Uh Oh – “Chesapeake Bay is sinking rapidly and projects that Washington, D.C., could drop by six or more inches in the next century”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Nikoo Yahyazadeh

Thanks to Pablo for sending this depressing news from Science Daily – Washington, DC sinking fast, adding to threat of sea-level rise:

“This falling land will exacerbate the flooding that the nation’s capital faces from rising ocean waters due to a warming climate and melting ice sheets–accelerating the threat to the region’s monuments, roads, wildlife refuges, and military installations.”

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  • Buy property in the Upper Midwest while you can…

  • Going to buy a place in Columbia Heights now so that in the year 2115 I’ll have an awesome beach rowhouse.

  • Not too surprising. About 80 years ago, some family members of mine had a small house on Piney Point, MD, along the Potomac near its mouth. The house (what’s left of it) has been underwater for years. And, the land around the Potomac in DC has been constantly shifting around. No surprise there either.

  • Glad I’m in 16th St. Heights. My property value may tank, but at least I’ll be dry. Or, maybe they’ll move the White House up the street, and I’ll be golden.

  • Let’s hope it sucks down that awful bridge with it so we can get a new one. Or better yet, ferries across the bay! That bridge freaks me out.

  • Lol at these posters above- as if they’re gonna be alive when this happens! Good thing I won’t be buried anywhere near here.

  • Meh. Of all of the climate change concerns in the world, this seems pretty puny. NOAA has a map where you can see what the city would look like under different sea level rises, and even a foot of sea level rise wouldn’t come close to the Mall. I’m much more worried about, say, Miami Beach.

  • Well if Amsterdam and half of the Netherlands can survive several feet below sea level, I’m sure we’ll figure out a way for DC to survive at sea level.

  • reports like this make me seriously question whether or not i should have had children. what kind of world are they going to have to face?

    • justinbc

      Are those questions you should generally consider before having children, rather than after…?

    • They’ll be no less capable of dealing with it than we are. Are you furious at your parents for bringing you into this sh*tty world? Yeah, I doubt your kids will be either.

    • The world is an amazing place and becoming more amazing all the time. I’m jealous of those now being born as they will live to see truly astonishing things.

  • Hmm…is Petworth safe? No maybe they’ll lift the ban on toppers lol.

    no but seriously, is Petworth safe?

    • Petworth will be dry since it’s up the hill, but there’s no way to predict how the ground will settle. My guess is that there will be lots of shifting earth underneath the houses, which can cause major structural damage. And there’s not much you can do to prevent it.
      Congressional Cemetery will eventually end up underwater, IMHO.

  • time to pop up the whole city.

  • Can we build a seawall yet?

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