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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Awesome weekend complete with dinner at my best friend’s house. Between her upcoming wedding and our upcoming kid, there was so much to celebrate.
    Rave: Wife and I woke up early enough to take a walk before the temperature and humidity became unbearable.
    Rant: Return of insomnia and reading lots of sad news story early in the morning is a bad combination.

    • Congrats on the upcoming baby! The insomnia is training you already for that newborn stage πŸ™‚

  • Rave: I have awesome friends, so I had a pretty great weekend.

    Rant: I changed one of the lights in the ceiling fan in my dining room today to one of those new lightbulbs. It immediately started acting like a strobe light, so I took it out, as I don’t want to turn my dining room into a very tiny nightclub. Guess I’ll have to ask my maintenance department to look at it. More money. Whee, hooray for being a homeowner!

    Rave: The next few weeks are packed with plans. I’m happy about that. But I’m also remembering to take time for myself as well.

    • Pablo Raw

      Was that a new lightbulb? You should just try another lightbulb and see if that happens again.

    • Farragut

      First, by “new lightbulb,” are you referring to the CFLs? (The ones with the twisty tube aspect to them.)
      Second, is your ceiling fan light one that has a “dimmer switch”?
      Third, CFLs can only work with new dimmer switches… traditional dimmer switches work by varying power levels in an incandescent bulb (the ones now discontinued), which is NOT compatible with CFLs, and will cause a flickering or strobe effect. In other worlds, it could blow up.
      If the above is true, I recommend either doing the wiring work for a new dimmer switch, or use a halogen lightbulb instead.

      • Yes, the twisty lightbulb is what I tried to use. And yes, I do have a dimmer switch. I will look for a different lightbulb, then, as I feel like that is easier than rewiring my entire condo (since all the lights are on dimmer switches and were when I bought the place). Thank you! It was rather startling when it started blinking like that.

        • Pablo Raw

          Another idea is just hang a disco ball next to it. πŸ™‚

        • Farragut

          Yes, we had the same situation in our apartment, though we left our CFL in the lamp for a couple days before we realized that it was potentially dangerous! We didn’t want to bother with switching dimmer switches, either. I didn’t research it too closely but it’s possible that you could just get a different dimmer switch instead of rewiring, but don’t hold me to that. The transition away from incandescent bulbs is definitely better in terms of saving energy, but it’s a hassle for other situations (like dimmer switches).

          • I am told LED lightbulbs are good? So I’ll look for those before I ask people to help me with electrical work.

          • Farragut

            We ended up using a halogen bulb (for whatever reason). I don’t know much about LED bulbs. Good luck!

          • Disagree that the move from incandescent bulbs is better. For those suffering from seizure disorders and mood disorders (i.e., depression), the move to CFLs and other bus station-like color schemes is not good at all. Halogens catch fire if they are turned on and knocked over and also emit UV radiation (yay, skin cancer!). Also, for vain women like me, it’s lousy on my complexion! Bring back the right to choose the way we light our homes- charge more for electricity if you want to disincentive energy usage. Better yet, focus on the ridiculous a/c we use in this country before you go after my lightbulbs!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I inherited 2 lamps with old light bulbs from my grandpa. I forgot how great they are. Now I wish I had gone and gotten all the light bulbs from the other lamps before they were given to the charity shop.

          • Accountering

            Disagree. As a country, if everyone switched to CFLs we would save an extraordinary amount of energy. I am happy that the government has forced a VERY EASY switch (your nonsense about catching fire and skin cancer?!?!?) aside, your only complaint is that they are lousy on your complexion.
            The either or (fix over A/C usage first!) is such nonsense as well. Sometimes the government does know best, and I am happy that they stepped in to prevent conspiracy theorists from themselves.

          • Quotia Zelda

            Y’all, LED! Much better light than CFL. Those stupid CFL bulbs always make me look ill.

          • Wow, accountering, you mean, you know best. I don’t like CFCs (forgot to mention the mercury they contain- another big “yay” for unintended consequences). I should have the right to determine what lighting is best for my own home. Full stop. I don’t need you, as my nanny, telling me what to do. That “nonsense” about UV radiation is not nonsense at all- it has been documented and the subject of serious academic studies. You don’t get to dismiss it just because you feel like being self-righteous about enviro-racket, I mean, the environment. Halogen fires are also documented. We obviously disagree, but your dismissiveness is rude and not really a constructive argument for the points I made. BTW, I also forgot to throw in migraine sufferers- they also suffer more with CFLs and other “alternative” lighting schemes. Are you lacking empathy or something with people who have these serious reactions to your favorite lightbulbs???

          • The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued warnings or recalls on halogen lights because they are a fire hazard.

          • Reading your comment again, I realize, accountering, you’re not even aware of the halogen fire risks or the UV radiation problems with halogen. Before you come off strong and indignant about my “nonsense,” google this stuff. SUNY Stoneybrook did a study on UV radiation a couple years ago. This stuff is out there- you just need to inform yourself. The reaction to CFLs with the migraine/epilepsy/depression groups is also out there if you choose to look.

          • Accountering

            Meh, I can admit I don’t know a ton about these lights, but I just really don’t get into the conspiracy theories and 1 out of a million things. Ok, great, three of them caught on fire.
            I recognize that the thing I do daily that places myself at the most risk is drive on the beltway. Nothing else is really even close. Without making this personal, I disagree that the average American should be able to make all of their own choices, in all cases.
            The average American is HORRIBLE at assessing risk (do you drive on the beltway?) and their are laws in place that make sense for society, which is at times more important than your own self determination (lead paint, seat belts, texting while driving, and a littany of other things that the government has come to the conclusion are best)
            With all that, it sounds like the halogen bulbs are the worst, and shouldn’t be in production, but what about LED?
            On another note, I had no clue that people were so passionate about lightbulbs.

          • Accountering

            Also yes, when the governmental has a societal interest in reducing energy usage, and there is an easy solution (perhaps not halogen, but LED, or whatever else) then I am happy they step in and force that kind of solution.
            I don’t much care about your desire to continue using incandescent for whatever reason. Sometimes (not always) the government is right, and the individual is wrong. That is part of living in a civilized society.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I strongly dislike CFL’s but really really like LED’s a lot. Right now in my house, I have 41 LED bulbs, 3 CFLs, and zero incandescents. The CFLs will be replaced with LEDs when the die.

            Having said that, I’ve found that the quality of LEDs varies immensely in terms of the amount of light, the color temperature (whether it looks yellow vs white vs blue), the distribution of the light, it’s compatibility with dimmers, and its working as advertised without flickering or just crapping out.
            My experience with LEDs by Feit Electric (widely available at Safeway, Costco, and Ace) has been mostly negative. I have had several Feit bulbs stop functioning waaay prematurely (they claim a lifetime of 25000 hours. They have not even existed for 25000 hours – so 100% of bulbs made to date should still be working. I have had one not work straight out of the box, two stop working after a couple months, and two that flicker – fortunately I’ve been able to return all of them without any trouble.
            Philips and Cree (both available at Home Depot) make some really nice LEDs. If you want to use them with dimmers – Philips has some new LEDs that dim really nicely and behave like incandescents (appear “warmer” when dimmed, rather than a pale yellow bruised color).
            Finally, for some reason that I do not understand that has to do with local government subsidies, the DC Home Depot (on Rhode Island Ave NE) has lots of LEDS for $3-4 per bulb that cost anywhere between $10-$20 anywhere else (including Home Depots in other states).
            My recommendation: figure out what color temperature you want for each location where you want to use them (“Daylight” is a very bright bluish white, “Soft White” is a bit yellower like a normal incandescent, and “bright white” is somewhere in between), head over to the Rhode Island Ave Home Depot, and buy LEDs made by Philips or Cree.

          • I bought some dimmer LED lightbulbs from Phillips on Amazon just now, they came very well reviewed. Fingers crossed I don’t have to look for a DJ for my house. πŸ˜‰

      • CFL bulbs are terrible, IMO — poor light quality, AND if you drop and break them (as I did once accidentally in my basement laundry room) they release mercury gas. I also suspect lots of people are throwing them out rather than disposing of them properly, and that means more mercury for our landfills.
        The light quality of LED bulbs isn’t quite as good as incandescents (IMO), but it’s much, much better than CFLs. And they last a long time, have come down significantly in price, and offer the same (or better) energy savings as CFLs.

        • Incidentally, if you drop and break a CFL bulb, you are NOT supposed to vacuum it up. The directions for how to deal with it are on the EPA website, IIRC — first you’re supposed to get everyone out of the room for 10 minutes (and if possible, open a door/window to allow outside ventilation), then you’re supposed to get the debris up, place it in a bag, and put the bag outside (rather than leaving it in your indoor trash).

          • Wow, that’s…scary. Definitely going to see about LED bulbs (i just don’t like eating my food in the dark. I’m not doing brain surgery in the dining room. Yet.)

          • How many people (a) know about these very specific directions or (b) would even have the wherewithal to carry them out? The reality is, not many. When you think of the embarrassing “man on the street” interviews, you get a pretty depressing picture of how educated the population is. There’s no way they are properly cleaning up and disposing of these bulbs. Once again, there are always unintended consequences when people make policies that they think are in our best interest.

          • Anonymous 12:50 pm — Exactly. When I dropped an incandescent bulb, I googled to see how I was supposed to clean it up, so fortunately I saved myself from vacuuming it up and contaminating my vacuum… but of course I had no idea that I was supposed to get out of the room right away.
            I did buy a sh*tload of incandescent bulbs while they were still available. As my existing bulbs burn out, I’ve mostly been replacing them with LED bulbs… but maybe I should go back to incandescents for a while until I use up my (immense) stash.

          • Before CFLs came out, I threw away the first fluorescent bulb I had to replace (a smallish tube-style one over my kitchen sink) — I had no idea that fluorescent bulbs contained mercury and that that wasn’t a good idea.

          • Correction to my post of 12:58 pm — I meant “when I dropped a CFL bulb,” not “when I dropped an incandescent bulb.”

          • And I think the fact that you (previously) and SinSA didn’t know about the mercury issue is concerning, because both of you are likely more educated and more informed than your average American! That’s why I have little hope that the general population is taking care of these things responsibly. Obviously, my little comments above to accountering about UV radiation/fire risk/individual health reactions revealed he didn’t know about those things, and I believe accountering is likely a well-educated person. There’s a lot of stuff out there that consumers just aren’t aware of, which can have consequences for us all. And yes, I’m passionate about this issue (can’t you tell?)! πŸ™‚ It annoys me to no end that I don’t have a choice and that my friends with depression and migraines suffer because of these policy decisions made for us by others.

  • Rave: Awesome, relaxing weekend! Running, eating and cooking. Finally saw “Inside Out” and loved it. Spectacular dinner at Floriana on Saturday!
    RAVE: BACHELOR IN PARADISE!!!!!!!!!! It is every bit the glorious, disgusting train wreck we expected and more. Appointment viewing from now on.

    • I am OBSESSED with bachelor in paradise. I am obsessed with the regular bachelor/ette because of all of the reality steve spoilers and how ridiculous the show is, but i love how BIP makes fun of the show itself and how crazy the cast is. Such an entertaining show.

      • emvee

        I’ve been avoiding BIP (and Bachelor Pad), even as an avid Bachelor/ette viewer. Perhaps this is the summer to take the plunge! The ads looked so promising.

        • BIP is absolutely worth it! More stupid fun than the parent shows. Every single episode distills into hook ups, crying, scheming, resentment and non-stop drinking by beautiful people of questionable intelligence. It’s fantastic!

    • I am SO GLAD that this has made it over to popville. Whoever the background music coordinator is for BIP deserves an Emmy. Also, Ashley I is more irritating than ever, right? I know that a part of it is editing but man…crying over everything is getting old quickly.

  • Rant: missed berry picking with the roommate
    Rave: because we went to the beach instead
    Rave: got a call Friday afternoon for a job interview this morning with a good school in Virginia
    Rant: even if I get the job I may not be able to take it due to contractual issues with my current employer

    • Rant: treating myself to an “I must have bombed the interview because it only lasted 10 minutes” croissant from Buzz Bakery
      Rave: the croissant is pretty good

      • Hold out hope! My best friend got her current job after having a 7 minute interview! She arrived early and the interview actually ended before it was scheduled to begin. They made her an offer the following week. Fingers crossed for you!

        • Thanks. Even if I get it, I still have be able to resign from current place without prejudice (non tenured teachers have to resign by may 1) or they can suspend my license (and then anywhere I apply I’ll have to check yes to “have you ever had your license revoked or suspended?”

  • Rant: I just moved here, and it seems like there’s been a lot of crime. At first thought I was just being overdramatic but I’ve seen some comments agreeing.

    Rave: More flexible schedule at work so I can be home more.

    Rant/rave: I’m saving money from this job and want to take a trip, but planning with other people is hard. Debating a solo London trip for next year, but kind of nervous about taking that leap.

    • leftcoastsouthpaw

      You should definitely do it. London is a great place to do a solo trip, since they speak English.

      • DO IT! There’s so much to do in London and it won’t be weird at all to do most of it alone – in fact, it’ll probably be easier to do most of it alone as you can just choose the places/experiences you want and don’t have to wait for or accomodate anyone else! (I love traveling with friends/family, but traveling solo is SO liberating.)

    • Go for it! I’ve traveled far and wide on my own, and it’s awesome! I mean, it’s often nice to travel with others, too, but hopefully you like yourself enough to enjoy your own company, and it can really stretch you to overcome fears alone. And if you still want a traveling companion, I’ve been meaning to go to London for a while now πŸ˜‰

    • Do it! Solo traveling is AWESOME.

    • Agree with others – take that leap! You’ll be able to decided where you want to go, what you want to do. It’s easy to meet people along the way, especially if you’re traveling solo.

    • Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Good to know it’s not just a crazy idea.

    • Agreed with the others. And as leftcoastsouthpaw mentioned, London is an especially easy place to travel on your own because there’s no language issue.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I completely disagree about the language issue!! I’ve seen enough BBC and E4 and other UK television to know there is a language difference!!
        Sweden on the other hand, lovely English speakers πŸ˜‰

        • It’s true that there’s more of a language barrier than one might think — I keep learning new British usages and slang terms, despite having been to the UK many times — but AnonymousK probably won’t run into those as a tourist. The only one I can think of that might be relevant is the Underground announcements that say things like “Alight here for [tourist site X].” “Alight” is one of those words that Americans don’t really use. Sort of like “disembark.”

          • Emmaleigh504

            I only had 1 problem with English the 1 time I was in Stockholm. A chick at a restaurant didn’t know the word for lettuce so I got lettuce instead of pickles on my sandwich. Did I mention that while I was there a guy asked me for directions? I look like a local! Best day evah!

  • Rave: Spent yesterday morning and afternoon swimming with my daughter and friends. She had the best time – so did we.
    Rave: This weekend’s weather.
    Rave: Husband got called in for a third (and hopefully final!) interview tomorrow.
    Rant: Beloved cousin diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s going in Wednesday for her first mtg. with the oncologist.
    Rave: She had a clear mammogram in June, so fingers crossed this was caught super early.

  • Rant: Metro yellow line track work this weekend resulted in my having to spend $30+ on an Uber ride
    Rave: At least I have the option of Uber.
    Rave: What a beautiful morning!
    Rant: even if my alarm did wake me up at 3:30 a.m (yeah, whoops, set that wrong!)
    Rave: looking forward to more nice weather at the end of the week πŸ™‚

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Got lots accomplished this weekend.
    Rant: Still have a ton on my to-do list.

  • Rave: This weekend’s weather was amazing! Reminds me of my beautiful home state California.
    Rant: We were awakened around 4am this morning to at least 10 gunshots in close proximity to us near 7th & Jefferson St., NW. The first 4.5 years I lived in the area I loved it, the past 1.5 its become increasingly more volatile and unnerving.

    • jim_ed

      Re: Gunshots – That’s concerning, since I haven’t seen nor heard anything about it on the 4D listserv. I also saw a huge police presence Saturday night at 9th and Jefferson, and what appeared to be a car with a bullet hole through the middle of the windshield. It sounds like the few months of quiet on Jefferson might be coming to an end.

      • It’s very concerning! I checked MPD twitter feed and 4D listserv and saw nothing about any shootings in the area this morning. I cant speak to what’s happening on Jefferson and other blocks, but mine has been relatively quiet and peaceful for the past few years, up until about last summer and then there was an increase in the number of guys hanging out closer to the corner of 7th street. Now, I just avoid that section of my block completely. The gunshots early this morning and last Saturday, July 25th at 1am, of which I saw the muzzle flashes right outside my front window and had to jump on the ground are extremely troubling!

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Finally got over to the Udvar-Hazy center this weekend, coincidentally when they were doing a special event retiring one helicopter flown in the Vietnam era and showing off the Osprey. Got to climb into both; stood in line chatting with a wonderful veteran of the Vietnam conflict touring it with his grandchildren.

  • Rave/rant: Dog is as awesome as always, but he just wouldn’t go to sleep.
    Rave: Date this week.
    Rave: Bagels from the supervisor.
    To landlords: I have a verbal commitment to renew a lease, but my tenants haven’t signed it. Any tips to get this moving along? Beyond them being pretty great, I’d like to show a new lease for my refinance.

    • Drop them an email and explain that you need it for something else. If they are great, and they know that they’re holding something big like that up, they are either going to sign it and send it back, or let you know that they’re faltering on renewing. Either way, you’ll have more information! Good luck and is the date a 2nd one? πŸ™‚ Oh and congrats on the bar! I’m sure it’s a relief to have that over with!

      • No, a first. The last lady I went out with most recently went on a LONG vacation, and I don’t think we’ll meet again, but you never know.

        Oh yes, I need to send back a rented book, then I can breathe easy for a while.

        I just checked, and it took a week to be signed last year, so I’ll wait a bit before sending and maybe sweeten it a bit with a discounted 2 year option.

        If all goes well, I’ll need a realtor in a couple months or so, may I call on you when I’m ready?

        • Fingers crossed it’s a good one!

          You’re a good landlord for sweetening the deal!


          • She had no problem coming up with something quickly. That’s a first!
            I’m pragmatic. I’d rather have awesome tenants for 2 yrs. Piece of mind is worth more than money.

          • Not sure how this is being a good landlord. If the rental is in DC, people have the right to be month to month tenants after the first lease is up. Landlords want to lock people in to leases after that for their own protection. People often (usually?) end up moving mid-lease for reasons that can’t always be controlled around a lease – moving for a job, deciding to marry or live with a partner, change in economic circumstances, or just lucking into a better place to live, etc. Insisting in having a renewal lease in place just give a landlord greater rights in the event a tenant needs to move mid-way through a lease. In a place like DC where tenants have the right to remain whether they sign a lease or not, insisting on a renewal lease if the tenant doesn’t want one seems to me like landlord wanting something for nothing – just to be able to claim rent is owed after a tenant moves out. Better to just roll with it when a tenant’s life changes, no, and accept that people need to move on sometimes? Even when I lived in cities where I always wanted to be on a signed renewal lease for my own protection (where one doesn’t have the legal right to stay on month-to-month in the absence of a lease as they have in DC), my landlords never caused a problem when I let them know I was breaking the lease early and moving – due to moving cities for a new job, leaving a city to go back to school, or just moving up to a larger apartment – they just resented, as landlords can expect to do at some point anyway.

          • Maybe you misread my post, but I am asking how to move things along only because they committed to renew already. If they’ve changed their mind, I’d expect them to tell me as a result of that commitment. For the longer lease, I am in fact offering something: discounted rent. I am well aware they can go month to month if desired just like I can move back in with proper notice once they’re off lease.
            Having a signed lease does not preclude me from rolling with it, in fact, you provided an example where you were allowed to do just that…so I’m not seeing the issue. I’m sorry you connect wanting a signed lease after a commitment to do so with me being a bad landlord out to screw my tenants, but it just isn’t the case.

        • Just out of curiosity, how long was the LONG vacation? Couple weeks, couple months? I only ask because I was in a similar situation where I went on a pretty decent date with a guy prior to me leaving for a 2-week vacation that I had planned months before meeting him. For him, two weeks was too long, said he didn’t want to wait/couldn’t promise he wouldn’t meet someone else before I got back…or maybe that was just an excuse. Oh well.

          • 2 months+ 1 month where she refused to meet because she was having a bar exam freak out.

            Why does he have to wait? Can’t he keep dating others like he could if you were here & see you when you get back? You weren’t going upstate for a 10 yr bit. LOL

          • Oh no, I wasn’t saying that he had to wait, nor did I expect him too. I guess I didn’t fully explain, but he was basically like 2 weeks is too long, and if you still decide to go, that’s equivalent to saying you’re not serious about dating me….so yeah weird all the way around. 2 months is definitely “LONG” and the additional month…yeah that’s just a bit much. A lot much.

          • topscallop

            sounds to me like you dodged a bullet

          • Ash- I was trying to say why did the 2 weeks vacay require him to “wait around” for you. Like were you exclusive, and he couldn’t bare to go 2 weeks without seeing you? or did he only want to date even casually one person at a time? Sounds needy. If you were both able to date other people, the declaration by him seems unnecessary since he could meet someone else with you in the same city.
            Yea, even if we had been dating for some time, I wouldn’t hold myself in limbo. If she reaches out when she gets back, then we’ll see what happens, but my dating life continues.

    • How far in advance are you asking them to re-sign?

  • Rave: losing weight makes softball more fun!
    Rant: clothes are getting too big
    Rave: clothes are getting too big! Now I have to get new clothes, any men have luck with those online stores where you send them your measurements and they send you back custom fitted shirts? How about local tailors?

  • Accountering

    Rant: Philadelphia – a robot hitchhiked across German, the Netherlands, and all of Canada, and then made it 300 miles into the US before he was vandalized and abandoned on the side of the road – in Philadelphia. You stay classy!

  • skj84

    Rave: Wonderful weekend. Friday Night concert series at Yards Park was fun, if not too crowded. Hung with my brother Saturday. Wish he would move down here. We had some nice one on one time.

    Rave: Got an offer from one place! Have an interview for another today.

    Rant: I’m more interested in the position I’m interviewing for. But it’s temp. It could lead to something long term, but not guaranteed. Stick with a perm position or take a risk with the temp?

    • How long is the temp period? Is it defined? If so, I’m more likely to vote for temp to perm option. Other than liking it more, does it offer any other benefits over the definitely perm job?

      • skj84

        From a month up to 3 months. The position is more aligned with what I want to do. The other job does offer more benefits. Pay is about the same.

        • I’d go perm and continue looking for something more in line. 1-3 months is too short for me when you have a perm position in the table.

        • Agree. There’s usually no reason a temp to perm isn’t perm to begin with, except that the employer wants to avoid paying benefits or adding headcount. If they don’t want to do it now, what makes you think they will want to do it in three months? – when you are already spending all day working for them and thus have less time to look for a job, and potentially a tough time being able to take off necessary time for interviews if you do indeed manage to land another interview? Temp job should be taken only when desperate and no other perm jobs are being offered.

  • RANT: PoP, you got it all wrong! low match and i are no more. we had a wonderful fancy date this weekend BUT he thinks we are too different and wouldn’t work out as a couple despite how much he likes me and likes dating me. can’t say i didn’t try since i told him i felt and how i did not agree with him. so it goes.
    RANT/RAVE: i am sad about it but it’s nice reminder that i have a heart.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you two weren’t on the same page, but I hope you give yourself mad credit for taking a risk and being vulnerable with your feelings. That always takes courage.

    • Holy mixed signals Batman. Who saves the nicest date for a breakup?

      • Forgot to mention he also invited me to hangout at his place with his friends the night before our nice date. Had a great time. He reiterated that it’s not that he doesn’t like me because he really does but he is pretty sure it won’t work between us. His ex really did a number on him.

        • I definitely have some dealbreakers, but without those, I can’t imagine breaking it off with someone I really like just because it might not work out. Obviously the very similar (or I assume the ex was very similar) didn’t work out, so why not give it a shot? This sounds like the girl that I liked, she liked me but just wasn’t feeling it. She had underlying issues; maybe he has the same?

          • Yup, you are all correct. He has some major relationship issues he needs to sort out. He’s admittedly afraid/unwilling to do long-term again. I don’t want to wait for him to figure it out. Honestly though, from the FB friending earl on, to inviting me to hangout with his friends a number of times, and then the fancy final date, I really thought he liked me. Wow, I am really bad at reading people.

          • Sounds like he did like you bit with bad timing. It happens.

          • Oh and the ex is similar to me but more alt/indie and part Asian too. He mentioned last night on our date randomly what his meyers briggs is and i said mine and he goes “that’s just like the girl i dated for 3 years.” i kinda knew things would not go well since he compares me to her and he does not have good things to say about that relationship. i’ve seen her IRL. she’s so not like me!

          • Accountering

            This is a big no-no. Andie and I have been together for well over a year at this point (after only being separated from my ex for 1.5 months) and this comparison has never been made by either of us. Not good.

          • This is exactly why I haven’t started dating again yet. I know that anyone I meet I will compare (probably negatively) to my last relationship (which ended in April). Not fair to the other person or myself.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My dumbass, 20 year old self once tried to break up with a rebound by saying he wasn’t enough like my ex. Sadly, that didn’t do it. Later I learned to use my words and say, “I want to break up.” That didn’t really do it either. God, I hate dating. Can I skip to being a rich widow?

        • Sounds similar to a guy I dated. He also had underlying issues. Don’t be surprised if he changes his mind and reaches out again, but be wary if he does. Life’s not all RomComs, and in reality, sometimes good people get jerked around. I’m sorry for the way things turned out, but I’m sure in time things will work out for the best.

    • justinbc

      I started dating too early after a serious relationship and wound up going out with a girl for a while before realizing I wasn’t really ready for it. I didn’t really know until I started getting to the point where I should be developing feelings but they were still devoted to someone else. It’s a tricky situation, but best to call off as soon as you can (which I did) to prevent the other party from getting more seriously hurt down the line.

      • I totally get that. I guess it’s been almost a year since the last relationship, and that’s maybe not enough time before starting a new one. I don’t think that’s the case with low match since he has mentioned that he really liked and dated someone else before he dated me (I know her too! Small world.) but she didn’t want to date him anymore and he was crushed. He seemed to want a relationship with her. Does not want the same with me. Sucks but I’ll get over it.

        • Nearly a year isn’t enough time between relationships? Is that a typo? Also why does be keep talking about his exes? I never bring up an ex unless specifically asked, and even then I’m not one to bad mouth or compare. Poor form.

          • Maybe people need more time moving on from a 3 year live-in relationship. I wouldn’t know. We’re pretty open about relationships but I also did not like how he seemed really messed up from his ex. I think it’s best if he keeps dating around and figure out what he really wants.

    • Sorry PoP! I know some of you were rooting for me and low match to beat the odds. It was interesting while it lasted.

  • Rave: Weekend at the beach, including aquarium visit, was so much fun!
    Rant: 5 hours in the car to get home and a late night getting ready for the week.
    And now it’s time to start getting organized for our next adventure, a short 9 days away. Ugh.

  • Rant: Still sick and had a terrible night of sleep.
    Rave: Working from home and a huge pot of vanilla black tea.
    Rant: Contemplating that if I couldn’t go into work today than I shouldn’t go to the barn this evening.
    Rave: Barn always makes me feel better – fresh air, ponies, light physical activity…

    • A nickel for lemonad? What a great message to send to the kids! “You don’t need to worry real world stuff. Your parents will always have your back.”
      (My kids have to submit to lectures on costs and profits and such if they want to do a lemonade stand; I’ll front them the money for the supplies, but I expect to be paid back.)

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Two cute little girls had a lemonade stand on my block Saturday.
    Rant: With inflation, shouldn’t lemonade be more than a nickel a glass?

  • Rant: Played in new action adventure yesterday “Girl Who Kicked the Yellow-Jacket Nest” Outran all but 12 of them, the remainders are holding my shoes hostage next to their nest.
    Rant: Twelve yellow-jacket stings — very ouch, especially in places where a yellow-jacket stung multiple times
    Rave: Call this morning from derm. office with results of skin biopsy ==> benign πŸ™‚
    My kombucha mother is ready to be divided into thirds, or maybe fourths – anyone want to try making your own kumbucha? If you can brew a pot of black tea, you can make kombucha!

  • Future Rave: Thinking about taking a friend and her husband from out of town to Rose’s Luxury on Wednesday. Any recommendations for time to get in line for first seating and/or bars to wait if we decide on a later seating?

  • Rant: My wedding officiant. He is not the best communicator, at least through email. I am really frustrated because we sent him the ceremony text over two weeks ago and then a follow-up email and he hasn’t responded?! Honestly, I would like to fire him, but the wedding is just too close. Ugh, can you just acknowledge you received my emails dude? I sent another email this morning. Any other ideas besides calling?
    Rave: Four day week!

    • Ugh that sounds so frustrating! I would just pick up the phone at this point. I had the same problem with our DJ who seemed to be unable to communicate via email.

    • Besides calling? Why can’t you call?

      • I have called him, but no pick up! It’s kind of weird and concerning at this point. I seriously just left him a voicemail. At this point I might just fire him and have a friend do it. Turns out it’s really easy to officiate a wedding in Maryland.

  • emvee

    Rave: A great run this morning in beautiful weather.
    Rave: A good weekend full of painting a friend’s place, museums, dinner at Jaleo.
    Rave/Rant: The dog adoption events in front of Logan Hardware. There was a tiny basset hound mix named Tomatillo out on Sunday and I can’t stop thinking about him. My senior basset mix loved him, too, and the boyfriend and I have been discussing a second dog as the first one gets older. My hesitation is that we’re looking to move in the fall and finding an apartment for one dog is enough of a pain as it is. I fear it’d be near impossible to find a place that will let me have two dogs that doesn’t charge me an arm and a leg.

    • My building and a couple of the ones around it owned by the same company allow two dogs per unit, no weight limit (that I’m aware of)! And the rent could be worse πŸ™‚ I’m in Adams Morgan. Let me know if you want more info privately!

      • emvee

        Oh that actually would be incredibly helpful! You can email me at: emveedc at gmail dot com

        • anonymouse_dianne

          two dogs are happy dogs. do it!

          • emvee

            I so want to! They say getting a younger dog rejuvenates the older ones, and this little puppy was also just too cute for words. If it doesn’t go through, I blame it entirely on the DC housing situation. No one wants pets!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Do it! It will make you happy and it will make your dog happy!
            The Enabler

  • Rave: So full from overnight oats. I’m usually starving by now!
    Rave: Great weekend! Plenty of small things taken care of at the house, plus some relaxing time with friends. Scored some great chairs at Miss Pixie’s that we can hang on the wall out of the way, but use when guests are over.
    Rant: Shawess moving πŸ™

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    Rave: First DC United game this weekend. Six United goals make for a lot of beer spilled.
    Rant: Nats got swept.

    • Farragut

      At least we have the Rockies coming in this weekend to pad our numbers, right? Sigh. What is going on with the Nats…

      • palisades

        Really frustrating series. Our pitching as a whole was great (other than Znn’s 5 pitch meltdown). Our bullpen is great, but we can’t expect them to be perfect going into extra innings, and Matt Williams never called on Papelbon or Storen. WTF dude. Our two best bullpen pitchers collected dust for 3 nights.
        Most important though, our offense is nowhere to be found. Everyone (minus Span) is back and healthy, we need to sync up soon.

        • Farragut

          So many managers have weird ideas about bullpen management (for the Cards, Matheny is *finally* using their LOOGY like a LOOGY instead of whole innings), and like you said, Williams doing nothing with the two closers makes no sense. I don’t know why managers can’t use their best relievers in the most important situations, but there you go.
          Offense needs more offensing, yes! Just hoping we can beat back the Mets more. My sister moved to NYC from SF, and I can’t let her have the satisfaction of having her local teams beat out the Nats again.

  • Question: I am going to Dulles Airport this week from Noma and I was wondering what car service do people use to get to Dulles Airport? (I dont want to do supershuttle or public transportation). Does Uber still goes there? What about regular cab drivers, what should I expect to pay for uber or cab driver? Are they other private car services around which are not too expensive? Thanks
    Rave: going on vacation in a couple of days

    • Regular cabs will take you to Dulles, as will Uber. A cab for me from Cleveland Park tends to run around $75, which includes tip. You can schedule Red Top in advance either by calling or using the app. They’ve never let me down. Enjoy vacation!

    • Definitely Uber. It’ll be metered, but if there’s no surge, shouldn’t be no more than $50. Just looked up the taxi rate and it’s $85 w/ a 15% tip. Not even close.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Rave: I think Donna is coming out of heat. She showed a little bit of interest to her toys last night, and less interest in yowling out the window.
        Rant: Little Boopsie Lumberjack has to have surgery tomorrow to see why she went into heat and fix it.
        Rave: My ears sparkle.

    • I’ve found DC Mats to be a reliable car service. they are quoting $65 to Dulles–flat rate.


  • Farragut

    RAVE: Had a fun Friday lunch date with Allison at “The Board and Brew,” a board game cafe in College Park. Great game selection, too, we played a bunch of games that afternoon.
    RANT: Working three weekends in a row.

    • I love Board and Brew! That’s where I always go with my coworkers who love in PG because they don’t like to go to DC.

      • Farragut

        Have you been to Labyrinth in Eastern Market? That’s my go-to game shop… I love having a Metro-accessible gaming place, though they don’t serve food and alcohol like Board and Brew does!

    • skj84

      I love The Board and Brew! It was my go to spot for breakfast when I worked in College Park. They had this great egg white breakfast sandwich.

  • Rave: beautiful weekend, spent lots of time outside and at pool
    Rant: My apartment overlooks the building pool, and one afternoon I looked out my window and noticed a man at the pool, with a towel over his lap, and appearing to touch himself inappropriately. I didn’t know what to do, so I called the concierge, who went to check it out. But I saw the guy quickly stop when the concierge came out (and he would pause periodically anyways). I feel really gross about this, but I took some pictures and videos because I guess I should tell/show our building management. I don’t really know what can be done, but it seems like predatory behavior that could escalate. It’s just super gross.

    • Definitely tell the building management and also report it to the police (especially if the building management doesn’t take it seriously).

  • Rave: Wine tasting at Navy Yard + Bon Chon on Saturday. Yum, yum!
    Rave: Fourth date went very well – hiked Billy Goat Trail, went to Gravelly Point for the first time, and just hung out talking for a while. He seems really sweet. πŸ™‚
    Minor rant: Legs are killing me after the hike and I didn’t get home until late, so tired today! At least work is quiet.

  • Rave: I slept eleven hours each night this weekend.
    Rant: The first trimester extreme fatigue is real!
    Rave: August is a quiet month at work and in my personal life. I am looking forward to the down time.
    Rave/Rant: I’m performing the marriage ceremony for two friends next month and haven’t started drafting it yet. I need to get writing/find some inspiration.

  • Rave: No more work!
    Rant: I’m not really sure what to do with myself. I’m allowing today to be a Netflix/wedding magazine binge day before I start being productive tomorrow.
    Rave: Tiny Dog has been sitting at my feet just staring at me for the last hour. Clearly I have disrupted his solo Monday routine.
    Rave: Explored Winchester with friends this weekend. Cute little town.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Awesome getaway weekend in Chapel Hill full of biscuits, bourbon, BBQ, and so many other great things from home. We only visited a few old favorites, and spent most of the time checking out things that either weren’t there when I was in school or wouldn’t have been into at the time, so it was nice to see my old town in a new light.
    Rant: Took the kittens with us, and while they were great in the car they were hell at night. They’re normally locked out of our bedrooms at home, but there was nowhere else to put them while on vacation so we got very little sleep. I don’t know how cat people sleep with them regularly. I would be a zombie.
    Rant: Got home and the staircase still hadn’t been finished while we were away. It’s almost done, and what’s done looks great, but I was really hoping to have that project wrapped up so I could start cleaning ASAP before the bathroom work begins.

    • Pablo Raw

      I sent you a flickr message πŸ™‚ I don’t think I have your e-mail.

    • Emmaleigh504

      The key to sleeping with cats is older cats. Ashlee wasn’t allowed in my bedroom until she was about 5.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      what Emily says. My savannah sleeps peacefully on my legs. she’s five. the aby bites my fingers and has to be put out so I can sleep. she’s two.

    • you’re lucky they were good in the car. We recently drove to Raleigh with our two cats and they were not as into it. Did you keep them in carriers or let them roam in the car (which is a fear of mine but I also hate keeping them in the carrier). We’ll have to travel overseas with them soon which I cannot bring myself to think about yet.

      • justinbc

        In the carrier which we opened up once we started driving. Since there were 2 of us there was always one up front driving and one in the back with them so they could roam (but be kept in the back).

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: making an effort to sleep more; I enjoy “me” time too much and I’ve been going to bed late.
    Rave: it worked on Sunday, and I woke up dangerously late this morning!
    Rant: the fact that I have to work on being a social human being.

  • topscallop

    Rant: jet lag
    Rant: the guy I was excited about ghosted on me
    Rave: two new dating prospects, plus I saw someone I know in a third high match percentage’s profile pic, so maybe I can do some investigating there, see if he’s worth messaging
    Rave: glad to be home for three weeks before my next work trip!

  • Emmaleigh504

    proper postage:
    Rave: I think Donna is coming out of heat. She showed a little bit of interest to her toys last night, and less interest in yowling out the window.
    Rant: Little Boopsie Lumberjack has to have surgery tomorrow to see why she went into heat and fix it.
    Rave: My ears sparkle.

    • Eek! Surgery?? Do they think it was a bona fide heat and that she wasn’t properly spayed when you got her?
      BTW (you probably already know this, but just in case): if she has to be put under anesthesia anyway, this might be a good time to have her teeth cleaned (if needed) and/or to get her microchipped. (The microchipping can be done without anesthesia, but apparently it’s a pretty big needle.)

      • Emmaleigh504

        They did a test and found evidence of reproductive cells. Apparently, it’s not all that unusual to have bits left behind that regrow or something and cause them to go into heat. Though it is weird that it took so long to happen. Usually if the spaying is not complete, signs will appear about a month or two later. Tomorrow they will go in and see what they can see, and remove what they need to. Good call on the teeth, I’ll ask about it.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          I was going to say this. It is easy for bits to be left behind. If you got her from a rescue you should let them know as s/peutering can be a free for all for interns IME with WARL.

          • “s/peutering can be a free for all for interns IME with WARL.” Yikes! I think Emily’s cat Donna came from WHS — not sure if that means her spay would’ve been done at WHS’s own spay/neuter facility, but if so, that doesn’t exactly sound promising.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Less than two weeks until my annual fishing/drinking trip with college friends.
    Rant: Only a month until I’m laid off without a new job secured yet.
    Rave: Enough time has passed that I’m ready to care about the Redskins again.
    Rant: Matt Williams hasn’t been fired yet.

    • palisades

      You really think MW needs to be fired? Not sure how I feel about that. This team has been obliterated by injuries. We’ve been making due (albeit in a crappy division) thus far. His bullpen choices are confounding though.

      • jim_ed

        I do. I think he was likely a great bench coach in his ability to relate with and guide players, but he’s been a tactical disaster all season. Not using Papelbon or Storen in the most important series of the year should be grounds for immediate firing on its own, but he continues to pull the wrong levers with the pitching and letting Uggla take up a roster spot is inexcusable.

        • palisades

          I just don’t think I’m there yet. I’ve never cared one way or the other about MW, but I do think our pitching and offense have made him look better than he is during his tenure. I also know our offense needs to wake up. Like, now. AZ has some great bats so we’re going to have to get our sh*t together ASAP.

        • palisades

          Also, I think Uggla is a nice addition. He’s a great veteran leadership and seems to keep everyone in the dugout happy. His offense and bat are admittedly useless, but I don’t think you can ignore a positive veteran personality in the clubhouse.

    • palisades

      RE: Redskins. Looks like the front office has it’s head on at least partially straight. Picking up Gallette is a high stakes choice. He’s super cheap, and is a superstar on the field, but is pure poison off the field. Hopefully he stays in check.

  • RANT: The license plate on my scooter fell off. Gah, so much paper work to do AND a trip to the DMV to get a new one.
    RAVE: 3 Start Brewery is pretty awesome. Worth the trek to Takoma.
    RANT: Way too many dark beers at 3 Stars right now. It’s summer time! 😑
    RAVE: Great ride this weekend through 16th Street Heights, Petworth, and historic Takoma on the scooter.
    QUERY: Anyone else attending the Citi Open? Which day(s) are you attending? I can’t get out of work, so will need to attend evening sessions or the matches this weekend.

    • That was me….
      RANT: GF’s landlord in DC requires 60 days’ notice to move out (she’s currently month-to-month in an apartment by herself). GF and I signed a lease, so she wants to move out before the 60 day period and not be on the hook for 2 months of rent. GF has found multiple great candidates for the landlord, has hosted multiple showings of the apartment, provided candidates with applications, etc. However, landlord refuses to rent to men (that violates Federal anti-discrimination laws) and also refuses to rent to lawyers. The best candidate is a female attorney – she’s a Fed and makes good money. What’s the best way to get the landlord in gear?

      • Accountering

        I think it is time to send a nastygram that you know your rights here. First, 60 days notice is not legal. Her lease is month to month. I would hold off on the bit about the men/lawyers. Lawyers is not a protected class (I probably wouldn’t rent to a DC lawyer either tbh) and the men thing is hard to prove (unless you have written proof?)
        I would just stick to the month to month, and tell him your move out date. Let him know you are giving 30 days notice, and that you expect to receive your security deposit in full by X date. If you do not receive it, you will promptly be filing suit in court to recover it. I would include these two links, as it will clear things up for him.



        • Thanks for the insight.
          It’s really weird, the DC Tenant Survival Guide appears to have bad information.
          On Page 4, it states: “If you do not wish to remain in your apartment after your lease expires (or you wish to leave at some later date), you must comply with the terms of your lease regarding proper notice to your landlord.”
          However, section 42-3202 of the DC Code states:
          “A tenancy from month to month, or from quarter to quarter, may be terminated by a 30 days notice in writing from the landlord to the tenant to quit, or by such a notice from the tenant to the landlord of his intention to quit, said notice to expire, in either case, on the day of the month from which such tenancy commenced to run.”

          • Hmmm
            You may want to call because the code and the guide can work in tandem. If nothing mentioned in the lease, the code can kick in; otherwise lease controls potentially. I’m curious.

          • Accountering

            This seems pretty clear. I would also send him that quote from the DC code.

      • No lawyers in a city like DC?

        I would contact dc tenant folks because that’s ridiculous. When my tenant needed to swap 1 person out, I said sure. No requirements other than being approved by my pm. I can’t imagine someone would rather sue for 2 months rent rather than have someone locked into a year lease.

        • Accountering

          Well, it depends how nice of a place I was renting out. If it was a luxury 1br for $2500/month, then I would probably have to take a lawyer. A standard class B 1br for $1800/month, yes, I would prefer to get a non-lawyer tenant if possible.

      • Is your GF living in Adams Morgan by any chance? I ask because you are describing my landlord to a T and he owns multiple units in my building. I’ve not had to deal with this particular issue yet but he refuses to fix anything. I would so love the opportunity to commiserate with his other tenants.

  • Holy moly–just caught up on last Friday’s RRRR & saw the news about fka Shawess/Twinner! Wow! Congrats! I can’t believe you pulled off keeping your two identities separate–I’m not nearly organized enough to pull that off πŸ™‚

    • emvee

      I was impressed, too! I failed badly enough the one time I tried to post anonymously, so I can’t imagine the double identities!

    • justinbc

      I don’t know who Twinner is (I generally ignore the baby making kinda posts), but congrats Shawess on your announcement and good luck out in SF (assuming you ever come back to read these).

      • I’m reading! Super busy today and all of this week, but checking in! Thanks again for the well wishes, all!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Rant: Why do all the dapple dachshunds and their humans leave DC? First there was Ernie, then there was Gary. What other dog is going to break my heart?
        I wonder if Ernie has an Instagram…

    • That was a great Friday post! I had no idea — how did people guess (except textdoc, because she has superpowers)?
      fkaShawessfkaTwinner, hope your travels went smoothly

      • I guess I have a somewhat distinctive posting style? And some people knew my husband and I had been trying (from discussions offline) and put two and two together.
        The move was super easy. Gary was a champ. The vet-prescribed Xanax and the thundershirt helped.

        • If I hadn’t known from our “offline” conversations, I _might_ have guessed… but I’m not sure. You did a pretty good job of not slipping up and posting under the wrong username — how did you do it? Different browsers??

          • Dan deleted a few comments for me when I slipped up. But I think it helped that 1) there was almost always moderation due to the two names and I usually realized if I missed up before the post when live, and 2) I don’t have an avatar.

    • I also missed out on Friday– congrats fka Shawess/Twinner!!! Such amazing news!

  • Rave: Great weekend! Great socializing, swimming hole and rope swing, relaxing, cleaning.
    Rant: Last minute date cancellation.
    Rave: Salvaged my canceled date by going to the pool, reading a great book, and getting beers with a friend. My day was even better than it would have been had the date happened.
    Rave: Tico tonight with good friends, two of whom I went to Costa Rica with, so I’m sure they’ll be much reminiscing.

  • Rave: It was a wildly productive yet relaxing weekend that included a second round of purging furniture. Most of it cheap stuff bought during my poor 20s, it’s been doing nothing but cluttering and uglifying my home for years (futon anyone?). And I went online and bought some quality, beautiful replacements that should arrive this week. Next weekend: third and final round!
    Rave: I’m kind of enjoying the eager college kids and exhausted parents coming to claim my hand-me-downs. Ah, nostalgia…
    Rant: I don’t want to be at work today. I want to enjoy my increasingly beautiful apartment and chuck some more clutter–boxes and papers and magazines. And the new boss at the new job seems to have a complete inability to do anything but criticize, which is not helping. I’m new. I don’t know what I’m doing yet. Would a “good start” or “thanks” kill you?

    • Almost forgotten rant: Shanghai Tokyo. I had such hopes for this place. Not that it would be a revelation or anything, just that it may be a place for a lot of options of passable food. It is not. The wait was forever, but that’s fine for a new place, especially since they were giving 10% off. But the place reeks of fish, which is a very bad sign for a sushi place, so I ordered cooked rolls, and they were not at all good. The rice was WAY over-vinegared, giving them a really unpleasant bitterness. I also got crab rangoon (a guilty pleasure), which were basically deep fried wontons with no or next to no filling. At least I won’t have to deal with having deep-fried deliciousness so close to my apartment, but still–bummer.

  • goaldigger

    Rave-4 hrs of paddling on the Anacostia yesterday (Navy Yard to Arboretum) and added to area fauna sighting with a fox and some eagles. Boyfriend and I have season pass at DC boating so this bonanza session now puts us at the number of hrs to break even on the cost of the pass (so future outings are “free”).
    Rant- holy crap am I tired and sore!

    • Lotus Paddle!! I did this last month and it was wonderful (even though we got soaked during a short but heavy rain). Bald eagle sightings were a bonus πŸ™‚

  • If anyone knows Casey Green of New Jersey, I found her license and bank card lost/dropped/discarded on Corcoran ST NW. I assume the card is cancelled, but thought she might want the card back. I tried to connect via FB, but assume that she was sketched out by a stranger (as I would).

    • I found a bank card/wallet once and dropped it off at the bank. The bank was admittedly only one block from my office.The bank called the individual for them to come pick it up! (I first tried FB and didn’t get an answer from the person either)

  • Rave: Great weekend up in PA with a group of friends who first introduced the significant other and I 8 years ago. Can’t believe it’s been 6 since we’ve seen them, but felt like we hadn’t missed a day. Beautiful evening on Saturday to take the after party onto the bar patio so the puppy could join us too. All in all just a great time!
    Rave: Reconnected at said gathering with a friend I’d had a bit of a falling out with. Realized it was just timing and poor communication and that we both made mistakes and so we washed it under the table. We’re now scheduling our next get-together.
    Rant: Because it’s been 8 years, we got the “Why aren’t you guys married yet?” grill about a half dozen times.
    Rant: Also was told “You don’t look like a kid anymore, you’re all grown up!” by one of the friends. Um, yes, I realize I’m much younger than you all, but that better have been all the drinks convincing you that that was a compliment.
    Rave: Random BBQ stand on the side of the road in PA was the PERFECT cure for the Sunday morning “whoops, too many drinks last night” rude awakening. And bf was smart enough to order a ton of take-home goodies before we left. BBQ Leftovers for breakfast? Yes, please!

  • Rave: Enjoyed a quick jaunt to NYC this weekend and returning this weekend to check out more neighborhoods.
    Rant: Greyhound. Traffic. Going to have to suck-it-up and spend the money to commute via Amtrak because taking the bus NYC/DC is not worth the anguish of the port authority bus terminal and the turnpike. Hoping Amtrak doesn’t break the bank for a roundtrip/week.
    Rant: Looking at getting a roommate in the DC home to offset cost of double living NYC/DC. First roommate (other than SO!) in years.
    Rant: Have to get the house in order and figure out what goes where despite not a lot of time/space/certainty.
    Rave: Psyched for the SO, this offer & position is great, and NYC is fabulous. Now to figure out how to have a family while we’re living in two different cities for the time being…

    • Accountering

      What about renting the DC place on AirBNB while you are in NY?

      • SO is definitely all for this and has looked into it pretty seriously. However, I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around having people in my house when I’m not there (over and over again – with a roomie it’d be one person!), also worried that the legwork to set it up will outweigh the benefit. House cleaners, key drop-off/pick-up, communicating with guests, etc. seems to take a long time – does it? Do you do it with a home you live in?

        • AirBnB would be a good option. With that, I’d probably recommend finding the cheapest studio apartment possible in Capitol Hill (so you’re near Union) and renting it out. Good area for tourists to stay. Hubby can also AirBnB the place in NYC for huge $$$$ – it’s so expensive there! Seriously, a 1BR apartment in lower Manhattan easily rents for $200 to 250/night on AirBnB.

          • Hmm – that’s interesting. I wasn’t initially thinking of moving in DC since we own a 2BR place in DC (just moving into the smaller BR and renting out the master suite) but that might make financial sense. I’m trying to balance what makes financial sense with what positively and negatively impacts my quality of life. I want one of our houses to feel like home base and figured that would be NYC – meaning most of our personal stuff there and no roommates/sharing in one of the apartments either DC or NYC). We’ve been together going on 8 years, married for five and I so do not want to be transient again and want to be grounded but need to balance that with good financial decisions.

          • Accountering

            I think OP Anon is spot on. Rent your 2br full time in DC, and then rent a studio near Union Station for like $1400ish? You then make it very generic (like a hotel) and put in a lockable wardrobe that you can lock when you leave. You can be selective in choosing your guests, and even if it only rents 3/4 weekends a month, you are bringing in $750/month, and all of a sudden your rent+utilites in DC is like $750 total.
            Then your main home is in NY, and the studio in DC is like a nice hotel room you get to come back to when you are here, and you can do laundry, keep your workout stuff/work clothes here etc. This feels totally viable, and will likely save you $20,000/yearly over just living in your 2br.

          • That setup sounds good… but doesn’t it assume that the landlord for the studio near Union Station is OK with it being sublet as an AirBnB property?

          • The way I understood it was rent out our 2BR in full either as AirBnB or otherwise and then take a studio apt for myself to live in with all my stuff. Am I misunderstanding the suggestion?

          • Hmm… maybe I misinterpreted. I thought Accountering was suggesting keeping a lockable wardrobe in the studio and AirBnBing it when you were in NYC, but maybe he was suggesting keeping the lockable wardrobe in the two-bedroom apartment for use when it wasn’t occupied by AirBnB guests.

          • Accountering

            I was suggesting the lockable wardrobe in the studio near union station, and a full time rental for the 2br. You move out of the 2br (this seems semi-permanent, right?) and into the studio, where it is your “hotel.” That way you don’t need to worry about it feeling like someone is coming into your home. Then you just have two sets of sheets, you strip the bed when you go to NY, re-make it with the 2nd set of sheets. When you get home, you put your sheets/towels back out, and wash the AirBNB towels/sheets. You also have a cleaner come every Monday when you get home πŸ™‚

          • Accountering — So were you suggesting that the OP use her rented studio as an AirBnB property for the weekends that she’s in NYC, correct? That’s what I was saying would require the landlord’s permission.

        • There are over 1,500 listings on Airbnb for DC. Do a lot of research & crunch numbers seriously. Look at your competition – look at their calendars. Many DC stays are 2 nights. Cleaning etc. and simply dealing with turnover is a whole lot of work. Pretend you are a visitor knowing little about DC and searching on Airbnb – what do you come up with? How will people find you and why chose your place over 1000 others?

          I’ve been renting an apt. on VRBO (don’t like dealing with Airbnb for a number of reasons) quite successfully for 9 years, but the number of apts. on the market now is changing the game dramatically.

    • I recommend looking into the Amtrak rewards program. You get points for each dollar you spend and can earn free trips. The best part is that the program comes with a concierge who helps you make last-minute itinerary changes. They are a lot friendlier and more helpful than the regular Amtrak representatives.

      • Thanks for the tip! I’m a member but didn’t know about the concierge service – I’ll have to use it. However, I feel like I never get any benefits from it. Maybe it’s time to check my rewards amount!

        • If you book in advance (ten days I think), you can also get 10% off with your AAA membership. Consider getting an Amtrak rewards credit card too. I did short distance for two years (when dating an ex), so I’m something of an expert on working all the angles to save money on Amtrak.:)

          • Chase recently killed the rewards credit card, which was a super good deal. But apparently there are some good workarounds that actually save you more money if you’re clever. It’s worth some Google research.

    • 1) If PABT is your biggest hang-up, simply take a bus which doesn’t terminate there. Boltbus, Megabus, Vamoose, Tripper, and Eastern Shuttle all come to mind.

      2) “Hoping Amtrak doesn’t break the bank for a roundtrip/week.”

      Roundtrip fares start at about $100 and go up from there.

      • PABT is pretty bad but then again, so is standing in the Union Station parking garage in the morass that is Greyhound/Mega/Bolt bus – it adds a good two hours onto the trip on each side to line up in hopes you won’t get kicked off the bus (have seen people not get on the bus they paid for…). It’s mostly the traffic and unpredictability of the bus service. Have never had a bus take the scheduled amount of time to Philly and/or NYC (and I do the Philly trip a ton). I’ll check out VAmoose, Tripper, and Eastern Shuttle as I’ve not ridden them before.

        • Vamoose and Tripper call in Rosslyn and Bethesda. They almost never get above $50 R/T either. Eastern is a Chinatown bus.

          • I wouldn’t recommend a Chinatown bus if you can avoid it — IIRC from a New York Times article, many of them have poor safety records and keep changing their names so it’s hard to keep track of who the bad actors are.
            The one time I took a Chinatown bus, many of the riders knew each other and were having VERY LOUD conversations in Mandarin (which can be a pretty harsh-sounding language) across the aisle, from one row to another, etc. If you take one, bring earplugs.

        • Also, Vamoose has a rewards program as well. Every $120 spent on fare (so basically 2.5 round trips) gets you a free one-way trip.


          BTW I’m not a shill for Vamoose, I just really like their service!

    • Get your train tickets well in advance. It makes a huge difference. And as mentioned above, Amtrak Rewards.
      Re: AirBNB, I have a couple friends in not-quite-prime locations who are covering their mortgages with AirBNB rentals while they travel for work. Get it on it quick before the bottom falls out!

      • Accountering

        The bottom isn’t going to fall out… πŸ™‚ Travel to DC is only going up at a slowly increasing rate, and hotels suck. The only hotels being built in the city are micro hotels, and super luxury hotels. Families need a place to stay too πŸ™‚

        • 576 rentals on VRBO – 1,500+ on Airbnb – Suite hotels in Crystal City or Alexandria, (1 block to Metro with swimming pools and free breakfast) are going for as little as $125 a night in non-peak season. Lots of people don’t think hotels suck. And lots of people are starting to clue in that Airbnb charges a really hefty booking fee of 9-12%, plus taxes now too.

          I’m not against Airbnb, have used it successfully, (and sometimes not so successfully!) I just think people have to be extra realistic when considering it as a full-time rental income option.

    • Get the Amtrak credit card. They give a big sign-up bonus.
      Buy in advance (at least a month prior), the prices only go up the closer you get to your travel date.
      Amtrak runs promotional sales a few times per year on the NE Corridor Regional route. Buy as many tix as possible during the sale period (usually only 48 or 72 hours duration). I’ve scored RTs to NYC for as little as $70 in the last year.
      Travel off-peak hours. If you’re trying to grab a train or Thursday or Friday evening or Monday morning, you are going to pay big $$$.

      • We’re looking at a Wednesday evening to super-early Monday morning commute so hopefully I’ll be ok in terms of the costs but yes, totally realize it ends up being big $$$. I’ll have to look into the credit card – thanks for the tip!

      • You can also convert miles from hotel brands into Amtrak points. It’s worth investigating your options with this, in case you or the husband have a ton of hotel points. Chase Rewards points are also converted on a 1:1 basis.

    • Blithe

      When I was making regular trips to and from Baltimore, using the Northeast Corridor trains, I was able to get a 10-trip ticket that was good for about 45 days. Since this type of ticket isn’t widely promoted, it’s worth asking to see if they have this for NYC as well. In addition to saving money, one HUGE advantage of this was that I could use it on trains without having to make a reservation for a specific train, which allowed me to be more flexible with travel plans and to avoid standing in ticket lines. There are some restrictions — so you may have to ask for a customer service supervisor in order to get the list of Amtrak trains that don’t accept the ticket. This worked very very well for me. Amtrak also offers discounts for AAA members, so if you can buy your tickets in advance, that’s worth asking about as well.

  • Rave: Had a good vacation.
    Rant: Back from vacation.
    Rant: Feeling cranky about just about everything, especially work.

  • Rave: I was able to get my nosering out for the interview
    Rant: Can’t get the segment part back in so it looks stupid. Time to order a bunch online.

  • Rant: I have a job interview tomorrow, which in theory should be a good thing… but I’m not sure whether I actually want the job.
    I thought that the interview stage wasn’t going to be for several more weeks (it’s a government job, and I applied only three weeks ago). I really would have preferred more time to weigh my current job against this job prospect. Obviously, it’s not as though they’ve offered me the job yet… but I’m afraid they’re going to, unless I sabotage myself in the interview(s).

  • That One Guy

    Sorry for this dumb question, and it is dumb (but hopefully not sexist for me to ask), is there a female equivalent phrase to “balls to the wall”?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I don’t know but I just learned the slang “twiddle-diddles” and can’t stop making stupid rhymes involving T-Hidds and giggling.

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