Another Lunch Option for those who work near Metro Center


A reader reports:

“it looks like a Panera Cafe is coming to the SE corner of 12/G NW right above Metro Center and next door to the Dunkin Donuts. The pallets seen in the photo are all labeled “Panera Cafe.”

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  • Interesting — this will put them directly across the street from the Cosi on the northeast corner of 12th and G NW.
    That Cosi used to be my go-to place for a quick dinner after work, but it’s been heading downhill — strong smell of cleaning chemicals, A/C that was frequently broken, and most recently, a switch to a music selection that sounds like it’s aimed at 14-year-olds.

  • Cosi has been going downhill for quite awhile. I’m amazed they still have any stores open. Panaera is about the least imaginative place possible–Corner Bakery only blander. Presumably they’ll do well.

  • justinbc

    Is Panera Cafe a different setup than Panera Bread, or is this just a minor labeling difference?

  • northeazy

    Has anyone ever seen the South Park episode where they advertise an item called Chopot-laway? It is designed to help salvage your undergarments after eating Chipotle. I have to say, never had an issue with Chopotle. I would recommend however creating a cleaning solvent called Paner-away. Never not had an issue with their food. Although, I did hear they are revamping their menu to be more organic or healthier. I like their concept and food tastes great, just always end up with explosive diarrhea no matter what or where I eat there.

  • Excellent. The lunch options around Metro Center have been pretty dismal for a while now, but now recently getting better. Happy to have another option. Can’t eat Jimmy Johns every day, despite what I tell myself.

  • Panera’s really generic but I appreciate any business that offers healthier options. Happy to have them at Metro Center!

  • west_egg

    Looks like there was indeed a permit filed 6/9 on behalf of Panera Bread. The layout looks a little odd so far — there seem to be a lot of walls and small rooms near the windows. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  • That is the southeast corner of 13th and G, not 12th and G.

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