Today’s Rental is a 3 bed/2.5 bath for $4000 in a “in Historic Engine House originally built in 1894”

1341 Maryland Avenue Northeast

This rental is located at 1341 Maryland Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“Unique townhouse style condo in Historic Engine House originally built in 1894. This condo has exposed brick, LARGE windows, soaring ceilings, beautiful wood floors, gourmet granite / stainless kitchen. 3 large BR’s + spacious loft and separate office. 1 Parking spot incl. HOT H street corridor, new trolley street car, Atlas district! Available furnished for $4,800 or unfurnished for $4,000”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $4,000/Mo.

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  • justinbc

    Awesome, I’ve always wondered whether this property was owner-occupied, rented, what it looked like inside, etc. It’s really unique, would have loved to have found something like this but I can’t even imagine what a renovation headache it must be in DC.

  • Sooo lame that they removed the fireman’s pole! Should be worth a ~$500/month discount. At least.

  • maxwell smart

    Wish the interiors were as cool as the building.

  • I’d really want to know what kind of furnishings are worth an extra almost 10 grand each year.

    • +1. Certainly not the plastic-y looking butterfly chairs in pictures 5 and 6.

    • palisades

      Had a big problem with this at our college apartment. They came furnished, but with old furniture, so we didn’t pay extra. Before our senior year they decided to update all the furniture, and started charging us for it! $100 total every month. Seems absurd to me to pay that much for something you don’t even get to keep.

  • Well, this wasn’t up for one owner/occupier to renovate – it was renovated into 4 condos about 4 years ago. With that many units, the probability of having space in one unit for a fire pole was probably negligible. But yeah, that was my first thought on seeing it, wonder if it has a fire pole – because that’s the point of living in an old firehouse, to me anyway. If you renovated yourself in an earlier era, you could preserve a fire pole and the firehouse vibe.
    These condos are boring, from the photos – it doesn’t look like they were trying to keep the firehouse vibe – just some exposed brick. And some odd choices – that “office” is so narrow – looks to be about 5 feet wide – and with no window you can look out of (it appears to have a skylight in the realtor photos from its sale last year) – that I’d call it a closet. The loft doesn’t appear to be particularly spacious to me.

  • what a dreadful interior.

  • that building was workforce housing before it was renovated, id be curious to know how they got around the restriction legally. That building was a steal.

    • They were required to keep some units as workforce housing. I remember when the last one was on the market at a pretty reasonable price with income restrictions. It may be that half of the units are workforce housing. At least from what I remember…

    • This might still be a workforce unit……that the owner is now renting out for oodles of money.
      Which would be akin to fraud in my book, even though he/she might be meeting the letter of the law.

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