“When he saw me he starting running after me on my bike screaming bitch and reached out to shove me off of my bike”

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“Dear PoPville,

Harrassment on 7th Street in Shaw

I was riding my bike to work (I live at 6th and P and go down this block every day and never have issues) and a guy was crossing P street in the middle of the street. When he saw me he starting running after me on my bike screaming “bitch” and reached out to shove me off of my bike but I swerved and he missed. Then he started chasing me and I had to run through the light on 7th and P to get away.

It isn’t the same man I don’t think from the other posts (I think I know which one that is). This guy looked to be late 20’s/young 30s, facial hair and was wearing a red jersey and flat billed hat with dark jeans.

I am sad to hear about so many incidents here, it’s just around the corner from my house and haven’t really heard about any problems until this summer.”

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  • In Hill East a few nights ago a man ran after a pregnant lady on a bike and stabbed her in the shoulder. Court barley the woman and baby are fine but I wonder if it’s the same guy moving around to different hoods. Probably not but worth mentioning.

    • Lol, auto-correct. Not “Court Barely.” Should be Fortunatley.

      • I’m willing to speculate that synthetic drugs are likely playing a role in a lot of these types of random crimes. Kojo Nnamdi did a great segment yesterday and the stats bear out what we’re seeing all over the city — ER trips from this stuff are up close to tenfold over last summer.

        • It’s becoming like the 90’s and crack all over again. Fasten your seatbelts.

          • I think it’s way too early to say that. From what I’ve read and heard, there have been a few batches in the last few months that have been extra strong, and they are straight up killing people. Causing renal failure. As I see it, the distributors are either going to weaken the formula so they don’t lose their customers or their customers are going to die. In other words, this could get a lot worse, but it very well might not.

          • The aggressive, irrational behavior makes it sound like they have the same effect as bath salts.

      • I thought that was some obscure expression I had never heard – like from the middle ages or something!

  • Something similar happened to me last week while I was on my bike in Columbia Heights. No shoving but lots of yelling and reference to my gender and race.

    I can’t wait for summer to be over, although I’m afraid that’s the optimistic take on these recent crimes.

  • OP, I’m glad you made it away safe! I hope you reported this to the police, and if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late!

  • He was angry because you set him up.

  • I’m wondering if the suspect was on some synthetic drug. It sounds like the paranoid & irratic behavior of someone high on synthetic weed.

  • I am a neighbor a few blocks down and have the same route to work on my bike. What time of day was this? Had you seen him around the neighborhood before? I doubt its related but that listserv has been freaking out about the guys on the corner of P and 7th–rightly so, it’s a mess there. I just mention that bc there as been a lot of activity around that area this summer.

  • I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m glad you are ok.
    This sounds a bit like the guy who attacked me in June, not too far away from here. Sadly, it’s probably not the same perp though. It would be nice to think there’s only a few jerks running around the city doing stuff like this, but that’s probably not the case.

    Take care of yourself.

  • …..just another Manic Monday in Shaw. Le sigh.

  • I know we are trying to be PC, but this is getting ridiculous. How are we supposed to look out for the person if we don’t know whether he was white, black, Hispanic, Asian, hair color? This description tells us almost nothing, but is becoming way too common. I live in a building nearby where there was a similar random attempted attack, and we were also given a notice that didn’t include race. It actually just called the person an individual with no description. Turns out it was a white guy with longish brown hair. This makes a huge difference if you actually want to watch out for potential attackers.

    I truly hope that we haven’t become so scared of the pc police that we can’t provide people with enough information to serve as a warning because that is a sad and dangerous state.

    • If they don’t use race, it’s pretty safe to assume they are black…because they ONLY withhold race when it’s a black perp.

  • samanda_bynes

    just another quirky Shaw resident :3

  • This morning, I had the pleasure of waiting at a bus stop in eastern Shaw heading to work and a person approached me as they often do to ask me for money. He asked for a dollar for the bus, which I said I did not have and then he went in on me about asking if I had ever been to jail and they f*** white boys in jail and he would f*** me up. I ignored him, but my blood was boiling. I’m not a small guy and I have a short fuse, but I kept my mouth shut and just waited for the bus and ignored him. Then of course he just saunters onto the bus and doesn’t pay to get on (ignored by the bus driver of course) and I have to hear his mouth the entire way to work.

    It gets to be a little much in this city constantly being accosted by people while you’re going about your business. At what point do you keep your mouth shut, walk away, assume the person is harmless? I won’t deny in the back of my mind I was wondering if he wasn’t going to just pull out a knife and stab me right there. The constant tolerance for public drinking and drunkeness and loitering around in this city gets really tiresome. Watching people get on the bus every day and not bothering to pay with no repercussions drives me insane. And while I supported marijuana legalization, since it was legalized it seems now it is a free for all and I just smell it everywhere. I wish I could sit around and get high at 8am every day.

    I’m all for not targeting, shaming, or hiding people we do not like, but it really makes it difficult to enjoy this city.

    • Well, really, it’s all your fault for gentrifying the neighborhood.

    • Schmaltz – I’m African American. To the extent you need it, you have my permission to knock the living daylight out of anyone that so-accosts you again. I’m not recommending it because it might not end well for you or others, but I certainly endorse the option it it comes to that. Most of these folks assume that everyone will just grin their teeth and bear it; maybe a painful lesson will disabuse them of that notion. Then again, as an African American I might be a bit more “liberated” as striking back against these thugs. I had to put a guy in his place a few weeks back on the X2 bus. I didn’t back down from him, even yelled a racial slur at him (again, my privilege) and essentially dared him to do something about it. He didn’t…for what it’s worth. He and others need to know that they shouldn’t be fooled by a black man in a suit.

      • Punk them or get punked this is DC. Have you seen the news. No one would convict you for defending yourself against a piece of crap like that

      • Ha. Thanks. If he had touched me, I probably would have hit him. But seriously, with this synthetic weed nonsense and even without it, you really do run the risk of just having someone shank you. And at that bus stop, not a soul loitering around would do a damned thing about it or offer any assistance.

    • Yes, what is up w/ so many people not paying to ride the bus these days??? Why is it ignored by the drivers. It didn’t use to be this way. In the ”old days” the bus driver didn’t drive on until passengers had paid. These people do it day in and day out on various buses. One day I asked the bus driver why I had to pay and others did not. I was ignored.

      • I think the drivers ignore it because they do not want to deal with the altercation. This guy would definitely have made a scene about it.

        That said, I have seen SOME bus drivers go after folks for it. It is rare and you are right, it is far more common these days for people to just stroll onto the bus and not blink about it.

      • Pretty sure that enough drivers have been attacked by standing up to fare scofflaws that they’ve been told not to demand payment. It’s pathetic that we live in a society where a person goes scott free for petty crime, but when we’ve got council members stealing hundred$ of thousand$ then it shouldn’t be surprising that people with less feel like there’s no reason to follow the rules either. I’ve been told that in poorer neighborhoods practically nobody pays to ride the bus.

  • This city is populated by people who commit crimes, passively or actively support people who commit crimes, think that crime is an acceptable part of city life and/or demand no action from the city’s leaders on crime. If the city government considers a regulation that will affect Uber service, the literati organize massive resistance, like several thousand emails to the council a day. If someone is murdered on the metro, everyone shrugs. Go figure.

    • Many of the better neighborhoods in DC have neighborhood patrols that activate even with a small string of crimes. Also the murder on the metro was a very big deal, it was the first one on the system.

  • Bowser and MPD need to be all over this IMMEDIATELY. This fake weed stuff comes from China and is easily available at wholesale already pre-divided and branded at under 0.01 a 10g pack. There is a huge incentive for corners stores to sell it and it’s already a big problem in many suburban areas. Paranoia are and violence are very common side effects. That’s a bad mix with an urban area rife with guns and knives.

  • Has anyone spoke to local law enforcement about intensified security during commuting hours to keep bikers/walkers/runners safe?

  • Did anyone see Real Sports with Bryant Gumble they had a whole segment Motorist vs Cyclist they even had a video from a incident that happened in DC. Thank God for Go Pro’s we can see why the world hates you people

  • This is the synthetic crap. We need to start noting the stores that sell this shit and report it. Likewise we need neighborhood foot patrols and watches armed with pepper spray, tazers, handcuffs, and retractable billy clubs. Some organized vigilantism to push out the scumbags from our neighborhoods. Time to make the city a hostile place for the violent criminal element. There is a shortage of police…so we as a community need to step the hell up.
    We also need to hit every corner store and call the cops if they carry synthetic drugs and get them shut down, and the owners arrested and behind bars. Time to crack down on the scum of DC….DIRECTLY. Neighborhood Patrols and Calling the cops on corner stores. Additionally applying pressures to prosecutors to put these violent criminals behind bars. Make the city downright intimidating for those who are criminals.

    • Is that you George Zimmerman??

      • No, he used a gun, and was getting paid. I’m in favor of non-gun vigilantism.

      • Accountering

        What a useless response. Someone advocating that we shut down stores selling illegal harmful drugs harkens you to George Zimmerman? I honestly feel bad for you, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Other than Tony, there is also an infamous guy at that bus stop who likes to get high and then stand in the middle of the intersection and taunt the cars to hit him. I’ve seen him almost cause a couple bad accidents as cars swerve to miss him. This sounds like maybe that same guy. Hopefully someone won’t be able to swerve fast enough next time

    • Yea, I’ve nearly run that guy over a few times while traveling east on P Street. I am never sure if he is panhandling, trying to get sent to the hospital with an injury to get pain meds, or to sue for some outrageous amount of money after being injured. The particularly irritating thing is that some folks will slow down/stop to let him “cross the street” and he then just stands in front of the line of cars like the guy blocking tanks in Tienanmen Square -> gridlock on 7th. Ugh.

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