U Sushi Space Closed now Located inside Sala Thai on U Street

1301 U Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

What’s the deal with U Sushi? There are signs saying that they are now in Sala Thai. What’s going into the space?”

The Sala Thai folks say they closed the independent U Sushi space because their 10 year lease was up and prices were rising. Not clear if a new tenant has been found yet but will update as soon as its known.


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  • Actually, I’m surprised Sala Thai has lasted. There’s always a market for “tourist Thai” like theirs but the Ellington seems to be death to any kind of business that rents there.

    • Hasn’t Alero been there a long time?
      My recollection is that the main turnover has been in the space that was Maggie Moo’s — my recollection was that the ice cream operation morphed into a suspiciously Maggie Moo’s-like ice cream place named U Scream or something, and then turned into U Sushi. But maybe I am mixing up some of those smaller Ellington spaces.

    • Wow — 10 years already!

      Sala Thai continues to thrive because they provide consistent, quality food at fair prices, and with friendly service. We were thrilled when they opened on U St back when there were very few restaurant options. Glad Sala Thai is adapting to stay in the neighborhood.

  • Nah, U Scream, which has amazing ice cream and terrible hours, became the wine bar. I have no idea how that place stays in business either.

  • Both Sala Thai and Alero have been there forever. The sushi place existed in Sala Thai before, and then they took over the space when it freed up as a result of previous businesses going under. Now that original lease they took over is ending, so they are moving out. I would not call the building cursed, as almost all of the tenants are still there. Just the original maggie moo space. This is not the theater building in Columbia heights, which has yet to find a replacement for the closed ruby tuesdays.

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