GDoN “awesome ‘pool-ready’ massive backyard” edition

This house is located at 1349 Otis Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Brookland’s finest! Expertly renovated with exquisite details by Bradbern Homes. Contemporary 5BR 4BA solid brick home. Natural stone fireplaces, elegant hdwd, SS appl, awesome “pool-ready” massive backyard, with large brick workshop/pool house. Spacious decks. Flagstone walks. Attached garage. Fantastic gourmet kitchen/island. Overlooks forest/park. Nearby 12th St. restaurants and Brookland Metro”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/4 bath is going for $999,750.

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  • Way overpriced. It’s nice, but the only thing that sold for close to $1M in Brookland recently was new construction and MUCH bigger. They’re including the basement in the square footage on this, for sure. I’ll bet this goes for low 900’s at most.

  • Anonomnom

    Its well done and I like the bathrooms and backyard. That said, it is overpriced for the location. Yes, Brookland is booming, but this seems a stretch, no?

    • Then again, that Michigan Park row house that was on GDoN a few weeks ago just closed for $115k over list. It wasn’t even close to the Metro and didn’t have impressive finishes.
      Brookland proper is even crazier right now, so it’s anybody’s guess. Personally if I was going to spend this much I’d want to be either 1) a few blocks east in the Burroughs zone, or 2) retired/not planning on having kids.

  • I Dont Get It

    LOVE the fireplace!

  • This is nice but not amazing. 900k would be a stretch. I see this as more of an 800-850 house. The other one currently for sale in Brookland near 1M is MUCH nicer IMO.
    And wtf is “pool ready”? Is that just any yard that doesn’t currently have a pool? I’m going to advertise our place as having a roof deck ready roof.

  • The washed out color scheme and reno choice scream flip. I’d say this is overpriced. There is another house on sale for 975k on Monroe street that is miles away in terms of charm and curb appeal.

    • Yeah but that house is almost right across the street from the fire station.

      • Well that makes it a lot less likely to burn down, right? Has to be a plus.
        Seriously thought, that other house is really nice.

        • I like the Victorian on Newton much better. THAT’s a house that actually could sell for $1M, or close.

          • I tend to prefer the fact that the less expensive one has retained a lot of its older details. But agree the one on Newton is lovely as well. I think both are better options than the GDON house.

          • I agree in principle – love original character. And agree that I’d pay more for either of those than I would for this one. But location is everything. I wouldn’t buy a house in a location where I could expect to be woken up by sirens all of the time. The house on Newton is larger, it’s priced less per square foot, and it’s just as close to the Metro. It will sell for more.

    • That one’s also next to a house rented every year to CUA kids.

  • It’s pricey, yes, but I’m not sure about over priced. The house next door was a GDON ( sold in 11/14 for $735 and it’s smaller and quite quirky. A WOTP family with kids at Stokes would be a perfect fit for this house. This is getting close to the end of the summer season and there’s not much inventory in B’land anyway. This is a great location, a great block, and that’s a nice kitchen! Somebody rich enough and itching to get in to the neighborhood will buy it.

    • If a WOTP family is putting their kids in Stokes instead of staying in an area where you have good free schools up through high school, yes – they’re probably crazy enough to pay way too much for a house. I live in Brookland, I love Brookland, and there are $1M houses in Brookland. But unless the market’s even crazier than I think it is, this isn’t one of them.

      • Well, Stokes feeds into DCI; if the family has sufficient trust in DCI administration and a commitment to the language (remember that Stokes is the only free French immersion program in the city), this house also offers free public education through 12.

        • There is no location preference for Stokes. And the wait list is in the thousands. It would be beyond optimistic for someone to buy this in the hopes their kids would get a spot there.
          And if you’re already in, well, it’s just for 5-6 years. Not sure I’d overpay for a house to be closer to elementary school, when middle and high school are going to be on the other side of town. What then, move again?

          • I was taking the initial scenario of a WOTP family with kids “at Stokes,” presumably in the present. While DCI is indeed not in Brookland, it’s no more convenient from Brookland than from WOTP. And once kids are in high school, they can get to school by themselves, whereas it’s the parents who need to worry about the school commute in elementary.

    • No way is this a good deal. Seriously, look at the comps. $1m can buy a place in a much better school district. Stokes is great, but what if you don’t win the lottery? Plus, the middle and high schools in the area are Terrible. I’d say it will go for 850k tops. And it’s gonna be on the market for a while.

  • My dog seems to like relieving himself in front of this house. Aside from that, it’s a fantastic location.

  • I’m with everyone else that this is overpriced. But then someone may pay that, go figure.

    • justinbc

      If someone pays it, is it still overpriced?

      • If someone paid $1000 for a share of Lehman Bros in early 2007, was it overpriced?

        • justinbc

          I would argue no. If the goal of setting a price is to get the amount of money you ask, it’s only overpriced if it never sells. If someone pays the price you ask then you could argue it was perfectly priced (for you as a seller).

          • If you believe that people make investments or buy homes irrespective of underlying value, sure! But most of us think that price should, in fact, bear some resemblance to value. If it doesn’t, the item is thought of as “overpriced.” And it’s telling that companies like Berkshire Hathaway operate on this principle, while bubble deniers have often been proven either criminals or suckers.

      • HaileUnlikely

        That’s a fun philosophical question that some of my philosopher buddies could have waaaay too much fun with; I’ll stay away from that one, though.
        I always thought that the idea of the GDoN feature here was to comment on whether something is a good deal for a prospective buyer. There is, in my opinion, no way in bloody hell that this is a good deal for a prospective buyer.

  • If I’m spending $1M on a home, I would prefer for it to be more than 5 feet from the neighbor’s house, please. WTHBS, I like the house, but the price does seem a bit high for the neighborhood.

  • From my name, you can clearly see I live in Brookland so I am clearly biased, but I am tired of everyone saying that 1m in brookland is overpriced. Multiple houses in brookland have been close to going right up to that 1m mark, so its about time that something does (ie This is not a random house that is being advertised for 1m). And I only think that brookland will continue to grow. Given the fact that many young families want to stay in the district but cant afford/dont want to live in upper NW, they will look to brookland to offer them a single family home close to the metro with a community feel and nice local restaurants. Yes, the schools in Brookland need work, but as more and more young families move here and get involved with the system, I hope that will change.

    • Brookland is quickly becoming out of reach for most families. This 1 million dollar house is proof of that.

    • $1M in Brookland is kinda overpriced only because, like you say, no house has ever sold there for that, unless I missed something in the past few months. A lot of houses that were listed for near $1M have sat on the market for months and trickled down to 900k. I live in Brookland too and love it, but the market hasn’t borne out that pricing level yet. $600k-$700k for the most promising attached houses (varying heavily on location) and $800k+ for fully detached seems to be where things are landing regularly right now.

    • The houses that have been close to the $1M mark have been either much larger than this or were finished a bit nicer. This is really 2040 sq feet of taxable living space. The house that sold closest to $1M had 3400.

    • I love the argument that 1M dollars for a house in Brookland is not overpriced because a lot of house have sold for less than 1M dollars. Not a mathematician I see?
      In any case, I don’t see prices going much higher until the neighborhood has better schools. Prices in the neighborhood are also right at the Fannie Mae limit for a jumbo loan. Any higher and you have to be coming in with a ton of equity or your borrowing from a hard money lender. There’s a pretty steep drop in the number of people who can afford a house right at the 750-900 range..

      • Not a reader I see? I clearly said, “Multiple houses in brookland have been close to going right up to that 1m mark, so its about time that something does (ie This is not a random house that is being advertised for 1m).” This means that a lot of houses have sold near the 1m mark, so a house that goes at 1m should not be shocking to buyers.

        • lol. If I told you everyone in the neighborhood sells really nice candy bars for 0.80$ or 0.90$, but I will sell you one for 1$ would you do it?
          Also you completely ignore all the structural reasons prices are capped around 900k.
          Don’t worry, you won’t lose that much money on your house.

        • Also after looking again, this is a really strange house to make the 1M argument on. It’s just not as nice as some others on the market nearby.
          Maybe you were fooled by “pool ready”? Hint: “pool ready” just means it doesn’t have a pool.

      • +2
        Fanny/Freddie limits are going to put a hard stop on a lot of price appreciation for the foreseeable future in these marginal (yet promising) neighborhoods. But that’s what happens when you play with Uncle Sam’s money.

    • $1 million will easily buy a SFH in Chevy Chase, Tenleytown, or AU Park. Places where the schools are already good. Plus, the restaurants, shopping, and transportation options in Upper NW are better too.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Agreed. This may be regarded as a fair price (I don’t know), but please for the love of Zeus do not buy this house betting on it appreciating significantly.

      • +2
        $1m will buy you a nice “forever home” so long as you’re not having more than 2 or 3 kids. And you won’t have to worry about schools. People with the massive amounts of equity needed to purchase over the $1m mark are not looking at Brookland and won’t be.

  • I like the house, but I don’t like a lot of what they’ve done to it. It may be the odd photos, but the flooring and the wood on cabinets in the kitchen and baths don’t look good – maybe they look better in real life? I hate the recessed lights in the ceiling, and the fact that there’s not a tub to take a bath in that isn’t surrounded by glass doors. There are some other odd bath reno choices made here. Some things are nice – the blue paint, the deck, the stone fireplace, the decently laid out kitchen. A half bath on the first floor would be nice, if one of the baths isn’t on that floor. Still, the price is too high. Which doesn’t mean it won’t sell for near that – people are desperate for houses they can live in, which drives prices up – simple lack of supply.

  • Too much of the bed and bath space seems to be awkward space meant for an attac or less intensive remodeling. I don’t think 1957 was an auspicious time to build in that area.

  • brookland_rez

    I’ve walk past this home frequently. I’ve been watching them renovate. Was wondering how much it would list for.

  • Woah. 4 bathrooms, $1mil, AND NO BATHTUB. I wouldn’t want it even if I could afford it.

    That being said, if the new neighbors put in a pool I’ll have to start making friends….

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