Well This Sucks


A reader asks:

“Does it seem ridiculous that the power will be cut this weekend when the temps are forecasted to be in the 90s? Definitely a first world problem to be worried about no AC for a few hours! I suppose I can sacrifice for the greater good by going to brunch each day.”

Ed. Note: Respect for the good brunch attitude – have fun and stay cool!

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  • You’re lucky you don’t have a dog. That’s what I would worry about, were this to happen to me.

    • Why? can’t you just let your dog hang outside(our course in a shaded area) every so often? If you live I a row home- can hose the dog down keep it cooled?

      • They can easily get overheated being stuck outside in 90+ weather even in shade. Humans can too, but at least we can sweat to help.

      • You’ve never owned a dog, have you?

        • LOL. It’s amazing how many dogs have survived in the District without ever living with A/C, then!

          • seriously… AC didn’t come into homes until 20th century. There were dogs around before then.

      • Yeah um dog’s body temps run many degrees higher than ours and they CAN’T SWEAT to cool down. Dogs die of heat exhaustion all the time because people don’t understand their limitations. You’re ridiculous.

        • It’s amazing the species made it through the millennia prior to the invention of air conditioning. All dogs and people, need is ample access to water and shade and we can both survive a humidity controlled 70 degrees.

        • you know what’s ridiculous? … American’s obsession with air conditioning. Humans and pets survive all over the world in homes without air conditioning. God forbid 1 home not have AC for 8 hours on a sunday.

    • I’ve had dogs all my life, and I wouldn’t be worried. I live in a brick row home, and I tried leaving the a/c completely off for the weekend a few times (I’m kind of a cheapskate). It stays quite a bit cooler inside than it gets outside, especially if you keep the blinds closed.

      • SouthwestDC

        Yeah, the nice thing about a rowhouse (especially the old ones that were really well built) is that they retain the cold (or heat in the winter) really well.

  • Spend a day at the movies.
    Good opportunity to cash in a favor and hang out at a friend’s/relative’s house for the day.
    This would really suck if you had little kids.

  • That really sucks that it’s over a weekend, when a lot of people will be home.

  • This happened to me a couple years ago. Don’t forget to get some coolers for your refrigerated goods!

    • I don’t think they’d need coolers for 8 hrs. Crank up the fridge temp beforehand, and grab stuff all at once, and you should be ok.

    • I was without power for ~18 hours during an unscheduled outage and had to toss most of the stuff in my fridge. Totally sucked. At least you know not to go grocery shopping until Sunday night!

    • No fridge cleanout needed. Like A.S. said, crank down the temperature a bit, but whatever you do, DON’T OPEN THE DOORS until the power comes back and everything should be just fine. If there’s a few essentials you need the next morning, put them in an iced cooler the night before.

    • Emmaleigh504

      If it happens to be out for 4-6 weeks, just remember the fridge is a 10 towel job. I will not help you.

    • A fridge is already a really, really good cooler. No need for that.

  • I actually thought there were provisions against this if the weather is especially bad, but maybe that only applies to the cold. I recall a Pepco job when they were replacing all of the old transformers in our ‘hood that was delayed a week because temps were consistently below freezing and you can’t cut people’s heat.

    • Unless there was a hospital or senior care center in this area, they don’t view ac anywhere near as important as heat.

  • Overnight temps are supposed to be around 70 or even lower, so unless you live in a glass house you should be able to keep the temp inside around 80 or lower before the power kicks back on. well short of misery, imo.

  • I had one of these a few weeks ago, with a similar suggestion that it would be out for about 8 hours. I think they bake in a much longer period in the event that things go wrong, but our outage was only 75 minutes.

  • Huh? I think the OP answered her own first world problem by stating she’ll go to brunch. she can also go to a library. or a museum. or anything else. Wow.

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