Shipping Container Conversions Really Catching On in Brookland – Check Out this New Garage


Thanks to a reader for sending from an alley between Girard and Franklin St, NE. At first I didn’t think it was street legal – but it’s got a garage permit:


What do you think – cool reuse or an eyesore? Inspired by these apartments not too far away?


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  • personal opinion – eyesore.

  • Eyesore…

    I have some friends who live just down the street from these container apartments and walked by them a number of times.

    I’ve seen container apartments / houses / office buildings in the flesh before, and they can be done very well in certain situations. These were not done very well, and they really just don’t fit in at all in the neighborhood.

    • +1. It would have been cool to have well-done shipping container apartments. But the owners of that building literally said on the news that their goal was “just make as much money as possible.” And it shows.

    • They are cheap off campus housing for CUA students. As evidenced by the curtains/towels/flags/lights hanging in the the large street facing windows and the number of empty Natural Light cans littering the yard while school is in session. The student rental house next to it is also an eyesore. I feel bad for the homeowners on that block who probably never saw that happening.

  • justinbc

    It just looks like a construction dumpster that never got picked up. I mean, great for them for reusing something that (I guess?) would have gone to waste otherwise, but visually there’s not much to “love”.

  • Meh. Kind of an odd choice, but doesn’t bother me either.

  • I think it’s great. The real eyesore in that part of the neighborhood are all the bland yellow or faded red brick rowhouses that haven’t been maintained.

  • When you sell the idea to your neighbors as building a garage, and then you bring a double wide, fire engine red, shipping container… You’re and A-Hole.

  • Its not a garage or apartments, its a new music venue, and its fantastic. Get it right! or you won’t be invited

  • For those who may be interested, more info on the private matter-of-right “Garage/Artist Studio” is here:

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