Two Incredibly Disturbing Videos Released by MPD

From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying and locating five persons of interest in reference to a Robbery–Force & Violence incident which occurred in the 1100 block of R Street, NW, on Saturday, July 11, 2015 at approximately 10:30 PM. The subjects were captured by a nearby camera.

DO YOUR PART TO HELP PREVENT AND SOLVE CRIME. Crime Solvers of Washington, DC currently offers a reward of up to $1,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for a crime committed in the District of Columbia. Your assistance is appreciated by your community. Ref.: CCN 15-105-375.

Anyone who can identify these individuals or who has knowledge of this incident should take no action but call police at (202) 727-9099 or text your tip to the Department’s TEXT TIP LINE at 50411.”

“The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying three persons of interest in connection with a Destruction of Property incident which occurred in the 3000 block of Georgia Avenue, NW, at approximately 5:15 AM on June 27, 2015. The subjects were captured by the store’s surveillance cameras.

DO YOUR PART TO HELP PREVENT AND SOLVE CRIME. Crime Solvers of Washington, DC currently offers a reward of up to $1,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for a crime committed in the District of Columbia. Your assistance is appreciated by your community. Ref. CCN #15-096-719.

Anyone who can identify these individuals or who has knowledge of this incident should take no action but call police at (202) 727-9099 or text your tip to the Department’s TEXT TIP LINE to 50411.”

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  • What the fuck is wrong with these people. Is there something in the water that’s making people in D.C. go fucking crazy? Don’t just blame synthetic drugs on everything. This is just sad to see.

  • I feel badly for every time I felt inconvenienced by trying to communicate / pay through one of those riot glass boxes. Yeesh.

    • There was a time when many stores in dc had bulletproof glass, for exactly this reason.

      • SusanRH

        I seems like we are headed back to that time.

        • Not sure where you live but I have lived in Park View since 2005. Notwithstanding the fact that renovated homes are now selling for $200-300K over what I bought my place for, all of the corner stores within walking distance, even on Georgia Ave near the metro, have always had and continue to have bulletproof glass. So it’s not really a matter of going “back” to that time.

  • Let me guess. All we need is more community dialogue about the victims of gentrification. They didn’t mean to do anything wrong, they just lack the resources of privilege.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Where were the cops on the second one. The dude (gal?) must have called 911, right? It seems like those guys just kept coming back for more. That must have taken a while to do all that damage.

    • The cops were MIA. The employee called 911 multiple times and he says the cops took nearly an hour to respond!!! Chief Lanier said it took them 18 minutes…either way it’s ridiculous and they should not have been able to do this much damage!

      • No worries, the cops didn’t have a duty to protect them so they won’t catch any heat for lack of response.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Interesting. I had a false alarm at my house the other day (cleaner’s showed up on a day they were not supposed to) and the cops were there super quick…

      • Her defense was that it took the dispatcher 45 minutes to relay the call to MPD, and that once they received that it took 18 minutes for officers to be on the scene. I don’t doubt either assertion given my experience with getting busy signals or 911 HANGING UP ON ME, but that doesn’t make both incredibly frustrating

    • Seriously. Also, those guys seemed to have no fear the police would show up. Otherwise, you’d expect them to trash a few things and run out.

      What kind of conversation went down? (Not that it justifies that kind of destruction.)

  • “Persons of interest” implies they are just bystanders who might know some information that could help police. Let’s call them what they are – suspects.

  • brookland_rez

    That looks like the 77 market at 3021 GA Ave.

    • It was the 77 market. Some discussion of the crime in the comments section of this PoP posting:
      Apparently, the poor employee called 911 three times before anyone showed up.

      • brookland_rez

        It’s stuff like this that brings the gun wielding right wing side of me out. I’m sorry, if I had a store like that, I think I would have a gun. Owning a gun might be illegal but so is getting killed or robbed. If average people were able to defend themselves, thugs like this would think twice about pulling this shit.

        • Difficult but not illegal and probably easier after this incident happened.

        • Therein lies the problem. Gun control is only enforced to prevent people who don’t care about gun laws from obtaining guns. It’s worked very effectively in the criminals’ favor.

          • brookland_rez

            I think you mean “gun control is only enforced to prevent people who CARE about gun laws from obtaining guns”. I agree with you. What this country needs (and will likely never have) is national gun laws. Right now with each state doing their own thing, a DC criminal simply has to cross the Potomac and get a gun at a gun show where there is minimal obstructions. Current laws just don’t work. Guns shouldn’t be allowed in urban areas, regardless of state. Gun permits should be issued for hunters and people in rural areas where police protection is ineffective. One national standard.

          • brookland_rez

            As long as there is no national standard, I agree people should have the right to own guns in DC and defend themselves, especially when MPD is so ineffective.

          • I was simply stating the irony. When a criminal who doesn’t care about gun laws commits a gun crime, gun control always comes up as if limiting ordinary citizens’ means of protection will solve the problem of armed robberies.

          • brookland_rez

            Citizens arming themselves would give them more protection. If a criminal knew someone was armed, they would be less likely to rob them, it’s really pretty simple. Especially some punk kids who even if they had a gun wouldn’t know how to use one.

        • The problem with your argument, at least with respect to this particular crime, is that it’s not legal to use deadly force to defend your property unless you are in your home, or you are outside the home and the physical threat to your property is also a threat to you or someone else.. If you are sitting behind bullet proof glass, you are not in any physical danger from someone who is just destroying your inventory. You come out from behind that glass with a gun to chase these guys off, they decide to confront you, you fire, you are the one going to jail; no matter how many people think you were justified in shooting people who were trashing your store.

          • Exactly. This is horrific, but it’s not a lethal force situation. And it had to be absolutely terrifying for the worker; if I had a gun in that situation, it’s safe to say that I would have mis-used it.

          • “You come out from behind that glass with a gun to chase these guys off, they decide to confront you, you fire, you are the one going to jail”
            I don’t think that’s true. You don’t have an obligation to avoid confrontation. If they come at you, then you can defend yourself. I don’t think the law makes a distinction between the cashier sitting behind the bullet-proof glass and the unknowing pedestrian who simply walks into the store. Now, the cashier can’t come out and just start shooting, but if they come at him? Have at it.
            Plus, no matter what, if I’m on that jury there’s no conviction.

          • brookland_rez

            Thank you. I think it would be hard to assemble a jury that would convict under the circumstances in this video. I don’t know if I would shoot them, but I would definitely come out and order them out at gunpoint. If they came at me, then I would shoot.

          • Accountering


            I would HAPPILY nullify that case if I am on the jury. Jury nullification is real. I am not going to convict someone of a crime if I am certain it is not a crime.

        • Or, more likely here’s how it’d go down: Shop owner pulls out shotgun from under counter and threatens guys destroying the store. Store-destroying guys leave. At some point in the future, guys return with their own gun, open fire. Womp womp.

          • brookland_rez

            Perhaps, but more likely they would just find an easier target. My experience with punk kids like these (thankfully not in a gunpoint situation, but in other types of altercations) is that they act tough but are really cowards and back off when confronted. And they usually look for the easiest targets because the reality is they don’t really have much to back up their tough attitudes. A big part of avoiding confrontations with thugs is not appearing to be an easy target.

  • There you have it, folks. Textbook example of the primary reason some areas in DC lack supermarkets and other stores necessary for a vibrant community. It’s a a tragedy that there are so many hard working people and families living in depressed areas that continuously fall victim to these kinds of acts.

    • What? The first video is about three blocks from the new Giant at the O St Marketplace, and the second is about 8 blocks from the Columbia Heights Giant.

    • Logan Circle is many things, but “economically depressed” is not one of them.

  • We need a police station at the Shaw Metro exit, just saying.

  • Makes me appreciate the quality of the traffic cameras to ensure I always get a ticket.

  • WOW! Where did they get the footage from the first one?! Is from Worldstar or youtube?

  • Large pictures of these violent criminals should be posted up and down GA Ave with a decent reward offered for their capture/ conviction. I highly suspect they are known in the area and whoever does the community a solid by taking them off the street deserves my tax dollars.

  • The Post has an even more disturbing video today of a bunch of guys stomping on a biker. This occurred in Logan Circle around 10:30 pm on Saturday. I couldn’t watch it all- the unbelievable violence was crazy. One perp literally jumped all the way in the air and landed on the biker, who was already on the ground. It was like a wild frenzy.

  • This makes me so angry and disappointed in humanity. I think that these guys should get jail time and I agree with the poster who says their pictures should be posted up and down the street.

    • +1. The city needs some kind of comprehensive plan to deal with all of the wayward young men here. Acknowledging that poverty and unemployment lead to more of this kind of thing is wholly accurate, I think, but it’s not a solution.

      • It’s called jail. Unfortunately, for many of these teenagers it’s already too late. Put them in jail for as long as possible. Do whatever you can in terms of social services to help the next generation make better choices.

        • Actually no, prisons and policing are the wrong way to look at this. Instead, be proactive and cut the problem off at its source. Have you seen the news out of Colorado and St. Louis (and other countries!) where they’ve conducted large-scale experiments offering free/low-cost IUDS & implants (Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives) to teens and young women? Unplanned, unwanted, bad-idea pregnancies declined greatly, as did the abortion rate, and the city/state/taxpayers actually saved a lot of money!

          Imagine that taking place here! We wouldn’t have to wait over a decade to see positive results either, though it would be great once there’s no longer a wave of feral children growing up. In the short term, more women go farther in school, become more educated and prosperous, have children when they want to, and so on. Can we afford *not* to do this?

          I’m also an advocate for non-gun vigilantism.

  • …feral children?

    • Really scary and makes me really glad I just moved out of Shaw after almost half a decade. Whether this is caused by synthetic drugs, ineffective policing/prosecution, systemic poverty and decades of ineffective attempts to correct it or all of the above–the city has to get a grip on this. This should be the #1 priority for our elected leaders. It seems like DC is at the verge of being at a tipping point where all the work over the last 20 years to improve the city grinds to a halt and starts moving backwards. People have choices in where they live, work and go to school, and just because it’s the capital doesn’t make DC exempted from that reality.

      For the victims of these crimes, I feel awful. It’s a miracle the guy stomped on in video 1 didn’t dissect an artery. And for the employees/owner of the store I would totally understand if they wanted to just take the insurance payout and close the place down. Really sad. I hope the perpetrators are brought to justice.

      • -100
        Notice how all your “causes” are someone else besides the folks who did this and the people around them that don’t hold them accountable?

        The fact is, there is very little government or police or law-abiding citizens can do, except publicly shame/condemn the support structure these thugs have built up around them – from “don’t snitch” to apologetic politicians, to absentee parents, there’s very little cost to these people, even prison is a badge of honor.

        • Agreed. Going to jail, beating up a cop, catching a case- all a badge of honor.

        • +1. Yep. Sad, but true. We’ve been throwing money, programs, recreation centers, midnight basketball (1990s, anyone?), and all sorts of things at this kind of problem, but it remains a stubborn issue. We’ll never get rid of poverty, and we’ll never get rid of violence. This isn’t utopia. However, there’s got to a better way- it needs to start with a community looking inward, not others preaching to them or people- with the very best of intentions- attempting to legislate or program a solution that just won’t work. We’ve been thinking of the government as a panacea for decades, and it just isn’t so.

        • Absolutely. How on earth could “ineffective policing/prosecution” be responsible for a bunch of punks (’cause we can’t, under any circumstances, call them thugs, because that would hurt their feelings or something, even though it’s the precise word that should be used) trashing a store because they were asked for ID, or stomping on a guy? Gimme a break. It’s their fault, and they should go to jail. Full stop.

  • MPD has increased the award to $5000. Hopefully that means someone turns in those losers.

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