Weekly Wednesday Crab Boil Kicks Off at Brookland’s Finest Tonight

Brookland's Finest
12th and Jackson Street, NE

From an email:

“This Wednesday, July 15th, Brookland’s Finest kicks off a special celebration of those summer classics. Chef Shannan Troncoso and the team at Brookland’s Finest have partnered with Flying Dog Brewery to introduce the Wednesday Crab Boil.

This weekly offering will be available for dinner on Wednesdays, beginning at 5pm, featuring Maryland blue crabs, spicy sausage, and locally grown corn and potatoes. The Crab Boil is available for $25 per person and includes a special pairing of Flying Dog’s Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale. Dead Rise, a summertime special from Flying Dog Brewery only available in the mid-Atlantic, is crafted to highlight the bold flavors of Old Bay seasoning, making it perfect for summer seafood. Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale will be showcased at Brookland’s finest on draft for $6.”

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  • This is a great idea. Wish they’d circulated the invite a bit sooner, though. It’s hard to make plans a few hours in advance, even on a Wednesday.

  • Wha?! Does anyone know how many weeks this will last? I would be all over this but I have class on Wednesdays until the first week of august.

    • Why would they do a crab boil?

      Steamed crabs are a million times better than soggy crabs.

      • Seriously. One does not boil a Maryland crab.

        • You guys know that “crab boil” (or “crawfish boil” or “seafood boil”) is just a colloquial term that doesn’t necessarily indicate a particular preparation method… right?

  • We’ll be starting at 5 and going at least til the end of summer.

  • burritosinstereo

    This is awesome. I just moved to Brookland in May (after 7 years of living in various places off the yellow/green lines, so this was a Big Change for me), and Brookland’s Finest is just awesome. Consistently good food, good service (seems to be mostly locals too), just a great spot in general. I will definitely be there soon on a Wednesday!

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