Today’s Rental is a studio in Dupont for $1675

1920 S Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1920 S Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Front facing and furnished unit in sought after Chateau Thierry! Free laundry every floor. Pets OK. Fully furnished inc. murphy bed + kitchen appliances/dishes etc. Great storage. Amazing view/neighborhood. 2 blocks to Dupont subway. WALK SCORE 97!! Walk to U st, 14th, 17th, 18th, Dupont, Columbia Heights n Adams! Showings after Tuesday”


You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $1,675/Mo.

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  • palisades

    This one has definitely been on here before.

  • Nice building and great location. But it’s overpriced for such a small apartment, IMO.

    • 2 blocks from the Dupont metro, renovated, free laundry, and a real-sized kitchen? Sadly, this is about right. Wish it wasn’t so, but that’s what the market bears.

      • I think you’re right-they absolutely will find someone to take it at that price. I just think it’s too much for the square footage.

      • Yes, a real-sized kitchen: “I’m renting a kitchen with a pull-down bed in it!”

  • Man, this looked so good until i read about/saw the Murphy bed. That’s just a deal breaker for me.

    Good price for the location and nice kitchen, though. If someone is okay with a Murphy bed, then it’s not a bad place.

    • An open murphy bed is just a simple platform bed. As comfy as the mattress you buy. Do you just hate the look of it for some reason?

      • This unit comes furnished — i.e., with the mattress.
        I wouldn’t really be thrilled with a Murphy bed either — I’d probably prefer the flexibility of having a futon. When I saw the photos with the Murphy bed closed, I thought, “They’re providing the unit furnished, but there’s no sofa??” Then I realized that with the bed down, there’s no space for a sofa.
        I looked at this house when I was house-hunting in 2010 and found the Murphy bed kind of hulking and oppressive:

      • I mean, I guess I just hate it in this context. It’s deceiving. You look at the first few photos, and say “oh, there’s some room for chairs or a sofa in this studio!” But then you see that the murphy bed takes away all that space. That’d just be frustrating. Also, yeah, it’s not very aesthetically pleasing imo, although

        I’ve seen 390 SF studios that seem much bigger than this one. It better have awesome closet space or something.

    • I just think it’s totally unnecessary. It looks really dark and bulky. You could fit a full-size bed on one side of the wall and still have space for a couch on the other, and you wouldn’t have to move your furniture around all the time. The only benefit of the Murphy bed is if you’re going to have a bunch of people over or want to put in a table. Otherwise, you’re still stuck with your tv in that awkward teeny space.

  • Should be illegal to call this a studio by US standards.

  • Oy, I’m looking for a studio myself. So expensive! Any Popvillers have any insight?

    • You can find some studios in older 1950s/1960s-ish buildings for around $1,375/$1,400 in NW, but the buildings are often not very nice. Probably looking at around $1,700 for a renovated studio in DC. Yes, it’s crazy.

      Can you work virtually from Berlin or Barcelona and have a huge two-bedroom/three-bedroom for the same price?

      Only half joking…

    • For studios, look around Glover Park, Van Ness, and Cleveland Park ($1100-1400, utilities included). For the same price, you can get a full 1BR in Brookland and sketchier parts of Petworth.
      Actively check the website for many of the city’s major property management companies: Barac, Bernstein, Borger, Thos D Walsh, Frank Emmet, etc. There’s a bunch of other companies out there, use your Google-Fu.
      Be prepared to move quickly and have everything ready to go – two paystubs, last year’s taxes, credit check, etc. The best deals are usually rented out the first day on the market. We basically signed for our new apartment at the showing because 3 couples all wanted it at the same time since the price was so good.

      • I’d add WC Smith to the list of companies to research. I lived in the Eddystone in Logan for a year and a half and loved it.

    • When I was on the hunt, Glover Park and Van Ness had plentiful options, and I saw a few decent postings pop up in NE Capitol Hill, Lincoln Park, Shaw, Columbia Heights. I created a Padmapper listing alert. I got an alert for my current place, checked it out that evening, and told the landlords I wanted it the next day. It’s about the same size as this (good size kitchen and all), English basement (still have decent sized windows), and I have to use my landlord’s washer, but it’s $1195 and a block from Capitol South. I really didn’t want to go over $1300 and that’s where a lot of decent studios in older buildings tend to hover, so this was perfect.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Bernstein Management has lots of building with all price ranges. Mine isn’t the newest (1920s) or fanciest building but the price and location are right. And Bernstein takes excellent care of the place. We just got an awesome roof deck!

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