Metro Mess at NoMa this Morning


A reader reports:

“Another lovely Monday morning on the Red Line! M Street entrance of NoMa station – literally ONE working gate which everyone entering and exiting had to share… At rush hour. Leading to a line 30 deep to get to the platform.”

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  • Couldn’t figure out why everyone was waiting in line, when it takes all of a minute to walk to the other station entrance, where the gates were working fine.

  • LOL. the fact that the employees of metro don’t help make the process faster. idiots

    where is that post about the emergency exit gate?

    • I don’t really know what they could do. It’s obvious one of the gates is broken. WMATA honestly should add an additional gate where that white sign is. Having only two non handicap gates is not very practical.

  • It seems like there has been an enormous uptick in usage for that side of the station with all of the development along M street and increasing density in the area. Metro needs to install more gates.

    • +1 THIS. The numbers are only going to keep increasing with the number of developments planned or in construction on the south side of the station.

  • The Columbia Heights station is like this every single day, plus at least one of the escalators has been broken for the last 8 months (at least).

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