected, WHC will pay 50% of your tuition (around $30K I think) in exchange for a 3 year work commitment. Not the BEST offering, but hey, it’s a guaranteed job before you even start school.

      Virginia Hospital Center also offers tuition reimbursement for new nurses, and I’m sure others do as well – do some looking around!

      I’ve been at times nervous and excited about such a big change, but ultimately, I think this is a great switch we’re both making. Job prospects and growth opportunities are fantastic, and there are a lot of resources out there to help finance your education, both at the BSN and graduate levels.

      Good luck getting started – have fun in anatomy and physiology πŸ˜‰

  • Rave: Two out if the blue job inquires for the Fed. Loving it!
    Rant: Thought dog had a tick, but probably just a mole. Felt like the best/worse dog mom at the end of it.
    Rave: He was really wiggly after and didn’t seem to care.
    Rant: Home hunting. I just want to give you money please respond!
    Rave: Almost the weekend.

  • emvee

    Rant: Too much work, too little time.
    Rant: Not enough time for Popville these days πŸ™
    Rave: I went to a free WIT class last night! The instructors were great, the people were wonderful. I’m considering signing up for one of their workshops.
    Rant and Rave: Too much travel these days for serious family events. πŸ™

  • Rave: Reaching the age (or confidence level) where work conflict bothers me a lot less than it used too. Also, steely politeness is an effective tool.
    Rave: Almond milk lattes: something about them cuts the acidity of coffee, making my morning beverage much more drinkable.
    Rant: This weather: so much sinus pressure. I’m really afraid that I may be on the cusp of a sinus infection.
    Rave: Yoga tonight.

  • Rave: Happy hour last night – thanks Emilie for arranging! Great to meet new people and reconnect with others, sorry I left before pet photo sharing began πŸ™‚
    Rave: Humans of NY stories from Pakistan, HONY community raising $2 million to support an organization working to end bonded labor.
    Rant: Yesterday two teenagers were walking through my alley and going into neighbor’s back yards. I called the police (see something, say something) and was on hold for a few minutes. Tried again, still had to hold. Gave up.

  • That One Guy

    It was good to meet more people at yesterday’s HH.
    I’m sorry if I didn’t introduce myself to a few people.
    Thanks to Emilie for setting up.
    I too am tired today. I’m going to blame the overcast weather for it.

  • Rant: Found out I was one of the most qualified for a Fed position, but “not selected.” No interview, no explanation. I chalk it up to applying for Federal jobs- you just never know what could hold you back from getting a job. Boo.
    Rave: learning new repertoire. Opening music books and thinking about what to tackle next brings me unimaginable joy!

    • Yeah, I really don’t get the Fed process, especially all the jobs that are only open to current fed employees, or specific classifications. If you really want the best people, let everyone apply and proceed solely based on qualifications.

      • Unfortunately you would be surprised how “gamed” the federal (and many state) government hiring regs are.

        In the selection process, people who are… “disabled”, vets, (OMG , any job is yours for the taking if you qualify as a disabled vet), members of certain tribes, have previous fed experience all get quite a few extra points in the evaluation process. To beat out one of these people, the rest of the evaluation criteria in your application has to be graded so much higher than the others. I understand the need sometimes for additional criteria to give everyone a fair shake but we’ve gone waaaay overboard with it. I want to hire the best person for the job, not the mediocre person I had to hire because they happened to “insert one of the 10 reasons here) to get extra points.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: cancelling fun plans because I have to be responsible and finish what I started.
    Rave: Change of plans; going to Shenandoah for Labor Day weekend (instead of Assateague); hoping for nice weather and not so cloudy skies so I can do some night photos.
    Rave: Great to see everybody at the HH last night!

  • rant: vertigo, dizzyness, meniere’s disease. was gone for two years now back. 3 months now. On a low salt diet. no caffeine, no alchohol.
    rave: my fitness pal app to track the sodium content in foods i’m eating.

    • UGH!! I feel your pain – I have meniere’s as well. Was doing fine for about 5 years, then had a bout of vertigo, etc. which lasted for about two months this past spring. The ONLY thing that I could think of that had changed in my lifestyle/diet was that I had started chewing gum which contains aspartame. I stopped chewing it and the vertigo went away. It could be a complete coincidence, but you may want to think if you have recently upped your intake of artificial sweeteners (I don’t use them/avoid them other than that short-lived gum habit). If you google aspartame side-effects you’ll see vertigo is listed. Have you asked your doctor to prescribe a diuretic? That helps as well. Good luck!

      • the only thing i can think of is that i was eating out a lot so there was alot of salt intake. i have the diuretic but haven’t started it yet because one of the side effects is dizzyness and nausea! i tried the last time i had the vertio to take the diuretic but it made me dizzy. doc says i need to get over the hump.

        • I’m on a diuretic (for intracranial hypertension, which causes vertigo among other things) and there definitely was a hump that I had to get over. It took about a week and a half of pretty crappy side effects (debilitating headaches, dizziness, etc) but after that, it’s been smooth-sailing!

    • Ugh–feeling bad for you and AMDCer with Meniere’s. Because of a friend who had that, I’m familiar with the horrible symptoms and have always been thankful not to have it. Hoping you get relief soon.

  • Rant: I need a vacation, preferably on a tropical island, but have no one with the time or money to go with.
    Rant: I think I have the world’s smartest fruit flies in my house. I set out the apple cider vinegar soap combo so many people swear by and they just hang out on the rim of the bowl, refusing to go in. I even tried adding some ripe fruit and nada.

    • Try pouring a pint of your most expensive, favorite beer – if they’re anything like my fruit flies, the little bastards will defile it and drown in it in a matter of hours!

    • Wine will sometimes work too and doesn’t seem like such a bad way to go…

      • +1. I was having a lovely glass of wine the other night and there was a fruit fly in it before I took my third sip. On the bright side, I took out most of the fruit flies in my house that night, so it was a worthy sacrifice.

    • Go on your own! I made more friends on the long weekend diving trip I took to Cozumel than I had in the previous year of being social in DC. (It was organized through BluePlanet here in DC, in case you’re a diver.) If you’re not into diving, there’s got to be some sort of group travel available. Or just do your own thing. I could totally see just sitting on the beach with a book and a cocktail for a few days.

  • rave: meeting all you lovely people at the HH last night!
    rave: watched catastrophe on amazon prime last night and it was so good
    rant: ended up watching the entire series instead of sleeping at a reasonable time
    rant: getting up this morning
    question: is it acceptable to go eat lunch before 11? I’m getting hangry…

  • Blithe

    Rave: I successfully re-potted a plant that I rooted in water for several months. I feel like a gardener! WhooHoo!
    Possible Rave: I’m planning to go to the Millennium Stage performance later today, clutching cough drops. I really need more live music in my life!
    Possible Revel: Trying to track down something else, I stumbled on The Gabriel Method. I want to lose a significant amount of weight — for the last time — and this seems like a very good, potentially effective support for my goals. I have a wonderfully dated pair of embroidered jeans for my aspirational outfit.
    Rave/Rant: I recently learned that there will be a free jazz festival in September. It happens to be on the same day as a workshop that I’ve signed up for. Fingers crossed that Metro is functioning that day — so I can pull off attending both.

  • Question – Has anyone recently been through the DCRA inspection process for a on-family rental license? Wondering how long it takes, if they test every single outlet/appliance, etc. Thanks!

  • palisades

    Rave: Nats. Cautiously optimistic.
    Rave: Truckeroo and Nats game tomorrow. Weather should be great too.
    Rave/Rant: GF is gone for a week, which means nothing but sitting on the couch and hanging out with my cat. I feel bad for her, because she spends so much time alone during the day. NO I WILL NOT GET ANOTHER.

    • jim_ed

      I’m not ready to be optimistic yet. Finish the sweep of the Rockies and then take at least 2 of 3 from the Brewers and I’ll maybe think they have a chance of getting back in this thing. Desi starting to swing the bat better is hopeful, and hopefully there’s a pulse somewhere in Werth, but I’m still concerned about whats up with Rendon and Ramos, and the starting pitching outside of Stras has been really lousy lately.

      • palisades

        Yeah the team is like bizarro-world outside of Harper and Yuni. So great seeing Stras kick ass though. I think Scherzer runs on the energy around him in the clubhouse, and he’ll be really pumped up to pitch tonight.
        Rendon….ugh. Biggest letdown of the year so far. Best case scenario: Span comes back soon, Taylor can get some deserved time on the bench, and Espi can continue to be ol’ faithful if Rendon doesn’t bounce back.

        • jim_ed

          If Williams was a good manager (he’s not), then Werth would sit when Span comes back and Taylor would play LF. Even with his better last few days, I’m still seeing Werth slow on really hittable pitches to think he should be playing every day.

          • palisades

            I agree about Werth being slow on pitches, but I think Taylor has reached his ceiling for the year. Remember, he’s still a rookie. Werth has shown that with time, he can get into a groove and really start placing balls where he wants to. He was getting hot right before he fractured his hand. I think the past two days are him starting to feel comfortable again.

    • That One Guy

      Maybe you can take funny photos with the cat and send them to your GF while she’s away.

      • palisades

        You say that like I don’t already do that πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure snapchat was invented just to send endless cat pictures. My favorite thing to do is mimic my cat’s weird face. She sometimes has a snaggle tooth or sticks out her tongue. Always fun to do those pictures.

    • Hasn’t your cat still not appeared in Afternoon Animal Fix? Maybe with all of this alone time with your cat, you can do a bunch of photo sessions. πŸ™‚

      • palisades

        You are very right textdoc. I did take a wonderful picture of her on my windowsill the other day, though. I need to purchase props or something.

  • Rave: Currently somewhere in PA en route to Ann Arbor!
    Rant: Squished into the car as a piece of car Jenga. Can’t see anything. This will be a long ride,
    Rant: Completely lost it this morning when I dropped my dog off for boarding. He will only be there for four days but I won’t see him for two months. Having a tougher time than anticipated.
    Rave: While I miss D.C. already, I’m really looking forward to a new chapter and new friends.

  • phl2dc

    Rant: I forgot the question I wanted to ask everyone here today.

  • Rant: Living in Petworth/Park View and trying to find a (marginally, even slightly) affordable gym that isn’t CrossFit or WSC and coming up pretty empty. I work in Crystal City and there’s not a lot down there in my price range either. I’d love access to group fitness classes (Zumba? Kickboxing?) as well as simple cardio machines .
    Rave: Found out about DC DPR fitness centers and their ridiculously low prices for the fitness center memberships. According to the website, the fitness center at Banneker is “Under reconstruction/closed.” Does anybody know what this means? Is this an actual fitness center that may actually be open someday or one of those “permanently under reconstruction so we don’t have to admit we’re not re-opening” kind of things?

  • Rave: Enjoyed last night’s unofficial PoPville happy hour. Emily, thanks for organizing! It was good to meet Emmafors and to chat with a whole bunch of familiar PoPville people — Littlen, SKJ84, Hammers, CarmieCarms, MPinDC, Jeslett, LittleBluePenguin, That One Guy, Pablo, Tall E, Caffeine, anonanon, StillAnon, and TonyR. (Hope I’m not forgetting anybody!)
    Rant: Apparently I missed SinSA. And I saw Topscallop (whom I remembered from the cosmetics-and-cookbooks swap), but didn’t get a chance to talk to her.
    Rave: Supposedly my visiting family member is leaving today.
    Rave: Kittycat is snuggled next to me.

  • Only rants today – my work, after months promising an awesome role shift, a promotion focusing on tasks I like and am good at, demoted me taking away the few things I like to do and shifting me into a largely data entry role. I just don’t understand what happened. Very frustrated and upset.

    • That sounds really crummy. Did your boss change in the interim? If not, have you had a chance to ask him/her what happened with the complete change??
      Is it a formal demotion, or just a de facto demotion in terms of job responsibilities?

      • Thanks texdoc for sympathizing. It’s more of a demotion in terms of responsibilities. I feel like my career is just going backwards. My boss didn’t change and I can’t get a solid answer out of her why it did. We’ve been talking about this transition since early June and I was so excited for it until now.

        • I’m sorry – that is so terrible! I’ve been in a similar situation and it is really deflating, especially when you have been blind-sided and can’t get answers. Maybe there’s a way to volunteer for special projects that are more in line with your interests? Keep your head up!

  • Great seeing you all at hh last night! Thanks again to Emily for organizing. I’ll try to be better at posting and keeping up, but glad to know textdoc can fill me in if I miss anything. πŸ™‚

  • Rave: The next time I’m in the office my boss will also be here πŸ™‚
    Rave: He’s done a great job of leaving his email alone while on vacation from what I can tell – good for him. I often wonder how high performing people balance their personal life with their work life when they’re literally answering emails at midnight. (And then I blink and realize I’m sometimes answering emails at midnight and feel just fine about it…but that’s rare.)
    Rave: Chiropractor today. This is the third session and I didn’t think it was helping, but last night my back hurt much less during sleep.
    Rant: Unfortunately that wasn’t the case with my stomach. Damn you, questionably old chicken.
    Rant: Sad to miss HH – but yesterday was super productive. Picked up the car from the shop, picked up a sink for the basement at Lowe’s, Accountering took the dog to class last night, and dinner was nearly ready when they got home.
    Rant: A friend just emailed that his dad passed away by sending a lovely tribute. So sad for him.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Great meeting with my boss today. She was very complimentary on the project I’ve been working on and then when I revealed the secret project I had gone rogue with, after her initial surprise, she encouraged me to continue to go rogue!
    Rave: Bosses who are just back from vacation and in good moods!
    Rave: The cafeteria got all fancy today and offered a Portobello Mushroom Napoleon and it is quite tasty. I still got a piece of chicken to go with it though.
    Rave: Two friends just back from Barcelona, the Spanish city not the (almost) stabby restaurant, dropped off some really cool candy last night from there.
    Rave: I had fun at Happy Hour last night
    Rave: Hosted in my TV room.
    Rave: All Raves today!

  • Emmaleigh504

    rant: technical difficulties
    Rave: “Dancing on the edge”

  • Rave: Fun HH last night! Nice to see some folks I knew and meet quite a few new ones. Thanks again for the calamari!

    Rant: I really want to yell at people who push “use your words!” Why can’t people who want to get through say pardon me or excuse me? Makes me really grumpy on my bus ride.

    Rave 2: Today is my Friday! Just have to get up early for an 8am flight…

    Rant 2: Possibly the last time I’ll be staying at my childhood home. Lots of sorting to do this weekend.

    • I totally feel you on your second rant. Then again, I often do use my words and people STILL don’t move so I’ve become one of the pushers.

      • Excuse me really sharply into someone’s ear scares the bejesus out of them if they’re not paying attention.

  • Aglets

    RANT: There was a super tall huge truck (maybe a semi) fucking everything up on 6th street going north in NE DC today and then two white pick up trucks from DPW driving the wrong way down 7th street (JUST BECAUSE YOUR CAR IS FACING THE CORRECT DIRECTION DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN DRIVE THE WRONG WAY) which put me in a foul fucking mood.


  • Rave: Its my Friday, because….
    Rant: I’m having dental surgery tomorrow. Ick! What soft foods do you all recommend? Already thinking scrambled eggs, ice cream, smoothies, risotto, mashed potatoes. What am I missing?
    Rave: surgery is an excuse to cuddle with the cats & partner all weekend!

    • Aglets

      ooooh no! oral surgery is the worst.

      i opted for cool, soft stuff. pudding, ice cream, eggs. cooled risotto. i couldn’t take hot things.

      • pudding! excellent. good point on temperature – I plan to take it real slow and start with cool/room temp things and then work my way up.

    • Blithe

      Spoonbread, hummus, purΓ©ed soups, applesauce, panna cotta?

      • Thank you! Stocking up on applesauce, hummus, and whatever one needs to make panna cotta after work today.

        • Blithe

          It’s Southern — sort of like a souffle made with corn meal, milk and eggs. When you bake it, it gets puffy. Very yummy, with a soft texture. I thought it might be a good step up if you get tired of liquids and pureed stuff. A long time ago they used to sell a boxed mix for it, but it’s pretty simple to make. I’ll post a link if I can find a good one.
          For easy panna cotta get a pint of half and half, one packet of knox gelatin, and whatever you want to flavor it with — vanilla, a bit of sugar, Grand Marnier……

      • Oh, I forgot to ask – what on earth is spoonbread?

  • I live at 16th and Spring St NW and was woken up at 3:20am by 3 gunshots being fired in a row. Did anyone hear this or read anything about it this morning? Kind of disturbing and unfortunately becoming the norm.

  • Rave: HH last night was nice. Thanks for setting that up!
    Rant: Left my wallet on metro. Crocodile tears of disappointment in self. Everything is replaceable. $40 gone (or so). But shouldn’t I be past this by now?
    Rant: Exercise and half-marathon training makes me angry and hurt. πŸ™

    • Hopefully someone turned it in.

      • Did you have your phone number in the wallet? NOT victim blaming – just good advice. A couple of months ago I posted about the extensive process I went through trying to contact the owner of a wallet I found. Everyone – put your phone number in your wallet right now.

    • Check with Metro Lost & Found in a day or two. There are lots of us out there who actually turn stuff like that in.

      • Thanks guys! I might have had my business card in there — which would have my number. Who knows anymore.

    • Also, on some of the other PoP posts, people I’ve never seen post on RRRR are really terrible to each other. Like, personally attacking people they’ve never met! What is up with that??

  • Rant: Having a bit of a pity party over here because I’m still so sick and so incredibly behind on my to-do list. And so tired. An unprecedented kind of tired. And don’t get me started on the cough-barfing going on over here. Bronchitis and morning sickness are two things that should never be crossed.
    Rave: I’m out of the hospital and snuggling the dog while doing work. And dang, are the babies cute. They were so wiggly and darling on the ultrasound I couldn’t even handle it.
    Rave: All of your kind words yesterday. They really lifted my spirits!

    • Blithe

      Glad that you’re back home! You’ve had a LOT on your plate in recent days/weeks/months. Is there a chance that you could put your to-do list aside for a bit and pamper yourself? At least until you get through the bronchitis? Your description of the babies sounds so sweet! I’ve enjoyed your updates — even though I persist in imagining the now-lemons (?) as bigger and bouncier “cashews”. I hope you’re feeling much, much better soon!

      • You’re so sweet :). They’re almost the size of pears now!
        I could definitely use some pampering time and I’m sure that if I could get to the point of feeling a bit pampered and well cared for, then I could knock out the to do list without a problem. I guess I’m just struggling to find a proper pampering activity that doesn’t require me to put in more effort than I can handle. I had scheduled a mani-pedi for yesterday but couldn’t go because I was in the hospital … and now even that seems like a lot of work!

      • Have the pampering come to you? In-home mani-pedi, or seated back massage?
        Can you put aside all but the most urgent/and important work and other to-do lists until Monday?
        Glad to hear your little pears are doing well. A pair of pears πŸ™‚

        • I’m seriously thinking about it, but am also embarrassed by how little unpacking we’ve done and am not really ready to have strangers in our home yet. I’m really just hoping to get some extra energy this weekend and treat myself to something nice at that point. PLEASE let me get some more energy soon!

        • Blithe

          Nice alliteration! Okay, I’m gonna try to shift from a couple of cashews to a pair of pears. And I’ll look forward to an aggregate of adorable, angelic avocados!

      • Glad to hear you’re out of the hospital!
        Yay for the pears! What’s the next stage — eggplants?

  • Dora, Thumper, and Peep were ecstatic to hear that POPville is spreading the word about their ferociousness!

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