Veranda Looking to Change from Restaurant License to Tavern License in Logan

11th and P Street, NW

Just noticed Veranda is looking to change their alcohol license from Restaurant to Tavern (which I think just means they need to sell less food every month.) But man I haven’t been to Veranda in ages. I used to love this place but to be honest that was before a million spots opened up. Anyone been recently? Anyone eaten there recently? You can see their menu here. Is it still a “hidden” gem?

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  • I was there fairly recently for brunch. Food was very decent (good execution on a basic omelet), and the bottomless mimosas were…. very bottomless. Our server even offered us a few free shots, if I remember correctly (however, I only seem to remember getting *on* the 64 to get back to Petworth, and am very glad my next recollection is of waking up on my own couch).

  • I like Veranda a lot, but my friends and I basically treat it like a bar already. We meet for happy hour or a drink on the weekends. I haven’t had much of the food as a consequence. Love the location and the neighborhood feel.

  • I love this place. Very dog-friendly (they have dog treats, and their super-friendly to dogs). The staff is really nice, its a great neighborhood bar and restaurant. The best place in DC to get saganaki. And half-priced wine on Tuesdays is KEY.

  • We love Veranda. Solid food, great half-price wine on Tuesdays, and very welcoming, friendly service. Hopefully the change in licensing doesn’t mean a change in atmosphere!

    • Usually these changes in licenses are for compliance reasons. Most likely Veranda hadn’t been able to see enough food to meet the requirements of their current license and the change will match up to the current sales. Which will put them into compliance. So we’ll probably not see any difference.

      • That’s what I was thinking. Probably no change in the end.

        Need to check this place out, glad to hear they’re dog friendly. Might just go there on my day off tomorrow with my buddy to check it out!

      • It is true that most of the time this applications are for compliance. However, Veranda does meet the requirement for food sales. We do sale over 55% on food. However making that report every three months it’s a pain and if the report it’s not done on time there is a penalty for it.
        We are applying simply not to file the report.
        The menu will be always with the same motto: FIGS which stands for the fig tree in our patio as well as for France, Italy, Greece and Spain.
        We invite everyone to support the first gem on east side of Logan circle.
        Thank you

  • I might just skip Dacha and hang out here (which has become a total clusterf#ck of awfulness, FYI). Seems very chill and low key every time I’ve gone by it. They need a bit more shade covering.

    • cool hangs in DC have a very limited shelf life ..ton of places I’d go before dropping $10/beer @ Dacha.

    • My goodness, you’re right. Had some good times at Dacha but now it’s a nightmare. Have been looking for an alternative.

      • ledroittiger

        Dacha has always been a nightmare. You just have to go on weekday evenings in order to get a spot to sit.

  • I went there about a year ago and loved it…very low key, unassuming place that’s good. Solid food, good apps if you just want to go for HH, and decent beer and wine selections. Their Greek wines are especially good and the servers seemed knowledgeable about knowing what to suggest for those (like me) who know nothing about Greek wine.

  • Still a hidden gem in terms of quality and value, but every time I’ve been I wind up with stories about how the service is comically bad. (I still go; like I said, hidden gem.)

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    Apparently I’m going to have to give it another shot. I stopped going there a couple of years ago, because I had the complete opposite experience than the comments above. The service was mediocre and the food was even worse.

  • I went there a few years ago for brunch and could not believe how mediocre the food was. I had scrambled eggs and toast and it was worse than if I had made it at home. The bread they made the toast with was clearly from a plastic bag.

    That said, the location is really great and it has a nice ambiance. I think moving away from being a food-oriented institution was probably a good move.

  • They’ve redone the menu recently, and I had a pretty solid dinner. I was never wild about the old menu with the Mediterranean-Southern fusion. Brunch can be a miss if you get there before it’s really up and running, which can be unpredictable. I know they used to have a solid beer menu with a lot of true Belgian options. We used to live across the street, so we know the staff and owners pretty well. It’s a nice neighborhood joint with good outdoor space. Always a legitimate option.

  • Surprised to see the positive feedback, I am in the same boat with the others who had a mediocre at best experience. The service was awful, even though it wasn’t busy, and the quality of the food was about what I would expect to make at home with expired groceries though with the touch of even less cooking ability than my own. We had brown strawberries, and the whole meal was just bad. I don’t plan to return.

  • This is a fave of mine under the right circumstances. The pros are that it’s an unpretentious neighborhood joint, the food is decent, the servers are friendly, dogs are welcome, the terrace is fantastic, and everything is cheap compared to just about anywhere else in DC. The cons are that the food never rises above decent, the kitchen is *extremely* slow, and the servers can be a bit out to lunch. If you’re willing to accept that nothing happens in a hurry here and you are with a group of good friends with whom you can enjoy a slow-paced good time, then this place is perfect.

  • akbrown29

    This place has always been a great brunch spot that not many people seem to know about which kind of makes it even better. It’s never too crowded. Just a great neighborhood place.

  • I lived near there in 2007 and 2008 when it opened and passed by recently and was really shocked it was still open. This was before that neighborhood was so popular and frankly the food wasn’t great. But obviously they’ve improved over the years or I cannot imagine it would have survived. Then again, if that Chinese take out place across the street can manage, I guess anything is possible.

  • Veranda is a great spot for Tuesday night 1/2 price wine, where you are pretty buzzed and don’t mind the service while waiting for your drunk snacks. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a regular sit-down restaurant.

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