Big Plans for East Potomac Pool at Hains Point?

potomac pool
Photo by PoPville flickr user nici161

Last week when we spoke about the summer pool closure schedule a commenter mentioned big plans for the East Potomac Pool including possibly a two year closure. I’m trying to get details from DPR but in the meantime they tweet this tease this morning:

“DPR’s Aquatics Director and the Capital Projects team at @dcdpr and @dcdgs review design plans for East Potomac Pool.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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  • It’s true. The pool is one of the oldest aluminum pools on the East Coast (the aluminum is encased in a fiberglass coating). There is or was a crack in the bottom of the deep end and the pool that has been flooding and damaging the pump room underneath. They have to completely remove and rebuild the pool. Had DC been awarded the Olympic bid, that was the proposed site for a new pool to hold the diving competition.

    What’s stupid is that the Fenty administration put in a $75,000 heating system in that pool so he could train for triathlons long course between Memorial Day and Columbus Day. Now, that’s going to waste.

  • This pool is amazing. If the comment above is correct I see the need for repairs. But please let it stay how it is. The last thing anyone here wants is one of those kid pools with a water slide and all that.

    • Due to the popularity of the pool with sunbathers and lap swimmers, I don’t think the new design will incorporate a kids pool unless it is separate (i could be wrong though).

    • SouthwestDC

      I went to this pool once and didn’t understand what was so great about it. Am I missing something?

    • Kids and pools are great. It seems to me that a DC that makes itself a good place to raise families is a positive thing.

  • Well, Paul H, maybe if you keep saying stuff like that your kids won’t want to visit you either.

    • Discrimination against children in public accommodations is against the law and immoral, as we were all children once plus they’ll be paying our social security. So, if “neighbor” had commented that if they add features for kids they preserve the adult lap facility I could have respected that. Instead “neighbor”and others advocate for design that excludes kids, adding snark like “15 percent pee.” My post gets deleted, theirs stays. Hmm.

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