We are Officially Overusing the Term “Palooza”

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From a press release:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser and District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Director Leif Dormsjo will kick off AlleyPalooza, a campaign that will repair or renovate 64 alleys throughout the District – eight in each of the District’s eight wards over the summer. The District’s Alleys are a vital, yet often overlooked piece of the city’s infrastructure.

Alleys for AlleyPalooza were selected based on community feedback, including 311 calls and a review by DDOT engineers. The new program demonstrates the Bowser Administration’s commitment to improving the District’s infrastructure.”

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  • palisades

    So…for two things? At this point, it’s a brand. Might as well use it to their advantage. Most people think of potholepalooza as a success, or at least, good for the city.

  • It’s a silly name, also the press release seems late since they’ve been re-doing alleys in Columbia Heights for a month now.

  • Okay, so on the one hand I’m happy things are getting fixed. On the other hand I’m pretty disappointed to find out the criteria was the number of 311 calls. WTF?
    This just rewards complaining and is blatant pandering. Isn’t DDOT capable of assessing which alleys actually are in the greatest need of repair? It makes the whole thing seem more like a political ploy then actually improving infrastructure.

  • If they’re already renovating alleys, how much more work would it be to pave them with something permeable? Seems like a good opportunity to do something that will make us more climate-change ready and improve the health of our waterways.

    • Google “Green Alley DDOT”. The city replaced a lot of alleys with permeable pavers back in 2011-2012. It was another thing that drove my vote for Fenty

  • Is 8 per ward really a ‘palooza’ given how many there are per ward? Ours is in pretty bad shape, but we didn’t make the cut.

  • I demand an immediate investigation into Paloozagate! (Or not, who really cares what they call it if it makes tangible improvements?)

  • justinbc

    I would rather we stop referring to every scandal as “something”-gate.

  • After seeing those schmucks across the street have their alley repaved, the DC gods finally blessed my side of the street with a flying stating our alley is getting repaved!

  • “Alleypalooza” is all in good fun. If we’re going complain about things, how about the CONDITION of our alleys, not the cheeky term term announcing there is improvement coming (to at least some). I’m taking my alley improvement notification up to my roof for a party in its honor.

  • I for one am ecstatic about having our alley redone. It’s a mess. And living in front of one of the First Steeet Tunnel Project construction staging areas, it almost feels like the Mayor is saying, “We feel your pain. Here, have a new alley. ” Just praying they don’t say “Oh BTW, the project is going to be extended 6 months, but at least you have a new alley!”

  • SusanRH

    How do we figure out if our alley made the cut?

  • They finished repaving our alley about 4 weeks ago. However, they only repaved the alley entrances, not the entire length that runs down the block. Still, it’s MUCH better – the entrances are usually in the worst shape.

    • Also, I’m not sure how our alley made the list. I assume people probably complained for years.
      Though, be warned that alley repaving will probably cut off access to your private parking spot for a few days and you will need to drag your garbage bins through your house to the sidewalk for street pick-up for a few weeks.

  • I don’t care what they call it, but I’m just happy my horrible alley in Bloomingdale is getting fixed!

  • I was overjoyed when I received a letter two weeks ago that my alley had been selected for renovation. It’s like a fetid, Dickensian rookery back there. It’s a little depressing to rent a place that backs up to a cholera outbreak. The letter said that the alley needed to be cleared of all personal property and trashcans so that work could begin on Monday. Well, here it is Wednesday and I’ve yet to see anyone show up. Sigh.

    • They started 5 or 6 days late on our alley. Also, they told us to keep the alley cleared for 3 weeks. I think it took them about 2 weeks from start to finish. Our alley has three separate entrances, so usually one entrance was free to use at any given time. There’s a lot of big equipment that they stored on the street and in the alley, so you may not have access to your parking spot for a period of time. We were physically unable to access our parking spots for about 4 days out of the entire two week project. We had to keep our garbage and recycling cans on the sidewalk for 3 weeks.

    • Thank you for “fetid, Dickensian rookery.”

    • it has also been raining like crazy, so they are likely running behind on previous jobs. take a deep breath.

  • The Mayor should address the shooting-palozza.

  • ledroittiger

    Wait, now? But Commissary held “Pre-Purim-Palooza” in March. Surely that is stupid.

    Anyway, while we’re at it, I would like the city to initiate a Kick-Heroin-Users-Out-Of-Ellington-Plaza-Palooza as soon as possible. Why not deal with the crap we can see out in the open, first?

  • What are the odds the horrible smelly alley on 14th between Columbia and Irving will be one of those getting revamped?

    • Really good, specifically if it’s the ‘alley bounded by the 2900 block of 14th St NW, Columbia Rd NW, 15th St NW, and Harvard St NW (Square 2670)’

  • potholepalooza at least had some alliteration an repeating L sound. And it is a distinct event. and cut the “All 8 wards” BS… I’m no fan of Gray one “One City” is better than saying “8 political boundaries”… and why 64? shouldn’t the repair be made on need, not some arbitrary number based on arbitrary boundaries? How about developing some criteria and fixing those that fail?

  • They’re disruptin parking for a month and alley access for at least a few days to replace an alley that is just about the best one Ive seen in the city. I don’t understand how it was selected and none of my neighbors have complained about it!!

  • Overuseapalooza

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