DC Senator with no independent political power meets with self-declared principality with no independent political power – gets a bit misogynistic on twitter

Photo via Senator Paul Strauss (@SenPaulStrauss)

“Dear PoPville,

As a self-styled prince, I think you might appreciate this.

I’m not sure if Senator Strauss realizes, but Seborga not an internationally recognized sovereign nation, but rather a self-declared independent principality of Italy, with no independent political power. But because Senator Strauss has no independent political power either, it might be appropriate.”

Senator Paul Strauss tweeted:

“Such an honor to meet Prince Marcello & Princess Nina Menengatto of @PrincSeborga at the US #Senate today #Seborga”

also worth noting is the twitter exchange that followed:


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  • Ben Nelson has been gone a while

  • I think “misogynistic” is a little strong there. Maybe “rude” would suffice?

    • Having dealt with “Senator” Strauss in various capacities (citizen looking for services, Hill staffer, once randomly while walking around Capitol Hill) over the years, I can confirm he’s pretty rude.

  • How exactly is this misogynistic? I’m not sure if it was directed at the woman who responded to him on Twitter or just women who go around acting like “princesses” in general. Either way it’s more rude (and frankly, doesn’t seem like much of a big deal) than anything.

    • Yeah, I don’t think being rude to a woman is the same thing as being misogynistic. Not to mention it’s twitter, so I’d bet there’s a history between these two that makes this not notable in any way.

  • justinbc

    Maybe he was referencing this tweet?
    Although she actually called herself a queen, not a princess.

  • Misogynistic? This Shelby person posts a snarky tweet and Strauss got snarky right back. Silly maybe, but I don’t think it counts as misogynistic.

  • Sorry but I don’t see where misogyny comes into the picture here? Is being rude to a woman who was rude to you now considered misogyny?

  • Oh boy, as a voting District resident for the past 8 years, I didn’t even know this guy was our “senator.” This whole thing is kind of ridiculous. At least someone was paying attention to him on Twitter- he should be glad. haha!

  • Queen Carolyn with representatives from the ‘Republic of Alcatraz:’ http://www.ladonia.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/292305_260811627371437_180646699_n.jpg.

  • This guy has been known as a slimeball for years. I haven’t seen him anywhere near Hayden Panettiere in a long time. I wonder if she has a restraining order against him.

  • I agree with PoP. Belittling women, esp with words that are associated only with women (IMO) is certainly a form of misogyny. Princess may have a more positive connotation in most circles than the b-word, but it can still be used (including here) to belittle women.

  • This bit from the Wikipedia entry on Seborga made me chuckle:
    “Carbone [i.e., Giorgio Carbone, elected prince in 1963] reigned until his death on 25 November 2009. The prince was known locally as Sua Tremendità (‘His Tremendousness’).”

  • Wow. This twitter exchange is like that 5 PM Fox GOP debate. No one really feels like watching two unimportant people vying for the public’s attention.

  • “Misogynistic”? Come on.

    Abrasive? Definitely. Rude? Possibly.

    Dictionary.com defines misogynistic as “reflecting or exhibiting hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women.” I think based on that tweet it’s a real stretch to conclude that he fits the definition.

  • Anything critical of women is misogyny. Anything critical of men is par for the course. Got it.

    • Isn’t misogyny simply contempt for women? So, misogynist behavior would be expressing contempt for a woman, especially by displaying the contempt by using a belittling term, right?
      If you’re looking for a word to describe contempt for men, that word is misandry.

  • this fake-senator is one of the biggest clown almost in DC politics. If you want a good laugh read his arrest report for drunk driving (he tried a version of “do you know who I am.”)

  • General Grant Circle

    You can’t call people “princesses” without being a sexist? I think there is a difference between being a little off the cuff or curt or uncouth to a particular woman, and demonstrating (as google defines it) “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.” Being mean to a woman does not a misogynist make, it is marked by standard behavior towards ALL women (in the same way that not like one Korean dude does not make you a racist).

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