Two Homicides Monday Afternoon

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From MPD 3:04pm:

“On 07-27-15 at 1504 hrs Homicide (stabbing) 400 4th St. NW. S-1 and S-2 followed C-1 and pulled out knives and attacked him. Suspects fled w/b on foot in the 400 block of E St. NW. The victim was pronounced at Medstar.”

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and 3:48pm:

“On 07-27-15 at 1548 hrs Homicide (shooting) S-1 was found inside of 1360 1st St SW suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his chest. S-1 ran from the scene in unk direction. S-1 was pronounced.”

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  • Based on the location and timing of the Judiciary Square stabbing, I hope police are looking into witness intimidation/retaliation as a motive. It may have nothing to do with the courts, but that’s an odd place for a mid day stabbing that doesn’t sound like a robbery.

    • Really? Odd? There’s a major homeless shelter a block east.

      • Because of the larger than normal police presence around the court houses, I feel like the homeless shelter issues tend to spill to the north and east of judiciary square and generally don’t happen right on 4th St. But that’s certainly possible…

      • accendo

        There have been higher numbers of homeless around the area with displacement from Capitol Crossing construction up the street as well.

        • Isn’t Cap Xing being built on top of 395? I wasn’t aware of any buildings being razed.

          • Many homeless lived in makeshift tent cities under the underpasses there.

          • In addition to what Neighbor said, the side streets around the project are also home to the construction, so many who lined up along those streets were displaced as well.

    • I think it’s more related to the giant homeless shelter right there. I personally witnessed a stabbing in front of there at about 5pm 3 years ago.

    • The DC Parole Office is on that block too. Perhaps related?

    • Witness retaliation is an interesting thought, and it always merits a look. But given the sad facts that criminal violence is occurring regularly across much of Washington, at all times of the day, my guess is that this yet another case of garden variety murder.

      • It sounds like the individual was targeted. Followed and then attacked rather than this being a mugging gone wrong. It may not be witness retaliation but it sounds like the individual was singled out. Does that still count as garden variety murder?

  • I’m guessing all of this Is related to softball players drinking on the mall. If we could put a stop to that these murders would end.

  • I assume the S-1 who was pronounced at Waterfront is C-1, not S-1?

  • god. I feel like violence in DC is on the rise again. or is it just because it is summer and more people are out? :-/

    • You’re almost there: violence is on the rise from earlier this year because it’s summer; it’s also rising from last year.

    • Homicides are up 20% this year as of last Friday. I can’t find it but there’s a link in one of the other murder threads from the past few days (I know that doesn’t narrow it down much, sorry).

      I an really worried about what the violence will do to DC’s growth and prosperity if the police and the mayor continue to have zero solutions.

  • I guess we have gotten to the point where no one is alarmed that this happened within a block of DC police headquarters?

    • Because it has nothing to do with the police. Notice the other homicide, in SW, was about 1/10th of a mile from a police station. Police stations rarely deter crime and violent crime, they only increase the response time after one is committed.

    • The area where this occurred has a high concentration of criminals because of the police station and the courts. And it might also be a good place to find someone you have been looking for…

  • I guessed targeted stabbing is an improvement over random stabbing or targeted shooting. DC, everybody.

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