“Old Navy getting in on the DC love…”


hahaha thanks to a reader for sending:

“Stitch set me up! Saw these pants today, named the “Marion Berry.”

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  • The Marion Berry is actually an indigenous blackberry to Oregon. I’m assuming these are named for the color not the politician.

    As an aside, it’s actually a tasty fruit. My sister had a marion berry filling on her wedding cake and it was amazing. My coworker went to Portland on vacation and brought back Marion Berry fudge, although she did bring it back more for the joke then the actual fudge.

    • justinbc

      +1 Rogue actually makes a marionberry beer as well. (note there is no space between marionberry, and the politicians last name is spelled Barry)

    • austindc

      I’ve made the same mistake with other local politicians, like Councilman Bananas.

    • +1. Marionberries = quite delicious.

      I am from this area and went to college in the pacific northwest. On my visit to the college before I applied, my mother and I went to a diner for breakfast and the waitress proudly informed us that the place was known for its marionberry muffins. Neither of us having spent time in Washington state before, we looked perplexed, then laughed out loud, and then tried to explain to the waitress why this was funny. She, never having lived outside the northwest, was deeply confused.

      Even though I have lived in DC for far longer than I lived in Walla Walla, I still associate the term with the berries as often as I do the former mayor. Because the coincidence brings me joy, and they were damn fine muffins.

  • A Marion Berry is a real thing though. And a not-unheard-of term for that color.
    I thought you were going to say they’re opening a store in DC, which would be truly shocking.

    • maxwell smart

      Well – I know that most people don’t consider Friendship Heights to be in DC, however there is an Old Navy there and it is technically on the DC side of the street. So technically, there is an Old Navy in DC.

      • It’s a lot faster for me to take the metro+bus out to the Old Navy in Potomac Yards than go to Friendship Heights, so I wasn’t even aware of that!

    • There’s one in the Friendship Heights mall. I hit it up for gym clothes.

  • You know you’ve been in DC too long when you start imagining everything’s a DC reference. I thought Old Navy was only for suburbanites though?

    • Yea, once people move into the big city they begin to realize that the Old Navy moo moos they bought as t-shirts in years prior no longer fit their freshly svelte bods, so on to the Gap it goes.

  • SouthwestDC

    So is Harris Teeter! The other day they had pies named after the iconic Fed device.

  • Sigh…seriously? I mean come on…you can buy Marion Berry jam at the Safeway on 17th Street!

  • It should be white…..

  • I wondered the same thing when I saw Marionberry flavor at Jubilee in Navy Yard. But they referred me to the fruit. Just a funny coincidence.

  • Well *I* thought it was funny.

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