Garden Haul Entry No. 61 and 62 – Columbia Heights and Woodley Park


Above: “My first attempt at vegetable gardening. Heaps of cherry tomatoes, a few green beans, herbs, the sole surviving baby carrot, and the first eggplant and okra of the season! Grown in Columbia Heights.”

Below: “My waterbaby in Woodley Park. It will be a while before we can harvest this, but I grew it from seed!”


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  • That’s my watermelon!

  • Linc Park SE

    Im impressed you grew that melon from a seed – good job!

    • Real question: how are they normally grown?

      • Linc Park SE

        To me – it’s just a feat that you were able to pick a seed that would successfully germinate and then nurture it to maturity. The odds seem slim to me.

      • Don’t be snarky. It’s a lot tougher to grow vegetables at home from seed than by buying seedlings that have already been started in some hyper fertilized industrial sponge (which works very well!).

        Congrats to the OP on your watermelon. When did you plant the seeds? How many watermelons is each plant producing?

        • No snark included. I have never grown anything a day in my life, so I thought watermelons were grown in some special way. I think the only person giving snark is you.

  • General Grant Circle

    loookkkiiinnnggg ggooooddd

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