GDoN “Amazingly well-located” edition

This unit is located at 1731 T Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“OPEN 8/22, 1-3 & 8/23, 1-4! Gorgeous afternoon light streams through the lg windows of this boutique 1BR/1BA Dupont condo. Amazingly well-located w/i 1/2 mile to the Dupont METRO & easy access to restaurants/bars of 14th St, 17th St, AdMo & U St. Updated kitch w/ granite, gas range, storage galore and bar seating. Renovated bath. Beautiful fp mantle. In-unit W/D. Investor/Pet friendly. Xtra strge”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $389,900 ($211 monthly fee.)

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  • Looks nice, but they’re overstating how desirable that location is. Maybe a decade ago.

    • All the advantages of Shaw with 1/10 the chance of being shot!

    • Really? Where is a much more desirable location in your opinion?

      • Logan Circle? Capitol Hill? Or, if you’re going to live that far west, might as well do Georgetown or Adams Morgan which have a lot more character.

    • justinbc

      Desirability is obviously conditional upon your age, interests, and level of gentrification comfort.

    • Ten years ago Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan were more “hot” than they are now… but 10 years ago the U Street/14th Street corridor was much LESS “hot” than it is now. (Especially 14th Street.) I think whatever desirability this location lost with regard to the former two has more than been made up for by increased desirability with regard to the latter two.

  • I Dont Get It

    How is this not a desirable location?

    • I guess it is, if you’ve long been wanting to live a long way from the Metro and right around the corner from Lauriol Plaza.

      • I live about a half-block farther east. That location is about five blocks, or a half mile, from either the Dupont or U Street Metro stops. I don’t view that as a long way. Also, I think you’re overstating the degree to which Lauriol Plaza is audible or otherwise has negative effects on its surroundings. If you’re at the intersection of 17th and T, you’d have no idea it was a block away.

      • 13 minute walk to U Street metro, 11 minutes to Dupont! Not bad in my book, but I guess we have different definitions of “long way” from metro.

      • And further south on 17th is just depressing.

      • The notion that this location is “a long way from the Metro” is laughable.

        • Personally I think the proximity to the 90 buses + walkability to other neighborhoods is more of a selling point. Between walking and the bus you have almost all of the hot spots covered.

    • SouthwestDC

      I wouldn’t find it convenient, myself. Too embedded in the city which makes it harder to get out to the jobs in the suburbs.
      I think the previous commenter meant that Dupont is a pleasant place to live, but not as exciting as it used to be. I came to DC a decade ago, and even then Dupont was past its heyday. It’s still a popular place for young professionals to get situated for their first year or two, before moving on to other neighborhoods. I don’t know who would be interested in buying there, though.

      • Gross! Who takes a job in the suburbs?

        • SouthwestDC

          Most people don’t have much of a choice; practically all the jobs are in VA in MD these days. You’re very lucky if you have one in the city!
          My partner and I were realistic about our current and future work locations and picked a neighborhood convenient to both VA and PG County. So far that’s worked out well.

          • “[P]ractically all the jobs are in VA in MD these days.” Maybe in the private sector (or at least certain parts of it). But there are still a LOT of jobs in the District, most notably federal government ones.

          • SouthwestDC

            Not in my field (or my fiancé’s). Maybe if that tech corridor ever happens?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Every time I see a listing for a fed job I want it’s in VA or MD. Where are all the DC jobs? grrr

          • “practically all the jobs are in VA in MD these days” – uh…. what are the literally hundreds of thousands of people walking around by my office doing everyday if they’re not working at their jobs?
            “Maybe if that tech corridor ever happens?”If you’re willing to work in VA you’re part of the problem. Let the market know people want jobs moved to DC.

          • SouthwestDC

            “If you’re willing to work in VA you’re part of the problem.”
            I’m sorry, but that is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever read.

          • SouthwestDC

            @The Enabler I know, right? All the Feds I know are out here in VA (or Suitland or whatever) with me.

          • I’ve got to agree with Caroline that it is absolutely absurd to expect people to only take jobs in the District to prove something to the market. That is utter insanity.

            When I first moved here, I had a series of interviews in both the District and in Virginia. The job offer I got in DC offered me $40K, the one in VA offered me $70K. Was I supposed to take a $30K paycut just to work in DC? Or turn down both jobs and risk unemployment?

        • Gee, aren’t we entitled. Why take a job at all? Working’s for the peasants.

        • I work in the suburbs and have a commute similar to what I would have living here. Not a big deal. Plus you are close to a lot of things, including a small super market. No this isn’t the hottest neighborhood, but so what, it’s not a cheap flip or an overnight built stick place in Shaw.

  • Hilarious to hear people describe this neighborhood as not convenient or past its prime. I live here and can walk to AdMo, U Street, 14th Street, Georgetown, Downtown, Shaw, and Chinatown. The best restaurants in town are literally 4-5 blocks away. The metro is 4-5 blocks away. Crazy talk.

    • Which restaurants?
      I guess it works for some people. When I used to work in DC I would try to meet friends in Dupont for happy hour, and it would take me an hour or longer just to get over there. I don’t have the kind of job that would ever have me working in that part of town and wouldn’t want to subject myself to that kind of commute.

      • I agree that Dupont itself has fewer appealing services and restaurants than it used to (though, as I type this, I think of places I do use regularly, like Kramerbooks, the farmer’s market, Shophouse, Bethesda Bagels). And 17th Street has had a motley collection of restaurants for a while (though, again, Komi, Little Serow, and Sushi Taro are all exceptional). But, for me, the rise of 14th Street and U Street more than compensate. And I like living 3-4 blocks from there, rather than on there. Some people prefer to be directly on those streets, and I understand that; but not everyone.

        • This is exactly why I ended up in Columbia Heights. I love all the bars on Ust and 14th, but didn’t really want to be right on them. As it is, I’m a 10 minute walk from some of my favorite places, but still on a street that feels like a neighborhood. Sometimes being close to, but not right on top of, the busy neighborhoods is the best location.

      • An hour to get there from where?

        • 13th & M Street SE

          • Google Maps isn’t showing me 13th and M SE, but 12th and M SE is a block or so from the Anacostia. It looks like the layout of the roads there is poor and makes the walk to Potomac Avenue Metro much longer than it would be otherwise.

      • Yeah, if your job is somewhere like Springfield or Reston or Wheaton or Milwaukee or Albuquerque, it’s not an especially convenient location for you. But it generally would work for people who work in the district; it’s one of the more centralized locations that you’ll find.

    • I actually like the restaurants on 17th St.—Hank’s, Trios, Annie’s, Dupont Italian Kitchen, Little Serow. Not fancy hipster places—well, maybe Hank’s—but comfortable, unpretentious places to go meet a friend for a drink and a not-too-expensive dinner. Plus, you can sit outside at a lot of those places. OK, I haven’t been there in a while, but I used to like Lauriol too. True, though, that the Connecticut part of Dupont isn’t as much of a restaurant destination.

      • I agree–I was being too dismissive above about some of the restaurants at 17th. And I’ve gone to Lauriol at nonpeak hours and enjoyed it, too. The real loss in that area was the closure of Straits of Malaya. Great, relatively inexpensive food, and sitting on the roof terrace was quite enjoyable. The sucession of bars occupying the place since its re-closure haven’t been nearly as appealing to me.

        • I live close to 14th Street and frankly, the proportion of winners there is probably the same as 17th. Lots of mediocre junk in both places, 14th is just the shinier object.

          • Same with H Street NE. It’s trendy, but out of all those places there’s only 3 or 4 I would actually ever want to go to very regularly,

      • Don’t forgot Floriana and Duke’s Kitchen! Plenty of excellent food in that area. This is such a silly discussion.

        • Floriana, really? I haven’t been there in years, but I remember the food being pretty bad.

          • Not at all! Floriana is an excellent Italian restaurant, especially good fresh pasta. It might be confusing to the younger diners because they still employ a concept called “courses” that they may not be familiar with.

          • Guess it’s improved in recent years. The “courses” must be a new thing too. Last time I was there you just ordered an entrée or appetizer or whatever, like any other restaurant.

    • I agree that it’s crazy talk. This is still one of the most desirable (if not the most desirable) locations in the city for many people. I think some people genuinely believe that living in a newer or edgier parts of town reflects some kind of coolness aura onto them, and then feel the need to broadcast that belief by ragging on more established neighborhoods.

      • +1. And people acting like Red Line stops that are 1-3 stations from downtown are Outer Siberia or something.

        • Anonomnom

          Right?! I remember a few years back trying to get some friends to see a movie in the Uptown (which is, hands down, the best theatre in the area in my book) and people looked like I suggested that we drive to Tysons!

          • And all the people complaining about the cat café being in Georgetown!Sometimes you just have to suck it up and spend an extra 45 minutes in transit to do something different and cool. It does feel daunting once you get used to walking to most places though.

          • Anonomnom

            I know the Georgetown pain all to well… I work in downtown Georgetown. Getting anywhere for a happy hour is impossible, since Georgetown is where public transportation goes to die.

          • People complaining about having to schlep to Georgetown is a much more valid complaint, IMO — the Uptown is practically on top of the Cleveland Park Metro station!
            At least now there’s a Circulator bus that runs from Dupont to Georgetown (and Rosslyn), which is much better than when there was that non-WMATA, non-DDOT shuttle bus with a semi-secret location on 19th Street. But that means that first you have to get from wherever you are to Dupont.

          • Yeah, but Red Line.

          • tonyr

            The G2 connects HU and GU via U St area, Shaw, Logan Circle and Dupont Circle. What more do you want from a single route? Well maybe more frequency than every 30 minutes, but c’mon, try it, you’ll be OK.

  • I think the location is good but its not a neighborhood I’ve been looking in, although Is see the appeal. However the apartment is a bit meh. Looks like it needs some serious updating in the Kitchen. I question the claim of storage “galore” unless there’ a basement storage unit or something similar. It also looks like a ground floor unit, which is a turn off for me.

    • The listing mentions extra storage. The up to the minute kitchen of today is the tired kitchen of tomorrow.

      • Agreed. The kitchen doesn’t need “serious updating” — it’s already got granite countertops, and all you’d need to do to make the maple (?) cabinets look not-outdated is to paint them white.

        • Just personal taste here, but I’d want to do a major revamp on the kitchen – others could be perfectly happy with it.
          @Rich – I missed that reference. That’s definitely a plus! I wish my building had extra storage.

  • Question: With the new popup rules. Do owners in R-4 still have by right to do a condo-conversion if they are fall within the 35ft Height, and 10ft expansion not greater than furthest adjacent property? Shouldn’t have to go to the BZA or any of that correct?

    • As I understand it, in an R-4 district you can expand up to 35ft and create up to two units by right, meaning you don’t need a special adjustment from the BZA. However, if you’re popping up results in a third unit, then you would need a special adjustment even if you’re under the 35ft limit.

      • This is generally true – there are some limits on removing rooftop architectual features now, and if you want to do a third unit you have to sell it to an income-limited buyer.

      • ok thanks. Just looking to do two duplex units. Basement/1st floor as one unit and then second story/3rd story as the other.

  • I’m shopping and it would be on my list if it had outdoor space. The kitchen needs updating, but the price gives you margin to do that. And it is a great location if you’re goal is to be walkable to a ton of DC neighborhoods (Adams Morgan, U Street, Logan, Dupont, Georgetown…) while still living on a quiet street. I think it’s well-priced.

    My theory: For now, Dupont will age with its residents. I spent my 20s living there when it was at its heydey – the “cool” neighborhood. Now in my 30s, I’d gladly trade being in a hot neighborhood for being in a quiet one with some nice restaurants (hello Little Serow, Komi, Hank’s) and conveniences, but still close to a hopping neighborhood (Logan/U) nearby.

    (But once people start having kids, all bets are off – for most of my peers that’s meant Petworth or Silver Spring.)

    • About 75% of my friends with kids have left for the suburbs or are planning to once they’re old enough for school.

    • +1. If your priority is to live in the trendy neighborhood du jour then Dupont Circle is probably not for you. But if you’re looking for a quiet, safe, well-stocked area that is convenient to a number of great neighborhoods, it is pretty hard to beat.

  • Location aside, can anyone explain the floating granite breakfast bar? It’s like they wanted to make that the doorway and then realized they had extra countertop left over.

    • Yeah, I’d want to chop that down to just a little corner piece over a cabinet connected to the rest of the granite, and have the doorway to walk through. I would find walking around the hallway to get to the kitchen from the living room very odd.

  • SouthwestDC

    Are you joking or just very sheltered? It sounds like you’ve crafted some kind of mythical world where you never have to leave, or interact with anyone from, an area of maybe a 1-mile radius. Job sprawl is a real problem, even if it somehow hasn’t impacted you yet.

    • You seem to be one of the people who’s preoccupied with geography. Lot’s of us choose to live where we want and tolerate working where we have to, and figure out how to make the best of the commute.

      • yeah, what are those three famous real estate rules? location, location, location or something like that? i can’t quite remember, but why would any focus on geography?!

      • SouthwestDC

        The comment I was responding to was deleted, but it was the same guy that’s been snobbily dismissing people that have to work in the suburbs. Having done a long commute in the past I disagree that it has a negligible impact on quality of life.

  • If Dupont has lost its luster, maybe my rent will start going down, instead of up every year.

  • I used to live at 17th & P and it is THE best location! One can walk just about everywhere – almost everything you need in under 15 – everywhere else in under 25 mins including literally hundreds of restaurants and bars – AdMo, U Street ,14th St, Logan, Shaw, Georgetown, Downtown, Chinatown, Col H, all of my doctors, movie theaters, two full grocery stores within 2 blocks!, 2 Trader Joes, several other food markets, the best framer’s market in the city, all metro lines with Red line a 7 min walk, several bus lines, cleaners and CVS across the street, my job 15 mins walk. And no public housing around the corner like in Columbia Heights and the other “hot” areas. Dupont does not have the same crime problems as CH and other “hot areas” (like that wretched H St.) nor tons of teenagers with twists in their hair or tons of sketchy people ambling about. It is more expensive than other areas. Not sure who said Dupont isn’t desirable anymore. Real estate prices would beg to differ. Most of the rowhouses are in the 2-3 + million range. Not so in the other “hot” areas.

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